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''I'm sorry I put your lives in danger. I was just a machine, taking orders... It wasn't really me.'' -The android sent by Cyberlife, Connor.

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Heyo, I'm just a girl who's into so much fandoms. Like is a lot if you ask me. So yes I'm into roleplaying romance, I don't know if I will like to do other genres though. I'm into OC x OC and Doubled up OC x Canon with interesting plots! I, of course have random plots with me so I could share if someone doesn't have one at that moment. So please PM so we could talk about plots?

I love doing references and see people know what it is. So here's a cookie for you if you knew who Baldi was. ^^

Bye!~ ヾ(●ω●)ノ♡

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Hello! I will like to do Kid x Crona if that's fine. ^^
Welcome, welcome!

Thank you!! ^^

Heyo. Welcome to my topic! As you can see I want to roleplay something or even talk about ships/headcanons from fandoms if you think it's a bad idea to roleplay with me. You can call me Baldi, I'm a 18 years old girl and I been roleplaying since I was like lil 13 year old. I really like to roleplay romance. I don't think I will betray romance genre with another genre, I'm loyal to it. I write in third person and write at least one paragraph. I can roleplay OC x OC, Doubled OC x Canon and even Canon x Canon. I'm going to talk about Fandoms first and then my OC roleplay plots.

Fandoms I'm interest in doing now

Detroit: Become Human
Akame Ga Kill
Baldi's Basic in Education and Learning
Heavy Rain
Yuri on Ice
Life is Strange
Danganronpa series
Killing Stalking
or you can ask for more if you need to know.

These that are in bold is the one I will like to roleplay as. ^^

Here comes my OC x OC plots. If you want to suggest a plot. Warning though my plots can be cheesy and stupid.

I hate you, I love you

Muse A has done something horrible to Muse B which cause their friendship to end, Muse A regrets this and try to contact Muse B but Muse B seems to not going to forgive him that easily after what Muse A did. But soon Muse A try to call Muse B back and they suddenly accepted the call. They too talk about the situation and they got in a huge argument about it, this made Muse A accidentally shout on the phone that all he did it was because he love Muse B.

Being regretful

Since they were little Muse A used to bully Muse B to protect themselves from not getting bullied by others, but Muse A really regret bullying Muse B late on but Muse A never get to apologize for what they did. Little did you know that Muse B actually let Muse A bullied them because they always loved them and knew that they didn't mean it. When Muse A grown up and goes to them same high school as Muse B does, a person they know was about to kill them in a lonely street but Muse B came to save them but at first Muse A didn't recognize them until they ask for Muse B name.

Childhood Memories version 1

Muse A and Muse B have been childhood friends since like forever. But one of them have feelings for the other and Muse B don't know how to confess to them until they made a love letter to Muse A.

Childhood Memories version 2

Muse A and Muse B have been childhood friends since like forever, but everything changes when at Muse A being 15 years old has been transferred to a new school leaving Muse B behind. But after a few years, they finally get to see each other in school/somewhere. How will they react?

Not Together

Muse A and Muse B can never really tell if they’re together or not, so they go on dates with other people but nothing feels the same as when they hold hands. They find out that they just love each other but how will they handle their other relationships?

Romeo and Juliet kinda

Muse A and Muse B parents dislike each other a lot and don't want Muse A and Muse B be together. But the two love birds don't accept this and Muse B visit Muse A window room every day to continue with their romance life.

The Butterfly, The Flower and The Spider

It based on the Vocaloid song Butterfly and Flower and Spider making it a triangle love. At a certain royal palace's ball, Person A who's princess/prince had a second meeting with Person B who's a knight, they both want to continue their puppy love. However, Person A had been suited and courted to Person C whose princess/prince as well who wants Person A. Person B under control of Person C, obeyed, having taken an oath to live for Person C sake, moves their feelings aside and even kills their own fleeting awakening of love. (We need three characters for this.)


Person A find out that they're soulmate is Person B. So if one of them get hurt or get depress the other person will feel it as well. They even have the same dreams and nightmares when they go to bed, but do they really have feelings for each other or is just a mistake.

Mastermind (Only for Danganronpa or we can make it original)

Muse A is the mastermind behind Danganronpa, at first Muse A pretended to be death when the first trial happen but it turn out Muse A is just the mastermind. They are responsable for every death that happen. When they finally show themselves, they were going to execute everybody in the court room until Muse B step forward to stop Muse A by asking why would they do this to them and more importantly why they made them fall in love with Muse A? Muse A stood quiet for a while and said they could free everyone but there's a price to this. And that is making Muse B stay with Muse A.


Based on a Vocaloid song called 7/8. Muse A fell in love with Muse B but didn't think of anything special of that. Muse A tried to make Muse A notice these feelings but it was too late and Muse A couldn't see him anymore for unknown reasons. She regrets that she hasn't confessed back then and a few months is when Muse B shows up. This could be Muse A to finally release these feelings. Muse A can be either rejected or accepted.


Muse A have a secret that may harm Muse B, Muse B of course notice something was wrong with Muse A and demands to know what is this secret all about until they told them about it. The secret may be something that isn't a big deal resulting them being happy or can be a big deal to Muse B which will be difficult for Muse B to have Muse A be their friend again

Who cares about what others thinks?

Muse A has a horrible reputation in the town/place/school/other and is also trying to be in a relationship with Muse B but Muse B keep rejecting them because they don't want to be with them with that horrible reputation they have. (But Muse B does love Muse A but hides it.) but what happens if one day Muse B decide to say ''screw it'' and accept to be with Muse A? Will everyone in the place discriminate them like they did with Muse A? Muse A tells Muse B that they're going through this together and they shouldn't care what others thinks.

What is love?

Inspired by Detroit: Become Human, Muse A is a android while Muse B is a human. Muse A was sent by an company to work in workplace which Muse B doesn't like because they hate or are afraid of androids coming to life. But when Muse B was saved by Muse A for almost getting hit by a bus something have change in them and ask Muse A why they save him despite they hate and said horrible things to Muse A. Muse A could only reply to them. ''I... I don't know what came over me. I wasn't programmed to have these kind of feelings.''

Well that's all I can offer here. I only roleplay in PM, Skype and Discord. Bye!~
Also, just finished fully reading your intro. First off, welcome.

Second off, huge romance nerd. Consider me interested.

Thank you once again. ;;
And yay! Do I send you a PM or should you?
I like your name Baldi.

I hear every door you open

Thank you!

Welcome to Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, that's meeeee...
Welcome to the guild!

Thank you!! ^^
Welcome to the guild!

please don't smack me with a ruler-

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Yay!! someone got the reference
Hello! I just came back with a fresh start to see if I can get interesting roleplays going on.

I always roleplay romance, maybe that's why the reasons I'll be bored doing other genres. OC x OC or Doubled OC x Canon though. ^^

I always have some plot with me, so if you want to roleplay with me let me know!~
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