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This looks extremely fun. I think I am going to make a cs for an Arachne character.
Thank you so much @ShwiggityShwah, and @Denny, and @Sola!May all of you have bountiful harvests, and much loveliness!

@Uncle Spanky & @HachiRoku, thank you for the welcomes, but perhaps work on the anger issues, and calm the aggressive tendencies. It might help you to make new friends. (Seriously though, Thank you.)
skitters away

Hi! I am Arachnid0. But I long to be an Arachnid Hero! To wield fang and web in pursuit of honor and glory! To slay mighty monsters! To rescue innocent lifeforms from unspeakable dangers! To... to... to not be squished! I have the most pressing need to not be squished. Nor to be scorched by unreasonable giants who shout evil things like "Kill it with fire!"

So, yeah. If I could be safe from those things and do some heroing while I'm here, that'd be great, thanks.
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