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Yeah I'd be interested in playing a game like that.
With the Herald of Strangers mini arc underway please tag or message myself, Alternax or Afro Samarai if you want to slip in a response or reaction to the shenanigans happening at the University. We’ll stagger the following parts accordingly to anyone who shows interest.

However, direct involvement with Pantheon, Terra Firma and The Alchemyst is a no go. We’ve hammered out the entirety of the arc. But feel free to use the police being focused on the attack to do crime, rescuing a friend when they’ve got their backs turned, reporting it, etc. Just let us know!
I'm still interested and reading along. Judena's revamped character sheet is still a thing~ c:

Judge and Jury

Part I, The Alchemyst

Location: Shadow of the Moon Occult Curiosities – Chinatown, Lost Haven
Time: 2 p.m., One Day after Present

“Aw! I thought finding the siren was the exciting part, she ends up having a grandpa wizard bird.” Carrie lamented to Charlie walking side by side down the sidewalk. Busy afternoon traffic zipped by them, the pair of women set a leisurely pace across town. Neither comfortable having the same conversation on the bus.

Yeah I could have used your help, I mean look at my arm.” Charlie held up her bandaged forearm, frowning. She wore a loose white t-shirt and jean shorts, slung around her shoulder was a beat up brown messenger bag and in her other hand she walked with her staff. Her long blonde hair tied in it’s pigtail braids. While Carrie beside her wore her long brown hair down, bangs pinned out of the way with bobby pins. She wore a navy blue sundress and sandals.

When Charlie woke up the following day after a long restful sleep, her and her family had a long talk about starting up a neighbourhood watch, even if they could only get the block of neighbours to lookout for trouble it was better than isolating themselves. More news confirmed Hounds of Humanity were not above attacking orphanages, monstrous people pulled right out of a horror story. It fuelled the need to prepare, have a plan, something to feel more secure in their day to day. Necromancers seemingly paled in comparison. Charlie was convinced if they were careful, they could skirt under their radar.

Carrie insisted to meet up and go over every detail regarding Berry, she wasn’t as much help as Charlie hoped Carrie cited the clues Salamander gave for his identity could be linked to a slew of entities. She promised with some research they could puzzle it out. Their real goal though was to visit Shadow of the Moon, Carrie needed to restock some of her supplies. The little occult shop was one of her favourite local places to shop.

They strode up noticing the broken glass glittering in the sun from the broken shop window all over the sidewalk. The pair of them went around it, cautiously entering the shop Carrie’s expression pulled tight with immediate worry. It was a disaster inside, shelves were toppled over glistening with an unknown liquid, broken glass littered from the display cases. Things were swept aside, stomped on, it looked like it had been ransacked. Though nothing seemed to be missing.

Holy shit.” Charlie gasped.

A rustling could be heard in the back of the shop, like more things being tossed from shelves, metallic clanking and shifting jars. There was the audible screech of something sharp being dragged across the floor. A few moments later, Madalena appeared from the storage room, a waste basket with a rusty wheel in tow and a broom in hand. The bin was already filled nearly to the brim with debris, everything Madalena knew she couldn’t salvage or what had been soaked in kerosine.

Entering the main store, she looked up at the two women in surprise.

”Sorry about the mess, ladies,” she apologized between sniffles. Her eyes were red and puffy, her red hair wildly tossed over shoulders, visible bruises circling her wrists. ”The store will be closed for a bit, as long as it takes to get some of these shelves back up . . . and the windows replaced . . . and the lights fixed . . . and, well, it’ll be a while.”

She kept her head low, focusing on sweeping up and trying to look put together, barely getting a good look at her visitors.
Carrie raced across the store and hugged Madalena tightly. “Oh, Maddi! You poor thing! What happened? Are you alright?”

Charlie stepped through the mess picking up the odd thing in her hand, turning it over. Some of it sticky from the kerosine. Charlie noticed the bruising, the rest of the garbage she was toting alone. The sight of Madalena had a burst of sympathy instantly from the alchemist. Who would attack a shop in the middle of the day? Who had such arrogance?

”Oof,” Madalena was taken by surprise with Carrie’s hug, but she allowed herself to fall into the embrace once she realized who she was. ”Carrie? Oh, bless you girl, I didn’t know it was you! I’ve had a rough day, as you can see.”

Madalena chuckled, allowing herself the comfort of having others to share in her dismay. She could see the abject horror on both of their faces, how they felt for her suffering.

”I got paid a visit by a few of those Hounds about an hour ago . . OH! You ought to be careful out there, Carrie. I didn’t think those bastards would go after someone like me, but if they’re willing to go this far to send a message, you better believe they’ll be on you next.”

It was Madalena’s duty to protect her brothers and sisters in the craft, at least, it was now. With the knowledge that the Witchfinder General was stalking the east coast, she knew that none of her kind, be they Wiccan practitioners or true witches, were safe.

Carrie held her out at arm’s length then took the wastebin out of her hands, gently guiding her shoulders to the back of the shop. “Here, take a break let me make you some tea. Oh, and I almost forgot to introduce my friend.” Carrie paused gesturing to Charlie - who waved a little. “This is Charlie Croll, Charlie this is Madalena she runs Shadow of the Moon.”

