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Who am I? I’m a super geek who grew up in the 80’s with the old D&D cartoon, He-Man and the Thundercats. I’ve taken that geekiness into my adulthood along with a love and passion for writing. I want to delight you with my weird and wonderful tales of heroic derring-do and my eclectic yet memorable cast of characters.

Let me into your role play world — we will do wonderful things together.

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As Kian Le barrelled into the wagon, he immediately grabbed at one of the furs on the back and pulled it over himself to hid himself from view. Although he was conscious of the fact that he had been seen by the other guard at the back of the caravan, he allowed himself to take a small chance on the guard's benevolence, and was somewhat rewarded when perhaps surprisingly enough the alarm was not raised.

The merchant, Haldemar, seemingly none the wiser to his presence, kicked the horses off. The caravan lurched forwards, stowaway hidden in the back.

And there he lay, hidden underneath the fur that lay on top of him. Not making a move, he lay completely still. Inwardly, he wondered when would be the best time to throw the fur off and make a run for it with his prize. Reaching down, his hand touched the golden lockbox that he had concealed within. Shaking it slightly, he grinned at the sound of something rattling from inside.

"You are going to make me very, very rich," he whispers to himself.

Outside, it was a beautiful day indeed as the cart left the busy city of Shou Lung behind it. Following a dusty, windswept road, the caravan travelled across the countryside. The cobblestone streets of Shou Lung, and the business of the city were left behind, to be replaced by the calmness and serenity of the road, surrounded as it was on both sides by rolling green grasslands. Overhead the silhouettes of birds flying above the caravan could be seen.

It was just past midday, and Haldemar looked to the road ahead, his voice drifting back to Atyna from the front.

"Soon we will enter the steppes. They are home to the barbarian tribes that live in the region. They are a honourable sort, of a fashion. I don't anticipate any problems with them, but if we are accosted by them we need to be mindful of their customs."

Inside the caravan, Kian finally pushed the fur to one side. Dragging himself over to the back of it, he dangled his legs over the side as he regarded Atayna.

"Hey, sorry if I caused you any trouble climbing into the back of the wagon like that," he began, sapphire eyes flashing with merriment as he continued to whisper, mindful of Haldemar's proximity. Fortunately, the sounds of the horse and the caravan's wheels traversing the dusty road were enough to drown out the sound of his voice. "I couldn't take the chance of the guards catching me and I needed to leave the city pretty quickly."

The young man grinned slightly before continuing, "My name is Kian Le, and we are well met. Thank you for not giving me away to grumpy over there," he nodded over towards Haldemar's back

Reaching into the folds of his silken shirt, Kian finally withdrew his prize. A small, rectangular lockbox. Holding it up, he laughed softly as he glances Atyna. Shaking it, he was gratified to hear the sound of something rattling again inside it. Seemingly without a care in the world he set the box on his lap as he continued to dangle his legs over the back of the wagon.

"Now, I wonder what lovely delights you hold." His hand reached down to a small pocket knife belted to his waist. "Open sesame," he muttered as he placed the thin blade into the serpent shaped clasp.

The lockbox itself was small, not even spanning the length of one of Kian's knees. It was inlaid by a golden surface, lock carved into the shape of a serpent. Around its edge was a dark brown strip. It had the look of something that was extremely expensive. Moving the edge of the blade about in the lock, Kian's smile gradually lessened, finally turning into a frown. Despite his best efforts, the lock did not open.

"Stubborn little.....," he began, continuing to fumble with the lock....

Good question. What I would say is that we can build this into the roleplay itself. If you want your character to be a spellcaster then if you have a broad idea of powers that you want your character to possess then DM me the details and I’ll say yea or nea - lets start with 5 potential powers that you would list and send over to me.

At various story based milestones during the game, and if you find the relevant trainers in the game to teach you the abilities you will gain access to them.

To balance it out any non-spellcasting characters can list out 5 abilities that they would like their characters to access during the game at certain milestones within reason. To use the example of the character already posted, Atyna, I would consider sneak and backstab to be abilities he could go for, and for Kian perhaps something like pick pocket to be one of his five abilities going forwards.

Does that make sense?

Today would turn out to be a very important day for other reasons..... Today marked the day that a young, enterprising orphan by the name of Kian Le stole into an armed contingent, stealing away a golden lockbox that carried something very, very important inside of it.


“Stop! Thief!"

