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Was possessed by the spirit of Thanksgiving over a month later (cause my thanksgiving was like the second week of October), and wanted to thank and tell everyone how grateful I am for them and especially those who I've collaborated with personally. I had this overwhelming punch of feelings last night and sent out a couple notes already but this is just gonna be for everyone. HEre we go in no particular order.

First thanks go out to the GM's for their continued support and keeping this RP alive for as long as they have. Without you three, we as a group, wouldn't have this fantastic creative space to run around in, so thank you. @Hound55 @nitemare shape @Dedonus

@Alternax & @Afro Samurai among the most recent collaborators you two were a fucking hoot to write with, spitballs of energy. Thank you for letting me join the mini arc, it provided some much needed character development. Thank you for being hilarious and just A+.

@Indy Cooper Thank you so much for being such a great brain to bounce ideas off of, an awesome friend and creating the characters you have. You're amazing to write with and just so fRIGGIN knowledgeable about so many things. I look forward to every chance we get to write together.

@NeutralNexus You've had a rough year outside of rping but I want to thank you for being the very first collaborator. Without your help I wouldn't have had such an easy time getting my foot in the door and involved with Natural Selections Arc in Season 1, which in turn opened up all of my opportunities to work with a bunch of other great writers. We miss you, and I am always grateful to you.

@Demonic Angel & @Luna Thank you two for allowing my character to play a direct role in your character's backstories. That is amazing and I feel honoured you'd think of Odette to be that conflict and antagonist.

@MelonHead Thank you for the amazingly organic collaborations, whenever we wrote together I just never really knew what to expect and it was fantastic. Thank you for involving me with the Heist arc, and playing a part in Silence's overarching development. Just, good shit~ We miss you!

@ShyDot You my friend, as I reiterate here, have been amazing to work with and talk to and just can't wait until you introduce more characters to the RP. The most unexpected and unplanned partnership, I can't imagine one without the other. Mandate is too precious, hilarious and wonderful and I could literally go on for days. So thank you! <3

@GamerXZ It was a lot of fun when Evergreen entered the Natural Selections Arc all the way back in Season 1 and I want to thank you for helping to round out the teams in that arc and all the work you brought to the RP. We miss having you and the green cinnamon roll around.

@fdeviant Thank you for being one of my go to conspirators, among the very few who stuck around to bring the magical side of comic books to the RP. I admire your extensive knowledge on magic, witchcraft and lore. You connect the RP to some of the weirdest and coolest sides of magic with some legitimate research. Not to mentiooonnnn, your characters are great main characters and NPC's. You flesh them all out so well. You're wonderful and I always look forward to working with you!

@EnterTheHero Thank you for participating in Natural Selections Arc, when you have time to return to rping, I eagerly look forward it. You write action scenes well and created a real challenge in a fight. So again, thank you for the chance to write with you!

@Hellis We miss yo butt around here, but when real life strikes amirite? Thank you for creating so many avenues and fleshing out another side to faerie lore, you have so many fantastic ideas swirling around in that head of yours that picking your brains was always a good time. Writing with you was always so much fun, and your writing voice was always very colourful.

@Fallenreaper If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be in this RP, you are the reason why I am here and took even a lick of interest in this. Thank you for all you've done for the rp and for me, collaborating with you and allowing me to participate in the Natural Selections Arc. Thank you a billion times over, muah muah! <3

@VATROU Thank you Vat for being such a constant in this RP, and collaborating with us on the Heist Arc. You did a great job at controlling NPCs and giving us a chance to have some serious fun with running it. Thank you for all that you do not just for me but being among the many to keep this RP alive.

@Rtron I almost forgot to include you lol oops THANK YOU~ We've rp'd before and I'm really glad you joined CAH. You're always a treat to write with and the Dover Twins are great. I am grateful for your ridiculousness and humour. <3

Thank you to everyone who chats in the discord regularly, posts, reads and keeps this alive. Thank you!

Speaking of partners, anybody wanna take on the two soul magnet daggers? They're pretty slick boyos.

The Dover Twins

Time: Evening - Present Day
Location: Smithy’s Grocery Store, Las Vegas

Miss Dover. You are the only one able to see me, beyond My Lady and Mandate of course. My invisibility persists to others who do not have The Sight. For someone so freshly exposed to the Fey you must be very observant, while you reply in English I’m quite sure you can understand the language I am speaking.” Bach bent at the knee crouching down to her level. “Your brother isn’t aware of me either. The act is rather flimsy, you will find how difficult it is to trick - tricksters.

