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@Moonman It does, thanks for checking in.

Vacation is over and my catch up work week is as well, so I am hoping to get things rolling again this week.
Hello hello, trying for a reboot here, I know several of you are coming back in soon. I will be returning to working on this RP and preparing for its long delayed launch.
@Moonlit Sonata

My core argument is that you are choosing to interpret a Phantasmal Beasts turning slower than Servants, as meaning that this Phantasmal beast could not be fast enough to turn to evade a projectile in this circumstance, which does not have to be the case.

As an aside, one of the archers that was covering me was player by you? Was their a specific reason why the Matou Archer did not fire?

Anyway, you have outlined the arguments as you see them, so, will you give me an answer to my request?
@Moonlit Sonata

I waited for three days and eight hours after a post before posting with NAGATO's attack. I was not told that anybody had real life issues or received any request for an extension.

This is true, I withdraw my argument from this angle. Now that some of these characters are posting however, one just a few minuets ago, and that they opened fire as expected, I would like to submit that this was a simple case of dropping the ball twice, rather than malicious intent to leave Rostam unsupported. I can talk to these other players if you want.

You're misunderstanding. I'm not saying Rostam should have tried to tank it with his body, I'm saying that a viable method would have been using Rakhsh's Prana Burst to clash against the attack.

Does prana bursting give you some kind of armor or something? I thought it was just to increase your physical attributes. If I had known that I would have done it.

I appreciate your commitment to cannon, but plenty of RP's say that and have subtly difrent interpretations of cannon, especially since it changes and expands over time, especially recently with these new grand order games, which I have not played.

This applies to conventional humans. Servants are freaks who can accelerate to mach 4 in a fraction of a second.

Right, but the oncoming prana blast is moving at a speed which is fast enough to threaten him. Regardless of how fast he can move, performing those extra actions slows him down enough to matter in relation to anything that's fast enough to hit him in the first place. Dismounting is not commonly regarded as a free action, something I feel is pretty universally recognised. This is one of a mounted mans great weaknesses actually, commonly used by more agile footmen to kill them, and if I had used similar logic to dodge something like an oncoming sword thrust or arrow, there would be justifiable outrage.

I've already explained why, under canon logic, it is reasonable to know that Rakhsh would be inferior to Rostam in burst movement speed.Moreover, as was stated above, the onus is on you if you are unaware of the nature of what you are applying.

I was aware of this rule before posting. Just because a phantasmal beast is slower at does not mean that Rakhsh is required to be to slow to pull off the desired objective in this case. Especially when I accounted for that in having him sprain his leg from turning faster than a Phantasmal Horse normally would.

It is plausible in cannon that it could have been done. I would like to renew my request that Rostam is not ruled dead at this awkward early stage in the game, where it would not result in any breaking of cannon rules, where it would make for extreamly bad storytelling, and where it would sink a huge amount of my personal time investment into your excellent RP.
Alex Bradan

Alex continued to watch the battle, staring in awe as the the demonic tower changed its very shape in a way that made his skin crawl. As a human form emerged from what had formerly been a structure larger than a house, Alex realized that he was dealing with something, or someone, who defied the very limits of magecraft itself.

Awe however, had only so much power to paralyze a mage, and Alex Bradan had already rallied himself from the shock of the demon castle. However powerful he was, a human form was a human form. It was something that he could at least conceive of fighting.

With nervous willpower he mentally directed his seagull familiar to circle closer to the newly emergent figure, while his other familiars, three other gulls who had been perched on various other buildings in the city, lifted their wings and took off. As little effect as he expected any of them to have, he still wished that he had deployed his snakes today, but the distance between the docks and the battlefield was simply too great. His other familiars would take far to long as it was, scattered as they were miles from the scene.

Archer, I will provide you with what distraction I can. For now, take as much prana as you are able from me, I give you free reign, as long as you don't paralyze me.

@Cu Chulainn
@Moonlit Sonata
Shouldn't you have waited for the other characters to have posted before issuing your response? Rostam was being supported by 3 Archers during his charge, all of whom are going to get shots off before his Charge is complete. The idea of advancing under ranged support is that the target has to fend off ranged attacks while the melee unit approaches, hence protecting him from being singled out. Maybe all three archers do decide to betray him and not shoot, but we really don't know that yet. You broke posting order to launch a killing blow, while ignoring everything everyone else might be doing in the remaining time.