Over the years, the merchants of the Kuo-Te'Lung bazaar had been greeted with many unusual sights. However, on this particular day, they were greeted by one perhaps stranger than the rest. A young man wore a blue brocade belted over a white, silken shirt. His black hair was tied back into a ponytail that flowed freely from the slight breeze that blew through the marketplace on this particular day. In his hands, the Kian Le clutched tightly to his chest a golden lockbox. The lockbox was clasped shut with a lock that was fashioned with the insignia of a serpent. He did not know what was inside it, but so convinced was he that this lockbox contained within it the key to riches and fortune that, quite frankly, he did not care. All that he was bothered about right now was escaping the contingent of armed guardsmen that, as of this moment right now, were running through the open-air market behind him.

Eyes the colour of sapphire glanced back as the youngster continued to run straight forwards. Behind him, the guardsmen, about six strong, ran as fast as they could after him. He could hear the jangle of metal on metal as their scimitars, belted to their waist, clattered on the armour that they wore. Whereas Kian was small and agile enough to evade the merchants and buyers both, the guardsmen were not so subtle. They simply barrelled straight through anyone unfortunate enough to get in their way, sending passersby flying to one side in the path of their impotent rage.

Kian was not foolish. He knew that if he got caught a swift hanging was the best fate that he could possibly hope for. Turning his head back to the path at hand, the youngster continued to run -- determined as he was that this was not a fate that he would suffer.

Around him the marketplace was in full swing. The sun was shining in the sky and it was roughly midday in the town of Kuo-Te'Lung. Merchants were hawking their wares, and more than one of them were in heated negotiations with buyers, looking to purchase their goods at the cheapest price possible. Carts were propped up, some of them holding fruit, others holding meats and still others with jars of exotic spices within them. In addition to that, merchants were looking to sell furs and animal skins, and others had expensive looking jewellery. It was one of those stalls that Kian reached out and quickly swiped what seemed to be a necklace adorned with a beautiful emerald.

"Hey! You!"

The merchant, a portly, balding man with a red face, came running around to try and tackle Kian, but the orphan agilely ducked underneath the man's outstretched arms, rolling and coming up on the other side. As the man shook his fist in Kian's direction, he turned and shrugged, bowing slightly by way of apology. Putting the necklace in one of his pockets, he drew out a couple of shining silver coins, throwing them towards the merchant by way of recompense for the stolen goods. As the man bent down to pick them up though, the first of the guards ran straight into him. There was a sickening crunch from the head-on collision between the two, and Kian inwardly winced as he continued running.

Five guards remained on his tail as the sixth tried to pick himself up from the floor where he had knocked himself half-unconscious. Running past a fruit stall, Kian reached out, unhooking the clasp on the cart on his way past. And as melons, apples, oranges and coconuts (of all things), poured into the path of the onrushing guards he turned around and once more tossed a couple of silvers towards the angry merchant.

This was proving to be a very expensive day....

Behind him there was a yell as the other five guardsmen charged straight into the fallen fruit. They crashed into each other and then fell in a heap onto the floor. Chuckling, Kian waved at them as he put the lockbox inside his pocket, turning to run.

Kian had one goal in mind. He had to get to a merchant caravan that he knew was leaving the city this very day. His plan was to steal aboard, and then possibly return once things quietened down a little.


"You will escort me to the Bitter Well Oasis, as per the arrangement. There, the choice is yours as to whether or not you decide to continue onwards across the Dragonwall. This is acceptable, no?"

Merchant Haldemar was a bored-looking man. Around the age of fifty with a weather-beaten face and greying hair he had seen many, many things in his years providing mercantile goods to people who needed them, and those that didn't (he tended not to discriminate between the two when looking for a potential sale).

Opening the brown cover that separated the exterior of the caravan from the interior, Haldemar revealed a number of different wares. Mostly animal skins and furs, though there were some foodstuffs there too. The cheese was particularly aromatic.

"Stay on the outside at all times."

Haldemar walked over to the two horses pulling the wagon, climbing onto the carriage next to them and taking the reins. "And before you even think about it, I've taken a complete inventory. I will know if something is missing so keep your eyes off them. I will pay you half your allotted sum when we get halfway, and the other half on completion. We will leave in a couple of minutes so I would advise you make yourselves comfortable."

He moved over to the front of the wagon and mounted one of the horses.

From the rear, out of the marketplace, a young man wearing a blue brocade and white silken shirt came charging forwards, running as if his life depended on it. Every so often he glanced back, black ponytail fluttering in the breeze. Running up to the wagon, he dived straight into it.

Within seconds, the wagon began to move....