Clever little horned demon. Freya thought, alarm and confusion still on her face. He might be right, but she wasn’t going to let him know that for 100% ”I don’t understand. Either switch to English or French, or leave me alone with the rest of your friends.” She glanced over at the Ambassador. ”A little help here. Does he know English? Is he even a boy? How do these things even differentiate between male and female? Is that even a thing? Is it based on species? Are there other species?”

The Ambassador and her Fey Partner Bach had approached the twins with curiosity, to get a measure of them. They had noticeably withdrawn when the wolves took action, their confusion palpable to anyone with eyes. Odette was feeling bold, the White Witch had bent. Now it felt the opportune time to feeling out the others, where she could gain more support or a sway of opinions.

The Ambassador maintained eye contact with Ben Dover, she asked, “May I ask, how profitable is this favour you expect in return?

Ben shrugged again. ”Profitable enough to warrant a deal with these wolves.” He glanced at Freya as she babbled more questions. ”Did you drug my sister or is she seeing more of those things you brought with you when you entered with all the drama of a villain in a play?”

Are you sure it is not some symptoms manifesting after a previously undiagnosed condition?” Odette replied with a note of humour. “Miss Dover, I would suggest narrowing your questions to that which will actually get answers. His name is Bach, my partner. He knows quite a few languages, and if you can see him then bravo. You’ve learned to see Fey faster than any human I’ve ever met, including myself. It is no mean feat.

Switch to English, Bach, for their convenience.” Odette spoke in Common Fey herself, fluent as ever.

Yes, bravo. Pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Dover.” Bach replied in Common Fey, then coughed his body glowing faintly in green, his torso then legs returning to a normal size. “As My Lady stated, narrowing your questions will serve you well.” Switching to English finally.

Ben gave a slight smile in response, letting Odette continue to talk. Freya herself narrowed her eyes, thinking. ”So I can see the Fey, apparently with the speed of a prodigy too boot,” She glanced in question at Ben, nodding at the small army behind Mandate. He nodded in reply. He could still see them. ”Then why are the rest still visible to everyone? You’ve won your game. Intimidation will only work against your goals here.”

She directed her attention back to Bach, inclining her head in greeting. Tricksters indeed ”Let's start simple with questions then. What were you asking, earlier and just now? In Feyish, or whatever term you use for your own language.”

Bach answered in an infuriatingly chipper tone, “Simple for simple mortals. Next question please, there is no point in repeating what I had said earlier. It was not of any importance. The language is called Common Fey, because it is the language commonly spoken amongst my kind.

Freya smiled chipperly at him. Asshole. ”Alright, what are the politics of the Fey? Are their different nations? Lords? Presidents? Kings?”

Fey politics go unrivaled in complexity. Simple, remember? Don’t you really want to know what makes us weak? How to properly defend against someone like myself? How is it all possible? Oh, or perhaps you already have an inkling?

”Assuming the stories I’ve heard about Fey, or Fairies in most stories, are true the quickest way would be iron. There are some arcane rituals I’d guess. You’re an inherently magical race. Again, this is if the human stories hold even an inkling of truth.”

Ben shifted closer to Freya, watching where her eyes were, then switching back to her. He’d rely on her reactions to know what he should be doing if this ‘Bach’ became aggressive.

Intimidation? However did you pull such a thing from our little conversation. Do we really give off such a front, Bach?” Odette said, feigning a frown. She answered Freya’s question next, “The other Fey are simply here... as support and curiosity. They simply cannot pass up an opportunity to be involved in my affairs. They are hardly ever bored.

”It was the entire stance of your negotiation. You have a large golem, an army of Fey, a piece that you got from her split personality that you can’t harm but you made them think you can harm, and various spells that you promised to use to full effect if you didn’t get your way. Your entire front was ‘I’m stronger than you, I know more than you, and you can do nothing.’” Freya retorted. She didn’t like Odette’s fake surprise. Ben glanced sharply at her, lightly nudging her with his knee, shaking his head in disappointment.

Bach tapped a bark hand against his horn.

Odette maintained her smile, unperturbed by her commentary. She glanced over her shoulder at White Witch. When she returned her attention to Ben. “Oh, you did not approve of her comment? I want to hear your thoughts, Mister Ben Dover. I do not mean to pry, but I truly am curious. You must of seen something of worth from the werewolves and White Witch to have tagged along as you have. After what you have seen here, your confidence isn’t shaken? When I see such a deal or agreement weakening I personally find myself looking for avenues of escape, if not already having them planned prior to the deal. Do the pair of you have much of a back up plan?