On speed related matters, I'm not thinking in terms of breaking or not breaking the sound barrier or anything like that, nor did I think I was expected to. Most, in fact, all Role Plays I have been a part of don't do this, simply because of how complicated it makes everything, especially with humans running around at 10 and 20 miles per hours at the same time.

If you are going to apply these standards, you should have told me first, and assigned an exact speed for Rostam and his Mount during the character creation.

The points you make about Servants being able to turn faster than their mounts can is moot since I assumed that either way it would be fast enough. I even factored this rule in by having Rakhsh take a sprain from turning faster than horse's are meant to on this occasion.

For trying to tank out the attack, you just finished shooting Rostam with an arrow, and telling me I was foolish to try and tank it. Noble Phantasms use difrent standards of power to ordinary attacks, and there is no case I can think of of a Servant surviving a direct hit from an A rank one, except for Hercules.
Besides, if Rostam can tank this attack, then shouldn't he still be alive anyway? Trying to dodge it doesn't lower his passive defenses, and since it's a wide range blast, holding his mace out or something isn't going to do anything.

Dismounting from the horse and then jumping away would have taken longer in this case, since it takes a moment to free yourself of the saddle and then change directon. I knight cant just spring out of the saddle whenever he wants.
When Alexander escapes Excalibur, he is jumping from a moving platform which he is already standing upright on.

Not attacking at all I guess is an option, but I already exercised that option when I had him take his Master away to safety first.
When Rostam charged he was not charging head on, was ready to prepare evasive maneuvers, and he was being supported by 3 archer Servants, who you didn't let post. This hardly counts as reckless, in fact, I cant honestly think of any better opportunity for a mounted melee character to try an come to grips with a ranged one.

I really don't see any circumstance which Rostam could have survived this, aside from not attacking at all, which I had already done. Continuing to delay longer would have been bad characterization, as well as being tactically bad.

I have sunken over 15 hours of my limited free time into this character and this RP, and you have eliminated him before he was able to have a single extended encounter with anyone besides his summoner.

I would like to request a revision of these last few events.
@Moonlit Sonata
So, my trip has been postponed till next week.

Which brings me to... hmmm.

So, what are my options from here? I'm confused by this rather abrupt demise. I get that this is supposed to be high stakes, but it's a little pointless to kill off my character on his very first actual combat action isn't it?


For the greater part of his life the assurity of victory had been part of Rostam. A complete confidence in his power which, most of the time, was in itself a sort of power. Had he died of natural causes, or suddenly, as did the great giant Starkad, this great blast from the Jeweled Sword might have been his end.

Rostam had been humbled thrice before his death however, and though he perhaps did not possess the same unreasoning confidence of his youth, the defeats had tempered him in other ways. Rostam had ridden in fully expecting a reprisal, and as Rakhsh started at the sight of the rainbow sword, he trusted in his steeds instincts and had swung himself back in the saddle, pulling his reigns in the opposite direction they had been leaning.

With deer like agility that belied his size Rakhsh made a mighty leap to the side, throwing all his strength into reversing the tremendous momentum of his charge, darting clear of the cone of destruction that the crystal sword unleashed. With a bound that an observer might be forgiven for mistaking for flight, the horse and rider were airborne, arcing over the battlefield to land hard on the far end of the field, nearly full opposite of his original line of trajectory.

Even for such a horse as Rakhsh however, the sudden sharp turn had been to much. As they landed, the horse let out a loud whinny of pain, and his footing faltered. For a moment it looked as if Rostam might be pitched from the saddle. Keeping a strong grip with his legs Rostam kept his seat, maintaining his balance and waiting for Rakhsh to right himself before he dismounted.

Rakhshs front left leg was red and swollen at the knee, the noble beast now holding it carefully off the ground as he stumbled forward neighing and tossing his head wildly back and forth.

With an angry noise deep in his throat Rostam dismissed his lamed mount, Rakhsh dissolving in a shower of white and red sparks. The sparks were still dancing around his massive frame when he turned back towards the strange sorcerer who had injured his lifelong companion, his eyes dark with rage, his hands pale as they gripped the massive oaken mace in his hand.

@Moonlit Sonata @Holy Grail
Ye it's starting to really ramp up.

Anyway guys, I am going to be gone for a week here I am going up to help run a summer camp for a week. I'm going to post either tonight or tomorrow. After that, Holy Grail if you want to feel free to post for Rostam till I get back.
@Holy Grail @Moonlit Sonata
So begins a beautiful romance between Rostam and mystery archer
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