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In Apotheosis 28 May 2017 21:34 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Expect a post tonight. Grilling and such at the moment.
<Snipped quote by Yukitamas>
That's kind of what I did, but it still doesn't fix the issue by the looks of it. I don't know what else to do currently, so I appreciate your help.

The Monte Cristo Mythologie method would make it fine. It's just a matter of reconciling the monstrous transformation with the magecraft usage, which that does, since it petitions the effects cleaner.
<Snipped quote by Moonlit Sonata>

It can't? Well, it's no big deal, I put that line in there more for flavor. I've edited it out now.

So, I take it that I'm good to post my Master app in the Character tab?

A true resurrection of the dead's impossible. What True Magic does let you do is something like nab an infinitely similar doppelganger from another world, or move the time he was dead so it's not a resurrection since he was never really dead, or something. "Haha look I totally didn't resurrect him see?"

Yeah you're good.
@Kost Alter
I'm still iffy on it given that the way she's getting these abilities is through being monster'd, so it's not really magecraft. What the Phantasm Races do is nature interference, but it isn't magecraft. Think all of the stuff covered by Ibaraki and Shuten's Oni skills.

I'm open to allowing it, I guess, but eh.

Keep in mind the limits as a human modern-day magus. IE, don't use the dolls or Julius-Darian as benchmarks, and remember the importance of aria times.

This is an aside, but True Magic can't negate the absoluteness of death. There is no miracle that can truly revive the dead. All True Magic can do is stuff that doesn't actually revive them. Alternatively if you're in a time temple you can have a Beast give you his unmeiryoku

@Moonlit Sonata Okay so, minor update. I've done the changes you requested on Caster's sheet. However, I'm still having a hard time figuring out the whole "why is she even a Caster" debate. I mean, her NP is capable of producing mysteries, shouldn't that be enough for her to qualify? The qualifications for a heroic spirit to be a Caster in general confuse me, because of there being canon servants who weren't magi in life, like Gilles (though he's supposedly an irregular servant, so idk), Andersen, Shakespeare and Nursery Rhyme who's literally just a book. Some help would for sure be appreciated.

As for my Master app, I'm still thinking of ways to change it. I'll try to get it reworked sometime tomorrow if I can.

Every NP has mystery given that an NP's a crystallized legend, so I'm not sure what your point is? If you mean it generates nature interference, then like I said as it is, that's not magecraft (artificial mystery) so much as an ability inherent to the Phantasm Races (natural mystery), so she doesn't qualify anymore than, say, Ibaraki would.

Nursery Rhyme's not a book, she's a Reality Marble.

Gilles has a book that does magecraft and is a bootleg Caster.

Author Casters have been a thing for a while and it's worth reading their respective source material to see what their shtick is, which makes it pretty apparent why they work as Casters.
@Kost Alter

The primary issue here is the lack of information we have on the Ainsworths in Prisma and thus my hesitance to introduce them to the roleplay at the current time. If Prisma was further along then I'd be more receptive, but as it is with our limited knowledge on them, that's a very iffy proposition. Moreover, given whom the Ainsworths replace in the Miyuverse and the fact that said family very much does exist in the world of the roleplay, I'm altogether shaky on this. I'd heavily advise pursuing something non-Ainsworth in nature; you can use a family that specializes in Displacement, but the Ainsworths in particular have a lot of baggage we've yet to unpack, so I'm viewing them in a similar light that I would with say, the Strange Fake cast. Though obviously different given Prisma's status, but still.

A serum that would suppress the conceptual mind of a thousand year magus would be something absolutely incredible (and would require knowledge that he blatantly doesn't have), and moreover would probably result in myriad negative impacts. Moreover, we don't know that the means by which the conceptual mind is retained are a curse (and I doubt that's the case, but that's a different matter).

Ainsworth-tier Displacement is suitable for an Ainsworth; however, that's still problematic for reasons already given.

She doesn't have something like Asterios or Gorgon's skills, so STR to D, AGI to B.

