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I first tried my hand at forum roleplay about 12 years ago and it became one of my favorite hobbies for a number of years until the site I used to be on went down. I was on a hiatus for 5 years, but I would like to pick the hobby back up again. I love the feeling of escaping the real world for a time and immersing myself into other worlds.

I lean more towards group roleplay.

I'm not picky when it comes to slow or fast paced, however, I'm the type to sit back and look into character and story development and look into details. I can write anywhere from 2 to 5 or more paragraphs, depending on how much I'm invested into the roleplay.

I really like group discussion, also. Not only do I feel that it opens new ideas, but I like getting to know the group and their interests and writing styles.

I've like anything from fantasy, sci-fi, horror/thriller, and fan-based roleplay.
Honestly, I'm the type to try anything.

As far as myself, I'm a lass from the Southern East Coast of the US. I enjoy playing video games, drawing, and my job. I listen to music ranging from Alestorm to the Welcome to Night Vale Weather. I'm a HUGE fan of Mad Max. I have Immortan Joe's War Boy logo tattooed just below my neck. My favorite video game is Borderlands. My favorite place in the world is the beach.

I'm currently in the works of writing a novel, however, I feel like I've become stale with my writing since the hiatus I took. I find it to be relaxing and good exercise for my brain and my imagination, and I feel writing with others will help me get back in the swing of things.

I'm a pirate at heart and hope to grow up to be one. In 5-10 years, I see myself dressed in pirate garb, sitting as a vendor with my novel and prints of my characters, playing shanties and Alestorm songs on an accordion at pirate and renaissance festivals.

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I've taken more than enough thought and I'm highly interested in discussing this further.

All in favor, say AYE!!!
I'm more than likely interested.
I'm itching to join a thread and I have a character in mind to play with.
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Welcome aboard, [@TearsofJoy!]!!
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Welcome aboard, @Potclean!
Just started in one thread.
I want more.
I'll definitely be interested in this. I'll keep an eye on this thread for a while.

Devon C. Baines

Devon was up against a cold wall of Creature's room. He loomed over her, hands pressed on the surface just above her head. Devon had her eyes turned down, almost holding her breath. "You think you're the baddest bitch in town, dontcha?" He hissed. "You know you wouldn't have that fake confidence if it wasn't for me. I can see right through that hard exterior." Devon took in a deep breath through her nose, feeling chills run down her body at the sensation of his breath on her neck. She felt Creature's fingers slither under her chin, lifting it to look her glassy, green eyes. "Look at me, Devi." She twitched, slowly looking up and into his deep blues. Devon could feel herself being able to relax, taking a slower, deep breath. "You wouldn't make it out there." Creature spoke softly to her. "And for what? A bigger purpose? Get out of your head, dear, there's nothing left from the old world in this wasteland. You're purpose is here...with me. You're safe and never alone as long as you're here with me."
Fleetwood Subway Station

Devon still couldn't get out of her head. She could hear Creature like he were whispering in her ear through the hazmat suit she wore. She could feel his long fingers grazing her face and jaw. Eventually, she could hear him growl and roar, "Fine! Go then! You're an independent girl, right? Fuckin' go! You don't need me!" Devon could remember being thrown out of the gangs hideout, begging Creature to stop. That she had changed her mind. That she was sorry. That was the day before Creature died, beaten and mangled by his own men. Men who didn't believe in their egotistical leader who paid more mind drinking and claiming untrue actions that were never made. Creature was a talker, not a doer.

Since arriving to meet this Pariah, Devon paid little mind to the others around her. She observed their faces, but didn't listen to any of the conversations going on. They were just voices on top of voices, unless there was a direct command or whenever the group got the word to move out.

What the hell was Devon doing here, anyway? Why was she called here? She wasn't a marksman, or a medic, or had any special suit of armor or skills. During her days wandering the wasteland, after Creature's death, she felt more comfortable moving and killing without a trace of her existence being known. That was after giving groups and other wastelanders the benefit of the doubt. Well, here she was with another group that she was certain would either kill her, eat her, or see her useless. There was a spot deep in her that wanted to give people another try.

She came out of her spaced out zone, noticing the group almost coming to a stop and a voice in the radio. "The wall. The barrier that keeps everything in Necropolis." Her eyes traced one side, of the underground ceiling above, to the other. She grimaced a little at the sound, feeling a tingle that was between a tickle and an itch in her ears.

Devon could hear the voices in the communicator. Someone quoted, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." She held back a chuckle, halfly smiling. Hope. That was all Devon wanted.
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