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Servant Archer

Cathedral Interior, Stephansplatz, Vienna

"Haha! For one with expressions as blank as my doll of a master, you do have more attitude to you than many might assume on first glance! It amuses me!" Archer said, giving a hearty laugh after this 'Sister Karen' was done addressing them in a polite, yet distant, but overall mocking sort of manner that, while it would usually anger her, was amusing to hear with such a blank face as this woman in the church's garb seemed to have, "Ah, but our business here is something this doll here would know, as i have allowed her request to come here in this instance!"

As arrogant but proud as a king ever was, Archer did not hold back on her words about the situation. Though alien in nature, she liked the extravagant decorations of this place of foreign worship as well! Perchance she had a way to adapt such things to her era, and her own nation might have been compared to...hmmm....ah, yes, Solomon's Temple! The Throne let her know it was a grand place made of fine things, and such should be the case for a building built by the order of the king! But all this aside, this woman had said some interesting things as well, perhaps some basic bits that she as the king could simply request for confirmation of, as was her right! After all, even basic information would be good for the remaining war effort!

"Still, you did mention that there were two more who had come here, with us making a total of four for the night thus far. So might i confirm with you that those other two were indeed another set of master and servant, hmm?" the female servant said, noting the woman to not be a particular threat to her, especially if she merely wanted to kill such a person on a whim, though her position in this conflict was of course one to keep in mind for the future and such.

For this moment, she would let the attempt to insinuate the king would surrender pass them by, a gift for this overseer of the conflict as it were. Should the king feel offended enough, then it would only take faster than a heartbeat to squish this woman into pulp with her skill alone, obliterating bone into tiny splinters, squishing muscle like it was wet potter's clay in her hands, and sending what remained of her organs rent and splattered upon the walls in gory detail as a warning to those who would dare incite the king's wrath!

Servant Archer

Roof, Stephansplatz, Vienna

Hah! Such an adorable squeak of surprise that came from her master! Seemed the doll could at least feel that much, eh? It gave some amount of pleasure to the king to hear such a thing, but of course with the task at hand of descending down the tower steps in order to see who this Church representative who had decided they would mediate over this conflict would be in order. Hmpf, if only to be proper about things, though as king she should have proper authority over a conflict such as this! Were this back in her age, she would have razed this building to the ground and forced the surrender of all opposing parties without question! Such was the way of things in her life.

Of course this area of the building she had landed on, in this tower in particular, was odd feeling as it were. But shrugging this off entirely for the time being, Archer looked down at her master and give a confident, beaming smile as the matter of hiding her identity was brought up. Pfft! The grail had brought her no clothing of which to use for this occasion, and the thought of swiping some from a local was so petty it made her nearly laugh aloud! Such silly things that Throne was giving her information on for this!

Why bother to get down and go into the front doors....

"Haha! Why give them the chance to see us walk in the front, when for now i can take on my spiritual form! Much less...," the king said, moving over to one of the windows of the smaller tower, which window was hidden from view, "When there is a far better method by which to enter and avoid detection by the public!"

....when there was a perfectly good window or several right here to enter through?!

Archer swiftly delivered an inhumanly swift blow to the window, the minor sound of breaking glass caving into the tower emanating into the night as a result. It was not loud enough for the people below on the streets and on the surrounding buildings to hear, due to the location of the window, but anyone near that tower might have heard it from the inside. Easing herself and her master in through the window, once they were inside the Archer-class servant set her master down on the floor whilst she herself quickly took on her spiritual form and vanished completely from sight. She did every bit of this without an ounce of hesitation on her part, taking pride in her strategy to avoid being seen potentially in front of the church at all!

'Now then, little doll! We shall make our way down to the supposedly neutral moderator of this conflict, and perform what business we have here tonight!' Ash communicated to her master through their mental link, her confidence and pride oozing into her tone as the words came through into Philia's mind.

Apparently property damage was not a thing that the king cared to think of in this situation....

