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kingdom hearts: Amalgam hearts

"There's a theory that all people and life has a heart born from the light."
- Quote from Professor Wulfric

"Hearts are born from the darkness like a star and like all stars, they dim."
- Quote from Professor Hanyuu

These are are the opposing opinions of Professor Wulfric a man of science and Professor Hanyuu a woman of magic. Despite these opposing views, they work hard to protect the combined world of Technoia and Magia from harm.

You are the students of The Techno-Magi Institute who studies under either professors depending on your home nation. You are either from Technoia a nation where Mana is rare and Magic users are rarer so they learned to master the elements thought technological means, the adjacent nation is Magia, a nation filled to the brim with mana and traditions who for a time couldn't use technology. Despite their differences, they were always at peace, and in recent times they even started the Institute to better co-exist with each other. Recent discoveries from the Institute was the famous Magitek, technology powered by mana instead of being rendered useless by it.

But in recent times there have been rumors of "Monsters" in the deepest and darkest halls of the Institute. But your Professors and their assistants say not to worry about it, you still class after all. But these rumors of monsters piqued your interest, so you and your friends decided to investigate them after class. But you nor your friends could understand the consequences of this choice.

Hoo boy! That's a bit of an infodump but I hope you are interested~ As you can tell this will be an AU of Kingdom hearts where you start in a Final Fantasy style world of both classic and new. Unlike most KH RP this will have more Final fantasy-type characters at the start with I hope a very flexible character creation. Unlike Kingdom hearts, you start by making a class for your character which will change how your keyblade works and how you fight with one later on. As I said earlier there will be groups of characters, one group is from Magia who will have more traditional Kingdom hearts spells and actions, while Technoia is more like Final Fantasy 15 with magic grenades and uses tech to simulate magical abilities.

There will be six students that you'll play as, three from each nation. I and a Co-GM will play as the Professor's assistants and NPC.

Once I have some interest for the RP I will work on the CS and OOC.

But if you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask~

Hope these changes and backstory are acceptable! Let me know if there are any other further tweaks and changes you'd like made.

I will accpet this character but I will give you a few heads up~

This is a very strong quirk but I'll allow it since you are basically playing two characters so I highly advised when you do post you also write for Haniel as well, make her character and not just a tool for combat~ This is a bit of extra work for you but I hope you are fine with this~

Now onto the grading portion!

Samuel's grades:

Personality Grades

Intelligence: B
Bravery: D
Cooperativeness: D
Creativity: B
Charm: C

- Teacher's Note -
"Samuel is a strange bag of traits that contradict each other but yet makes him approachable. His strongest traits are his intelligence, moral compass, and candidness. But his weakest traits is his avoidance of others who he doesn't agree with, his self-righteousness and at times flat out selfishness, as well as his emotional dependence on Haniel. But I believe Samuel can over come his flaws over the next three years. I can already tell studying or Practical exams isn't his biggest hurdle but instead overcoming his personal short comings especially due to the nature of his quirk. This student will be a work in progress. But I ultimately think his pros outweighs his cons even if said cons are hard to see with all his heavenly light" - Madoka Sogekitora

Quirk Grades:

Power: A
Speed: B
Defense: C
Technique: B
Endurance: D
Recovery: E

- Teacher's Note -

"Samuel as stated before he has a powerful quirk. Guardian angel is easily one of the strongest and most flexible quirks seen this year. But his Endurance and Recovery are some of the lowest. Two hours of power would normally be a boon but that's only partial access to his Quirk, and only three minutes with full access and then waiting until the next day to recharge. We have to improve this big time. But besides these two glaring flaws his quirk is truly remarkable. But socially his quirk will cause a great deal of questioning, it will be viewed as "Heroic" no doubt but the implications of such a quirk's nature will cause a few problems for Samuel. But I believe he will handle it with grace and honor of a U.A. student." - Madoka Sogekitaro

Samuel is Accepted

It's just hard to match an exact number of weaknesses to the number of strengths. There's only so many weaknesses you can come up with for "well my quirk is I make string I guess???" before you get into inane stuff like "she has to drink lots of apple juice to do it!!".

I totally get you, but honestly inane weaknesses is sort of a super hero staple at this point lmao~ and something as weird as drinking apple juice to use their quirk it can be a hindrance especially if they don't like it xD

But if you need help with weaknesses you can Pm me and I can suggest some weaknesses~
Got a couple quirks in mind. Just having a few issues coming up with equal strengths and weaknesses. Definitely something featured with all the canon characters, though.

Not one of them has a lot of power with little to no drawback.


