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Final (small) changes have been made and I thiiiink my girl is done. Fixed her age since I made her older than I intended, changed the image used for her cyber arm (I found a cooler looking one!) and added a smidge about the kitchen.

Also art is hard but I'll get her pic done if it's the death of me.


Fuck me, that's a good sheet. The feels.

But also - if we both make it in, once they get past the initial desire to murder each other - kitchen buddies.

Ooooooookay, edits have been made! Primarily to backstory, changes to L-2 section in skills, as well as a change to appearance to account for changes in backstory. Please let me know if it passes muster!

Oh, huh

I was always under the impression it was a few days at least, not just a few hours. Whoops. I'll see what I can do, thank you!
(She'll hopefully have artwork sooooonish, I'm still learning to draw but want to take a crack at her.)


Good to hear!

I also can't wait to see what my Skyllian Blitz survivor will think of the Batarian.
So, what's the policy on Cybernetics? Specifically a character who, while "only" having a few, is a transhumanist visionary and wants to some day create even more.
@Rtron has brought this to my attention. Room for a variably bloodthirsty transhumanist punchy-girl?
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