Moving to:

Main Cathedral Area, Stephansplatz Cathedral, Inter Stadt, Vienna

Considering that the GM has disappeared for a week without a word? Most likely.
Servant Archer

Apartment, Innere Stadt, Vienna

Rid of? Even she could guess at that, but truly this doll looked to lack in the human emotions department. Maybe she felt that her logic was all she needed in this conflict, or that understanding such things like human emotion and drive might never be of value except to exploit later or the like? Twas' a shame, downright stupid if the king were to voice her mind on the matter. She could understand the application of logic from her standpoint as a learned scholar, but as a king she felt that this neglect of emotion and adoption of cold logic would eventually backfire splendidly. All an enemy would need to understand is that this empty doll only worked off of cold logic to be able to exploit that themselves in some manner. Indeed, to understand your enemy was to be able to better conqueror and subdue your enemy, to better leave their soldiers flayed on the battlefield and their cities razed to naught but dust when you met them in combat. Perhaps this master of hers was not the best draw to have gotten in her mind, albeit the mana she was getting was more than suitable as compared to an average magus.

Eh, ups and downs were a thing, as the modern world would perhaps suggest it. For now, there was starting their efforts in this war. Perhaps time would help this manufactured being grow to become stronger. Because if she wasn't strong enough, in mind or in magic or in body when it came down to it, she would be claimed by the cold hands of death all the same as anyone else in this conflict. The same went for herself, of course, but the king could not be bothered or intimidated by such a thing. In fact, the challenge before her was...exhilarating to ponder, as perhaps some interesting hero or figure might cross her path in all of this. Ah, what it would be like to bring her might against those from areas of the world her empire had not yet touched!

"Hah. As you will then, little doll. I shall humor this plan, and carry us to this Church you speak of," Archer spoke in a booming voice seeped with authority and presence, stepping next to her master and looking out the window as well, taking note of the sights and details visible from there, "I assume that great spire, if the Grail's information is accurate for me, is the church in question? Haha! Then off we will go! Care not if an enemy finds us, for you have the protection of the greatest king of Assyria!"

Archer quickly moved to open the window, popping it open with speed and allowing the cold night air to come in upon them. Ah, how much it was like the desert nights or a night upon the plains! Reminiscent of home to a limited extent, at least.

Then Archer swiftly leaned down, scooping up the stoic homunculus in her arms, before moving out of the window with care, onto the ledge of the window, and using just small, careful jumps off of small surfaces to quickly make her way up to the roof almost without a sound of sorts. Glancing about the cityscape before her, the night lit up by lights here and there, Archer smiled, breathing in deeply.

And then, she began to leap forwards, to being to move from roof to roof, building to building, her master held bridal-style in her arms. Walking? pfft. This would be the fastest way at night to get to the desired location!

Moving to:
Roof, Stephansplatz, Vienna


Here is my OC idea! I hope she is, eh, passable, or is more easily fixed rather than having to be replaced. And of course i put the change i said i would in the quirk in it, as well as noted a little more about it i think to help balance things. Like injecting too much stuff rapid-fire would not be the best thing, though the details of that are in her app of course. :D

Servant Archer

Apartment, Innere Stadt, Vienna

The king took the small, insignificant pamphlet, printed upon a somewhat slippery feeling paper material, looking at it for a second with a raised eyebrow. Yikes, humanity had gotten lazy on the map making, it seeming, but for what would be called a "tourist" this would seem suffice to give a basic layout of the area. Paltry compared to a well-made tablet with all of the information on it in proper measurement, ah, but perhaps she was a tad biased on the matter. Not that she cared if she was biased on it. She was the king, and the king could care less about such things, though as a scholar she was somewhat mildly interested in this thing she had been handed. Once she was done reading it over multiple times, a fast thing for as servant like her to do, before gently setting it to the side so her master would be able to look back at it.

"The lesser grail is perhaps a homunculus or golem of sorts then, specialized to this task at that, from what i am hearing and can ponder on the matter. But what if another enemy has already acquired the Lesser Grail's vessel, hmm? Or another party that might seek to influence the war? Hmm, doll who shows no light of life in her eyes? This is something you need to consider, to keep in mind," the king said, stalwart but serious in her tone, her adamant confidence not backing down for a moment even despite the three command seals upon the homunculus' hand.

"The greed of men, among other such human feelings, are aspects that influence the motivations and actions of those involved in a war such as this. To understand the human mind, that is an important thing among others to note in conflicts and wars like this. Logic alone cannot suffice if we are to win, and to secure this 'Lesser Grail' individual as you so stated wanting to do. With that in mind, you must come to better understand humans, to better understand the mindset of your prey."