@Meleck just need a description of the character and he’s good to go, however I’m not going to hold back the game on account of that. I’ll fire up an opening post later today and you can jump in from there.
Over a thousand years ago, in a time between times, there was a region ruled by powerful Sorceror Kings. The Imaskari Empire’s borders were vast ~~ they ruled from the Endless Wastes to the Golden Water to the frontiers of Kara-Tur.

This was a time of powerful magic and artefacts of the like that Faerun had never seen before and likely has never seen since. It was a time of wondrous beauty but also cruel tyranny. The Sorceror Kings of Imaskar were not benevolent and kind rulers. They were tyrannical, oppressive rulers who ruled over their subjects with an iron fist, putting many of the Imaskari civilians into slavery and demanding tributes. These Sorceror Kings were believed to be the walking incarnations of the Gods, and as such they demanded nothing but total obeisance from those who dwelt within their realm.

Within the borders of Imaskar, a young man lived in a small village. His name was Tsenya Garbo, and from a young age he was marked for greatness. Believed to have the favour of the Padhra Mahavidi, Tsenya Garbo became a spiritual leader for the villagers. Unlike the Sorceror Kings of Imaskar that ruled over them all, Tsenya Garbo was both wise and just, and under his guidance and abilities, the villagers were kept safe from the worst excesses of that time.

Deep within the Katakoro Shan mountains, situated at the bottom of a valley, the village was hidden inside the many mountain passes that went through the region. And so, the village grew, both in size and prosperity, becoming a beautiful kingdom in its own right. The people inside it lived lives of harmony and peace.

Yet it would not always be so.

There were some in the village that had dark hearts and darker thoughts. One, in particular, was a young man by the name of Ambuchar Devayam. Of a similar age to Tsenya Garbo, Devayam harboured deep within him a no small amount of jealousy over the rise of his friend. Ambuchar Devayam believed that he was worthy of the Padhra’s favour more than Tsenya, and that his friend’s elevation was undeserved. Over time that jealousy evolved into obsession and finally smouldering hatred.

Ambuchar Devayam left the village, travelling through the mountain passes and coming to what would one day become the Empire of Solon.

There, he uncovered several hidden artefacts, artefacts that would bestow upon him great powers. From there he studied the dark arts in preparation for the time that he would return home and take what he perceived to be his kingdom from Tsenya Garbo.

What happened after is shrouded in mystery and conjecture, but it is believed that Ambuchar Devayam used the artefacts to murder the empress of what would become Shou Lung and become emperor in his own right.

But in the end you reap what you sow.

Ambuchar Devayam was overthrown as emperor of Shou Lung and fled into the depths of the Great Empire of Dust, Raurin. There he sought more artefacts to further increase his power. When he finally returned, he did so with an army of death at his back. He quickly took a portion of the Shou Lung empire, naming it Solon. But Devayam was not satisfied with ruling his own nation. He wanted more. He wanted to cast down Tsenya Garbo and take the beautiful city within the Katakoro Mountains as his own.

Tsenya was forewarned of the coming of his old friend in prophetic dreams sent by the Padhra Mahavidi. He knew that his people could not stand against Ambuchar Devayam‘s army, that they could not defeat the army of the dead that he had created. Thousands of lives would be lost in a tidal wave of blood.

And so Tsenya travelled, alone, into the mountain passes where he knew Ambuchar Devayam was leading his armies. He called out his former friend and appealed to his one weakness ~~ his pride. Tsenya Garbo challenged Devayam to a duel. If Devayam could defeat him, the city would be his. If Tsenya were to win, then Ambuchar Devayam would be banished from the region, unable to return for a thousand years.

Devayam, so sure of his superiority and power, accepted the challenge and the Padhra, hearing the accord as it was struck, enforced it with her divine will.

At the top, at the very peaks of the Katakoro Shan, Ambuchar Devayam and Tsenya Garbo met, and they fought. For three days and three nights they battled each other, so evenly matched were they in both power and ability. They battled amongst the mountain tops with fist, spell and steel. The mountains themselves shook from the conflict, to the extent that those who were not aware of the titanic clash that was taking place believed that the gods themselves were about to cast the snowy peaks down on the world below.

Yet, when it was over, Tsenya Garbo was victorious. Defeated and bloodied, Devayam nevertheless honoured the terms of their battle -- the Padhra herself demanded no less. Taking his army, he retreated to the empire of Solon, and there he consolidated the grip on his throne. As he did so, he kept his jealous eyes on the beautiful realm he so desired for his own, even as he once more built up his power. And as years rolled into decades rolled into centuries, the warlord remained patient, for the time would come when the terms of their conflict would pass, and the time would come to strike once more.

