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IC is up! The next prompt post will go up once everyone has had a chance to reply to the current prompt at least once. Feel free to post as many times as you want until then!
@The Mad Hatter Absolutely!
Friday, August 16th, 2019

On Alistair Island, the sun shone down warmly in a beautiful blue sky obscured only by cotton candy clouds. With the smell of fresh cut grass and aromatic flowers on the breeze, the Promise Institute was ready to welcome its freshman class of 2019. The returning seniors, juniors, and sophomores had settled into their dorms earlier in the week. Today was all about making the freshman class feel at home and excited to start the semester.

Orientation Day was a huge deal at the Promise Institute. Staff and students alike teamed together to help the incoming freshmen learn about the Institute and start the semester off right by making friends and having fun. A full day of exciting events was scheduled and sent out to the new students so they knew what to expect for their first day.

10:45AM - 11:45AM : Orientation Meeting (Auditorium)
12:00PM - 1:00PM : Lunch (Dining Hall)
1:15PM - 2:15PM : Guided Tour (Front Entrance)
2:30PM - 3:30PM : Club Fair (Ballroom A)
3:45PM - 5:45PM : Dorm Move-In (Dorm Building)
6:00PM - 8:00PM : Dinner and Pool Party (Aquatic Center)
8:15PM - 8:45PM : Fireworks Display (Front Lawn)

Up to two family members or friends were allowed to accompany freshmen to help them move into their dorms, but besides that their schedule for the day would be different, leaving the students free to start forging new connections. Students were encouraged to show up as early as they please as long as they were in the Auditorium by 10:40AM. Upperclassmen were stationed around the campus to help the new students find their way to the appropriate locations.

At 10:30AM, a voice rang out of the campus intercom system. "Good morning students! Welcome to the Promise Institute. In ten minutes, please come to the Auditorium for the Orientation Meeting."


Welcome to the IC! I'm really excited to start this adventure with you all. I will be serving as your GM by posting prompts like the one above. For the first day, these will function to move the story forward. There will be times I let you all take the action into your own hands, but for the time being I will be leading you through the first day of the RP.

This doesn't mean you can't RP as you please! Everything in this world is adaptable to the will of the players. If you guys decide to take a different direction, I can make the necessary adjustments. I will also be playing as a handful of NPCs, such as teachers and other students. You can interact with these characters as you would a player character and I will respond in a separate post. Prompt posts like this one will be marked with a date (and time, if necessary) so you can tell the difference.

If you have any questions please post them in the OOC thread! This is the only time I will speak out of character in this thread. Start posting and have fun!
"Nice to meet you, Emily!" Sasha said this with a delighted giggle. She was so excited to be making a friend already. She had so many questions to ask. Not knowing how much time they had to chat before class began, Sasha decided to start with a very simple question. "Where are you from?"

This being a boarding school, Sasha assumed the students were from all different parts of the supernatural realm, as well as the human realm now too. Sasha leaned her elbow on the table in front of her and rested her cheek in her palm as she gazed at Emily. Her demonic heritage caused Sasha's eyes to be all black except her irises, which were a rich golden orange color. This could be a bit off-putting to those who weren't used to being around demons.
Accepted @Logtm! Gonna work on starting the IC now. Still open to more characters if anyone else wants to join!
Sasha was excited for the first day of classes. A little nervous of course, but her curiosity overpowered any negative feelings as she made her way to her first lesson: crafts and pottery. A handful of students were already in the room when she arrived. After surveying all the very different students, Sasha took a seat next to a girl with pale skin and long, tawny hair (@Vampiretwilight). After taking her supplies out of her backpack and haphazardly setting them on the table in front of her, Sasha turned to face the girl sitting to her left. "Hey there! My name's Sasha. What's yours?" Her face lit up with a dazzling, fanged smile as she talked. Sasha had come here to make new friends, and she was so happy to have the opportunity to already.

Despite being a few minutes behind schedule, Benji took his time walking to his crafts and pottery class. Even though it was a school for supernatural beings, it didn't look much different than the countless schools he had attended before. The students he passed on his way to class were so very different than any people he had ever seen before however. He couldn't help but stare at a few of the creatures, and they stared right back, hungrily in some cases. Benji slipped into class a little late, and sat down next to a guy who seemed to be human as well (@Dumb1And1Lazy). He sat back in his chair with little more than a nod at the student next to him and started observing all the supernatural students in the classroom more closely.
Posted mine!

@Logtm Absolutely! Just DM me your CS when you get the chance to make a character!
Accepted @Allycat's character! Might have to give up on @Yuuki since they haven't been online since they created their account and submitted a character 3 days ago. Still need one more player before we start the IC!
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