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ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ it is mah birthday ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


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Jeez. Not because of the 100 dollar thing, but like the rest of that involves that island.
I like how BS is convicted for a Lawn Care ordinance. How much belli is that worth?
I guess I'll be the one to answer that, should nobody else want to answer that call.
I feel like I know what this is, but I'll keep my mouth shut.

The way I see it, if I answer yes then BS will attempt to leave the Nexus but be wiped into nonexistence as a result, and if I answer no, I have to fight Helena. It seems like an illusion to me.

It may very well be what the offer is, but then again, it's handed to us on a silver platter. Why would someone do this, especially to someone she called "bone head" a few seconds before.
Does this by chance involve the illusion of choice? I feel like it does, especially considering that you can be wiped out of nonexistence in this setting.

Bonesword dismissed his cacti soldiers as Helena started talking again, explaining the situation even more. He didn't lower his trees to the ground, though, just in case Helena decided to play a dirty trick. At this point, he expected everything, even the annoyances of how he was being treated by Helena eventually getting to him. Eh, he'd be able to deal with it for a while.

She brought up how she never meant to become a substitute to the leaders of the Nexus, and honestly, Bonesword kind of believed her. She was offering them a way to escape, and you can't exactly rule over free people easily... does that make sense? Bonesword didn't know.

Helena then brought up how she was giving them a chance to effectively look at the bigger picture. The Nexus existed on a multiverse, it would seem. The idea was far fetched at first, but when Bonesword looked at it, he WAS talking to an illusionist vampire lady. Pretty much anything could happen at this point.

Lastly, Helena said that if the fighters here continued fighting in the Nexus they would see the truth about their leaders, and honestly, Bonesword could deal with that. He'd already heard about what Eos did to that one person, whatever-her-name-was, and he wasn't surprised to see that the queen of Hell was so narcissistic that she created a slime daughter that looks like her. He hasn't met Heaven's leader, but he figured that they were just as much of an asshole as Lucille and Eos.

Bonesword grabbed the light sword and placed it stationary in the air beside him, it hanging there for as long as something didn't fly at him. He was curious at the new plant near the ground and how it had this vague green glow around it. It was minty, and when he put his head near it, he felt... freshened... relieved. It was like the dungeon's effects were fading right off his body, and he felt relieved. Was this some new plant? Bonesword felt like he'd have to research this later, especially considering he'd never seen it before.

Back to Helena though. What she proposed was tempting, but it still seemed fishy. "Why would you offer this deal to us?"
Our characters were previously exposed to illusions, and they're supposedly still in the realm causing the illusions, and you want us to act like we don't see them as illusions. OOC, we can, but IC all Bonesword sees is fuckery. Fuckery that he doesn't like.

Also, calling it, the clock will wind down to an insta-kill effectively and we'll all put up with it because we're used to it.

If I'm wrong, whatevs. I'm just a pawn at this point and I've accepted my fate.
@Lucius Cypher
This will be fucking great. I will turn BS into a lawnmower of death.
@Lucius Cypher
I'm gonna draw a diagram on my ipad one minute.

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