Ben reluctantly returned his attention to Odette. He didn’t trust any of them, least of all this smug witch. He ignored her first question, answering the rest. ”We saw things we could use in our favour. And we haven’t gotten as far as we have without back ups.”

Odette shrugged looking to Bach and he did the same, they wore identical smiles. Not fazed by Freya making a point of iron, anyone who cracked open a book about faeries would know this to be the case. “Is that so? While the Fey’s weakness is rather apparent. Yours is apparent as well, all we would need to do is separate you two. A pair that cannot function independently. May I reiterate that is not our goal, you two are simply background pieces. If whatever it is you’re here for is worth the frustration of being led around by unknown forces, then please. Be my guest. It is my hope that you will be of some use.” The hardness in her words were betrayed only by her tone, it was as if she were speaking of the weather. She gestured her palm out toward the wolves.

Bach replied easily reminding Freya of what exactly she was to expect now, “Good luck, Miss Freya Dover. Navigating the new world of the Fey is a rather daunting task on your own. My Lady Ambassador has no time to waste holding your hand through it. This sight cannot be turned off.

Freya pulled herself to her feet, looking down at Odette. This woman had the gall to come over here and try to throw around her weight. Well, they weren’t the wolves and they definitely weren’t Marie or Gwyneth or whoever she was. ”I doubt she could even reach my hand from down there. We’re good at adapting and surviving. We don’t need your help. Nor will we ever need it, b- Ben shifted in front of Freya, silencing her, hands out in a placating gesture. ”No one is here alone, least of all you, Ms. Ambassador. We have no problems with you. Nor are we going to seek them. He pointed looked over his shoulder at Freya.

His sister huffed, irritated and vexed, but took his hint. Taking a deep breath, she continued in a polite tone. ” We don’t have any problems. The wolves however, do.” She looked pointedly over at the one still struggling in Mandate’s grasp, and Ben still being calmed by Marie. ”If you’re going to be travelling with us, you should probably work on fixing those bridges. You’re going to need to trust one another enough that they won’t try to rip your throat out at the first opportunity.

I am quite aware of their problem with me, which I will discuss when they have decided to calm down. Until then…” She shrugged again, waving a little at Mandate. The mercurial golem paused for the moment and waved back wearing her ‘happy’ v smile. This trip to Las Vegas would give Mandate plenty to think on, research and discuss.

Odette turned back to the twins, “I am already several steps ahead of you all. Tenuous relationships and alliances are my specialty, as you will find out in due time yourselves. Until then, adieu.” She said with another smirk, her french accent pronounced on ‘adieu.’

”Adieu, Ms. Ambassador, but I feel like I must remind you that tenuous things don’t do well when strained.

Freya herself merely glowered at the witch, biting her tongue. She didn’t want to say anything else.

The Ambassador turned around making her way back to Mandate’s side, the click of her heels on her leave. Bach hung back a little, “One last bit of advice, if you wish to hear it Miss Dover.

Freya turned her glower at the horned demon. She had tired of him and his games as well. ”Sure.” He would give it to her regardless of what she had said, she felt. Might as well not give him the satisfaction of seeing her even more vexed.

Do not, and I repeat do not approach Fey with your new found sight and language. Do not acknowledge them. This is the only warning you will receive.” He spoke in common fey, solemn in his warning.

The Ambassador didn’t spare a look back, she felt no need to warn them. Their first blunder would be lesson enough.

Freya didn’t reply, watching as Bach followed his mistress away. ”Assholes. We don’t need them. We can figure this Fey thing out.” Ben looked at her in slight concern. ”Maybe we should listen to whatever warnings they give. They seem to have been at this awhile.” Freya waved a dismissive hand. ”We don’t need them. They were just trying to scare us and size us up. We’ve adapted before, we’ll adapt again. First thing is to get you this ‘Sight.’” Ben sighed quietly. He didn’t like this, but he wasn’t going to be able to convince his sister this was a bad idea. They’re going to see us again, very soon.
@Agent 47 So how many applicants are you hoping to apply? So we get an even amount of weapons and meisters I assume?
I hope we get some meister applicants~
I'll give a tentative interest. Will move the character sheet I had made for this RP the first go around over here.
Starting on my post today~
@POOHEAD189 Ayyy, if you liked Worm enough to join an RP before reading it you'll like the actual story well enough. Fair warning, it's a long read but very worth it. There's a small synopsis and some trigger warnings at the home page there.

Worm: A Complete Web Serial
double posting like a chump Might go back to edit my latest post sometime today to add more detail to Berry’s nest. 3 AM Tricky rushed that last bit.
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