She tilted her head a little then said, “Hey, wish we were meeting under better circumstances. These assholes are on the news every other minute with some new horrible thing.

Carrie nodded then squinted at Madalena, “Something’s different about you Maddi. Did you get a haircut? I don’t want to be rude but your whole aura is totally off, not just ‘cause you were… just attacked.” Carrie pursed her lips, realizing how insensitive that must of sounded.

Charlie forced herself not to roll her eyes at aura. “That was pretty rude, Carrie.

Carrie squinted at her instead.

Madalena turned to Charlie with a smile.

”Really, there’s no harm done, and it’s always nice to see a new face, even when times are tough.” Madalena responded after Charlie’s quip at Carrie. She looked back at Carrie for a moment, gaging how much she wanted to reveal.

Madalena had seen Carrie come and go over the past year or so that Shadow of the Moon had been in business, she was a repeat customer, even managed to make it to a couple of the Sabbat gatherings hosted in the altar room across from Madalena’s office. In that time, she’d seen the things Carrie purchased, took note of them. She knew Carrie for a witch, one who’d ignited that vital spark, way back then, but it was now that she could see her as a sister, as two carriers of the Cunning Flame.

Perhaps this was part of Puck’s plan for Madalena.

”Well, I guess a couple of things are different, but mostly this.”

Madalena gestured to a candelabra that sat on the far side of the shop near the entrance. There was only one candle remaining after the Hound attack, but the rest of it was in good shape. With a small motion, the candelabra flew into Marie’s open hand. After gripping the handle, the lone candle lit at her behest.

Carrie’s smile was large and bright. “Oh my goodness! Maddi! Who? When?”

Charlie whistled, “Nice, you managed to trick the Hounds into thinking you weren’t a witch. Smart.

She bent down to her knees then gathered more broken pieces of what appeared to be a small statue of some deity she didn’t recognize. “If we’re being honest here, Maddi, I’ll tell ya right now not to bother calling your insurance company for a quote.

She leaned her staff against the counter laying the pieces down, arranging the pieces together. It was made of clay, easy and basic enough to pull back together. She pulled out an old napkin from her bag, using a sharpie to write out the simple alchemical formula for clay. She laid the palm of her hand against the statue pieces then concentrated, the symbols glowed briefly the statue pieces skittered under the counter then stilled when she removed her hand. Tilting it back up she grinned, it was seamlessly back in one piece. “Miraculous repair! There’s nothin’ a Croll can’t fix.

Madalena looked at the spectacle with wide-eyed wonder. She had seen more magic in the past three days than she could ever have dreamed of.

”An alchemist? That’s amazing!” she exclaimed, setting the candelabra on the counter. ”Y’know I just got a couple of books in on medieval alchemy last week? Did you know that alchemical formulae share basic structure with the geometric circles used by high magicians of the time? I think they were likely developed as a method of capturing the virtues inherent in alche . . . I’m rambling, sorry.”

Madalena had become somewhat of an academic in the past few months, taking in as much mystical content as she could . . . even though her focus was on early-modern witchcraft.

Charlie stared for a few seconds, the apparent rosy colour bloomed across her nose and cheeks. Her heart skipped. Carrie noticed Charlie blushing, she had a twinkle of knowing in her eye. Charlie dusted off her hands then reached for her staff not trusting herself to comment coherently she nodded.

”Anyway,” she continued, ”The same person responsible for this,” she pointed to the lit candelabra, ”also came up with the plan for hiding it from the Hounds. The only reason I made it through this ordeal alive is because their records were a few days behind. I gained these powers right after the Salem attack.”

Madalena turned to Carrie.

”You heard rumors of Robin Goodfellow poking his nose around Lost Haven, or Puck I guess, I’m not really sure which one he prefers. Anyway, he’s the one that introduced me to all of this, got me to sign his book, or, someone’s book, in exchange for my help with the Hound problem. Never figured an imp would be so tall . . . “

Carrie’s excitement dimmed a little, “Are you sure...? He’s…” She searched for the right word, “A tricky entity. These are terrorists - they’re extremely dangerous. What does he have you doing?”

Charlie asked before they got to far into it, “Who is Puck?

“I’ve told you about him before, Shakespeare wrote about him.” Carrie insisted, Charlie shrugged. “We’ll talk about it over some tea.” Carrie dragged a stool over dusting off some glass then sat Madalena down on it. “I’ll be right back, Maddi is an encyclopedia where witchcraft is concerned.” She said pointedly to Charlie then turned back to Madalena, “Charlie just graduated with her masters in chemistry.” She said happily then practically skipped away.

Don’t think I don’t see what you’re trying to do, Carrie. Charlie thought, Carrie shot a wink over her shoulder before disappearing as if hearing her thoughts.

”Really? I was a chemistry major for about four weeks at a university in Georgia.” Madalena beamed, focusing her attention on Charlie. She was relatively good with new people, always the positive sort, very charismatic and complementary. ”Nothing compared to a literal alchemist, though. That’s why I switched to history and anthropology . . . never got my master’s though.” Madalena trailed off.

