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Current Bring me anything you can grab. I ain't greedy-
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Okay. Argument of the day. Boneless pizza's a thing.And you can't tell me otherwise. You have a pizza. It doesn't have bone in it. Which makes it BONELESS pizza. I rest my case-
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The real Slim Shady?-
2 yrs ago
I just typed over 3,000 words for a starter. I'm proud-
2 yrs ago
I still need some more feedback for this so i can make it! =)…


"From the earth I rise, and to the earth I one day will return."

Hi! I'm Bloops! Don't know how you found this page,but,hello! ^^
I'm just your average voice actor/horror fanatic who feeds on the souls of pathetic mortals-
You know-
Nothing special-
I have tons of good rp ideas,most of them being horror or fantasy themed,so,if you wanna find out what they are,let me know!
Anywhoo,have a great day! =)

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Oh alright!
Thank you so much!
Thanks Stormflyx! =D
Sure! I would love to rp with you! ^^
Sure! That sounds great! =D
Wow! These are really great ideas!
I would love to do the waitress/waiter x wealthy business owner or Vampire x human servant with you if your interested! ^^
Ya! Whatever you want to do is alright with me!
I don´t have to use him if you don´t want me to.
I have too many superhero/supervillain oc´s.
One of them based off of the joker-
Well,sort of a mash up between the 2020 joker and the 2008 Joker from The Dark Knight-
He´s still sort of in character development,but sill-
I would love to rp with you if your interested!
But,that´s all up to you!
Wait,So it's a no?..
Alright.Its fine
can we make our characters early?-

Hey guys. Thanks so much for expressing your interest, tentative or otherwise. We really appreciate it.

I just wanted to clarify the 'tabletop' mechanics of the game. At the moment, and in the spirit of keeping things as simple as possible so the flow of posts feels more natural rather than forced, any dice rolls are happening in the background ie. me deciding what loot you will pick up for killing a thing or for searching a drawer.

Touching on that, the game will feel very interactive fiction. Think Zork (if you're familiar). There's a bit more too it as well but I don't want to bloat the information just yet.

And thank you! This idea is really creative and I think this is gonna get very popular! =D
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