Today, it is 1361 DR, the Year of Maidens. Today is 21st Eleint. It is the Autumn Equinox. Midsummer has passed and the first chill of Autumn that will eventually lead into Winter has come to Faerun. The leaves have started to fall from the trees, and everywhere worshippers gather in celebration.

Much has happened in the intervening years. The Imaskari Empire is no more, and from its ashes have risen the kingdoms of Mulhorand, Unther and Thay. However, although memories of that empire have faded into the dust that it has now become, there are still remnants of the power that the Sorceror Kings once wielded buried under the golden sands that now lay on top of the skeletal ruins of once great and powerful cities.

Some things however, have not changed.

The Autumn Equinox for this particular year marks another important milestone.

It marks a thousand years to the day since the battle between Tsenya Garbo and Ambuchar Devayam.
Ok folks, I’ve created the forum. Feel free to post your CS’s in the character thread there to join my own characters. Once I have a completed CS in there I will start the game.

Forum can be found here:

Name: Tsenya Bhrokiti
Race: Human
Class/Occupation: Sorceress
Gender: Female
Age: 21


This dark haired beauty has an unearthly look about her. As well she should, she is the daughter of the Dalai Lama himself. Rumours and whispers persist that she is a powerful sorceress in her own right, and certainly the Princess manifests an aura that suggests she expects to be obeyed.


Strong willed and fierce, this young woman is not one to be easily cowed by the martial might of her peers and the horsemen of the steppes. Bhrokiti is considered to be impetuous, willful and self-centered.

Princess Tsenya Bhrokiti has little concern for the spiritual matters that are the focus of so much of Ra-Khati's social life. Deep down though, she realises that she cannot ever hope to lead a people with whom she has so little in common.

The cause of Princess Bhrokiti's eccentricity is not hard to understand. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving her in the care of the Dalai Lama's staff. From infancy, her father's advisors took turns delighting her with gifts, games and sleight-of-hand wizardry.


Raised within the confines of the Hidden Kingdom, Bhrokiti has lived a life of peace and luxury. Doted on by her father, the spoiled girl has wanted for nothing in her life. However, when the Emperor's forces come to invade, she learns she is about to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep her kingdom safe.

Little does she realise though that in her hands she holds a key that will decide the fate of the lands of Ra-Khati and that she is to play a central role in the events to unfold. For fate and destiny are about to bring her into contact with a group of adventurers lost on the steppes, and together they will decide the future of the Hidden Kingdom......

Name: Kian Le
Race: Human
Class/Occupation: None (Untrained)
Gender: Male
Age: 18


Kian Le is every bit the youthful peasant that he appears to be. With youthful features that actually paint him as younger than he actually is, yet his appearance belies the fact that Kian is more than he would appear to be. He has seen much in his eighteen winters, yet it is his spirit and his heart that are evident in the way that he carries himself.

Simply put, he refuses to let the world ground him down irrespective of what happens to him.

Kian Le's innocent eyes sparkle with an inner light and life. His long black hair falls past his shoulders, seemingly only accentuating his youthful appearance yet further. His smile is infectious. When he does smile, it is with the effect to make everyone else want to smile with him.

He wears a blue silk brocade across a white, silk shirt belted at the waist. His dark hair falls long when it is let free, and it often seems to have a life of its own, however most of the time Kian has it tied back into a ponytail.


The thing about Kian Le is that there is no dissembling with him. There is nothing hidden and he does not conceal anything from anyone. Kian Le wears his heart on his sleeve, and the youngster, despite his humble origins, holds within him dreams of becoming a martial artist or swordsman.

Kian Le is both naïve and innocent. He honestly believes that there is good in anyone and refuses to believe that others are not like him, at least until he is proven otherwise, as he often is. Yet, despite the number of times he is let down, he bounces back regardless, refusing to allow himself to be affected by a world that, to be perfectly honest, doesn't deserve him.

However, there is an edge to Kian that most do not and cannot see. Kian pushes things perhaps further than he should. He is daring, recklessly so..... If he sees a rich merchant cross the marketplace, then he will make an attempt to steal the man's purse despite the risks associated in doing so -- because even a lovable scamp like him needs to eat, right?

Kian is surprisingly resourceful, evidenced by the fact that he has lived his life on the dangerous streets of Shou Lung and has survived thus far. In fact, it is fair to say that Kian is someone with many hidden depths.....


Kian's origins are a mystery, even to himself. He does not know who his parents are....indeed he has believed them dead for so long now that it is inconceivable to him to think otherwise. For his entire life he has lived on the streets of Shou Lung, and he has survived. The deceptively resourceful youngster has lived amongst the many gangs that roam the streets, and he has carved out a niche of his own despite the odds seemingly stacked against him.

