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Ah, good, it seemed that someone here had sense. Actually taking the time to go back through his memories to check that he'd gotten the tolerable person's name right, the loudmouthed inventor seemed to calm down significantly, thrumming his guitar once more before shooting the other inventor present a simple thumbs-up. The summoning system informed him that this was how one expressed approval.

"Excellent, Henry Ford! With my peerless mind and your Devices From the Future, there is no limit as to what can be born! An entirely new line of Super Daedalus Projects can be undertaken! It is imperative that we assess the strengths and weaknesses of all those here before hastily departing." Another series of random but well-placed chords. "If we take the time to create armaments and tools to bolster our strong points and cover our weak points before rushing into the fray, our chances of success are at MAX POWER! Even if we cannot procure a full crocodile, with but some teeth, scales, or organs, progress could begin, for instance! It is as my patron always says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cur-"

...of course, that relative peace couldn't last for long, and was shattered once Empress Jiangshi had the gall not only to threaten him, but to imply that he couldn't make incredible things out of the charred remains of a crocodile.

That was received about as well as one would expect.

"-WHAAAAT?! If someone says idiotic things, then of course I'll call them an idiot! Do you know how hollow Phantasmal Species work?! Do you know the things I could do with just three of its teeth?! Of course not! I doubt you even know what a ThanaToaster is, and that is precisely why I require compensatio-"

Once again, though, the Caster froze up for a moment mid-tirade.

This is because someone was already moving towards the gate, despite how awful of an idea that was when their group had at least two inventor-type Heroic Spirits among them.

However, this time, there was no scream. There was no incredulous yell. There was no denouncement of the other as an idiot.


Yes, in this moment, Daedalus was well and truly speechless as he laid eyes upon the Berserker who moved towards the gate, a presence that had been undetectable in the moments earlier. When he spoke, it was not in that grandiose tone that demanded that all the world paid attention to him. It was a hushed whisper for only his own ears, the tone low, compressed to a point where its timbre was utterly irreconcilable with the inventor's earlier words.

"...that's what you became? That's how you saw my..."

That misbegotten child who saw what was meant to be a world of beauty as a hell on earth.

"...very well then, lost child. The next one will be a proper paradise. I refuse to fail twice."

He made no effort to stop or call out to him. That wasn't his place, after all.


He had been so excited, too.

Super Daedalus ThanaToaster. Super Daedalus Seven League Crocs. DaedaLand First Edition. Super Daedalus Reptilian Robot Mk I. He was going to make so many things out of that crocodile.

Surely, the others would have been pleased as well. After all, adding multiple Noble Phantasm-class items to their overall war power before they had even begun their first mission? That was certainly a boon. Yes, if they had the opportunity to create things of value in this 'safe zone' before departing into hostile territory, they certainly should take it, and that crocodile posed an excellent opportunity. Free materials, a free opportunity to bolster their strength before combat began.



He had been deprived of his experience points by some Eastern empress girl, this 'Empress Jiangshi'. Given that Empress Jiangshi had tackled the crocodile away before it had prepared its own attack, he didn't even get the chance to fire his missiles. His Super Daedalus Entry, ruined as well! He seethed, still floating in the air as he stomped his foot down onto nonexistent ground, even his guitar playing coming to a stop.

"You IDIIIOOOOOOOOT! Don't you want us to become stronger?! And yet here you are, depriving me of my 「MATS SOURCE」?! That beast was sent to take my life, it is only reasonable that I am given its body as materials! Henry Fjord, as a fellow inventor, are you not outraged as well?! Theseus, is my patron witnessing this travesty?!"

Pointing a finger at Empress Jiangshi, before turning to point it at the one who had summoned the crocodile, Wraithhotep or something, then swapping back and forth a good few times, the inventor sputtered in a rage.

