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Friday, August 16th, 2019

As the time drew nearer to 10:40AM, young adults from every corner and crevice of the globe filled the large auditorium. They filed in through the two main entrances located in the auditorium lobby, each handed a program by a volunteer upperclassman. This program held list of the orientation meeting's speakers and coordinators as well as a copy of the day's schedule and a map of the campus. The eloquent sound of a piano and violin duet flowed throughout the space, produced by a pair of students positioned on the left side of the stage. Warm lighting and colors added to the refined atmosphere of the room. The chairs were coated in velvet fabric and the stage was a polished mahogany, shining under a grandiose chandelier. Despite the institute not having a uniform, the student performers and volunteers all wore dark green blazers with the school's insignia on the breast.

The duet came to a mesmerizing climax as the doors to the auditorium closed. The students poured over their instruments, their passion reflecting in the music they created. Gently, their song came to an end. They went to center stage and took a bow, both smiling pridefully. The pianist made his way offstage and into the wings, while the violinist remained on stage, a spotlight illuminating her. "Welcome to the Promise Institute," she spoke, her voice amplified throughout the auditorium by a microphone on the lapel of her blazer. "I'm Meili Song, the senior class president. It is my honor to share your first day as students of this incredible institution with you. I remember being in your position three years ago; nervous, angry, and hopeful.

"I had never left Beijing before I boarded a plane to come to the Promise Institute. I was alone and horribly afraid of heights and the ocean, which made for a sickening plane ride over the Pacific. I didn't know a single person on this island and couldn't speak English much better than a six-year-old kid. My parents resented my special ability and were relived to send me far away. I was heartbroken. I hadn't asked to be different. I felt robbed of my life as a normal woman, career plans put on hold indefinitely and estranged from all my previous relationships.

"But I still had hope. I kept my heart open, even though all I wanted to do was brood, and I'm so glad I did. I found a home in the Promise Institute. I became friends with my classmates, was mentored by my professors, and learned to view my ability as a gift. I've been studying to become a surgeon with some of the best medical professors in the world, so that I can use my gift to heal in order to help improve the world. Keep hope in your hearts and I promise you will find a way to use your gift to help everyone."

The young woman had tears in her eyes but still smiled widely as she left the stage the same way her duet partner had. As she left an older woman walked on stage from the opposite direction, smiling warmly and clapping. "Thank you so much Meili for sharing your story with us. Every student at this school has their own unique and inspiring story, and I hope you all will hear them as you get to know your peers." This new figure appeared to be in her late thirties, wearing a smart green dress and a black scarf. She took her place at center stage. "I am Anya Belsky, the president of the Promise Institute. I look forward to seeing what your class is capable of."

The orientation meeting continues with speakers such as the president, freshman advisers, and other students sharing information about the Promise Institute and personal stories of coming to embrace one's gift. At the conclusion of the meeting the president stands center stage once again. "Please join us for lunch in the dining hall at noon. If you need help getting there or have any questions, ask a student volunteer in a green blazer. And once again, welcome to the Promise Institute."

The lights on stage dim and the chandelier overhead becomes brighter as the auditorium doors open once more. The students have 15 minutes before lunch starts, and may take this time to do some exploring, talk to other students, go to the bathroom, or whatever else it is they may desire.
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Sasha giggled at the dark haired boy's (@Vampiretwilight) confusion. "Yes, you! Aren't many other people left in this room." In spite of her teasing, Sasha gave the boy a friendly smile. "Come sit with us and introduce yourself!" Having not been around a large variety of people, the concept of introversion was foreign to Sasha. Where she was from, the population was small and everyone knew each other, so they were all comfortable chatting together, unless they didn't get along. The demon girl wanted all her classmates to be friends, so she hoped the dark haired boy would accept her invitaion.