Then had a change of heart? Opened up an occult shop, the witch population here in Lost Haven isn’t huge but it’s pretty tight knit. Something about surviving in a city home to superheroes.” Charlie responded, in how she thought sounded smooth enough. “We’ll get you back up to normal.” She said earnestly.

Her eyes panned around the store again, “My family runs our own little shop on the east end called Croll Corner. So we gotta stick together.” She smiled brightly.

Madalena responded with a warm smile of her own. It was nice to be involved with other merchants and artisans in the area . . . even if the circumstances of their meeting weren’t ideal.

”Damn right we do! Is it a shop for alchemic goods and services? I’ll admit, I’m still pretty unfamiliar with all that this city has to offer in terms of magical whatever-the-hell. Certainly never knew about some demon tavern in the city . . .” Madalena trailed off again, her mind racing from one subject to the next.

”Sorry, I’m a little scatterbrained these days.” Madalena apologized, trying to change the subject.

It’s okay, I hardly noticed.” Charlie reassured her.

”Have the Hounds given you and your family trouble?”

She shook her head, “No, the shop is mostly decorative giftware and repair. We don’t advertise our alchemy, Carrie’s family and few others know the secret in our miraculous fixes. We think we’ll be okay, but we’re starting up a neighbourhood watch. Not much we really can do against men with guns but y’know…” She pursed her lips, nervously tapping her staff. “Better than nothing, right?

Usually you see folks like Icon, or Iron Knight swoop in then end the trouble before it really gets out of hand. White Witch helping defeat Doctor Diplodoc and taking on the Silver Sorceress. They ended up breaking out of jail, anyway. I mean, where are they all now? Picking fights in Walmarts then tearing up Chinatown.” She stalled a bit, then said quietly. “Maybe we took them and what they did for granted.

Falls to us little guys to do something.

That made Madalena think.

Surely Puck didn’t mean for Madalena to go against the Witchfinder General alone. He had foreseen the Hound attack days in advance, given her just the right amount of information to make it through alive, and he hadn’t bothered to show up afterward to help clean up the mess. Maybe Carrie and Charlie coming along was part of his plan, maybe she was meant to recruit others to the cause.

”About that . . .” Madalena sat forward in her seat, looking for Carrie to make sure all parties heard. She was certainly within earshot, the walls weren’t that thick. ”Puck came to me a couple days ago because he thought I was his best shot, flattering right? He said that since I had no history of magic, the Hounds could be convinced not to kill me on sight. Puck wanted me to get cozy with them I guess. I offered to be an informant on the magical community and they gave me this.”

Madalena pulled out the burner phone, tossing it around in her hands a couple of times.

”Before they left, I overheard them say something about the ‘Witchfinder General.’ I’m guessing that’s who Puck wants to stop. He was more worried than I thought someone like him would be. Makes me think this Witchfinder is a bigger threat than any regular Hound.”

Charlie ran her thumb under her lip in thought, “What will you do? They’re going to expect something from you, probably hoping you rat out a coven to them. Like any witch worth an ounce of salt would turn their backs on their own.

Carrie came through with a small tray of various sized mugs, strings of tea bags hanging out their sides. “Witchfinder General, hmph. For Puck to recruit you specifically is a big deal, Maddi. Do you need any help with nailing some basics?” She placed one in front of Madalena then in front of Charlie, she grabbed another stool shuffling to sit beside Madalena.

The alchemist scratched her head, all meaning of Puck sailed over her head. “Why is he such a big deal?

“Don’t mind her, she’s the equivalent to a magical stick in the mud. Doesn’t know much at all outside alchemy.”

Cliff notes please.

Madalena smiled, it wasn’t so long ago that she was in Charlie’s position . . . well, not quite. Unlike Charlie, she had the knowledge of a wide array of occult topics centering around witchcraft, but missing a few of the finer details.

”Puck’s basically the Devil, or one of them, or His brother . . . actually, I don’t know what he is.” Madalena took a moment to think about the lore of Puck and what she had gathered from their last meeting, as well as the knowledge he’d gifted her.

”Ok,” Madalena continued, ”I think I got it. So basically, Puck, or Robin Goodfellow which is his actual name, is this old timey spirit that’s been around for pretty much as long as anyone can remember, BIG name in the witching world. He and his brothers, the imps, are kinda like witchy gods who have all sorts of involvement in history and events, they’re pretty much all tricksters, but Puck is like the head trickster among them.

“He’s got this tavern, bar? Tavern? Sure, a tavern called The Red Devil where he services and houses all kinds of magical folk and issues magical contracts via his band of merry witches. You guys actually know of one of them! The White Witch works for Puck, but she’s . . . somewhere else right now. Anyway, The Red Devil is somewhere in Lost Haven, kinda, like it’s not here but it’s pretty much here.”
Madalena stopped before she went down another rabbit hole.

”Does that make sense?”

Charlie stared, “Oh. Um, sure. Witch-Devil-Trickster-...Thing. Filed directly under Witchy Woo. Got it.

