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Nice, I have a question though: You mention travelling "before the end of the Great War" which takes place in 2077, our story doesn't start until 2277. If this is an error or you're playing a ghoul that's fine.
War, War never Changes

Since man killed man with a sharpened stone for the most meager scrapes of food, we have known humanity to commit that darkest sins when they feel the worst is upon them. When nuclear fire scorched the planet, as billions of lives were lost, one could only wonder what it was all for, was it a reaction to save the meager scrapes once again? As the world burned, some of us would be saved the fire and instead be tortured and tested on in fallout shelters called Vaults. And after the fallout settled and the dust cleared, humanity returned to war and called it reclamation. The New California Republic, born in the settlement of Shady Sands, greatly grew under the Presidents Peterson and Kimball, but their expansion was a war they called pacification. Our tale begins here, when the Bull clashes with the Bear in the Mojave for the first time, but it will not be the last time nor will it be the focus of our tale. For we are north of this war, where the winters are long and the war humanity wages is known as survival.

Fort Hall, Idaho

We here in Fort Hall were once natives to America, but after the Great War there seems to be no America to be native to and our fort is now home to the refugees of pacification. Supplies run low as our population quadruples, the farms grow weak, and medicine becomes harder to find: this must be our last year here. We have gathered a skilled group who will take on a most daring quest to the Lost City of Seattle. Before the war, Seattle was a fast growing city with hosting big businesses like West Tek and Bucky's Caff. After the war, the whole of Seattle has been a permanent winter wasteland while the rest of the pacific northwest experiences winter weather that start as early as September and lasts until April. With March coming to an end, and if travel quickly enough, you could reach the city before Fall begins. We have some information of what awaits you along the way, but once in Seattle you will be on your own on removing the curse of cold from the Northwest. If you cannot find a means to end the permanent winter by October, we fear you will not survive the true winter.

Group Roles: (While I have listed suggested traits, please post if you have a unique character idea)
Group Leader:___ (Chosen to lead for their reasoning, could also be charming)
Survivalist:____ (Will supplement rations with game and forage, may also double as a scout)
Tech: ___ (Will be needed to operate computer systems and deal with robots)
Security: ___ (Protects the group from bandits and traps, may also know lock picking)

Name, Age, Pronoun:
Short Bio:
Image or Description:
Role: (Your position in the mission)
Profession: (Your position before the mission)
Traits: (Can use canon fallout traits, your own homebrew, or you could ask for GM's choice)
SPECIAL: (Choose 3 of the 7 SPECIAL attributes that your character is proficient with: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligance, Agility, Luck)
Skills: (Choose 3 Skills you expertise in that fall under your proficient SPECIAL:
Inventory: (This starts empty and we will add to it as the game progresses)

@tobiax I think you're wrong and you're short on people, I'm out.
Here's an update

@Double Oops, meant to put hope down, I was writing one for sincerity when I saw all the other potential applicants and did a change up

I am writing my hero of hope now!
The players are a new age of heroes receiving the uncanny abilities of Might, Skill and Will early in the story. Many of the creatures found in the new world resemble ones seen in Albion, hobbes, nymphs, and of course beetles will be present. Also present are the Balvorn, what were ancestors to the balverine, they did not curse a population and die out like they had in Albion. Still deciding how I want to run the BBEG but there will be an antagonist to the heroes, not including anyone of the heroes who is driven by their own greed an ambition.
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