To be frank on her end, it was rather boring to have an emotionless doll as her master. Hmpf. What sort of subject couldthis master of hers ever end up being, if she could not feel the throes of humanity impulses? Fear, joy, anger, these among other things that composed the human mind and allowed for one to understand their spirit. Perhaps this would be something to work on for this master of hers amidst the war's course, or at least something that herself as the king should supervise and attempt to stimulate. Surely this doll had the capability to feel, locked underneath those circuits and bones of hers.

Honestly, she somewhat was reminded of Enkidu, puppet of the gods, shaped as it was in the legend of the Golden King himself. Heh. But as thin a comparison as it was to make, even that "mud puppet" had been able to grow in ways the gods had not forseen. So what was to say this comparably shoddy craftsmanship of magi could not do the same potentially? Haha! And she could theoretically be this doll's Gilgamesh, in some sense! What a laughable and pitiful metaphor to make of this, but how it amused Archer so!

"Ah, but we must needs return to the point in question. Indeed, surveying potential battle sites is one thing needed to eventually secure victory for our cause," Ash said aloud, her voice booming with regal fervor and authority, looking back into the ruby eyes of the seemingly unfeeling doll before her, "Is that the business for tonight then? I go and seek to secure a lay of the land? If so, i desire to not go too far out tonight, in case some foe sensed my summoning."

@Aquaknight Sent you a PM with my quirk idea. :P
<Snipped quote by Holy Grail>

Glad you show interest! Grail!

And I won't demand posting every day so don't worry about that! I'm planning on making this RP a relaxed Long runner and the problem I see with most long running rps at the start is people burn themselves out too quickly so I would recommend at least two slightly longer posts a week (about 2 to 3 paragraphs at least) during plot events and one average length post (1 to 2 Paragraph at least) a week during non plot events~ This is why the CS is a bit longer than normal so people can plan out their characters and seriously get invested with them while making them~

Is that asking too much? If it is I understand I start school myself again next week so I'm trying to make a chill RP to relaxed with when school's being a pain~

Are you still interested, Grail?

Definitely still interested on my end, and appreciate the concern you show for such things as well. :)

Sign me up! I shall have a list of quirk ideas shortly to work through! XD
@Aquaknight Hey. This seems like a cool idea. I've got some interest in this.

Albeit, interest depending on how often you want people to post in it and such though. Once this week is over i am building up to finals quickly, so i would hope the RP wouldn't be too demanding posting-wise. :P

@Ebil Bunny Don't worry, i know that feel. But look at the bright side, if any of us go crazy after joining this, free room at the nearest mental health center, eh? XD
Servant Archer

Apartment, Innere Stadt, Vienna

"Haha! Indeed you seem to be my 'master' for this war, as it were. It shall be a glorious conquest, laying low out enemies and seeking to mete out our wishes unto the Holy Grail once we alone stand in the end!" the female Archer said aloud, booming her her voice, though as she took a better look at Philia and began to think on the matter, it was easy to recognize what she was...and a few odd things about her for that matter, "Though such a lack of reaction at all to my glorious appearance is a little worrisome! Even a bit of frustration at not getting fair Ninurta would be something to work with. Hmm, perhaps your makers were not to keen to develop your personality well, as i can recognize the skilled handiwork of magecraft that formed you when i look upon you.

Letting out a hearty laugh in the wake of her words, the king then dismissed her bow away in a brief shimmer of golden dust. It was not like she said this simply to state the obvious, but rather as a king and scholar who was noting the matter mentally for future consideration for some purpose or another. As to what considerations that might play into on the Archer's end, that was perhaps up in the air when it came to things. She was an ancient individual, a person of mighty strength, a figure whose true gender perhaps was evidence that some of her might be an enigma to the modern world.

"Ah, but the contract has been sealed regardless. So, homunculus that has summoned me so, what is your first stratagem or action you wish to take in this conflict? In my time i took charge of my people with an iron fist, and none could command me, but even so i kept some advisors around to hear what others might think on matters of war and the like. So i will hear your thoughts on this matter, simply for my consideration."

And with that, the mighty king folded her arms, looking intently back into the homunculus' eyes with a will of steel and force of authority that shone like diamonds were it to be captured in physical form.

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