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@Crossfire@Silver Carrot
Tibulus was going to answer Taleste before the PA system came online with the voice of Stryker. He asked the funganoid to see if he can lower the temperature of the engine's core, or really just do anything about it. Tibulus could do it, but it wouldn't be super easy to manage. The pilot spoke over the comms system to Stryker "I probably can. Gimme a bit."

Tibulus began fumbling around on the console as he spoke back to Taleste. "Well, I have to lower the temperature of the engine core to keep it from overheating, but to do that I need to dock the power to another system of the ship in order to give the engine a bit of relief." The pilot lowered the power of the ship's weaponry to minimal levels, giving the engine a bit of relief from having so much power. If push comes to shove, Tibulus could bring the power back up and lower another system's power for a short time. "If you don't mind, could you bring up the exterior cameras on the co-pilot's console and keep an eye out for anything dangerous? I need to know so I can bring power back up to the weapons in case there's trouble."
In The War of the Three 23 May 2017 20:40 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hey guys, just letting you know I may not be very active for a few days. Had to put my dog down today so I may need a while to recover emotionally. Sorry if this causes any in game problems.

I am here for support, because I know that feel. Get well soon mate.
In The War of the Three 23 May 2017 20:38 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@The 42nd Gecko
... what do I do with the Frog now? He's eaten and presumed dead.

I'm thinking he should be rezzed into his transformation, but at the same time I'm not sure.
I haven't taunted yet, nor am I going to.

Let's have a good ol' fashioned duel. Mono y Mono.
's fair. I created his idea on a whim and I feel like it'd be fun for really only roleplay purposes. If he's lost to the ages, no big deal. I'll archive his CS and brainstorm another idea.

Here's my Guest Character. I shall adjust if needed.
I'm ready to move to the next battle whenever.
@Mega Birb
True. We can assume that Abigail is trying to get a hold of her mastery over dreams and shit for the next battle.

It's gonna be cemented as Eve and Lillian then.
<Snipped quote by Banana>


Ok. In this case I'll lose Frog for this battle. He'll be in the fortress hanging out with Luci.

Lillian is gonna debut, no question about it, and Eve is probably gonna be on the deck for the Angels.

@Mega Birb
Now I need to reconsider because Greg.
So the Machina have a defend-your-position job for this battle? Ok.

Can I ask for an exception to the 2 per battle rule, because I have 3 characters yet to debut in a battle? If not, that's completely fine.
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