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Current Due to unfortunate circumstances, I will be inactive for a while - a long while. I apologize deeply for those that I have already joined and/or declared interest in joining rps. I hope to return.
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I first tried my hand at forum roleplay about 12 years ago and it became one of my favorite hobbies for a number of years until the site I used to be on went down. I was on a hiatus for 5 years, but I would like to pick the hobby back up again. I love the feeling of escaping the real world for a time and immersing myself into other worlds.

I lean more towards group roleplay.

I'm not picky when it comes to slow or fast paced, however, I'm the type to sit back and look into character and story development and look into details. I can write anywhere from 2 to 5 or more paragraphs, depending on how much I'm invested into the roleplay.

I really like group discussion, also. Not only do I feel that it opens new ideas, but I like getting to know the group and their interests and writing styles.

I've like anything from fantasy, sci-fi, horror/thriller, and fan-based roleplay.
Honestly, I'm the type to try anything.

As far as myself, I'm a lass from the Southern East Coast of the US. I enjoy playing video games, drawing, and my job. I listen to music ranging from Alestorm to the Welcome to Night Vale Weather. I'm a HUGE fan of Mad Max. I have Immortan Joe's War Boy logo tattooed just below my neck. My favorite video game is Borderlands. My favorite place in the world is the beach.

I'm currently in the works of writing a novel, however, I feel like I've become stale with my writing since the hiatus I took. I find it to be relaxing and good exercise for my brain and my imagination, and I feel writing with others will help me get back in the swing of things.

I'm a pirate at heart and hope to grow up to be one. In 5-10 years, I see myself dressed in pirate garb, sitting as a vendor with my novel and prints of my characters, playing shanties and Alestorm songs on an accordion at pirate and renaissance festivals.

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Oooooo, I like the sound of that!

Are there specific world weapons we need to know about or research? I wouldn't want to add weapons that are non-existent to the world of Aldis.
I'm thinking a sea folk sailor with an psychic Orca companion, if that's possible.
She lives on her ship and also comes to port looking for work and adventure.
@ShwiggityShwah I'm so glad you asked that because I PM'ed @Aleranicus about this.
This seems interesting
@Burning Kitty

I'll use my Flying Fox SMG as a designated Anti-Viral weapon.
I hope it's alright.

Nancy shut and leaned her head and back against her bedroom door. She closed her eyes and took a long, slow breath. Her emotions then took over, disrupting her attempt to calm herself. Biting her lower lip tightly, she ran and fell on her bed, buried her face deep in her pillow, and screamed. A lower, almost monster like growl was mostly muffled in the pillow rather than a high-pitched wail. Nancy laid face first for a while before turning over and facing the ceiling. She sputtered, allowing senseless bullshit to race through her mind. "I need to meditate."

Username: LOUD_N_PROUD
Password: ********************


After entering access into Sanctuary, Loud_N_Proud, who would naturally head to the races, felt the need to blow off some steam. Her favorite melee weapon, the buzzaxe, was looking very friendly and thirsty. She confidently made her way to a portal, smirking at the giant, red lit letters above, and went through.

The Thunderdome. A thirty foot dome shaped structure of steel and slaughter placed in the middle of a desert wasteland town. Built like a giant jungle gym, gamer avatars and NPC's alike hung onto the structure, roaring, booing, cheering for the blood-pumping gorefest that ensued within. LNP held her hands and arms wide, taking in the sounds that filled the area. She could feel chills running from her arms and all over her back and legs. "Meditation." She was ready to kill.

After entering her name into the queue, she watched other players fight inside the dome until it was her time to enter.


LNP was on her third round. Her opponent was a large brute who managed to grab a chainsaw from the top of the dome before his weight snapped the bungee cords he was strapped to. Sure that gave LNP an advantage, still strapped to her bungee cords, but she could only avoid the behemoth for so long until he gets angry and eventually goes full on rampage mode. She got a hold of a spiked mace, another one of the few weapons the Thunderdome offered its gladiators. Hanging onto the side of the dome with one hand, she observed her opponent, executing a time to strike.

Taking too much time out of combat caused the NPCs, perched on the other side of the dome, to push LNP back into the fight. "Fuck!" she hissed, dropping fast at what she thought was going to be GAME OVER. "Shiiiiiiiiiiit!" she roared loudly, raising the spiked mace above her head, hoping luck was on her side. She swung at the brute and felt the bungee cords pull her back, watching the brute fall along with another large creature on top of it. Her eyes went wide, recognizing the avatar as Krieg, but something was off. "Oh no." The Krieg avatar was flood infected.

Avatars scattered from the dome. "He-HEY! Don't fucking leave me up here! Help!" She called out. She looked down in panic at the Flood infested Krieg, who's attention was still focused on ending her opponent for the time. LNP looked around, thinking. Without hesitation, she grabbed onto one set of bungee cords at her side and tried climbing until she reached a bar of dome she could grab onto. Pulling herself in an awkward seated position, she pulled her buzzaxe from her inventory and began slashing at the bungee cords until she broke free. She put her buzzaxe away and kept a hold of the mace until she got down from the Dome.

LNP jumped from a safe distance onto the ground and pulled her buzzaxe out again, still with the mace in the other hand. The Krieg was standing in the middle of the dome, staring at her. She felt her heart skip a beat. She froze. Of all characters, why? Why Krieg? Never did LNP think that she would face her favorite 'hunting buddy'. She prayed that if she stood still, the effects would be similar to the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.


The Flood infected Krieg charged, laughing psychotically. It rammed its body into the dome over and over. The screaming continued. His body morphed, twisted, and grew. Then it's voice changed, becoming monstrous and almost demonic like. "I WILL PUT MY PAIN INTO YOUR SOUL!" Somehow, the Krieg was able to activate its Silence the Voices skill, becoming bigger and stronger than he already was to begin with. His hands grabbed onto the skeleton of the dome and began pulling it apart, roaring.

LNPs immediate decision was to switch her inventory and pull out a grenade, toss it, and high tail it out of the area and back to Sanctuary.
I will be posting sometime this afternoon.
Oooooooo, I'm highly interested! sinister smirk and rubs hands together
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