“Yeah! I’ve always wanted to visit Red Devil, I had no idea White Witch worked for him. Rumours and stuff but that’s cool!” Carrie said then took a tentative sip of tea, “That’s a relief, it might not be the superheroes doing something about the Hounds but real forces are moving against them.”

Charlie nodded conceding, “Yeah you’re right. It’s a bit of relief we’re not completely without a paddle. Brings me back to my first question though, what are you going to do Maddi? If White Witch is off doing her own thing, it sounds like you know her personally. Do you have anyone else to help you?

Madalena blew over the surface of her tea before taking a sip, wincing at the heat but continuing to take regular sips regardless. She hadn’t stopped to consider exactly what the plan was from here. Sure, she’s managed to get the Hounds off her back for now, but they would be calling soon, and Puck hadn’t checked back in with her to offer any insight. Perhaps he was testing her?

Madalena’s generally cheerful expression turned grim as she was faced with this dilemma.

”I . . . I’m not sure. I just assumed that Puck would chime in when the time was right, but he hasn’t yet. When he gifted me these powers and what knowledge he could, he told me that I was under his care, that he would always be watching and waiting . . . guess the time isn’t right yet.”

Madalena looked down into her lap, lost in thought.

Charlie and Carrie shared a look of thoughtfulness as well.

We could always lend a hand.” Charlie blurted, without much of a second thought. “Y’know, it’s the neighbourly thing to do.

Carrie stared at Charlie, “What help will we be against the Hounds of Humanity? Hmm?” Carrie said pointedly, “You’ve already got a certain necromancer to worry about. We’d be better off reporting this to the police.”

Oh right, like they’ll believe an Imp named Puck gave Maddi witch-status and that the Hounds are targeting her specifically winded up changing their minds ‘cause she convinced them she’s not a witch.” Charlie tapped the counter. “I’m standing right here in the middle of the mess watching her leviate some candlesticks and my skeptic’s voice still isn’t completely convinced. If Maddi is going to be an informant, a mole - a believable one we gotta be smart about this. We could help eachother out, hit two birds with one stone.

Charlie looked hopefully at Madalena. “Turning over information about this necromancer of ours could solve your problem. A legit target to keep the Hound’s busy and win their trust.

Carrie sipped her tea, reluctantly noting, “I mean… it could work.”

Madalena perked up; this was exactly what she needed! Puck certainly wouldn't want her to rat out any of the actual witches, fey, and other associates of his in Lost Haven, but details regarding an errant necromancer causing problems for the local populace? Maybe Madalena could manipulate the Hounds into doing some good.

”That sounds like a great idea! And even if they don’t catch the bastard, it’ll show them that they can trust me . . . well, more than they do now.”

Madalena looked around at her shop, then back at Carrie and Charlie. It was a small price to pay for the takedown of villains like the Hounds.

”The men that did this to my shop haven’t been gone for long, but I figure we’ve got some time before they call in a favor. Mind helping me tidy up?”

Charlie and Carrie nodded draining the last dregs of tea from their mugs. Carrie and Madalena armed with brooms and dustpans collected the remains of broken products from everywhere in the store, assembling them into neat tidy piles. Glass, wood, brass and stone objects from various spiritualities were gathered. The shelves and display cases would be the last of the repairs along with any surface areas pock marked by destruction, kerosene would need to be removed as well. Charlie removed her notepad scribbling away her alchemical values placing them beneath the broken pieces.

Carrie looked at the rows of various things they collected and asked, “Are you sure you can handle all of this by yourself Charlie? This is a lot.”

She grinned, confidently nodding. “That’s right, it’s been ages since you went out scavenging with me.

Carrie tapped her chin in thought, “It has been a few years, I remember when we were kids - fixing a broken glass used to exhaust you.” Carrie laughed at the memory.

Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of practice.” There was an unmistakable twinkle in her eye. With that said she began working the miraculous repairs. With some help from Madalena, a couple hours worth of work and touchups the shop was restored once again. It was as if the Hounds were a bad dream.


Time: Late Afternoon - Present Day
Location: Berenice’s Nest - Carver (Outside Lost Haven)

Charlie tied up the worst of her wounds with makeshift bandages, cleaned them with alcohol she pulled out of the whisky she had on hand. The deeper gashes stung worse than a mean wasp. For the most part she cleaned herself up, then decided as much as she would have liked to be here for Berry’s lessons Charlie herself was running on fumes. Hungry (in spite of Berry’s hospitality), extremely tired, now wrapping up unexpected hits she took from a shitty little necromancer’s familiar. It was time to head home.

She sighed at the phone screen, calling home. The conversation was short, her mom had picked up relieved to hear from Charlie directly. Jules left Lost Haven for a forty minute drive out to Carver Cliffs, the hiking trail drop off lot. Charlie knew the drive home was going to be a long one after Jules got one look at her.

She considered the old phone and decided to leave it behind for Berry. When Charlie popped back inside Berry began shuffling awkwardly, as if she was trying to hide something out of embarrassment. The alchemist assumed Berry held no shame for obvious reasons. She squinted then shrugged, placing her phone on string hanging from one of her treasure lines.

