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Fate/Factitious Paradigm has concluded.

The events of the final battle will be revealed in Fate/Veracious Posterity, to be announced at a later date.

We thank you all for your time and hard work.
Interlude X

[At the End of a Miracle]
Greater Ruler (True)

The great Ruler of this war, the overseer of its madness, was not engaged in a fight for his life. He was not making a heroic last stand in the name of the ritual that he was pledged to protect. He was merely hiding. Far beneath the earth in a miniature cavern that he had hollowed out, curled up into a ball, he shuddered and prayed that the conflict above would end.

“I-I’m adding an extra, because you did a wretched job of the last one!”

Pale hands shaking as he hugged his own torso, eyes bulging out of his head in fear, he screamed out towards the only one who could save him from the encroaching calamity. His Noble Phantasm.

“This is your last Labor! You won’t be forgiven if you fail here!”

An annoying fly screamed annoying things in his ear, but that was simple to ignore. After all, he had grown. He was no longer a hero of repentance. Now, standing in front of an enemy that threatened the world, he was simply a hero.

Eighty of these damn things had appeared without warning. Initially, he had prepared to strike them all down with a single blow, but they had come together, becoming one. It was a pity, but that was to be expected. This enemy knew him, and he knew this enemy.

Since then, they had been locked in combat. If he was as weak as he had been when fighting that Caster or that boy, he would have died without question. At that time, he was below even what his power as a Servant was. But, as the war had gone on, he had grown, surpassing his limits and becoming something more. That was the heart of his legend, after all. It was thanks to this that he was able to hold his own against this enemy.

A miniature sun stole one of his lives. A procession of beasts stole one of his lives. A spear of death was warded off. The cry of the forest was warded off.

Another few of these things appeared, joining that conglomerate while he was resurrecting from the most recent death. It was a small change, but that was enough to tip the scales.

A distortion of space stole one of his lives. A cry of the forest stole one of his lives. A spear of death stole one of his lives. The world became a world without a sun.

He would die here. He could perhaps delay the enemy, and inflict some wounds. He had riddled out the nature of its immunity and had become resistant to most of its abilities by now, after all. But, he would die here.


Something entered the underworld. Streaking faster than even the enemy could react, it appeared and melded into him. It settled in his core, thrumming in tandem with the six others that were already present. The six spiritual cores of the fallen Servants that occupied his existence became seven.

A new strength filled his limbs. A single life was restored, but that was not nearly as important as that strength. With the seventh spiritual core, he had become whole. He had begun as weaker than even ‘himself as a Servant’, but now he had ascended far beyond what was possible for a Servant. Through the labors he had undergone over the course of the war and the taking in of his spiritual cores, his legend had been recreated in this vessel. One could call this ‘power equal to a Heroic Spirit’, or even a ‘counterfeit Grand class’. He used neither. To him, this was simply his true power, the height that he had strived to reach in life, regained even in death.

The enemy was panicked. It concentrated its power. He was certain that the resources it was allocating to cope with him, both in the sheer number of the things and in the proportion of energy it was able send out through his teacher’s seal, was disproportionately high. It was likely making that even higher, a frantic bid to strike him down now that he had grown. Each and everyone one of the remaining hundred-some enemies across the city disappeared from their respective battles without warning, all coming together to face him. Sparing even a scrap of power here, against this enemy, would mean certain death. And so, they prepared their greatest offensive, an attack that stepped into the realm of their unsealed state’s power, an attack they could only use once due to its cost, but would pour out without hesitation if it meant defeating this enemy.

His instincts screamed out. Even with his body in the state that it was, far hardier than any Servant’s, the attack that was coming was sufficient to take fourteen lives, far more than the number he had remaining. But, the hero did not buckle. Without realizing, a smile had formed on his face. A battle to save the world, his blood was boiling. As the enemy’s attack was prepared, he released his great bow. This was a clash of their strongest techniques. If his attack came too late, or if it was insufficient, then he would undoubtedly die.

“Nine Lives...”


Understand the basic composition, separate it into its components. Utilize all knowledge of the enemy. Their body, their mind, their Authorities, their resistances, their legends, their ‘everything’. Take in the blessing of the goddess that has just appeared, and create an attack that will turn its one percent chance into one hundred. Imagine the tree of possibilities, and design something that can crush every branch it has.