"How casually did you summon that?! Don't act like it's some sort of Great Noble Phantaaaaaaasm! The tradeoff of one of those for no fewer than four Noble Phantasm-class armaments, it's not even a comparisoooooooooon! In exchange for your failed attempted murder, I demand recompense! If not the animal, then another form of payment!"

And so it continued.

Taking in the introductions of the two who spoke up after him, the Caster's excitement only continued to boil.


That man, Rider-class Henry Fjord of America or something, had offered to create their home base.

Ridiculous! Absurd! Laughable!

For one such as Daedalus, crafting a territory equivalent to a great Noble Phantasm was mere child's play! He was already dreaming of what to include in it. It would have to be mobile, for starters, so it would need to be bound to a non-stationary keystone. It could leverage the nature of his Noble Phantasm's true name release. Automatic magical energy materialization. Mana domination. Standard defense loadout. Some of the traps from the Labyrinth but re-branded. A Super Daedalus Lounge with refreshments. It would be perfect!

And this Henry Fjord, how absurd! Did he not know that he said this in the company of the builder of the great Labyrinth, one whose aptitude for creating spaces stood at the pinnacle among Heroic Spirits?!


Oh wait. He didn't. Daedalus hadn't introduced himself.


"There is no need for that, Henry Fjord! If it is the art of creating a 「HOME BASE」, look no further than the one standing before you! I announce, you are beholden to none other than Daedalus: THE GREATEST! GENIUS! IN! HISTORY! With the right 「MATS SOURCE」, I shall craft us a 「Super Daedalus Alien World」 that surpasses even my Labyrinth! Witness, and be amazed!"

A madman he undoubtedly was, but an idiot he was not.



Regardless, the telltale concentration of magical energy that tied into summoning of a Phantasmal Species was something that would be obvious to any Servant, let alone a member of the Caster class. Similarly, the 'weight' that such an existence has in spiritual rank, its 'strength as an existence', is generally not inferior to that of a Servant. Were that not the case, they would not be of a Servant's concern to begin with.

As a result, the crocodile Neith had called forth was well within the notice of the man wailing on an electric guitar, from the moment that it had appeared. Really, the same would be true for any Servant with even a shred of competence. And, if it was a contest of observation, first impressions aside, Daedalus stood near the top among those Servants present.

[Natural Insight]

It was only reasonable (for Daedalus, at least), that at the sight of a member of the Phantasmal Species attempting to be sneaky, he acted in kind. From behind the Caster, a pair of wings unfurled and he took to the air, still playing his guitar all the while.

It was when the crocodile was standing below, ready to pounce up at Daedalus, that the trap was sprung.

"Submit and become my experience points!"

A harsh chord was strummed along the guitar, and the guitar case left behind on the ground flared to life in response. Likely before the crocodile was ready to gauge what was happening, the guitar case did something that is not typical for guitar cases to do.

This being that it began shooting literal missiles at the crocodile, all the while Daedalus continued to rise higher into the air, playing away without pause.

Once the crocodile's demise was verified, the lunatic would descend back down to the ground, materialize another Ether Clump in his hand, and shape it into what looked to be a saw as he examined the body of the crocodile.

"EXCELLENT! Thank you for the 「MATS SOURCE」! I can utilize this to begin work on the aforementioned 「HOME BASE」, as well as begin work on 「Super Daedalus Armaments」 for our usage!"

And so he began work, as though he had done something entirely normal, as opposed to whatever the hell that had just been.
...allow me to tell you a story.

Once, there was a boy. This boy was a brilliant genius. Under the tutelage of another, he fostered his talents at an astounding pace. In the most mundane aspects of the world, he found things to be admired, to be polished and crafted to a mirror sheen.

Innovations that hadn't been dreamed of before. Wondrous things perfect in their simplicity and yet sublime in their function. He created, and created, and created without pause.

And so, one day, his mentor asked of him: For what purpose do you create? Why do you strive into that frontier to give rise to new things? Why do you examine these systems and tie together the threads that others have missed?

The boy smiled.

A simple smile.
"Because I want to help people."