Instructing her, slowly, repetitively, to only answer the phone when her name was on it. Modifying the call display to appear as Car-lee. The battery on that old phone would last a few days idle. It took a few tries to teach Berry how to answer the phone, Berenice complained of the awful noise it made when it rang but eventually with some convincing she promised to answer it when it rang. She hoped if Berenice couldn’t answer it at least Salamander could. She feared he’d be worse off than the 3 week old siren.

With some line of communication established she said her goodbye with a promise to be back in a couple days with some help and more information.

Her hope was to return with some leads of where to find Sebastien, the disgraced apprentice of Salamander and monster presumably lurking through Lost Haven’s underbelly in search of his next victim. In Charlie’s mind she painted him an ugly creature.


Time: 1 hour later, Present Day
Location: Carver Cliffs, Outside Lost Haven

Fireworks brightened the sky at the hiking trail drop off, blues, reds and greens fizzled away much to Jules’ frustration. When she pulled up in her old lemon of a car the fireworks died away with one last cherry bomb. Every chance Charlie had to signal her mother, she used fireworks.

It was without a doubt the one thing Jules regretted teaching Charlie how to make.

As she pulled up, she caught a glimpse of Charlie battered and bandaged in the headlights. Walking stiffly, Jules’ face hardened. Crows feet wrinkled at the sides of her light brown eyes, her long ashy blonde hair pulled into a messy bun. Still in her work casuals of jeans and purple t shirt, a unique emerald ring winked as she drummed her fingers across the steering wheel.

Charlie pulled the passenger side door open and plopped down after setting her staff and backpack in the back seat. Her hood was removed, Jules saw the scratches along her face then cast her eyes down to her arms and legs. It sent her mind in whirlwind of imagination. She hadn’t seen Charlie since the night before, Jules was well aware of the trouble her daughter got into. She saw she was alright now but it never really quieted the worry. The radio news quietly played in the background of the rumbling engine.

Hey Mom, thanks for picking me up.” Charlie said watching her, as Jules inspected her.

Without missing a beat, “What happened.” Jules demanded.

Charlie sighed sinking into the seat, “I was gonna save this for when Gramps and Harry could listen too.

Jules pursed her lips, tight lipped she replied, “Charlene Gretchen Croll.

Charlie winced.

Okay, alright calm down. Jesus, don’t need to break out the full name. I know this looks bad but it’s for something you’re not going to like.

“What a relief.” She pulled out of the parking lot heading back on the road into the city.

When I went out the other night with Carrie we found something this morning and you’re not going to believe me Mom.” Charlie licked her lips, “We found a siren in the park. A girl with wings and bird torso.” She said.

Jules snuck a look at her then had her eyes back on the road, “You have got to be kidding me, Char. You got yourself wrapped up in some real magic crap?”

It… gets worse.

Jules sighed witheringly.

Carrie and I helped her get back to her nest in Carver, her name is Berenice. Berry. She’s like… three weeks old and the result of some crazy necromancer’s human experimentation.” Charlie explained fiddling with some loose string in her skirt. “I saw his notes. The necromancer’s mentor, Sebastien’s mentor is Salamander. He is this old weird, probably bird, wizard that showed up to offer to help teach Berry to use her magic and he wants to kill Sebastien. Since he’s still alive in Lost Haven somewhere.

Silence stretched between the two, Charlie tacked on rather lamely after a few seconds. “I wrestled with Sebastien’s familiar and sent it packing back to its master. That’s where I got the cuts. The fucker had some claws.

Jules drummed her fingers across the steering wheel. “This is coming from you, Charlie, who wants to stay on the downlow because of the Hounds of Humanity. What have I told you-”

Keep my head down and my nose out of other people’s business. Like three times last week, twice the other day-

“Attitude, young lady!” Jules snapped.

Oh right and you think I can just abandon someone when they’re lost. Abandon them after finding out they were just born three weeks ago, he used someone local snatched some poor girl and mashed her body up with a bird and a shitload of magic.” Charlie fired back.

“It’s clear nobody in this family listens to a damn word I have to say! You asked your sister to keep this a secret and she was so tight lipped about where you had been that all I got from her was some dry sarcasm.” Jules said exasperated, “You don’t listen to me when I say stay away from trouble. She sees us butting heads and she thinks she can argue with me too!”

Charlie pinched the bridge of her nose, then took a deep breath in through her nose.

She listens to you during lessons.” Charlie said.

Jules cast a doubtful eye at her daughter.

I’m serious. Harry listens during lessons, she’s tried to cheat around certain things by asking me for the answer and I’ve told her the answers are always in the lessons. That was the week she tried to bleach all my scavenging clothes before Gramps caught her. She was mad that I didn’t help her but then she started to pay attention during the lessons.” She said sincerely, green eyes holding her mother’s. “Harry isn’t stupid, she knows what we’re arguing about.

“I have never said anything about Harry being stupid-!”

Over the radio a breaking news broadcast began, another attack by Hounds of Humanity in Las Vegas. Burning more witches at the stake destroying an old and powerful family with new anti-magic weaponry, horrified the pair of alchemists stared ahead at the road while they listened. Jules remembering, imagining every witch she ever met, made friends with being burned. The horrific descriptions lent well to her imagination. Similar thoughts bounced around in Charlie’s mind.

