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Current can't even remember how long ago I started using this site lol I keep taking hiatuses (years long sometimes..) but I always end up back on RPG somehow


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that's the short and sweet of it, if you'd like to know more leave me a VM or hit my PMs

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Pine needles softened the blow of Connor's boots to the forest floor as he trudged through the trees. The midnight moon overhead and the dim light of a dying flashlight were all he had to guide him through the unfamiliar wilderness. He had been at this for nearly an hour with no sign of the clearing his patron had mentioned. He would give up and go home if he wasn't afraid of what the minor deity may do to him if he did not uphold his end of the pact.

So, he kept walking, scanning the pines for the symbol his patron had shown him. Runes. Connor was familiar enough with the basics of the magic writing system. He knew the runes for the elements and some fundamental spell casting components. This rune was different though, a unique rune that Vindsval used to communicate with mortals. Connor had it written on a scrap of paper, held in his left hand while he had the flashlight in his right.

Finally, the now flickering beam of his flashlight illuminated the rune, etched into the trunk of a pine tree. He stepped into the small clearing and turned off his flashlight, thankful the moon shone bright enough here for him to see fairly well. Step one of the mission was complete. Connor shouldered off his backpack and exchanged his flashlight for a pen and leather bound journal.

What now? Connor wrote at the top of a new page. He clicked the top of his pen rythmically as he waited for the deity to respond.
It was a bit of a learning curve for me figuring out Gimp >~< So posts for this RP take me a bit, but I have a file saved with just the avatar and blank speech bubble that I can import backgrounds into and type the text for easily now!

Did you guys find an easier to use program though? :O

I haven't been able to respond IC yet because my weekend has been really busy. Sorry about that!
I'd love to join! Should be able to work on a CS soon.

I watched about a season and a half of MHA a while back, but I love superpower RPs and have been itching to make a villain! As long as you won't mind helping me out with remembering the structure of the canon justice system and such I'd love to join you!
I'll be making my first IC post soon! A question pertaining to future posts though: Is this intended to be entirely dialogue based, or will we be writing narrative descriptions as well? And if we are writing descriptions, are we doing it in the same visual novel fashion or just in plain ol' text?
i'd love to join you guys! gotta come up with a good character, but hopefully i'll be able to post one tonight ^^
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Gonna be uploading my characters to this thread! If you'd like to RP with any of them shoot me a PM. Do not comment here. Thanks!

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