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If Bonesword doesn't participate in the next battle, wanna collab a series of Bonesword showing his gardening skills off to a master, and maybe trying to learn from the master?
In either case, I feel like the Frog would believe her and forever remember Artoria, but not as Artoria, rather a large hellhound.

Unable to remember anything but a very vague memory of a hellhound.
Luci is above Eos? God damn did I underestimate her.

I also must ask a question, although I'm fairly sure that it'll never get passed. Would you be okay with an interaction between Bonesword and Luci? I feel like they could be pretty cool gardening friends.
I am very tempted to have Frog go in and ask Lucille if someone is missing. Very tempted.

The only issues that stop me are a locked door and fear of having Frog join Artoria in nonexistence.
<Snipped quote by Banana>

Then you are getting it right. Very good, very good indeed.

But don't worry, the next battle is sure to rub a lot of salt on this wound.

... on me/Frog specifically or on everyone else too?
The Fungal Knight - Moving to Dead Man's Rock

“Whoever you are, wherever you are, you bastard, I’m coming for you. And I will not stop until one of us is dead.”

Well, that was a bit forward, wasn't it? Scarily so, and that's coming from a skeleton. He was unaware that his opponent patched into his phylactery earlier, but he was relieved to have figured that out when he did. Bonesword looked overhead at the drone racing through the skies over to him before he spoke again into the phylactery, hoping that he could try and convince his opponent to not kill him. That being said, he was fairly certain that she wouldn't give him mercy, meaning he had to prepare for a real fight, from the sounds of things.

"Well, aren't you a prickly pear." Bonesword said sarcastically. If he was going to meet his end, he'd meet it being a sarcastic asshole. Why? Well, why not? In any case, he had to prepare for the worst, and this area would have to serve as their battlefield. Plant life began to vigorously grow around Bonesword, raising up walls of grass and a few trees, as Bonesword began constructing an area that would maximize his victory potential. He still kept the area pretty low-lying for the moment, as the drone flew directly abovehead. The Knight really hoped for a defensive item, or something he could use effectively.

Reading that made my heart hurt.
~ Intermission ~

"I dunno how these gearheads in Hyperion build things like ya'. They've earned m'admiration."

Lillian was at her home in Hyperion (which was a relatively decent size, considering her paycheck), tinkering around in the garage with her newly acquired mech. She didn't know what in the hell she was doing, but she thankfully had Epsilon powered on and reading off a set of instructions to her. Right now she was simply trying to run a fair amount of system diagnostics on Epsilon, and whoever that 'J' guy was made it incredibly hard to run diagnostics. He was at least kind enough to leave instructions.

"Alright Epsilon, what's the next step?"
> There should be a small slot, located between the waist and cockpit. Insert a flat screwdriver into it, and apply pressure.
"Okay... done!"

Lillian jutted out from where she was, landing on her ass in the middle of her garage. This was frustrating, but she finally managed to do something with this suit. It took her nearly an hour to figure out how to remove the back plate, even more to depressurize the hatch. She was pretty sure that Epsilon could pressurize it again, though. There were tons of buttons in there that she didn't immediately understand, but she hopefully would when she learned how to use it.

She didn't care about that right now. What she did care about, though, was that she needed a drink. Thankfully, her alchemy station was in the garage, and she knew a few concoctions that she could easily mix and result in her thirst being quenched. Alas, she went over to her station and began mixing some of the ingredients she had on standby, creating a small potion that she quickly drank. It was a standard potion of healing, but it simply tasted better than your average one. The diagnostics ran by Epsilon finished as Lillian placed her bottle in a nearby sink.

> I have returned.
"Anythin' I should be worried about?"
> I need lubrication in several areas, but nothing otherwise.
"Sweet Jesus."

Lillian was relieved that it worked so well. She felt like she needed to make it up to Eos after last battle (although she knew that nothing was able to be done about it), and Epsilon would help her with that.

> I have a question, Lillian.
"Ask away."
> Why are you here and not out celebrating over the victory. It seems like something you should be doing.
"... I hate people."

The Frog
~ Intermission ~

In an instant, the Frog popped back into the world, although he was in front of Hell's castle. He forgot how he got there, but he knew that it had something to do with the last battle. He just didn't know how. The Frog had felt like something was different about the world too, like something was missing from his life, but he couldn't figure out what.

The Frog began walking through the halls of Hell, trying to remember if something was actually missing or if he was going bonkers. It could be either option, honestly, but the Frog didn't want it to be the latter option. He did see Mephilus as he was walking through, though, and he eagerly hopped over to him and began to speak.

"Mephilus, do you feel like something is missing?"
Frog will never remember that Artoria had existed, but he will feel an odd absence.

~ Intermission ~

Journal Entry XX/XX/XX

In a fit of what I want to call 'Drunken Rage' but I can't, I had created a number of accidental venus flytraps on my lawn. I received another letter in the mail today about how my equipment guy up in Hyperion had to hold off on making my shield because he had to go to serve on a jury today. Dammit Eos! I may fight for you in protection of your people, but dammit I need a shield! I can't run into battle and do jack-squat unless I have something to defend myself with!

Sometimes I still wonder why I like to fight for these people. I always get food thrown at me by passerby when I'm simply trying to go to the bar and get a kamikaze. I understand that people are on edge about demons and angels, but those twins that fight for Eos don't get any crap. It irritates me, but also intrigues me. Maybe I can talk to one of them and see how they do it?

I'm still considering whether I should be in our next battle or not. I'd love to go and shove my sword directly into the hearts of a few demons, especially that cheating Victoire, but I don't think I necessarily want to leave what I'm preparing behind. I'm still surprised the people of Abby's village allowed me to keep my pet project there. Stumpy and the other constructs I left should be able to defend the village while I'm away, while still being able to grow it and advance towards a large-enough size to actually help forward the Machina's cause, but I'm unsure.

I just gotta make sure this stays underneath the radar. I'd be questioned heavily if anyone found out, and if the court got me I'd be screwed.

End of Entry
I am completely fine with this.
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