Jules quietly turned the radio back down, “That isn’t our city.” As if the distance could provide comfort.

They’re in Lost Haven too. Hounds of Humanity is hunting us down and that’s what Harry is scared of. She doesn’t see the divide like you do, Mom. Neither do the Hounds, they’re painting us all with the same brush. She’s scared that our family is next on the hit list.” Charlie said, then admitted quietly. “I’m afraid too.

Jules seemed pained, “Then what do you expect me to do Charlie? Go in guns blazing? Die in a glorious ball of flame?”

No! Mom, please. Just, talk to Harry. Include her when we’re talking about shit that concerns the family’s safety instead of shooing her into another room where she can hear every fucking thing. For once,” Charlie’s tone hardened, “Just for fucking once take this shit seriously. Talk to our neighbours, I’m going to deal with Sebastien.

Jules opened her mouth to reply then bit back the words, settling in for a long quiet ride back home. When they arrived back home, pulling into the back alleyway dirt parking lot up behind another vehicle on cinderblocks. Both women wearing a nearly identical scowl. Charlie grabbed her things slamming the car door. Jules stood up from the driver’s side before Charlie ran off inside she tugged her into a tight hug, standing a little taller than Charlie herself. Jules’ expression softened considerably.

“I’m sorry, Char. I love you and Harry so much.” She said, with a sigh Charlie hugged Jules back.

Love you too, Mom. Sorry.” She mumbled into her shoulder.

After a few beats, Jules held Charlie out at arm’s length, “We’ll have a family meeting, everyone including Harry. We’ll decide what to do to protect ourselves and what we can do for our neighbourhood. For now though, you’re right about that necromancer. He’ll bring hell down on our heads with getting the attention of the Hounds. You and I are going to look for him.”

Charlie brightened at being taken seriously but felt a pang of guilt at her offer, this wasn’t her mom’s problem. She casted her eyes away, “I can handle looking for him on my own, you focus on the shop. I’m helping Sallyman- I mean Salamander. He wants Sebastien dead.

“The Wizard Bird.” Jules commented.

For lack of a better word, sure.

“What’s he like?”

I don’t trust him but he’s alright.” She replied lightly then led the way inside through the back door. She was greeted by the warm display of polished wood floors and glass displays of Croll Corner. Their footsteps creaked across the floor, Nathaniel sat at the till counting his float for the night. He sat tall and lean in the stool for a man nearly seventy years old, a little bit of belly poking out over the belt of his shorts. He squinted at the calculator waving at the pair as they came in through. He wore his grey beard short trimmed, brows bushy, hair long in a pony tail.

The shelves were decorated with hand crafted knick knacks, stone baubles and terrariums. A little from each Croll. Unique bubble gardens of various herbs, flowers and moss species. Dried feathers and shell collections pasted (with some steady handed help) to papyrus textured paper in frames hung from the walls, artistically frayed edges. While behind display cases were stones, crystals and gems cut raw then polished as bookends and paperweights. Charlie’s own work displayed alongside Nathaniel’s, recycled metal work refurbished, brushed clean and functioning desktop toys like Newton’s Cradles. While they sold handcrafted giftware, decorative items they offered repair services for jewellery, antiques, woodwork, and mechanical repair. Miraculous Repair was their slogan. Promising their customers no matter how old or how broken, they could fix it.

Croll Corner had been established as a family business when Nathaniel opened it’s doors back in the early 1970’s, every child of his own contributed and worked for the shop at one point in their lives. Now under the continuing management of Julianne Croll and Nathaniel’s grandchildren, with a few staff hired outside the family to help run the shop.

The building itself was three stories with a basement workshop where the majority of repair and storage was for the shop. While above is where the Croll’s lived.

It was home.

Charlie kissed her grandpa on the forehead as she passed, he caught her by the scruff, his incredible nose sniffed her head. “You’ve been messing with some wicked creatures today. The hell you been kid?” Nathaniel said.

She broke his grip with a huff, stepping out of her boots. “Got into a fight with a necromancer’s familiar. Don’t worry about it, gramps.

He reluctantly shut the cashier drawer. Worry in his green eyes. “Let’s see to those scratches. I’ve got just the thing.” He said edging off the stool and standing up straight he patted her back upstairs. He turned to share a look with Jules, she nodded.

“I can close the shop Dad, see to Char.” Was all she said turning away.

Nathaniel followed Charlie up the creaky stairs, commenting as always, how he was going to get to fixing that. In reality it was one of the few detectors in the house that let him and Jules know where the kids were, whether they were four or twenty-four. In their bathroom off from Nathaniel and Jules’ room, he kept some good salves for such occasions. When they came up to the landing socked feet padded across the wood floor, greeting them was the final member, Harriet Croll.

At fifteen she was sprouting as fast as her sister, nearly five foot ten growing out of pants every week it seemed like. Her dirty blonde hair was streaked with pink and in a ponytail. She wore jeans with holes in the knees, and an old hand-me-down hoodie. She had her mother’s big brown eyes.