Benji watched the demon (@Spike) in silence as he went to work. He tried to read the pale lips of the supernatural student, but once he realized his words were not English he gave up. The only other language Benji had ever attempted to learn was French, and he just barely passed that class. Whatever the demon was muttering, it certainly wasn't conversational French. Instead, Benji focused his attention on the circle of blue powder. He jumped back a bit in his chair when it errupted into flames. Shit this is like, real magic. Despite being in a school for all sorts of supernatural creatures, this realization was just hitting him.

Until this point, he hadn't really seen any firm proof of these odd students possessing any sort of other worldly powers. Horns and wings and weird skin colors had seemed like Hollywood-level costumes to him, but what the demon in front of him was performing wasn't a cheap trick. He had really just completed a ritual and summoned some sort of floating basketball creature. He had been watching the scene before him in awe, but the demon's struggle to contain his newly created beast brought Benji back to his new reality.

"You need any help with your hentai monster?" Benji asked, referencing the creature's many tentacles.
Sasha listened to both Emily and the black haired cat boy's (@BiffleChump) responses to her question. Her heart sank at Emily's words, but she smiled sincerely when Emily asked if she was okay. "Yes, thank you Emily. I think I'm okay. This is my first time going to school so I wasn't sure what to expect to begin with. Might as well be a riot!" She laughed a little, then looked back at Emily softly. "That sounds terrible though, what happened with your ex. If you wanna talk about it after class let me know." She put her hand over Emily's for a brief moment in a comforting gesture, then turned to the fay.

"You're absolutely right. We need to remember how important it is that we all get along! We have the chance to determine history right now." Sasha was so excited to be making friends, especially since she got to be part of such an amazing goal in the process. She spotted another dark haired boy in the back of the classroom and waved at him. (@Vampiretwilight Jason) "You should come sit with us while we wait for everyone to get back! Oh, I'm Sasha by the way. What are your names?" She addressed the second part to the two boys.

Benji laughed when the demon (@Spike) said he wasn't doing anything interesting. "Whatever it is, I'm sure it beats sitting in the classroom, waiting for the teacher to wrangle the class back together." He had been in similar classroom environments and nothing ever truly got taught. Benji learned more from ditching class with his friends than he ever did from a teacher. He learned art, through graffitti maybe but art all the same, and he learned coding by helping to hack the school's grade system, and he learned how to fight, steal, and run like hell. That wasn't what you were supposed to learn in school, but that's what Benji had gotten out of his education so far.

The human followed the other student into the library and raised his eyebrows and all the spellbooks and symbols. Oh, so I'm going to be learning some occult things today. Despite his initial suspicion, Benji was genuinely interested in seeing the demon do whatever magic he did with these books. He stepped back when asked, choosing to sit backward on a chair from a neighboring table, resting his arms and head on the back of it. He laughed when the demon asked him not to sneeze. "No promises." He said it jokingly, not stopping to think the demon might not pick up on his human sense of humor.
Sasha was about to respond to Emily when the classroom burst into chaos. Was school supposed to be like this? Not that she minded a little mayhem, but she hadn't expected students to be entering and leaving the classroom so frequently, much less by jumping out the window. She chose to stay put despite the urge to follow everyone leaving and find out what exactly was going on. As the teacher left, Sasha looked around at the few students left in class. "What do we do now?" she asked them. @Vampiretwilight @BiffleChump @Kierankaos

Benji had sat silently observing as everyone entered and exited the room in various levels of panic. This was definitely the best first day at a new school he had experienced so far. Guess no one's gonna be taking attendance today, he thought to himself with a grin as he stood up from his chair. Shortly after the teacher had left the room, he made to leave as well, giving a playful salute to the remaining students. "Someone make a killer bowl for me." With that, he left the crafts and pottery classroom. He looked down the hallway and saw that a demon-looking guy was headed in the opposite direction the teacher had gone. Probably best to follow his lead.

Benji quickly caught up to the guy and began walking beside him. "Hey, mind if I join ya? Skipping class is a hobby of mine." He wore a devious smile, unafriad as he looked up at the supernatural creature. @Spike
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