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Interacting with: Yoshiba @Inkarnate

Having eased into his seat, Robin watched the rest of the crowd settle before the speaker eventually stepped out onto the stage. He smiled at the familiarity she displayed with the returning students, picking up on the vague accent she possessed. She seemed friendly, if a little bit nervous, though he could certainly understand why one might feel that way, he wasn't exactly a master of public speaking himself. A feeling of happiness and inspiration certainly did bubble up inside the young man as she went on about potential, his smile widening as the reality of his situation continued to set in, that feeling only grew further as he was assigned to a class, having sat up straight when his name was called, along with a few familiar ones.

Soon the first years were being ushered out, he filed along quietly. Robin gave a small nod and quietly mummered a "Thank you." to the duo leading them along, hardly phased by someone dressed as a scuba diver when he was plodding along on a set of talons. Finally he reached the door and stepped into the class, seeing that a few had already begun to trickle in. The man behind the desk, presumably Mr Kemikeru seemed to be waiting for everyone to arrive so the feathered fellow headed towards an available seat, managing to snag one by the window on the front row.

While glancing around the class, Robin was pleased to see the recognisable faces of a few he had run in with that morning already such as his guide from the train station who had seated himself towards the back. After sliding his bag under the desk he had chosen, his eyes soon fell upon his blue haired desk neighbour and then followed her gaze towards the teacher, he then looked back to her and smiled. It was time to make a good impression."Kind of looks like a time traveller or something, doesn't he? Wonder if that's to do with his quirk, it seems like he's waiting for the class to fill up." He paused for a moment so his voice could register to the shorter lady's attention, then continued. "And it also seems like we're going to be desk buddies..." Reaching a hand out towards his classmate, he gave his usual cordial introduction. "My name is Robin Hara, it's nice to meet you."

This seems like a pretty cool idea! I'd be interested in seeing what comes about.

Mentions: @The Irish Tree @Suku@Polaris North

While watching the quiet silver haired girl stand from the bench, Robin dropped to the ground and landed, waving to the pair. "Ah, I'm guessing we'll all be learning together soon then!" He laughed a little as his focus then shifted towards the one who was putting her laptop away. He brushed a hand through his hair to get it out of his face as he often needed to do after flight then smiled, returning the bow to the newly introduced Suiren. "Robin Hara, good to meet you as well." Standing up straight, he shifted his bag to a more comfortable over the shoulder style of carrying and looked off towards where the Russian was heading. "Glad you two seem to know where you're heading. Lead on!" With that he followed along behind at their pace, likely jogging towards the hall.

Stepping inside the room behind Valeriya and Suiren, the avian glanced over the assembled class and breathed short sigh of relief that he wasn't late for the beginning of events. Spotting his guide from the station, Robin waved across to Rikuo, smiling all the while as he went to find an empty seat, ideally near a window or beside some of the students he'd already met, making sure he wasn't blocking anyone's view as he set his bag down and under the chair. "Good thing we made it on time." He said cheerily, loud enough for those around him to hear if they were listening.

En route to the Academy
Interacting with: Rikuo @Polaris North Suiren @Suku

Robin didn't say much on the walk towards the school buildings, as he and his new companion left the station he turned and gazed around the city in slight awe at the busy streets and tall buildings that would now be his home for a while, making a mental note of which would likely have the best views if he were to fly atop them. The bird boy nodded along and hummed in understanding as Rikuo talked him through the regulations on quirk use and eventually pointed out the academy building they were heading towards. A slight tingle ran down his back, he'd only ever seen pictures or been told about the school and now he was finally approaching it to begin his training, suddenly everything was coming together. Everything was real. He grinned, stood up a little straighter and continued smiling all the way to the front gate.

His smile faded however and turned to a look of concern as he saw Rikuo take out a taser, very confused as to why a student would be carrying it, he was about to ask when he saw Rikuo pressing it against his own arm and then zooming off into the distance. Robin laughed, shaking his head in slight disbelief to have seen such a quirk in action, even with the stories he'd heard of pro hero's abilities it still amazed him the variety of quirks that people could develop. The man's avian gaze drifted towards the building that was his destination, slinging his back over his front he glanced around him to check there wasn't anyone too close then with a powerful kick off from the ground and a beat of his wings he leaped up into the air and went on his merry way after gaining some altitude.