He strained for more. Simply using his own power would not be enough, but he was not merely himself. He was a Lesser Grail. Since that was the case, he had the right. Burning up his spiritual foundation, burning up the spiritual cores within him, burning up the Holy Grail system itself. Something that went far beyond even Broken Phantasm, a suicidal attack to save the world. If this failed here, it would be the end. The other Servants could not sustain themselves with the Holy Grail system ruined.

It was a selfish act.

It was a narcissistic act.

...But, beyond all else, it was the act of a hero.


The enemy’s attack was released, and in that moment—


Heracles surpassed his legend.
Interlude IV

[Mountain Stars II]
Hero / Monster

He could not explain it.

He had felt the waves of that concealed combat, he had perceived the existence of the monster, but that alone was not enough to justify him coming here in person. Why had he done so? It defied all reason. It was as if something had spurred him along to do so, as if a wish formed by billions had pushed him forwards.

It was for this reason that he stood there. It was for this reason that he faced something he now recognized. Yes, there was no doubt.

This was not merely a monster. This was a Monster. This was a Monster with the authority to devour all heroes.

Standing before it, he felt a mad maelstrom of emotions. Incredulity, denial, rage, melancholy, nostalgia, but above all of those was a pure, primal terror.

"...that spear..."

...but, none of these were due to the Monster.

In the first place, no Monster could make him fear like this. The worst that it could do was kill. It was simply a beast of destruction and power, regardless of how much it eclipsed him. That did not matter to him. That could not matter to him.

No, the terror was from the object in the Monster's possession.

It was worse than he had imagined. Infinitely worse. It was, without question, 'the most terrifying thing in this world'.

He had merely thought that what was here was a monster.


That spear was something else entirely.

That spear was something that reached for a star beyond such trite words as heroes and monsters.

That spear was a prayer for the end of the world.

A torn laugh nearly sliced its way from his throat. How fitting, how heart-wrenchingly fitting that he'd see this again.

He could not oppose it. He was weak. He was hopelessly, pointlessly weak. If the prayer of that spear was realized, that would be it. They would all be gone. Not merely him, not merely humans, but all of them. Their lives, their creations, their world itself would become dust.

There will be no books singing praises of their heroes.

There will be no statues vaunted in their name.

There will be no children to carry on their story.

Yes, he was helpless to stop that prayer after it had been realized.

...but, for now, that had not come to pass. So, there was a chance. A fraction of a chance existed to prevent that inescapable end from falling upon this planet.

His eyes glinted with a feral madness that found itself mirrored in the Monster's eyes. A single misstep here would be fatal, not merely for him but for 'everything'.

Well...I suppose it's time, then.

Time to be a real hero for once.

Would you be able to join the RP discord (linked in the OOC OP)? It'd make the review a bit more convenient on our end~
Hi, all. Unsure if you're still accepting sheets, but I recently finished something that I'd like to use here, if possible~

I could be up for this~
People should post if they have any intention of their characters not getting lasered.

Let's say that 24 hours remain.
My core argument is that you are choosing to interpret a Phantasmal Beasts turning slower than Servants, as meaning that this Phantasmal beast could not be fast enough to turn to evade a projectile in this circumstance, which does not have to be the case.

As an aside, one of the archers that was covering me was player by you? Was their a specific reason why the Matou Archer did not fire?

The reasons the Matou Archer has for acting have not been explicitly stated, for a few reasons. It is possible to form some educated guesses by looking at his matrix. I most heavily recommend looking at his Skills.

Either way, from where I'm standing, I don't eee sufficient reason to overturn my verdict, so it stands.
This is true, I withdraw my argument from this angle. Now that some of these characters are posting however, one just a few minuets ago, and that they opened fire as expected, I would like to submit that this was a simple case of dropping the ball twice, rather than malicious intent to leave Rostam unsupported. I can talk to these other players if you want.

Whether there was the intent to post or not is irrelevant. The rules state that if you don't post in a timely manner, events will progress without you, and I provided ample warning that this would happen in this specific circumstance. If you believed that Rostam would not move forwards without supporting fire, you should have spoken up asking people OOC if they were posting.

At this point, it's after the fact.

Does prana bursting give you some kind of armor or something? I thought it was just to increase your physical attributes. If I had known that I would have done it.