An innocent smile.
"Because I want to better the world."

A pure smile.
"Because I want to be a part of something beautiful."

Yes, for that boy, it was not for mere invention's sake that he invented. It was for that loftier goal, it was to create a system necessary for human flourishing, it was to pursue the end that laid forwards, that terminus of 'beauty' that his eyes could glimpse.

And so, his mentor looked upon him, looked upon that smile, and felt one of the same kind blossom at the edge of his lips. He set his hand down on the boy's shoulder, time-worn gaze looking upon him, and spoke.


...and then I pushed that idiot off of the Acropolis.

Come on! "Because I want to help people"?! "Because it's beautiful"?! How are you going to reach the apex like that?!






"A single giant hyperpure photonic crystal! 「GREATO」! Do you realize what that means? Even a fist-sized one of sufficient purity can manage the simulation of multiple worlds! If you gain access to its functions, it's undoubtedly a 「GRAND WORLD BREAK」! Ah, wait---!"

Standing amidst the other gathered Servants, the telltale swirl of magical energy formed in the hand of a raving madman, and condensed into something that even the least competent magus would have scoffed at: Ether Clump. A worthless byproduct created by the lone manifestation of the Fifth Imaginary Element, an 'accident' that arises when one fails at performing magecraft, where the formless void of the Fifth Imaginary Element is not assigned another meaning by which it can gain shape. Indeed, it is useless; its value as a magical reagent is near-nonexistent. It is, in most respects, no different from clay.

However, clay was all that this madman needed.

His hands whirred to life with a frightening dexterity, molding the clay in his hands as a manic fire glinted in his eyes. The 'presence' he gave off, his radiance as a Heroic Spirit, had been minute at best in the earlier moments, but now it shined brightly.

[Wisdom of the Entrapped]

[Eternally Changing Innovation]

It took a moment. Energy consumption, material requirements, time requirements, and so on were about as low as they could get. For something as simple as this, something trivial beyond all nature, an inventor of Caster's rank could create it as easily as breathing.

...perhaps easier, given how he had habits of entering monologues and forgetting to breathe.

Regardless, what looked to be a wooden ruler of the same sort that one could find in the classrooms of the Earth was now in his hand, molded from that 'clay'. The madman squinted at it as he held it up, as if trying to measure something in the air before him. A soft thrum ran through the ruler for a moment in response, before it shattered apart, dissolving into motes of light. Caster seemed utterly unsurprised by this.

"As expected! The 「Super Daedalus Spiritron Gauge Mk I」 isn't even able to calculate the full spiritron value energy of the system, and broke merely from attempting it! The total sum of this place, it's probably a level not far from the value of a star! Do you all realize what this means?! We cannot possibly leave this place without adequate preparation- allow me 1060 days to prepare suitably! And, moreover-"

In a single fluid motion, an electric guitar was withdrawn from the guitar case at his side, and was profusely wailed on at random as he turned to face the other Servants.

As it turned out, he was actually playing pretty well.


Daedalus showed no signs of stopping.
@Parallel Hearts

Will we be getting a discord?

I asked Parallel about that in PMs, and they mentioned that they don't have time to be super-active on it, but would be fine with having one for chatting purposes if people want.

I guess Alice or I could make one if people think it'd be something worth having, unless Parallel would rather make it themselves. I'm personally for it, since it's easier to keep up conversation through.
Never underestimate Super Daedalus Shutter Shades.
What's this? An OOC, in my interest check?

This is not a crossover. Let's make sure that's clear from the get-go. This is, first and foremost, a Fate/ roleplay in a world bound to the rules of TYPE-MOON's "Nasuverse" setting, even if the nature of this roleplay is heavily, heavily influenced by a different setting on the conceptual level.

That said, we're still calling captured Phantasmal Species "Pokémon", because, come on, we all know what we're going for here.