“Charlie!” Harry hugged her then pushed away holding her nose, “You reek like fish.”

Thanks for keeping a lid on it.” Charlie said as she passed, Harry followed behind Nathaniel. Harry stood at the doorway when Nathaniel began humming through his cabinet, Charlie took a seat on the edge of the bathtub, she turned around rolling up her leggings removing the bandages and plopping them into the wastebin.

“So spill the beans, kiddo. What have you been up to the past couple of days?” Nathaniel asked.

So she did, she went into a bit more detail now that she wasn’t afraid of being reprimanded by her angry mother. Nathaniel had a fair share of tsk’s and looks of disappointment for her though. Harry listened throwing the odd question, when Charlie caught them up.

“So… you didn’t get me a feather?” Harry asked. “From neither the bird wizard or the siren?”

Charlie sighed having completely forgot.

Jerk.” Harry said icily, then stalked away.

Nathaniel chuckled, “It’s alright you’ll make it up to her, you said you’re going to go back?”

Charlie nodded. Standing up from the bath tub, ducking under the shower curtain rod. “I need a couple days to catch up, get Carrie’s second opinion on it all. I still have no idea how to find Sebastien.

“We’ll figure something out, don’t worry Charlie.” Nathaniel reassured her with a gentle pat on the back. “You always do.”

Thanks, gramps.

Charlie shuffled out of the bathroom, stripped down in her bedroom then into some peejays finally collapsing into her bed. Harry sat sulking on the other side of the room back against the wall her phone in her hands.

She drifted off immediately, dreaming of birds in flight.
@Agent 47 So is this RP a yay or a nay?

Best Hero: Pendragon - Eva Walsh, cause holy shit Vatrou Pendragon has been actively heroing and doing her best.
Best Hero without Powers: Vigilante
Best Walking-the-Line: Silence
Best Walking-the-Line without Powers: Fletch
Best Villain: Mandate
Best Villain without Powers: The Cowl (legit tho)
Best NPC'd hero: Mai Hagatzu, Leader of the ZETA squad. (Parasite vs Hunter) (Hellis)
Best NPC'd villain: Puck (fdeviant)
Best New Character: Nicky MacNamara, Walker.

Best (most original) Origin: Mandate
Best Shipped Couple: Nemesis/Richard Midas
Most Interesting Use of Powers: White Witch when she helped create the Soul Stone.
Most Angry Character: Nemesis
Most Property Damage: Fuckin' War-Pulse/Evergreen, lil shits.
Best Team-up: Rune and Pendragon adventures into another dimension Avalon Calling.
Most Unexpected Team-up: Terra Firma & Berenice

Best Fight: Nemesis/Evergreen vs War-Pulse/Equilibrium
Best Post: This guy right here, Link
Best Comedic Post: LinkA Evergreen & War-Pulse post, the back and forth dialogue had me chuckling.
Best Story Arc: At it's core, The Witch Hunt arc has been the story of Marie and Gwyneth pulling together unlikely groups, exploring witchcraft like nobody's business. While it has had it's dips, the arc still pushes on.
Most Fun Story Arc: The Hounds of Humanity Arc, inspiring tons of people to beat up some bad dudes is pretty fantastic.
Best Story Arc with a Tear Jerking moment Abstaining.

MVP: Fallenreaper, for the sheer number of times she's picked up and soldiered on with her characters and writing. Helped multiple people with character arcs, design and support for years.
Most Improved: Alternax, Phil. You've improved so much since the first TF post. Writing, grammar and finding a voice for TF. Good job my dude. Keep it up.
Best Newbie: Indy Cooper, ambitious af breaking into a new RP with four different characters all of whom are incredibly unique and imposing from four different perspectives.
<Snipped quote by DearTrickster>
Sometimes length isn't all that important for a post to be compelling.

Certainly, but you don't want a post to be two lines of dialogue reply either :P. Exaggerating of course.
My friend Applo and I write quite a few collabs together for other rps. Basically we put down what we want and then look over to see for repetitions, grammar, typos, as well as the flow so it reads like a story, sometimes breaking our own paragraphs to add in reactions or dialogue where it seems natural.

I personally find it better than solo posts at certain times because otherwise it seems repetitive when someone is simply reiterating what another person may have already posted.

^_^' Sorry if it seems like I'm butting in! Just thought I'd add something seeing I only recently started writing collabs this year.

It's nice when you're able to decide with whom you're writing with what the main goal of the collab will be whether that's sharing some new information or completing an action. Keeping a focus for both characters. I agree with you though Greenie~ in a conversation of solo posts it's difficult to keep a decent length without relying on some repetition to do the thing.

banner credit to Hellis

Time: Evening - Present Day
Location: Smithy's Grocery Store - Meat Aisle, Las Vegas

The busy grocery store was in full motion, shoppers pushing grocery carts, cashiers ringing through items. People milled about, around the small group meeting in the meat aisle. Katarina, Benjamin and the White Witch were joined by two sets of twins Yeong and Ji, and Freya and Ben. The two incredibly tall fraternal twins forcing shoppers to turn around. While the others were unseemingly holding strange qualities just below the surface. Introductions were passed amongst themselves.

