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"Mashter called for you. You'd be payed beyond your wildesht dreamsh!" the goblin whispered, not wanting the rest of the patrons to hear and try to start a scene. "It'sh in a crypt off the shide of the chity! Come! Come! He can tell you the detailsh!" Regardless if Tobias accepted the offer, it was clear that, at the poker table with the cheat, the half-orc who just got cheated out of his cash began to bang on the table. Knowing how orcs work, this wouldn't end well. That alone was a good enough reason to bounce out of the inn. Of course, Tobias could always engage the half-orc, as his ax looked very valuable, but the specks of blood on the handle made it pretty clear that this orc knew how to use it.
Farce - Strip Mall


Farce took a second to pause. Gloves? Why did her brother say gloves? "What do you mean by that?" she asked aloud, forgetting that nobody could hear Dunn for a minute.

"Look at her gloves. They're fingerless. That's bare skin."

"Sparce, where are you going with this?"

"DNA. Even if it's a tiny bit of DNA, it's still there. She can be traced back. Make a deal with her, dammit!"

"Ok friend!" Farce spoke in a raised voice, still keeping it passive and calm as she stood halfway between Mantis and Healer. "First off! Super nice bike. Like really, that's a dope ass motorcycle! Second, there's a voice in my brain that's telling me that, because of your gloves, you've left evidence on the crime scene! Now, I dunno about you, but you seem to be in a similar boat like us! I had the Community TRASH my apartment a bit ago!" Farce dropped Carlotta to the ground, the nightstick clinking against the pavement. Her free hand ushered Mantis to do the same. "Maybe we can work out a deal?"

It took Xoxi a grand total of a second before she realized what 'suiting up' actually meant, or at least what she thought it meant. They were fuckin'. Good luck head maybe? Maybe something a bit more... power-related? Eh, Xoxi would think about it later. Right now, she had to focus on something else.

Xoxi went to get her hoodie, when she realized that it wasn't actually here. Pudding was picking it up, probably... hopefully... Xoxi was not sure on how the hospital would react to a pile of sludge going in to retrieve her hoodie. Maybe they'd be cool with it? Pudding knew a few people there because of his AA meetings a forever ago, but would they still let him go in and get her hoodie? Hell if Anomaly knew and cared. That hoodie was toast, but she was still willing to fight without her persona. It'd be toougher, but hey, she had done it before.

The teen jogged in place a bit, trying to get used to her sore leg, then stopped and faced Alex. "Being Anomaly isn't important, Heroes are Heroes, and I'm ready to get this shit settled." Xoxi's hand flew up to her side and did something akin to a fist pump. She was ready, she was enthusiastic, but most of all she wanted one thing.


@Old Amsterdam@TheHangedMan@Regitnui
Near a crashed VTOL

Anomaly noted the sudden appearance of Sickle before all else, and immediately saw him as a target for her fists. A purple ghost fist appeared below Sickle and came up, aiming directly for his jaw before all else, the main goal of imparting a feeling of fear into his head. Specifically, a drive to get out of here and flee, hopefully quelling what's going on here.

[-1 FEAR EMOTION (if successful)]

With that, Anomaly turned back towards the battlefield and began looking for more things to punch and emotions to steal. Fear was good, infatuation was funny, but either would do. After all, how could someone fight someone they were infatuated with? Probably regretfully... yeah maybe she should just stick to grabbing fear.

"If you guys see anyone scared, let me know!"

BoBonesword - Solo Performance

Charlie tossed the Egg Timer to his master, who caught it nicely. Charlie didn't have any bones to break, and despite what many thought, he wouldn't simply die from a hammer strike. The best way to kill a plant monster is by cutting it. That being said, there was a significant portion of the snake that was compressed, which looked extremely painful and bound to bust if hit again. Charlie didn't want to get involved unless he had to, seeing what kind of power the clown wielded.

Looks like a solo performance!

BoBonesword backpedaled, dodging the oncomng strike barely and following up by grabbing hold of the giant hammer barely, clinging to it as he swung around the room. It was there that, with his balloon sword in his mouth and his free hand clutching onto the Timer, that BoBonesword saw it fitting to try something. Something stupid.

He turned the timer on, setting it to some random amount of time, pointing the dial straight up. Gravity began to shift as BoBonesword understood what it did. The timer changed the pull of gravity for the user! Pretty neat, but kind of especially here. The shift of gravity pulled not only BoBonesword up, but the clown as well (unless, he let go of his hammer). Hopefully this would do something to even out the playing field.
Does Xoxi see Sickle right now? I have a stupid idea.
"Don't worry kids. I'm comin'," Tibulus muttered as he continued dodging, taking control of one of the side guns and using it to fire at the opposite ship. Specifically, the guns of the opposite ship. He couldn't keep dodging so many guns at once, he would eventually take more and more damage to the point where he'd get in trouble with Stryker. The only thing that scared him about that was the threat that Stryker would, in some way, keep Tibulus from taking ownership of the Revenant when this was all over. That'd be all the payment he needed.

A green light erupted from one of the guns, followed by another from a separate gun as they were both taken out of commission, a smirk grazing Tibulus' skull. "That should make it easier on me." The cigar in Tibulus' mouth had burned to a crisp at this point, but just as quickly as it was dropped from the mouth, another one was there, a spark emerging from Tibulus' hand as it was ignited. After taking a deep puff of smoke, the Funganoid returned to his duty of dodging, hoping that everything was going OK on the other ship.

Oh shit when was the last time I posted here?


... I'll get to that.
I may be a bit tardy on my posting for next round. Depends on how busy I am with my schedule and what-not.
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