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My name is Elliot. Pronouns are they/them. I'm an anthropology major and am aiming to be a museum curator.

Hobbies Include: video games, beadwork, digital art, guitar, (casual) birdwatching, video essays

Favorite Settings: Vampire the Masquerade, Shadowrun, Zweihander, Humblewood, to name a few

Discord: BleakBlueJay#8952

Here's a link to my commission examples on twitter, which show off some of my cool art from various fandoms as well as some OCs.

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Hey guys, I know I just got here and I've already made my character all the way, et cetera et cetera, but I may have to pull out.

I'm sorta chronically ill and disabled and I'm being hit with a huuuuge wave of fatigue. I don't think I'll have the energy to do this roleplay :(

My apologies for the wasted time.


24, Female, Demon (Gnoll)
Skin: Dark, beneath a coat of short brown spotted fur
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Dark, scruffy mane on the top of the head down to her shoulders
Body: Big, hulking, muscular. Wisp of a tail. Black digitigrade legs that end in fiercely sharp claws. Hunched, disguising true height of 6'10, appearing more like 5'10 instead.
Notable Features: Body covered in great big scars from mostly slashing weapons, including two small ones at her brow. Piercings of scrap metal on her ears, nose, and tongue. While slave fashion doesn't allow for much personality, she has stolen enough scraps of cloth to make a star-spangled patchwork sash. Her teeth are large and threatening, always in view when she speaks (picture of hyena skull pictured for reference:

Family: Unknown. Most likely deceased.
Occupation: Slave. Pack animal (tasked with hauling heavy cargo around the camp)
Hobbies: Drinking, fighting, stealing, biting. Causing problems on purpose.

Party Role: Monk/Hand-to-Hand Combat

  • Strength: Weak
  • Power: Petty
  • Control: Petty
  • Resilience: Weak
  • Overall: Petty+
Welcome in!! I hope you have a nice time here, Gauze!
Welcome in, Junk!! I'm Elliot and I am also new here.
I hope you have a good time here! Maybe I'll see you around
@Digizel I like your thoughts on my Fellowship entry for Shieldwing. That sounds very in-character as well.

Any of your Fellowship entries work for Sylph. None of them particularly jump out at me so I'll wait until the others have their input and their ideas.
Sylph gave you their trust and confidence at a time when you knew you didn’t deserve it. Ask them why they believed in you, and give them a Friendship Gem.

(My thinking here is that Skobeloff and Sylph were partners in trickery back when Sylph was still with Myndoth. And when the Elders of Myndoth tossed Sylph out, Skobeloff couldn't find the courage to protest the decision. Despite them having every right to be mad about this though, Sylph forgave Skobeloff and the two are still friends.)

This works for me! I think that Sylph is even-tempered enough to understand why Skobeloff did not speak up, and values the bond they established before the exile. Their anger is focused on their elders, not the friends that kept quiet.

I'm not sure how the Fellowship works so well, but I'll hit back with:
Skobeloff convinced the clutch to take you in after you left your House. Explain how they exemplified your virtue, and give them a Friendship Gem.
(Reason being: While Skobeloff left Sylph hanging when exiled by their elders, he still offered a form of kinship and companionship, which reflects Sylph's value of Compassion).

@Digizel -- my thoughts are that, while Shieldwing doesn't take well to trickery or pranks, his questioning of authority appeals to Sylph. They find him annoying (the over-confidence, the arrogance) at times, but can recognize the common goals, and a friendship could grow there.
The picture in my mind of Sylph is that they believe the most important thing one can do is help others selflessly, even if that means getting themself hurt. They like to challenge authority, traditions, and structure--especially when they feel like those things are impeding the quality of life of others. Outside of their closely-held values, however, Sylph is otherwise casual and good-humored. They like to get into troublesome situations for fun, like pranks or exploring places that they definitely aren't supposed to be in. I'd probably place them at Chaotic Good (bordering on Chaotic Stupid, depending on the situation).
I'm excited for this! It'll be nice to scrape the rust off.

Just in case you need to bug me or get my attention (or say hello, I feel like roleplayers that are friends tend to do better storytelling, and I'm friendly), you can add my discord. I check here once an hour, but discord's always open.

@BleakBlueJay Also, you can choose which of the Houses Sylph used to belong to if you want. This will affect roleplay when reacting with members of that House, as Sylph may have old friends (or enemies) from before they were kicked out.

Hmmmm, it's a hard choice. But I think I'll go with Myndoth.

Managed to get this done before I'm out the door. Let me know what you think or if I need to tweak anything. I'll paint my own picture of Sylph when I get a chance.
(Also decided to lean into the S-name theme we've got going.)
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