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A new user and roleplayer.
Let's hope I do well here.

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Name: Erika Olsen

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Personality: Erika is laidback and loves a good prank, though despite her fun loving attitude, Erika can be apathetic and at times uncaring even to close friends. Erika is often stuck in her head, just thinking for hours on end, she contemplates the world and the things within, philosophizing. She sees herself as a social experiment and takes note of the things she does voluntarily versus the involuntary reactions that she may have.

Biography: Erika wanted to test herself and see how far is she truly willing to go for others. Like everything else in her life, she sees it as a test wondering if she will help people out of sheer feelings or just because of more beneficial reasons.

School of Magic: Invigoration
Magic: Healing (Can heal external injuries, deep burns, broken bones, and minor organ damage.)

Spell focus: A brooch that she wears around her neck as a choker

She loves eating pasta
Carries around a lucky coin

I'm interested, also super excited at the inclusion of Celtic
This looks really interesting. I'm intrigued.
Name: Daciana Vasile
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Create Illusions
Copy Cat- by shapeshifting into a certain person, she can also use their abilities but only if she's in that form.

Shapeshifting is limited to things/animals/people that she has seen.
Illusions require intense concentration and can be broken by strong minded people.

Daciana is a bit of a trickster, she loves to joke and mess with others. She doesn't show her true emotions, hiding them behind a mask of sarcasm and taunts.


Crush: None
Relationship: None
History: (Will update later)
This sounds interesting, and finally getting a bit of time to RP I may just join in if things work out right.
I saw that this had already started, but I'm interested in joining.
Just wanted to make sure that you're still accepting new characters for this.
Thank you for the welcome

@Lady Amalthea
I'll be sure to take a look. Thanks ^^
I'm pretty new to this whole roleplay thing, but I hope to learn more through the people on this site and by roleplaying here. As well as help myself find the courage to just do the things that interest me without worry.

Thank you.
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