Yet his existence has amounted to little more than scrounging whatever he can to ensure that he lives another day.

However, things are about to change for the plucky orphan, in ways that he could not even begin to comprehend. It began one day when he saw an armed contingent the likes he had never seen before in the streets. The guardsmen, dressed in armour with an unfamiliar insignia, seemed to be carrying with them a small, golden container. What lay within it Kian did not know, but surely, or so his mind told him, what was inside must have been valuable beyond all reckoning. If he could somehow liberate it from the guardsmen, then his fortune was assured.

But such an undertaking was dangerous -- suicidal even. There would be no hope for him if he managed to get himself caught.

However, Kian Le, humble orphan, would not be dissuaded from his course of action. Stealing along the shadows, the youngster boldly stole right into the midst of the guardsmen, stealing the golden container from them and running as fast as he could into the busy marketplace..... He knew of a merchant caravan leaving the city that evening, and if he could steal himself aboard it then his fortune would be made.....
The Hidden Kingdom

Behind the walls of an impenetrable mountain range, deep within the Unapproachable East, there lies a kingdom of unimaginable beauty. A kingdom where the walls are set with beautiful rubies, and where the streets are lined with gold and inlaid with glittering gems. There, inside this lost kingdom, the streams run with silver, and the people that live within.....they live lives of idyllic tranquility.

It was not always so.

Once, many hundreds of years ago, there dwelt an evil warlord by the name of Ambuchar Devayam. The ruler of a fell realm of demonic oni, the warlord travelled down the Great Silk Road, deep into the mountains of this mysterious realm, and he spied the hidden kingdom of unearthly beauty. Devayam, desirous of this kingdom, vowed to conquer it and bring its subjects under his rule. Returning to his realm, he raised an army of demons and hurled them against the kingdom in his obsession.

This hidden kingdom, this Shangri-La of humankind was not defenceless though. Inside its walls, the fiercest monks and martial artists gathered, and with the courage and blessing of the Padhrasattava, stood against the approaching demon army. Standing at their head was the blessed of the gods themselves, Tsenya Garbo, their leader. Tsenya, realising that hundreds of thousands of lives would be lost in the battle, instead challenged the warlord to single combat. If Devayam won, he would have Tsenya's realm for himself. If he lost, he would have to take his army and leave, never to return for five hundred years. In his pride, the warlord accepted the terms, so convinced was he that he would win the duel.

The two of them battled with both sword and spell for three days and three nights in a war that seemed that it would never end, so perfectly matched were the two. Yet at the end of their bloody conflict, Tsenya Garbo finally emerged victorious.

Defeated and bloodied, the warlord nevertheless honoured the terms of their battle -- the gods themselves demanded no less. Taking his army, Ambuchar Devayam retreated to the empire of Solon, and there he consolidated the grip on his throne. As he did so, he kept his jealous eyes on the beautiful realm he so desired for his own, even as he once more built up his power. And as years rolled into decades rolled into centuries, the warlord remained patient, for the time would come when the terms of their conflict would pass, and the time would come to strike once more.

And as the years passed, Tsenya Garbo grew old and complacent. So certain in his belief that he was protected and beloved by the gods, he became nothing more than a shadow of the man that he once was. And as the armies of Solon gathered their strength once more, and the warlord began to dream his dreams of conquest, his victory seemed all but inevitable......

Five hundred years have passed since that fateful battle, and whilst Tsenya Garbo has forgotten that which came before, the warlord once again turns his gaze eastwards.....


Soon, the Unapproachable East will erupt into the bloodiest and deadliest conflict that the world has ever seen. And into the middle of this conquest, a group of adventurers will stumble into the centre of this deadly situation. Lost and alone, they are tasked with averting a war between two kingdoms. Soon however, this mission will become one of deadly import for them.

And thus begins an epic quest set in a mystical and beautiful part of the world that has only been seen by the luckiest few. This will be a tale of life, of love and heroism against almost unimaginable odds. This is a tale of beautiful princesses, a tale of fearsome dragons, of demons and the living dead, and of knights in shining armour. It is a tale that will live on, both in this world and the world beyond. It is a tale that you will carry in the deepest parts of your heart and soul for forevermore.

Will our heroes become the destined champions that fate would decree them to be, or will they be lost in the shadow that sweeps over the land?

Come forward my champions -- come be the protectors of the weak, and the heroes you were always destined to be.

This is an epic quest the likes of which the world has never seen before....and will never see again.

Please submit your applications in the following format:

About the Game:

There certainly is, go for it
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