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@Elgappa@Ayazi Drat! But i shall respect the dibs, if i do seek to join and get on top of submitting any proper ideas or such to the discord. ^^;

Well, with that in mind: "What places on the map are still open for use?" (if that's ok to ask, i mean, ah...)

Could also help any other new players that are not me, perhaps, who could be looking. At least'd I'd want to think that could be the case. :D

Thanks. :) I've been working on this sheet for a long time but got held because of school (well no longer now because I have time). Actually spot I also do suggest is the Maritime in Canada for some faction. Newfoundland as well as I remember in a previous Fallout rp someone having a faction based out on the island. The Caribbean is still open too like Puerto Rico.
@Elgappa Thank you for answering questions so far! Its been very informative, and very interesting, to boot! :D

Though i do want to get an idea of what kind of a nation might work out in this place, seeing discussion here since my post last night. Call it my way of just "feeling out things", just in case my interest tips far enough to put in an app in future. ^^;


"What would your thoughts about a Pacific Islands nation? Say, one that has been not in contact with the mainland for a long time due to its need for resources (aka taking other islands that are closer) and for working out stability or such? Maybe based mainly in the islands of Hawaii, and has taken over some sets of smaller islands in the Pacific like Tonga, the Galapagos, and Fiji and such? Maybe with a solid enough sea/air force with little in the way of land infantry capability?"

Taking a look at the lore canon and here, i haven't seen anything about that part of the world as off yet, save that Chinese subs were off Cali's coast pre-Great War. So i felt this idea would be a good example to toss by you and feel out here.

Just a reminder, but I have been working on a Hawaii faction sheet since last year and trying to get it up onto WNC.
Does this mean we get our quarterly post?

Yes, y'all will be gifted with the quarterly post.
Are you still accepting characters? I miss Rping in Fallout and I am looking to get back into it.
I survived another quarter at uni.

Sarina Tala Dei – Hallway

“Whomever?" Sarina was perplexed as she glanced at Sterling and Shuai. She looked down to seeing several unconscious women on the floor. It did not look they put up a fight… Are they even from the academy? Sarina face grew frustrated and she wondered what happened. “So, all three of you came across the masked vigilantes and could not catch them nor save these…dames” she said with frustration. She was trying to understand whatever the **** happened in the hallway of academy full of people who know how to fight. To Hana “Yes I am Sarina. It is nice to meet you.”

Vega Venetia – Survival

Underneath from the depths of the sea, a girl was swimming in it. Come on you son of a- The Grimm frog was suffering under the sea from the inevitable tendrils that would consume it. Come under my control! The emotions of negativity were surging through Vega. Hate, sadness, etc. It was a matter of control and regulation. The frog came under control as Vega became part Grimm in process.

She came upward onto the surface of the sea to spotting several other Grimm and with the frogs power she shot out a stream of water blasting them away from getting near the lifeboats. She swimmed around the ship looking upwards to seeing others still on the deck, catching the site of shocked and scared people of a girl riding a frog while exhibiting an aura of negativity. …I wonder if this could good lifeboat.

“Gratia!” as she let out a large echoing scream to catch the attention of her team.

OOC: My way of making Vega presence in survival.


Sarina Tala Dei – Hallway

The hallways were quite quiet where Sarina was now. Though she did hear some ruckus far down the hall, she wondered what it was while holding a Jasmine Green Milk Tea. Sarina knew most of her team. Sterling, she was alongside with him on caravan defense mission, a shameful failure of a mission. Shuai, an exuberant man she had small-talk with a few times. This Hana though, a newcomer transfer from Vale. Sarina wondered who she was as she was a transfer from Mistral as she walked down the hallways hearing voices of people. And that is when she noticed bodies of girls on the floor, were Shuai, Sterling, and a girl. That girl must be Hana by why was their bodies on the floor. At brisk pace Sarina got up to them, looked at the bodies with bewilderment as she got up to them. They are not dead so that’s good but making a glance to Hana then looking at Shuai “Hey uh…who are these girls on the hallway floor?” She then took a sip of her tea.

OOC: If y'all forgot how Sarina looked heres the anime character I based her looks on (…)…

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