They truly held no notion, no preconceived understanding of whom now approached.

Invisible to the eyes but not unnoticed by a nose blue mist seeped underneath door frames, through open windows. It moved around people everywhere in the store, every shopper. But, ignored the small group of supernaturals, metas and witch. It settled, one by one people around them dropped collapsing into an unconscious heap. Asleep in whatever position they were in. Slumping over countertops, against shelves, falling to the laminate floor.

An eerie quiet descended upon the lobby. A moment of pause stretched, then lights began flickering out, one by one the fluorescents above went dark. Wall lights rapidly flickered off. Emergency exit lights popped on, giving the store some illumination, however it paled in comparison from harsh brightness before. Shadows stretched long in all directions. From where they stood they could see the bright Las Vegas strip dim then disappear in swathes of darkness.

If one was looking closely, they’d see the shadows had begun to move unnaturally shifting into various shapes. The Fey, unbidden by their natural invisibility had begun to crawl from the depths of the shadows on a chorus of haunting giggles, the sound carried no real direction but as if they were being heard a great distance away. They crawled down the walls, across the sleeping humans. Over the top of grocery store shelves, making perches out of the hanging sale sign, hiding amongst displays. They all spoke in a tingly, strange language, akin to the ringing of a bell. Waiting in anticipation for the arrival of their Ambassador.

Amidst the babbling chorus of the Fey, the sound of the automatic doors sliding open could almost be lost. What couldn’t be missed, however, was when they were cast open to reveal the looming form of an 8 foot tall figure. What little light remained played strangely across the surface of Mandate’s smooth and broad frame, and the low glow of her crimson eye stood out in the gloom.

The golem’s gaze focused upon the non-Fey occupants of the area, before sweeping across those who were asleep in the store. Finally, with a single seemingly ponderous step, the massive figure cleared the doorway. Standing aside, she gestured inwards. ”They’re here, Miss Ambassador.”

Stepping through the threshold, the Fey quieted upon her arrival. Standing with her back straight, nude Prada heels with an enamel sheen clacked against the laminate floors striding forward. Stepping over the sleeping body of a woman. The Ambassador dressed fashionably as always. She wore a knee length pale pink skirt, a white transparent blouse, opened with a white v necked top beneath it. She wore a silver blue topaz tear drop necklace and earrings to match. On her elbow was her purse.

Bach walked a pace behind her in his typical dark green jacket, with various wooden and leafy jewellery hung around his neck. Leaves readily falling from his head, notably two horns poked up high from his temple. Dark yellow eyes surveyed the small group, he had his hands deep in his pockets.

The trio strode forward stopping, with several feet between them. Her lips were pink, makeup done with a practiced hand for perfection. “Bonsoir, ladies and gentlemen. I truly hope I am not intruding but I feel as though, we should have been invited to this little gathering.” She laughed behind a soft hand her French accent colouring her fluent English. “For reasons none of you are privy to of course, but that is why I am here. To inform you.

She turned her eyes onto the White Witch, the charm illusion she wore made her face appear subtly different, an impressive little mask. But her body, stature and aura about her was unmistakably that of Gwyneth Owens. Particularly witchy with the shadow of a familiar hanging about her. Odette pondered if it was Holt who guarded her now. Her icy blue eyes swept over to the boy-werewolf, the Fey around them whispered about them all. Werewolves, reeking of the beastial magic. The twin girls seemed to have some magical potential about them as well.

The other set of fraternal twins were a mystery to her, tall as Mandate, faces she did not recognize. She assumed acquaintance the way the stood away from the others. The vampire though earned a sniff, her undead presence plain in the pallor of her skin and the colourless eyes.

It has been sometime since you and I had met, White Witch. You’ve found yourself some new friends. Although…” She paused thoughtfully tapping her chin. “It seems you pulled them straight out of a young adult novel.” She laughed again, the Fey among them laughed with her.

Mandate giggled along with the fey, though it did not show except in the slight shake to her shoulders. Her gaze settled upon the White Witch from where she stood behind the Ambassador, before sweeping over the others present once more. There wasn’t much to be seen, as far as the golem could tell; she didn’t have the eye or the sense for magical things that the Ambassador did. She’d ask her about it later.

She inhaled then sighed lightly, “I have made some new friends as well. Your faces are all new to me so allow me to introduce us. My name is The Ambassador of the Fair Folk,” Gently she placed her hand on her chest then gestured to Mandate, “My golem friend is known as the Indomitable Enforcer of the Divine Mandate. Mandate for short.

The golem in question raised one massive hand, giving a small and polite wave. ”Hello!” she greeted cheerfully. Her harmonious voice and warm demeanor was perhaps at odds with her broad, towering figure, though it matched the strange ‘smile’ on her face. ”Mandate is fine.” she assured them, nodding to the Ambassador.

The Fey gathered watching the small group, waiting for their own responses. Ready to leap to aid on a single order from their Ambassador. Bach, invisible to those without the Sight stood idly by, grinning lazily himself. The air was chilled, tension palpable twisted like a spring.
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