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10 mos ago
Current Time to spin a web in the corner while nobody's looking...
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12 mos ago
Was Arachne vain and full of hubris? Or was she a triumphant prodigy sneering in the face of divine tyrants?
1 yr ago
There's a magic spider on the wind he spins a web for you, and if you wish upon a spider all your wishes will all come true...
3 yrs ago
A spider's life can't help being something of a mess, with all this trapping and eating flies.
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3 yrs ago
We are children. We say "forever". Then. When we grow up more, and more. Often we say "never".


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@MagratheanWhale Wishing you a full recovery soon and letting you know I'm still here for this.
PM sent
I have been hoping to find a roleplay where I can play a Tsuchigumo or similar spiderlike character. Tell me, is this roleplay all spidered out with a one arachnian youkai? Or could it stand to have another?
@Hero thank you very much.
Excuse me, but what do the green parts say? All I can see are little squares.
Lol Kassy is surrounded by boys, what the heck.

I think we could stand to have some more female characters in the mansion. Not that I'm some drooling lecher or anything. Please stop looking at me like that.
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