While drifting along over and above the rest of the school crowd, Robin spied a lone blue haired girl sitting on a bench, was she a newbie too? Was she trying to look up where to go on her laptop? Glancing over towards the building he was heading towards, the bird swept lower towards the ground, adjusting himself in midair as his back's weight shifted about before settling, flapping carefully to keep himself hovering in place. "Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to know what room first years are heading towards, would you? I'm assuming it's just going to be the main hall or something right?" He called out to her, head slightly tilted as he peered over her small frame and offered his usual polite smile.
Hello, interested in joining up here if things are still open.

I'm thinking of making a character that was in the imperial academy, part way through their training when the second death star was destroyed and so was more or less cast out with no real direction and wound up in Hutt space. Perhaps trying to make contact with the Empire Remnant in the system?

Should I just put together a character sheet on here?

The Train Station: 7:35AM
Interacting with: Rikuo @Polaris North

A look of surprise could be seen running over the bird person's face as Robin jerked to attention and moved the sheet of paper he was holding aside to look towards the new arrival who greeted him. "Oh, hello!" He chirped happily, offering a smile at the seemingly random act of kindness from a stranger. "Yes, I'm actually on my way to the academy, first day and all, presumably the same for you?" The hint of a foreign accent bled into his words but it wasn't too striking, and fairly tough to pin down. Folding up the welcome guide and putting it back into his back, Robin hopped off the bench and slung the bag over his shoulder. "The help is much appreciated, I'd have had to go up looking around the place and I'm not too sure what the restrictions are on flight in public around the city." The young man chuckled, thinking back to a few tips he'd been given before departing for the academy, the laws on quirk use being much more strictly enforced around cities.

"My name's Robin by the way, Robin Hara. I'm grateful for your assistance." He offered a small and courteous bow to the potential classmate then stood back up, patting down his bag to make sure he hadn't lost anything. Studying the man before him, Robin was quite delighted to have had such a positive interaction with the first person in the new city, he was also rather curious if it was out of genuine kindness or if perhaps the academy was using older students to help direct and guide the newbies. A slight shrug ran over his shoulders, either way it worked out well, he was going to be making on time...Unless the whole thing was an elaborate ploy by some criminal to mug an easy and susceptible target, not a pleasant thought and one that was quickly pushed away in favour of the more idealistic view that Robin so often held, it was a bridge he could cross if he came to it.
5:30AM - Robin Hara

It was early morning when Robin stood at the train platform getting ready to depart his home town in the countryside, wrapping his winged arms around his mother and father he was made to promise to call and send pictures when he was settled in, to which he of course nodded and assured them that he would do so. Eventually his father passed over the packed bag and the announcement was made that the next train was his, it was time to say his final farewells, waving goodbye as he stepped onto the cart he turned to look for an empty seat, talons tapping against the floor in a mixture of nervousness and excitement as he tucked his bag away and settled in for the trip.

It was a little under two hours later when it was announced that his destination was coming up, Robin bobbed cheerily as the train went along, his broad smile only widening as he took in the views and sights of the new city and the surrounding landscapes on the ride in. As farmland gave way to the suburbs and eventually the city itself it was the blooming trees caught much of his attention, always a pleasant sight. The train soon rolled to a halt at the station and he eagerly grabbed his bag, slinging it over his rounded shoulder and getting off the carriage, looking over the station with a sigh of slight relief that he had made it on time. With a lot of time to spare in fact, it was 7:30AM, all around him commuters and the like were buzzing about, there may even have been the odd student among them but it was quite difficult to tell, he also assumed it to be unlikely that many of them would be arriving as early as he had given the station wasn't too far from the academy.

Robin frowned, he was at the station and he was in the right city but...He didn't actually know the way. The winged man stood looking rather lost and confused as his lips pursed in a thoughtful manor, moving over towards a bench he hopped up and perched upon it before fumbling with his bag, setting it aside then looking through for some of the paperwork he had been sent ahead of his arrival. "There must be a map or something in here..." He mumbled to himself, not yet panicking, it wasn't like he was anywhere to close to being late.

<Snipped quote by Riddle Me This>

Yea do so. Though I would say making him more harpy like would actually make him stronger overall and more able to fly properly as those arms wouldn't be in the way- But thats a change you can do optionally.

Otherwise hes good and hes accepted.

Tweaked him now, is he good to be moved to the character section?

<Snipped quote by Riddle Me This>

Would expect more of a harpy then an angel to be a result of an avian mutation but that random inconsequential tidbit aside. I like this guy and his quirk, though may I offer the concept of also include a birds brittle hollow bones in order to allow him to fly properly?

I was thinking along similar lines! Wasn't sure what to put for his weight given he's going to be lighter because of it, should I add that into the 'weakness' section of the quirk perhaps to specify?
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