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San Francisco Federation
Jiùjīnshān liánbāng


Population - ¼ of the NCR (Tentative may change ?)


OTL San Francisco Bay Area


Birth of a New Empire

The Shi arrived in San Francisco presumably after war although no consensus can give to the exact date they arrived. After landing, the Shi made San Francisco, into their home, their empire. The place was a haven when compared to other places in New California as the Shi were extreme isolationists and the geography of the Bay made it difficult for the existence of the place to be known for many years allowing the Shi to develop San Francisco and make it their own.

Beginning in 2242, the Shi slowly unraveled form their isolationist policy as their prowess grew. The perfection of Dr. Sheng research in botanical life turned San Francisco into a Garden of Eden. The ability to produce new post-war botanical life gave the Shi edge, to now position as an agricultural power in the region. Shi realized it was their time to expand beyond SF as they had new sense of power. The Shi unraveled from its isolationist policy and began supporting the communities and people tired of the conflicts over technology, who sought peace and prosperity thus gaining the trust of the people in the Bay. The ability to provide fresh produce combined with their advanced military capabilities to provide safety. This pacification of the Bay brought the Shi into conflict with other regional factions in the region. News of spread south where the NCR begin learning the Shi expansion. In 8 years, the Shi and its allies pacified the Bay and they did so ruthlessly spare no mercy to the leaders of regional factions to consolidate its power over the Bay. The destruction of raiders, gangs, hostile mutants, and factions in the name peace made the dystopic region for the first time peaceful and allowed for the Shi to consolidate its empire with the support of communities and the people that the Shi supported. During these eight years, the Shi began to promote a unified identity based on Chinese culture that other communities embraced willingly.

Peaceful Coexistence

On 2250, the NCR and the Shi had their first official contact although it was mixed. Shi traders encountered that towns South of the Bay, in the Salinas Valley had been annexed by the NCR, and similarly West of the Bay in the Central Valley. The Shi fearing a war between the NCR declared itself as the San Francisco Federation and declared the entirety of the Bay Area as its territories to show to the NCR that they were a legitimate nation. This worked to some extent as the NCR was now cautious to declare war on an independent nation although it was mainly the NCR own weariness, since it was dealing with its war with Brotherhood and had also began to expand East towards New Vegas.

On that year of 2250, the NCR and the SFF normalized relations with the signing of the San Francisco Treaty. The NCR recognized the SFF as a legitimate nation and vice-versa. A trade deal was also signed San Francisco would export of Fish and agricultural produce was signed. The Garden of Eden proved to be invaluable to the NCR with its booming population that needed food. Although those were the only two things. The SFF was very weary to give into other demands. The agreement to eventual integration, by the NCR was refused by the SFF. Thus, the NCR approached the Shi more cautiously but friendly who hoped with future deal the Shi would integrate.
Since 2250, the NCR and SFF grew instead to one of integration and coexistence. The NCR dealing with its own problem find it more logical to maintain cordial relation and economically integrate the country into the Republic. The plan to integrate the country slipped away as the NCR did not want deal with the administration of new territories and people. Thus, This allowed the Shi to flourish as an independent state but also feel as a part of the NCR. The Shi, who held all the power in the Bay Area began to undertake efforts to build a nation. The Shi actively promoted an identity based on Chinese culture that was antithesis to NCR culture. They formed their basis similarly around a Republic but an authoritarian socialist government/economy and based on the philosophy of Chinese culture much to the opposite of the NCR. They also actively undertook great efforts to restore infrastructure and build an economic base. Building an economic base was already there as the former manufacturing facilities were taken over by the Shi and used to from its economy based on manufacturing. This allowed for an impressive post-war revival of the computer and electronics industry (at a small scale ?). A big factor that was preventing integration was political differences especially since SFF was an authoritarian socialist republic and its culture was still different when compared to the Republic. Many Federation citizens were concerned that by integrating would mean an erosion to their cultural and loss of political independence. The growth of the Bay Area into a huge economic region also solidified their identity. Despite that economic integration into the Republic by the 2280s had been achieved through gradual economic deals that came to both benefit the NCR and the SFF.

The 2260s was marked by the Bay impressive growth in terms of post-war world. The population of the Bay exploded in the 2260s both from birth rates and the migration of NCR citizens seeking work in the region. San Francisco turned into a bustling cosmopolitan city and became the center for agricultural industry and biotechnology research due to the Garden. It also became a major finance and trade center in Northern California

War in the East

SF remained out of NCR war with the region seeing no part in it. Although Federation citizens did serve in NCR forces due to a military provision which allowed Federation to serve in NCR forces. For the most part of the war and the Legion was a distant thing to SF. Though the defeat of the NCR at Vegas on 2281 brought new realities to the young nation. The subsequent losses of NCR territories have put strain on the country due losses of trade routes to Sac and Reno due to Legion occupation and the nuking of the I-15. More so has been the enslavement of Federation citizens which has brought SF into a mild conflict with the Legion. A looming economic and political fear set in.

This has put the question of where SF stands as a nation and as a people. Economic Integration by 2280s was very clear and many Federation citizens saw themselves as a part of the NCR but as a distinct nation attached it. Since 2250s, the peace that the Shi experienced for forty years was held up by the NCR as the Shi focused on building prosperous nation-state while the NCR fought against its enemies while expanding. The war was distant even though Federation citizens died fighting for the NCR. Now with the Legion having invaded the NCR and chaos ensuing the Republic, the Federation stands as a bastion for the NCR as increasingly war is coming to them.
Government - San Francisco Federation is a unicameral parliamentary authoritarian republic based around the principles of a socialist democracy made up of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Yuan. It is dominated by the Peoples Socialist Party (PSP) also referred to as the “Shi party” since many top members of the party hailed from San Francisco. Ever since 2242, PSP has been the dominant political party.

