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Hey there~ I go by the name of Amaralyn.
I mostly linger here during my summer break. I live in a CET (or GMT+1) zone, so it is likely I won't be able to post during the same time as most of you. Also, as is stated in my signature, my first language is not English. I do my best to make sure everything I write is proper English (especially when it comes to proverbs and things like that) but may you ever encounter an error in a post (or this bio for that matter), however small it may be, then please notify me via a PM.

As for roleplaying, my favorite genre is slice-of-life, though I am also up for some mystery and horror aspects and don't mind fantasy and fighting to a certain extend, especially if it's an original concept. I for example am fine with RPs that center around high school students with magical powers, but don't like RPs set in Medieval times with orcs and elfs and the likes. I'm also really not into sci-fi/mecha stuff, nor in RPs which are set in apocalyptic situations. I've never really tried one-on-one RPs, but if you're looking for a partner and have a plot in mind which you consider I might like, then feel free to hit me up.

All of that aside, I look forward to roleplaying with you. :)

Amaralyn: name derived from the Greek word αμαρυσσω: to sparkle, to glisten

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I loved the anime! Have yet to read the manga. In any case, I'm definitely interested.
Hey everyone, I'm very sorry for my sudden absence. There have been some events in my life (nothing too major) that put my mood down quite a bit. I think I'll resign now rather than picking up where I left off. It has been fun roleplaying with you and I hope you'll enjoythe rest of the story :3 Feel free to use Naomi as an NPC if you wish. My apologies again for not notifying you earlier; I had the hope things would go upward soon but they haven't so yeah...
Still here! ^^ I'll try to get a post up tomorrow
Quite an interesting idea! I like the concept of this new species being on the side of the aliens.
I'll get started on a character once more people show interest
@OliveYou oohh *o* I've actually been considering to get green hair myself x) My parents would not be happy if I did though lol
@OliveYou Aside from being a great barista Minkyu is also a K-Pop star?? *o* //sorry

dat aesthetic tho ♥
(I'm friggin obsessed with pastel-colored hair)

While Mari is being helped up to her feet, a warm aroma starts to fill the café. Looking around for the source of the lovely scent Naomi’s gaze rests on Minkyu, who is preparing the lattes per her and March’s request. She watches his swift movements in awe. With a determined look on her face she tries to analyze them in an attempt to learn a thing or two. Her serious expression fades however when he presents the drinks: the cat drawn in the foam is too cute not to make her smile, and somehow the contrast between the drawing and the quiet young man manages to make her smile even more. “Thank you very much!” she exclaims as she gets a hold of the latte.

She then perks up and concentrates on Amelia, who calls for the employees’ attention. “Hey, everyone, listen up! Café Crème is going to open very soon, so get to work! Make this place look as inviting as possible, okay?” Naomi listens as the co-owner gives out orders to everyone. She admires how energetic the pink-haired girl always is; it never fails to motivate Naomi to do her best. Alright! She finishes her drink as fast as possible, taking small sips that quickly follow one another; it’s a shame she needs to down the drink that Minkyu so carefully prepared in such a rush, but work is calling.

She slips into the kitchen, placing the empty glass in the sink, before going into the staff room only to stop in front of a mirror that has been mounted on one of the walls. She opens a small box containing several bows and hair clips. I’ll go with this one today, she decides, putting a white, frilly ribbon in her hair. The chime coming from the other room announces the first customers. Getting into character, Naomi skips from the back of the store to the entrance. “Welcome to Café Crème~” Recognizing the person as one of the regular visitors, she adds “It’s nice to see you again, onii-san!” with a youthful smile.

As the day advances the bistro gets more and more crowded. And it’s not even prime time yet! Naomi has trouble keeping up with all the orders, all the while staying in her role. “Sorry for the wait!” she bows, apologizing to one of the female customers. A soft hand pets her hair. “Don’t worry about it, one-chan,” the customer reassures her. Although these practices have become more common to her since she started working here, it still makes Naomi a bit flustered.

“Young lady, could I get the special omelet, please?” an elderly man sitting at the table next to her asks. “O-of course!” she responds and paces over to the kitchen with nimble steps.

“March, another omelet,” she says somewhat softly, not wanting to put even more pressure on the cook who is already occupied with arranging the plate of another customer. She clenches her arms around her waist, trying to hide the sound of her growling stomach. She looks around the kitchen. “Where is Megan..? Someone asked for her specialty..."
@OliveYou The double posting is nice, it's funny to see the same scene from both of the twins pov :)

I also like gifs, they're cute and add to the atmosphere :3

I'm in the same boat as @Squirrel98 here; not much to do aside from admiring Minkyu's latte art uvu

In her eagerness to get started, the kitten had gone completely unnoticed by Naomi, that is until she heard the others mention it. Her face lit up at the sight of the small creature in Megan's hands. She drew in closer, slightly crouching to have a better look at it. “It's so cute~” she said in a soft voice, careful not to disturb the little thing. She looked up with a shocked expression when Minkyu explained they would not be able to keep the kitten in the store. A sound of relief escaped her lips when he eventually gave in and decided it could stay on the porch.

“Um, Minkyu, would you mind making me a latte?” Naomi jolted slightly at the voice coming from behind her; she was so caught up with the kitten's fate she had almost forgotten there were other people in the room. Once the meaning of the words hit her, she immediately added: “F...for m-me too please!” She blurted out the words way more forcefully than she had intended. Now they all must think I'm desperate for caffeine... she cursed herself, her face flushing bright red in embarrassment.

She looked up from her thoughts as a young girl entered the shop. Naomi brushed off her apron, getting ready to welcome the guest, but before she had the chance to the newcomer had fallen flat on her face. Luckily Megan reacted quickly, helping the girl get back to her feet. Naomi felt sorry for the poor girl, but also couldn't help but feel a little excited hearing she might be her new co-worker; finally someone who she wouldn't feel insecure around! She smiled warmly at Mari, trying to give off a positive first impression.
So I'm working on a post right now and my autocorrect suggested "Minkyu" should become "Kinky" lol
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