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Location: Azure City-City Streets
Interactions: Bea, CAWsForAlarm

Vincent was having second thoughts in trying to approach the child. It was too late now though, and he couldn't just let an abandoned child run around could he? Though there was off that he could clearly see. Those glowing blue eyes were not human at all. Was he a mutant too? "Hey it's alright kid, I'm a mutant too. I'm not gonna hurt you." Vincent kneeled down a little bit, trying to seem less tall and threatening.

Maksim wasn't having any of it. Despite the stranger's best efforts, Maks wouldn't fall for anything, he wouldn't let himself fall to the same fate his parents had.
Maks' stomach growled violently, but the boy tried to pay no mind to it, instead focusing on the man in front of him. Just by looking at the boy, Vincent would be able to tell how tense he was. Maks took another slight step back, one hand against the wall of the old building, guiding him back as he walked, and the other held readily at his side.

This man had followed him all the way from the park, he assumed, so simply dashing away wasn't going to be as easy. Most people paid no attention to Maks on a usual day, so why was it that this stranger was trying to hard to earn his trust, why?

This was going absolutely nowhere but without any kind of actual plan that was to be expected. Lyon was the tactician of their little group but it didn't hurt to try something for himself. "Listen, I know you don't trust me. And I don't really blame you after I kinda followed you... but I can't really leave a child out here by themself." That was when he heard the boys stomach growl. "Especially one that's this hungry." So that's why the kid was resorting to stealing. That didn't make it much better buy at least it gave the poor child some justification for his actions. Vincent could only imagine what the little one had gone through.

Something about what this stranger was saying made Maksim pause a little longer than he usually would have. Maks really hadn't experienced anyone attempting to show some form of compassion. Sure there was the stray person here and there that tried to approach him on the street, but those encounters never lasted as long as this one had.

For a split second, Vincent may have seen a lessened expression of fear, and a little more curious confusion than anything. But Maks stayed for but a few moments longer before his eyes glowed a stronger blue and the boy turned and ran. He immediately turned down the nearest alleyway, using a dumpster to jump and grab onto a low hanging roof-access ladder, before scurrying up it and disappearing to the building-tops.

What an unsurprising ending that interaction, Vincent thought. Still though he felt bad that he couldn't do anything for that child. He could've at least bought some food for him or something. Vincent didn't feel guilty for long, he did everything he could've to try and calm the boy down but to no avail. So rather than let it weigh on his mind any longer he started walking back to the festival and continue perusing the different stalls to see if he could get anymore free things.

Location: Festival Grounds
Interactions: @Bea, @Cryptek12

Little did Maksim or Sheffield know that they had someone watching their interaction. After all something like that is bound to draw attention and there was no way in hell Vincent believed those two were brothers. Something was off about the boy though, he acted weird. Like a frightened animal. "I didn't expect to do any 'work' today but duty calls I guess." He muttered to himself. The mutant began to quickly slip through the crowd after the child, barely managing to keep up. He wasn't quite sure of why he was doing this. Was it curiosity? A desire to help what very much seemed to be a street child? He couldn't quite place it.

Eventually Vincent caught up to the child whenever he decided to stop. Rather then forcibly trying to stop the child Vincent tried to be a little more calm in his approach. Normally he wouldn't care but there was something about the kid. Maybe he could kind of relate to how the kid felt, frightened and afraid. "Hey kid, I'm not gonna hurt you. I just wanna talk." He continued to approach the kid as cautiously as he could and kept an eye out for any sudden movements. "What's your name kid?"

Location: Festival Grounds
Interactions: None

Of all the attendees of the festival there was one angry face that managed to stand out the slightest bit in the crowd. Vincent Dreyer stood by the entrance to the park with a phone to his ear and scowl on his face all while an impatient foot tapped away. "Come on, pick up loser!" Loser being an affectionate term of course. It took a couple more tries and a few more exasperated sighs for an answer to finally come from the phone. Vincent's best friend Lyon. "Finally! I think I've memorized your voicemail message by now. Where are you? I'm by the entrance where we were supposed to meet."

"Yeah, I'm so sorry!" Came the voice from the other side of the phone. It was a fairly quiet and reserved voice, but full of sincerity. "I know I talked you into going today but I just got a call from work, they're understaffed and with the festival apparently a lot of nearby people are having security concerns. I don't think I'm gonna make it there in time." A disappointed look began to cover Vincent's face. "You should enjoy this though!" His friend suggested. "It'll be good for you to actually get out and do something for a change."

"Grr... fine but you owe me you bastard." The conversation ended quickly so now Vincent was stuck staring at the festivities in front of him, wondering what in the hell he was going to do now. For now he decided to wander into the main area into the festival and see what free things he could get from the booths set up.

@Shard Woo finally got my anti-hero complete!
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Finally got this done, hopefully it looks okay.
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