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Yeah these latveria guys sound rough, sure sounds like a job for superman.... uh... superboy?
Well the yellow wasn't so bad, I suppose the darker shade fits jason more. It's all good on my end. Ahem, that said, black on grey is a little rough. I get that he's a bad guy though.
Well gonna assume that like you got means "yes" from the guys who join MBruce, but you could also call somebody whose typing you like, or if they have a hero you wanna involve yourself with. For me, I want batman to yoink my ring, i think it might be funny. But I don't have a plot ready to go or anything to get us to meet, beyond barging into his territory and interrupting his magpie story.
COVID finally caught up to me and kicked my ass this week. But I'm still making tiny progress toward a post.

Damn bro, hope you feel better soon, thoughts and prayers.

my youngest turns one.

Nah nvm, you need the prayers more
Dang I lost the 69th post to batgirl?

Nice to see cassandra's in now, lookin forward to more.

Shout my name! (Part 4)

Scott wore a self-assured smile as he rose to the hospital's second floor, wherein his face quickly turned to a more stern look. The bed in his room had been consumed by fire, had he still been asleep, he would be dead now, pretty ominous. Actually, if that voice was right, he would have expired way earlier. The hose would probably make quick work of it, but he wasn't about to blow his load early.

He was so busy thinking about 'what could have been' he lost concentration, Scott dropped onto his feet, and he felt the floor shift slightly. Lessons were being learned, unfortunately he couldn't afford to learn as slowly as he had been, screams could be heard now from the other side of the second floor lobby, just across from his own room.

"Thou needs will-power, focus, otherwise thoust cannot fight." The Starheart suddenly said. Scott grimaced as he tugged the hose further in.

"I know that.." He grumbled.

The creature had just ripped a door off its frame, revealing several people hiding in the room within. Scott wasn't sure how fast he could fly, or how fast he could make himself move. Considering how he felt he really had no confidence in any sort of speed, so his mind switched to another strategy.

His teeth grinded together as he shot his fist out, latching a neon-green line around the creatures' good arm and his own fist, then pulled as hard as he could, spinning it right around, and lurching it to the side. The floor shifted again, a fiery liquid left the backside of the creature as it spun around, burning harder into the already wrecked flooring. The people in the room shouted out to him as the flames brushed at them.

Before today Scott never would have thought he could be one of those flashy superheroes, neither would he have thought about being a firefighter; yet, here he is, full filling both of those boyhood dreams. Letting the hose loose, Scott found himself struggling to control the stream, he grunted as he focused himself. His arms needed strength, so he needed better arms; channeling the same feeling from before, the need to save these strangers, to use this power, he fashioned his new arms. Large, mechanical gauntlets, with a blocky look that encapsulated him from his fingers to his elbows..

With his bolstered strength he focused the water stream back onto the creature, the water hissed loudly and a light steamy cloud covered the nearby area. Screeching and yelling followed the fiery form as it fell face-forward, where it burned further into the flooring and it fell somewhere into the first floor.

Scott spun the hose back around, doing his best to blast the nearby flames, stopping them from spreading any further. Except, he found he was at a loss considering the whole floor, just running around shooting water seemed like a poor idea.

'Whatever I want, right?' Scott thought to himself. Making sure the people he just saved were out of immediate danger, he brought his fist up towards a window at the end of a hallway, and imagined the wall being blown away. A burst of bright green energy shot out of his fist, shattering the wall outwards.

The nearby people let out a frightened scream, and he gave a thin smile. He wanted to look confidant, but the truth was he isn't; unfortunately for them, today's superhero was a complete newbie, but he did see this one time on a movie.

"You guys should hold your breath in a sec."

Scott went around for a few more moments doing the same thing, blasting holes in walls, then returned to the lobby. The people he just saved weren't going anywhere so he said nothing to them, it wasn't like he had a plan either, making it up on the fly was all he had.

Taking a deep breath in and out, he held his fist out, and put all his focus into his imagination. A green flame grew in the same hallways he had just visited, they grew and solidified into large propellers. However, after mere seconds of life, they all shattered into hundreds of fading embers as the remaining fires slapped against them, consuming his constructs whole.

Scott clutched at his chest, whispering a curse under his breath, as a sharp pain shot up his sides; then he tried again. The same fans emerged, growing from nothing mid-air, then vibrated into motion. His mind focused on the reality he desired, his constructs spun faster and faster, sucking all the smoke and air through the sides of the building, robbing the flames of their fuel to live.

Checking on the group from before, they looked more or less alright, a few were passed out, a cold sweat trickled down his back as he watched their still bodies. Scott breathed a sigh of relief as he picked up movement, a woman in scrubs coughed and wheezed, then gave him a thumbs up. He returned the gesture, before leaving to pursue the creature, dropping down the same hole it fell down.

