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2 mos ago
We are children. We say "forever". Then. When we grow up more, and more. Often we say "never".
2 mos ago
You can't be neutral in your moment of triumph.
2 mos ago
My heart contains always the one time we kissed...
2 mos ago
Am I beast or am I human? Am I just like you?
2 mos ago
Write. Weave. Catch Prey. Play.


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(Interacting with Bartholomew)

"As a matter of fact, yeah. My truck won't start and I can't see anything wrong with the engine at first glance." Dimitri had all the body language of a straight talker. He had wore a mask of confidence, like many artists did. So he didn't really present any hostility at all. And on top of that, his tone of voice would betray a certain amount of affection for the vehicle in question. That said, he wouldn't smell human to any creature who knew how to tell the difference. He wouldn't smell like a wolf. Or a Vampire. It was an almost human sort of scent. But mingled with that of the small things that crawl, and burrow, and hide in plain sight. The ones too small to be worth noticing by an average mammalian predator. "Any chance you could come take a look at it? I was supposed to drive my sister out to some kind of celebration tonight."

The spiderlike demon was being entirely genuine. Completely oblivious, and ultimately apathetic towards the supernatural aspects the town's inhabitants, he was simply more interested what most might consider mundane concerns. His art, his truck, his "human" social life, these things were more magical to him than was his demonic nature. And if the mechanic would follow, he would lead him out the door, and down the block to where his truck was parked.
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