Words to explain how an absurd timeline like this happened could be thrown around. Phenomena designated for pruning. Tethering of the alien god’s tree. Lostbelt Depth. Simulation born by the bottomless Klein Cube. We will not bother with those justifications, however. They will not affect this story, so there's no point in dragging over them.

Let's just get to the explanation, instead.

In the Age of Gods, under the rule of the Hero-King Gilgamesh, the greatest Divine Beast descended to plague the lands. It ruined crops, it devastated cities, it devoured lives.

In the Panhuman History of the Human Order, the Divine Beast was slain through the coordinated efforts of the Hero-King and his one true friend.

In this world, however…

“Capture successful! We’ve got it, Gil!”

“ How interesting. This feeling...I would like to see the ends that it reaches.”

...the Hero-King and his friend, instead of slaying the greatest Divine Beast, wielded the chains of heaven to ‘capture’ it, for no other reason than to anger that temptress who had unleashed it. That grand monster was made tame, and the Hero-King developed a taste for such things. As he collected the treasures of man during his reign, then, he also sought out this feeling further. He traveled the world over, and captured all members of the Phantasmal Species that caught his eye. The hydras of Greece, the naga of India, the oni of Japan, all such beings were brought under his yoke.

In the modern day, he is known by many names. The King of Heroes. Gilgamesh. “Goldie”. But, different from the Panhuman History, there is one addition to this list which does not exist in any other timeline.

“The First Pokémon Master”.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the fifth official Japanese National Tournament for the Pokémon League, hosted by Fuyuki City. Whether by skill, guile, or dumb luck, you’ve managed to make it to this stage, so congratulations! The winner will get the opportunity to challenge our League’s very own Elite Four!

The rules are very similar to the Regionals. You and the other competitors are permitted to bring one Pokémon to the tournament with you, registering this choice in advance. During the tournament, you are free to roam the city as you see fit, and are to battle the other Trainers. Battles may occur either officially through announcing a challenge, or unofficially through such things as a ‘sneak attack’. You have all signed the appropriate waivers, so neither the Pokémon League, Fuyuki City, or your competitors are liable for damages that occur to you, your Pokémon, or your property during the tournament, including death.

The tournament will occur within Fuyuki City. We have released some Phantasmal Species within the city limits that you may attack or capture as you see fit. However, any trainer who has captured or contracted more than two Pokémon at any given time will be removed from the competition, due to safety concerns of brain stress from ESP overuse. In other words, you can capture one wild Phantasmal Species, but if you want to capture a second, you’ll need to release one of the two you already have.

Use of magecraft is permitted. Concealment of the tournament is encouraged so as to not disrupt the daily lives of Fuyuki residents, but is not mandated.

Property damage that you incur will be billed to your estate or removed from your prize winnings. A significant number of Fuyuki residents have chosen to disregard the evacuation notice, but damage to them is still to be avoided; excessive injury to Fuyuki residents is cause for termination from the tournament.

The tournament duration is 7+1 days. After seven days have passed in the standard manner, if more than one participant remains, remaining participants will be placed into a single-elimination series of tournament-style battles until one remains.

Good luck to all competitors!

(asking because inside the mooncell there is no pressure from the world which is what allows the insanity of the sakura AI to even exist)

This isn't quite the case. The corrective influence of the world in the standard sense isn't a thing, but the Moon Cell's rules are still enforced. For instance, Malignant Information isn't something that's generally able to exist on the Near Side, and is sent to the trashbin that is the Far Side as 'useless data'. Servants also still require a line of magical energy to function, and SERAPH is itself a series of layered Reality Marbles which function under World Egg theory the same as anything else.

The Sakura Five also aren't something that existed on the Near Side. A big chunk of BB's plans was based around camping out in the Far Side where the Moon Cell's eyes didn't generally reach and taking advantage of how imaginary number space works to further that. It's not related to the lack of a corrective influence, because BB would've been zapped the second the Moon Cell properly noticed her, which is why she had to avoid detection until she acquired the core.
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