Where he was suddenly blindsided, hit hard from behind, sending Scott flying into another room, leaving the hose dangling from the ceiling. Pain flooded his body, shooting up in random intervals. He grunted as he clutched at his body and tried to wipe the sweat off his brow so he could see, trying to pick himself up between heavy gasps.

"What gives, I thought you were protecting me!" Scott shouted as he rolled behind a wall.

"This is what a fight feels like, thou art the one using mine power. Keep thine spirits up, focus willpower, desire, into reality. If thine wants to live, to win, then demand it!" It responded passionately. Whether it was from those words, or his own feelings, he could feel a strength well up from within as he watched the flames around him rise.

Desires? Before he woke up in the hospital, Scott was on the way to his biggest and best job, he wanted a nice first day at work, he wanted to meet that cute recruiter again. Then he did something insanely stupid and woke up here, then he impulsively decided he wanted to save people. Right now, that meant beating the snot out of whatever this was.

The wall in front of him began to glow red hot as it melted down.

"Let us work together, young human!" The Starheart called to him.

"Alright!" Scott called back, which only excited the creature, causing the wall to burn up faster.

Scott emerged through burning debris and molten plaster, running diagonally with a bright-green shield covering one arm, hugging his body closely as he strafed around, struggling to keep speed as the pressure pounded on his shield. Keeping a firm image of the shield, Scott managed to keep it solid, as he got close enough, the same armored gauntlet from earlier ignited around his other arm, then enlarged to double the size of his own body. With a shout full of spirit, he lunged his giant arm towards it as hard as he could, letting loose a loud meaty thud as the creature stumbled backwards, giving a loud groan in response.

The areas underneath the hardened magma parts began to glow and move again, this time Scot could hear a low thrumming as it began to grow more active. Scott bashed it in the face with his shield arm, causing its fiery shot to go wild, hitting the wall behind him.

His breathing picked up as the fight continued on, with his focus on his current constructs he knew he needed something more decisive, he drew a blank on what he actually wanted, what would be powerful. His mind briefly wandered to the briefcase he had been carrying that fateful morning, the paintings he had drawn up on his easel at home. The portfolio he was supposed to show his new boss, for the job he probably lost.

So his mind lapsed slight, instead of a proper weapon like a bat or an axe, he conjured up that easel from home. Holding it by the legs with both hands, he angrily slammed it into the creature, shattering his construct into pieces, sending the creature flying through a wall, outside, leaving a trail of spiraling lava behind it that splashed outwards.

With whatever that was now on ice, figuratively, Scott took the time to help whomever needed it. From what he could see, and what a nurse could tell him, the hospital started evacuating before the creature actually got in. Apparently it was pretty easy to see on its way to the lobby, but a few people got stuck on the second and third floors when they ran out of time.

On its way up the monster used the stairs, which were completely melted down and burned up. So Scott took this as a chance for practice, making makeshift stairs and floors to help people get around. Luckily for those involved everyone made it out alive, which Scott found to be excellent news, if even one person died on his first day he wasn't quite sure how he'd take it. Few people were burned, aside from the fires, the monster went out of its way to grab anyone with a coat or scrubs on.

Weird, but something for the cops. Of whom, were already inside, thanks to the help of fire crews on standby; who also reminded him to untangle one of their hoses, awkward, but luckily the weird costume came with a mask and a huge cape, Scott Mason's pride was safe today.

"Wait!" One of the nurses called to him, interrupting him before one of the cops could question him, and before he could decide where he was going to run off to. "There was a coma patient on the second floor, I was trying to secure him before that thing showed up! Could you check on him?" She said, and Scott mentally thanked her. After all, he had clumsily forgotten. Just how was he going to pass off suddenly waking up and going home?

"I'll make sure he's ok." Scott said, and gave a two-fingered salute as he ascended through one of the holes in the ceiling. His room was pretty burnt, nothing paper survived, the wall-mounted television had fallen down, and the bed had been tipped over. It would have been a miracle for Mr. Mason to have survived.

"From now on, please continue as thou art. While thou art lacking, tis fine, as all thou need do is grow." The Starheart suddenly said.


"There will be time for talk. For now, rest."

"W-wait, what are-" Scott's consciousness blacked out again, his body fell limp onto the burnt out cinders of a cabinet. But unlike the cold dark he felt before awakening at the hospital, this one was warm, like he knew he'd wake up again. That was a different kind of peace, a very welcome one he decided, before he truly re-entered a much needed sleep.
Hey he's got the right idea

Maomao working on the next cap post:

I get paid "the big bucks."
Hoping my CEO comes back soon and I don't have to do his job and MY job for much longer.

Damn, here comes the high roller.

I can then crack on with Thor.

Lookin forward to seeing my favorite god of hammers again.
Bro that's prime writing time, the threat of morning hanging over you is perfect for pushing out a few paragraphs.
The light-hearted kind of serious yanno. Well, I actually am interested in some mutant stuff, but I wanna see how well my writing holds up with whomever is reading. If I get banned before my first arc finishes we'll save a lot of time.
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