The parameter increases from Monstrous Strength won't be continuously active since Monstrous Strength isn't continuously active. You can make it continuously active, though.

Expound on applications of the Oath skill beyond LCK checks.

Keep in mind that massive manipulation of water will have a corresponding prana cost.

The second NP is pretty baseless and I'm guessing you acknowledge that, given that you're taking "first girl molested by tentacles" and turning it into "girl who can control tentacles that ignore all defenses and trigger mental interference on the target". You can use the Medusa justification of "but Medusa uses the stuff that fucked her over like Bellerophon and Harpe too", but that's only really allotted in my eyes because those are canon.

Most importantly, I have no idea why she's a Caster when she has no magical ability whatsoever. Even the water manipulation isn't magecraft (artificial mystery) so much as an ability inherent to the Phantasm Races (natural mystery), so she doesn't qualify anymore than, say, Ibaraki would.
In In Pursuit of Coin 26 May 2017 18:00 Forum: Casual Roleplay
In In Pursuit of Coin 26 May 2017 17:59 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Reserved for character list.
In In Pursuit of Coin 26 May 2017 17:58 Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Pursuit of Coin

The Tale of Some Twits Who Tried to Steal a City

Int. Check with Premise

Good, you decided to accept the job. I knew you would, we've done this sort of thing too many times for me to not have a handle on how you operate. You probably know the basics of the city already, financial district's on the north end, residences mainly around the southeast, city center's got the town square and local government, that new museum's over on the west side. If this shit's sounding unfamiliar to you, get a map from the hotel staff when you get in, and memorize it.

You'll be meeting the rest of your team outside rooms 720 and 722 in the Edelweiss Hotel, just by the financial district. Nice place, you can't miss it. Be there at 10:00 sharp Monday morning. Get to know each other, scope out the city, make a plan of attack. When you get to robbing the town blind, the process is a little different than usual. Everything in the city limits is in this huge magic array, spatial quarantine stuff that locks down teleportation, so you'll need to get what you steal out of the city manually before you engrave the runes on it so that I can teleport it off your hands. I'm going to recommend at least a couple of you use the money I gave you for artifacts to buy stuff that'll help with that, so I'm sending you the contact info of the others so you can coordinate on that.

One more thing, this is a huge scale of operation, but I don't want you slacking off. For the first few days, I'm going to expect you guys to get me at least 500 gold worth of stolen goods by 11:59 at night on each day. After a few days have passed and you've gotten situated, I'll amp that up. If you're not able to do that much, you get one pass on screwing up, but on the second screw-up I'm saying fuck it and calling in another team. You don't want that to happen.

If you've got questions either before Monday or during the operation, let me know, but you're smart enough that you probably won't have any.

Good luck, and don't fuck this up.

Alright, so, with Player 2's return and a new entrant, I'm going to take the time to reorganize things. To my knowledge, here are the current participants:

@Breo @Holy Grail @DrowsyPangolin @Beloss @Cu Chulainn @Ijoyen @Yukitamas @Berserk Gene @Player 2 @Kost Alter

Here are those whose status I'm not sure about (please try to notify me within 48 hours regarding your status):

@Psyker Landshark @Asuras @ConstantlyComic

And here are those presumed inactive:

@WildChocobo @GreenGoat @SIGINT

Given this, the pairs that are stable are:

Chi You, Odysseus, Yukimura, Rostam, Norton, and (when approved) Wolf Boy.

In the case of these teams, I advise posting to keep things moving along.

The pairs that are potentially unstable are:

Siegfried (Master), Hugues (Both), Cao Cao (Servant). If necessary, then, the Master of Cao Cao's team and Servant of Siegfried's can partner.

In addition, we have either one or two Servants who currently lack Masters. One of these can be fixed by Kost Alter's Master. I'm unsure about if Berserk Gene is still making a Master. If needed, I will be making a pseudo-NPC Master who will either take Kost Alter's Servant or the remaining unpartnered Servant.

This actually means we should be able to get things balanced out with a bit of luck, so yay.
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