Notable People

Aaron Ron Meyers – Captain of PMV Valdez

Jennifer Ava Vega aka Jīn bōtāo 金波涛 – A Federation Biotechnology researcher. Her parents defected to the Shi and moved to SF on 2232. She contributed to the advancement of Shi research into agriculture but also Biotechnology.

James Xu aka Xú Jīnxióng 徐金熊 – One the NCR most decorated officers and General of SFFA. After Hoover Dam, he along with many other San Franciscans veterans in service to the NCR were relieved and sent back to the Federation Army.

Sara Wáng aka Wáng Hóngshān 王红山 – President of Federation since 2281. One of the younger members within the Shi.
Landon Ma aka Mǎ lántiān 马蓝天 -

Integration deals with the NCR

San Francisco Federation operates under the framework of State Capitalism. Agriculture and Manufacturing are dominant sectors of the country. Although NCR defeat at Hoover Dam, the Legion invasion has placed a burden on the economy.

San Francisco Agricultural Cooperatives

Flying Dragon 8 - Abbreviated as FD8, the is a major state-owned caravan house that emerged during the Shi’s expansion. FD8 is a well-known caravan house that dominates the San Francisco Bay and trade routes into the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington) due to major support from the state in making its stakes over the region. Although its relatively unknown everywhere else in California due to fierce competition from Crimson Caravan Company and other more established NCR caravan companies.

Red 888 - Referred to as Red Triple-Eight, is a state owned ordinance corporation. It similarly emerged from the Shi expansion when Mai Dajiang and the Shi state cooperated. Unlike GR, Red 888 serves as the SFF special forces armament supplier and also manufactures the SFFA military uniforms and also sells to high paying individuals making profit from a smaller market of high paying individuals in the Republic who want quality weapons. Although even though they do not necessarily supply the entirety of Federation military and dominate California they dominate the Northern trade routes alongside FD8 looking to be the main supplier into the North away from the Gun Runner monopoly over California.

Yao Biotech - Yao Biotech is one more recent company to emerge. It specializes it medical research and manufacturing is directly linked to the SFF Office of Biotechnology and Agricultural Research. It considered to be the first post-war pharmaceutical company and has sets it sights in tapping into undominated market into pharmaceutical production.

Integration deals with the NCR





Military: 25,000 (Tentative may change ?)
San Francisco Federation Army

The Federation origins lays with the Shi defense militia that guarded SF for many years. During the expansion the Shi absorbed other militia like forces into their ranks that would form the backbone of the SFFA.
Most of the SFFA has been relegated to the Bay until the NCR allowed for an agreement to give SFFA jurisdiction in patrolling the Far North to allow NCR troops to be sent against the Legion.

After Hoover Dam, San Franciscans in service to the NCR were relived and instead transferred back to Federation Army. With the looming threat of war coming to the Bay many of the San Franciscans with Combat experience will prove invaluable to training the SFF since 2281.

The SFFA weapon equipment follows the same pattern as NCR forces to maintain cohesion and maintains a weapon and maintains links with GR. Although Red 888 supplies SSFA special forces high end weaponry and armor also including prpoducing the standard uniforms for the SFFA.

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Sarina Tala Dei – Hallway

“Whomever?" Sarina was perplexed as she glanced at Sterling and Shuai. She looked down to seeing several unconscious women on the floor. It did not look they put up a fight… Are they even from the academy? Sarina face grew frustrated and she wondered what happened. “So, all three of you came across the masked vigilantes and could not catch them nor save these…dames” she said with frustration. She was trying to understand whatever the **** happened in the hallway of academy full of people who know how to fight. To Hana “Yes I am Sarina. It is nice to meet you.”

Vega Venetia – Survival

Underneath from the depths of the sea, a girl was swimming in it. Come on you son of a- The Grimm frog was suffering under the sea from the inevitable tendrils that would consume it. Come under my control! The emotions of negativity were surging through Vega. Hate, sadness, etc. It was a matter of control and regulation. The frog came under control as Vega became part Grimm in process.

She came upward onto the surface of the sea to spotting several other Grimm and with the frogs power she shot out a stream of water blasting them away from getting near the lifeboats. She swimmed around the ship looking upwards to seeing others still on the deck, catching the site of shocked and scared people of a girl riding a frog while exhibiting an aura of negativity. …I wonder if this could good lifeboat.

“Gratia!” as she let out a large echoing scream to catch the attention of her team.

OOC: My way of making Vega presence in survival.


Sarina Tala Dei – Hallway

The hallways were quite quiet where Sarina was now. Though she did hear some ruckus far down the hall, she wondered what it was while holding a Jasmine Green Milk Tea. Sarina knew most of her team. Sterling, she was alongside with him on caravan defense mission, a shameful failure of a mission. Shuai, an exuberant man she had small-talk with a few times. This Hana though, a newcomer transfer from Vale. Sarina wondered who she was as she was a transfer from Mistral as she walked down the hallways hearing voices of people. And that is when she noticed bodies of girls on the floor, were Shuai, Sterling, and a girl. That girl must be Hana by why was their bodies on the floor. At brisk pace Sarina got up to them, looked at the bodies with bewilderment as she got up to them. They are not dead so that’s good but making a glance to Hana then looking at Shuai “Hey uh…who are these girls on the hallway floor?” She then took a sip of her tea.

OOC: If y'all forgot how Sarina looked heres the anime character I based her looks on (…)…

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