Prana Burst is what allows the Phantasm Races to, at least in strength, overpower Servants. An all-out attack of a Phantasmal Beast, while weaker than the Jewel Sword's light, would at least have been comparable enough to offset it such that it could have been survived.

I appreciate your commitment to cannon, but plenty of RP's say that and have subtly difrent interpretations of cannon, especially since it changes and expands over time, especially recently with these new grand order games, which I have not played.

That's all well and good for those RPs. I operate off of canon mechanics. If something is ambiguous in canon and I'm forced to assume a specific interp that may differ from others, then I will either disclose it or try to keep it distances from character death decisions. When new mechanics are introduced, they are incorporated. However, it has been a constant since around 2004 that Phantasmal Beasts don't break the sound barrier.

The effect Grand Order has on canon is widely overstated and perpetuated by people who haven't read it. Very few things in canon are ever changed, and what people perceive as retcons are almost always just introduction of new ideas.

Either way, this point is moot, since it's not as if it has applicability to this specific situation in any regard.

Right, but the oncoming prana blast is moving at a speed which is fast enough to threaten him. Regardless of how fast he can move, performing those extra actions slows him down enough to matter in relation to anything that's fast enough to hit him in the first place. Dismounting is not commonly regarded as a free action, something I feel is pretty universally recognised. This is one of a mounted mans great weaknesses actually, commonly used by more agile footmen to kill them, and if I had used similar logic to dodge something like an oncoming sword thrust or arrow, there would be justifiable outrage.

But given that, at its best, Rakhsh is moving at 1/8th of the burst speed that Rostam can reach, the fraction of a fraction of a second spent dismounting doesn't amount to much.

Besides that, if anything all you're really arguing here is why one of your ways out would have killed you. Even if I were to say you were right here, that doesn't give me a reason to change what's happened. If there was no viable way for you to survive the light, which there certainly was, that still would be my ruling since this is the decision you made, to charge headlong at an enemy who had proved himself able to deal with Servants and who was channeling an absurd quantity of prana.

I was aware of this rule before posting. Just because a phantasmal beast is slower at does not mean that Rakhsh is required to be to slow to pull off the desired objective in this case. Especially when I accounted for that in having him sprain his leg from turning faster than a Phantasmal Horse normally would.

It is plausible in cannon that it could have been done. I would like to renew my request that Rostam is not ruled dead at this awkward early stage in the game, where it would not result in any breaking of cannon rules, where it would make for extreamly bad storytelling, and where it would sink a huge amount of my personal time investment into your excellent RP.

The fact is that the gap in speed is too significant to ignore, when one is considering that Rostam was charging at NAGATO at this time, and that Rakhsh's speed is far inferior to Rostam's, let alone NAGATO's. The fact that you had Rakhsh sprain his leg doesn't mean anything, because he simply cannot move quickly enough to get out of the way of the attack.

In sum, here are your remaining points.

-The supporting fire of Archers was not taken into account. This falls simply because, regardless of whether there was intent to post or not, the players of those Archers made no effort to inform me that they planned on posting despite receiving a warning that the roleplay was moving forwards.
-Canon is ever-shifting. While canon might be expanding, the core mechanics have not changed in the past two decades. Moreover, the important point here, namely the speed of Phantasmal Beasts, has not been changed and can be viewed front and center on the profiles of the first two Riders we'd ever seen in canon, Medusa and Iskander. This is not an obscure nor ambiguous piece of canon knowledge, and reading the profiles of at least one of those Riders would have been assumed to have happened, especially if someone is apping a similar mount.
-Dismounting time would make that approach to dodging infeasible. See above. Moreover, even if this is the case, that's no reason to reverse the death decision, that simply means the odds were more stacked against you do to your decision.
-Rakhsh should be able to dodge. You've given no justification for this, only saying things like you took into account it would be difficult with the leg-spraining angle. That does nothing for the fact that Rakhsh is not fast enough to dodge.

In the end, you're not giving me any true reason why I should reverse the decision. You're appealing to things which aren't relevant to the situation at hand. I understand your annoyance, and make no mistake that if you want to, the application of a new Servant is certainly possible, but I haven't been given an actual argument for why, in the logic of the IC and given the posts we had available to us, Rostam should be alive.
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