Are you having more weaknesses then strengths or more strengths then weaknesses? The former is fine since the characters are improving their flaws so having a few more flaws won't be the end of the characters~

Yeah, I don't want any Shoto type characters without good reason Shoto is as strong as he is because he was bred that way like a shiny pokemon a product of quirk marriage, which is only starting to lose steam around this point in the setting but its entirely possible to have characters be a product of such arrangements

To avoid stepping on people's toes I thought I'd put my quirk ideas up here. One is the ability to merge with shadows, dive into them and run along wherever they're cast kind of thing. Roll as a stealth hero with a possible focus on rescue ops if they're allowed to bring people in with them.

Or to imbue things with fire, elemental enchantment style. So say character is holding a pipe BOOM now it's a flaming pipe! They'd probably style themselves a mystic swordsman or flaming fist of justice type :p

Those are both pretty awesome quirks~ I particularly like the shadow crawling Quirk~ But the Elemental enchanecment is pretty hot! Or cool! Maybe even both xD I would liek to see either quirk but if you need helping picking one I really like the Shadow crawl Quirk~

I'll throw my hat in with this, implying it's not full already.

good thing you joined now! You are our last member! As long as nobody drops from the Interest check and we need to add more people xD

I can't wait to see your character's quirk~
Yeah I love the character behind it but sadly I love the rest as well. Like she is the one I have discussed personalities wise with you and the rest only their powers but I have such different thoughts on how the others would be played that it's hard to nail one down. She is definitely one of the more unique characters in the lot.

Yeah, her combative tactics are definitely one of "Wear the opponent down and avoid taking hits." She won't be able to lay anyone out ever but she certainly won't be an easy target. Her personality would fall inline with the hyper go-getter. Especially if she is drinking her 'energy' drink and not utilizing her powers.

Yeah, she's definitely planned to be a very bubbly and colorful character. Her powers definitely lean more on the supportive spectrum as she isn't really all that powerful. Most of her abilities and tactics rely on putting her opponent at a disadvantage than really over powering them; so she would be best utilized in a group.

I am very glad to hear that some of the characters we don't commit to may have an opportunity to come to life in the RP as NPC's here and there so I know I don't have to outrightly abandon any of them haha. But committing to one is my biggest challenge presently. I am gonna probably play it by ear once the OOC pops up and begin to see other characters to get an idea of what the RP is missing and go with that as all those characters, personality wise, are so different. Though Quirk wise they are more leaning towards supportive, except maybe Sonic as she has some heavy hitting capabilities.

Well, Gen studies and support is always open to those who don't make the cut for the hero course! Yeah since from what I've seen so far people have lots of ideas and it would be a shame if they just gathered mental dust in the back burners! And that's good~ I'm mostly hoping for ideas to be tossed about first~ Makes it even more fun when ideas are developed together! They all sound quite different! I can't wait to see which one you'll focus on!

Also to everybody in the rp what are your opinions on Honorific in japanese set RPs?

Should I enforce honorifics since it takes place in Japan or just ditch it? I kinda like them since depending on the ones the characters' use give a good understanding of the character right away though their speech patterns! But to each their own and I don't want to enforce anything nobody wants~

Also another thing for those worrying about ending up in the other departments of U.A. I will involve you in the plot still and even have your own plots from the hero course during their plot~
@Lord Sawsaw2@FourthKing@Duoya@Ebil Bunny@Holy Grail@Dogematix@Riddle Me This@Lauder@Prewiga@6slyboy6@jynmi88@Warpcircuit@Grape

OOC is all ready to go! You can either Discuss Quirks and Characters here more intently or if you already have something done just post your character here for now and I grade them when I can!

Hope Y'all found the secret tab in the first post!
<Snipped quote by Aquaknight>

So she was actually born deaf, so she has never really learned what speaking sounds like, per say. But, once her quirk began to develop and she began to see sound waves she started to pickup what sounds waves came from where. After some time she realized she could alter the sound waves around her. Through years and years of patient study she began to learn to read sound waves to understand what they meant. Through gaining this knowledge she began to play around with crafting her own sound waves that created words. Googling video after video online "Beautiful female voices" she began to practice making similar sound patterns. She would sit down with her close friends that new that she was deaf and help her tune and correct the sound patterns she created until it began to sound like a normal speaking voice. After so many years of practice its become second nature to her and she moves her lips as if she were speaking while producing a simple sound which she naturally alters as it comes out to sounds like what people assume is her speaking voice.

She is very self conscious about being deaf so it's a well guarded secret with herself and very close friends and family. She always hated how it felt to be different than everyone else before her quirk, not being able to speak and seeming weird to people around her because she couldn't hear like the other kids. So she spends enormous amounts of time meticulously perfecting how her lips move and how she forms her sound waves when speaking.

