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That’s alright guys, I’m just checking in. I know I’m struggling, so I figure I’d check in with you all and see if everything is okay.
How’s everyone else doing?
Alright guys, I managed to get a post out. Lalei is posted in the IC.
I’m working on a Lalei post on my phone at work. (Currently screening for temps), no formatting will be able to be done until I can edit on a computer.

Also, may not get her up today. I will be posting it in one of my accident posts in the IC, so I’ll let you know here when it’s up since you won’t get a notification
How's it going, Blue? How are you feeling?

Anything I can do?

Hey guys. Life has been really hectic, I’m struggling really bad with my depression, I’m starting a new med for that so hopefully it helps. I’m so sorry I’ve left y’all hanging
Trying to get a post out tonight or tomorrow. In sorry guys
I’ve been trying to figure out how. I’m still getting used to this site.

And that’s valid, that’s a big hesitation for me too.
Also, if you want to do a collab with another player, you are more than welcome to. Draco and I are working on one for ours, and it’s gonna be...interesting. Just give the others a heads up

Here’s my campaign, but idk if we can do see how many times we each roll

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