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Current I'm back, and working on responses for all of you.
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See you guys next Saturday!
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Going on a camping trip until next Saturday after tomorrow. I'll get all posts out tomorrow, and new ones out next week.
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Like to instantly die.
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I honestly dont understand how some people can write like 10 paragraphs in about 30 minutes.


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@TheUnknowable I'm going camping until next Saturday, so I'll post tomorrow and then next Saturday.
@alexakeehl I guess I'll start it next week, because I won't be able to post for a whole week.
@TheUnknowable Yes, I am. I am currently a couple paragraphs in, and will hopefully have it in later tonight.
@BrokenWashing Great, thanks!
@BrokenWashing No, they will appear as they did before their death.
@BrokenWashing, @alexakeehl
Remember to include how they died in the bio, other than that, everything looks great!

12 woke with a start. He had, of course, hated the cold. He wondered why though. He knew that he wasn't an infant or child, but he didn't know his age, preferences, or situation. He couldn't even remember his name. Maybe he had gotten super drunk. He wasn't sure. To be completely honest, he was a bit frightened and a tad bit cold. He stood up, blood rushing to his legs and head, throwing him a bit off balance. He noticed that he was in some sort of facility, although all of the fluorescent lights above him were broken. In fact, the whole corridor was without light. He didn't care much for light either, anyways.

He then began patrolling the corridors. He found one room, with a bit of painkillers, some cotton swabs and a bit of rubbing alcohol. "You never know when this stuff might be useful." He said to himself. He also found some water, and then realized how thirst he was. He drank the whole liter. Now, at least he was sated. He realized he was also a bit peckish, but there was no food around, and it would be no use looking for any. He walked across the hallway to the next room to investigate.

In this room, he found a body. A skinned human, laying on the bench. It smelled like shit, and was obviously long dead. He built up the courage to walk past it and raid the drawers. He found another jug of water, which he decided he would carry. He also found some more painkillers and gauze, which was also a good find. Observing the person, he could tell that they had died in an explosion of some sort. It was filled with shrapnel, and covered in scabs and burn marks. Repulsed, he left the room promptly.

He began to walk back down the dark corridor, and entered the next one to the right. He walked for a while, and found a couple more rooms, most empty or filled with more bodies. He wondered who owned this place, and who could grow to become this wicked. He was quite disgusted, and curious all at the same time. He wondered why he was in this place. Had someone decided to test on him? Why him, of all people? Regardless, he was starting to get bored with his own head. That didn't matter much though, because he then heard a man say "Hey! Language, man. There are ladies present, you asshat." The man sounded a bit flustered, but that didn't matter. 12 needed someone to talk too. "Excuse me!" He called, "What is this place?"
@BrokenWashing Nice! I look forward to seeing how our characters will interact, as Layne was addicted to Heroin.
I'll write later today
@alexakeehl Yes, you may. You can technically say that anybody might die by 2020, which is the time the RP will be set on.
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