Yeah, he's one that I am very apprehensive about. I love the concept I created for him but it'd take so much work and effort; plus constantly coming up with new quirks for him every few IC days. So, while I love the idea ultimately I think I will put him on the back burner to adapt into a future RP.

Yeah, I totally understand the concern. Though mostly he transformations will be along the lines of Gorilla for strength, cheetah for speed, wolf for agility, ferret for stealth, and large snake for binding. Though he can change into anything, like you said, he has to get familiar with their anatomy and how they physically feel. Because he becomes those animals he has to truly understand them.

Think season 1 of Barry Allen in the Flash TV series, but a bit slower. She is fast enough that it's hard to keep track of her but not impossible. While she is very fast she is very inexperienced combat wise. She can't throw a punch with tremendous force cause that would shatter her arm but she can give many, MANY, weak jabs in a short amount of time.

Definitely close to Deadpool/wolverine levels. Except with them they don't really seem to get tired out. With Zombie she gets very worn down the more and more damage she has to regenerate. A couple big hits she has to recover from and she will be noticeably weaker. I wanted to give her some strengths as presently all she would be, without them, is a punching bag and nothing else. Thing Frankensteins monster with a healing factor lol.

I am so glad you like her, and all my ideas really! ^-^ And yes, I will go a lot more in depth to her capabilities if I decide to make this character. :)

Currently I am leaning most towards Sonic, Spark, and Sparkles for who I am going to create. Not really sure who I am gonna stick with haha.

Hot diggity how Could I forget this post!

I won't make this very long like last time lmao! You perfectly answered all of my questioned anyways!

I love the sound of Sonic girl she sounds like an awesome character!

Flux, yeah I say give him some time to figure out but I feel he would be awesome!

Beast, yep! It's very useful! I would love to see it one day as a quirk!

Spark! Hoo boi! That's fast! But luckily you saved it with her weak attacks since unlike Iida it seems like she doesn't have his jumping kicking prowess!

Zombie, that's a pretty strong healing factor, but she doesn't have their stamina so it sounds reasonable to me! The thing about regeneration is that it can be very broken very quickly! But the lack of stamina from the student keeps it good by my books!

Sparkle. She's sounds like an awesome character! And you're welcome you have awesome ideas! Everybody who showed off their quirk ideas to me all have actually! Its getting me all hyped to see these kids in action!!

those are all great choices! BTW I might be asking some people to create NPCs for later events as little gifts to player who want to see some of the quirks they didn't pick in action! So you can potentially see these character's in action later even if you don't pick them~ If you don't mind them being NPCs of course it's only a suggestion for later~
<Snipped quote by Aquaknight>

Excellent feedback! I'm more than happy to scale back my character a understanding of the quirk and have bits and pieces get learned as he matures and develops the quirk. For now I'm more than happy to go with either one at a time, or all at once with the full possession skill if that's alright? On the basis it can't be used with any other skills then, is it alright to keep Heavenly Arsenal? Happy to drop Heaven's Fury and Miracles for now.

The wing weight was set at that because it includes his own weight in the sum, and as he grows larger that's going to get pretty close to his weight on its own. Maybe change it to 2.5x his body weight as a total carry weight?

The angelic senses don't detect untruth, just lies, so if the statement isnt actually false it won't get picked up. As for how he knows how's to use it, he has the angel itself to teach him how to use it perhaps? They've been working together for 15 years after all.

And yes, Dark Shadow was exactly what I was going for. The angel is a being which inexplicably appeared from nowhere, and while it claims to be a real angel, it can't prove it, and I don't expect or desire for the existance of divinity to be a central character point.

Glad to hear it! I'm happy I'm not rambling inanely like I worry I do lmao!
For Heavenly Arsenal I say they only have access to one of the ones you suggested like you start with a sword and nothing else at least for the start!

That sounds reasonable to me! If you want the current weight your character would have to 263 pounds or 119 KG! Which makes sense if the wings are heavy.

My only problem is, does it detect the objective truth or what the person thinks is the truth? I'm leaning towards the latter if you want this ability.

Okay makes sense, I just wanted to make sure. thanks for answering all my questions~ You can work on the CS soon~ Btw you'll learn soon why~

Follow me on this: What if your quirk....was that you were a GHOOOOOOSSSSTTTT?!

I'll go away now.

Are you interested or nah? I would love to have you in the RP if interested!

While there are amazing Fanfic of ghost whisperer Deku I won't be accepting ghosts whisperers since it could be hard to work with in the RP sorry Sloth~

Won’t lie, this has my interest highly peaked. Time to go become a go-getter fanboy I guess.

Woo! I'm glad! I Can't wait to see them!

Our Hero Academia: Chapter 0: Prologue:
Day of the entrance Exam

Will begin [redacted]!

More NPCS will be added as we move along!
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