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Hello, random web surfer. In the off chance you happened to click on this to investigate my personal interests, here are a few random facts about me:

I'm currently 29, and I've been roleplaying on forums since I was 12. Most of it was done on another site, though I'll leave the name out so as not to advertise. I've been lured back there to head the rp community (read: try to revive it), but in the meantime, I needed an active outlet for my hobby. Still, the other place does entail certain time commitments, so I'll likely only be active in a game or two at a time here, at least for now.

I've also been in the military for a little over ten years now (Air Force, if you're wondering). However, I'm currently in the process of getting out. I have this whole pipe dream of going to law school and all that (better late than never!), and I'm actually in the middle of the prep/applications process.

I'm also a huge book worm and video game nerd, and I have a terrible habit of collecting way more than I can get to. I particularly like RPGs-- real ones (not you, Square Enix :/ )-- when it comes to video games and fantasy for books, though I've been on a random philosophy kick with the latter lately. I'm terribly picky when it comes to entertainment, though, so I can't say my collections have a ton of variety (and I'm much worse when it comes to TV shows and movies).

And yes, I have a cat named Poodlebush Ezekiel Zinderbox (PEZ), along with two dogs: butt pup and poop snoot. Okay, fat dog and jealous dog. Fine, Sadie and Bella. They've been nicknamed numerous times for their particular behaviors (don't ask about the poop one...).

Hopefully that satisfies your lurk craving, but if you're still feeling investigative, feel free to send me a PM or find me on discord.

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Profile updated. I expanded the personality section and added a few paragraphs into the history. The latter could still be expanded upon, depending on our PMs
Jumping ahead a bit, but is there an estimate on when CSs will have another chance of getting approved? I'm not sure whether I should be looking to make changes now or jump into another game. This was the first one that caught my attention, and I don't want to overcommit myself
@Cyrania & @Bane

Firstly, Bane!

Thank you so much for getting a sheet in! I know it can be really daunting to do it when you're a newbie. And your sheet is great, just lacking for the Advanced Section of RPG

PM sent. I'd be happy to rework the CS if applications will be reopening sometime in the near(ish) future. I wasn't sure what the norms were as far as detail goes here, but adding to it wouldn't be too difficult. Depending on our PM, the backstory could grow quite a bit (as mentioned, I didn't want to take too many liberties outside of basic canon)
I have a cat named Poodlebush Ezekiel Zinderbox (or just PEZ)
In Hello 12 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Thanks. I see a handful of familiar names, so it looks like I'm not the only one that found my way here
Two paragraphs of the history allude to mature content, so I put them in another hider (Edit: it's about four paragraphs now)

In Hello 12 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Closer to 17 now, I guess lol. I started when I was 12, back when I had no idea how to do any creative writing of my own. There have been a few breaks in forum activity throughout the years, but writing has been my main hobby ever since
Can't say I have much of a reputation on the site, having just joined, but I'd like to jump in if you're open to the unproven types
In Hello 12 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
New(ish) to the forums. I've been roleplaying for about 16 years now(!)-- I'm only 29, I promise. Nearly all of that was spent on another site, and I believe I had an account here years ago to arrange a cross-forum sparring tournament (possibly as "Skye" or "Grimoire", though there were only a few posts and PMs with the staff). But after a few golden periods, the other site's rp community has dried up quite a bit, and I'd like to find a more active one for advanced writing
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