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Gonna postpone this for now, because I'll be having a friend over :) Will update on when I'm back
Gonna postpone this for now, because I'll be having a friend over :) Will update on when I'm back
Thank you Madison! ^^
@Tim the YetiThank you very much! ^_^
Hi there! I'm new here, and looking for an rp to join in on :) I'm pretty casual myself, and have been away from forum rp for a while, but am eager to try it out again.

I'm not looking for romance, or anything steamy. But what I would like, is: friendship, adventure, or a work/school setting. The kind of stories I'm interested in are fantasy, but I'm also up for modern day settings as well. I'm fine with things like violence too, as long as nothing like my character's head getting cut off happens :p I think there'd be an issue continuing the plot, if that were the case XD But I do like story with some maturity, so feel free to get a bit dark.

Character types I lean towards playing: Sassy noblewoman, mother/sister figure, cheeky/memeworthy friend, sweet/shy friend, and loyal servant.
Thanks! :D
About Me:

I'm female, 31 years of age, I'm from North Wales (Uk), and I'm mainly active around afternoon to evening (GMT)

Also, if I can't post for whatever reason, I'll be sure to let you know :) and I'd like for you to do the same please ^_^

- I play female, and male characters. I'm pretty comfortable with both.

- I don't do romance, due to having rp partners in the past getting strange/too personal on me. But I don't mind if you want to add romance between your own ocs, or npcs. It's up to you.

- I'm totally up for violence though, as long as its within context of what's going on (check with me first though, if you have something graphic in mind, involving my character)

- I don't get involved with any threads that contain icky shit though (incest, underage stuff, etc)

- Since I've been away from forum role play for some time, I would consider myself casual. As in the length of my posts varies, and I may be rusty with some things. But I am very passionate about creating/taking part in rp :)

Type of rp I'm looking for:

1x1 or small group

Roles I am comfortable with playing:

- Motherly or sisterly sorts

- Fatherly or brotherly sorts

- Daughter or son

- Friends

- Co-workers/employees/servants (I am fond of playing house staff)

- Party members (for good old camp fire stories)

Worlds I am interested in:

- Devil May Cry

- Resident Evil

- Final Fantasy

- Kingdom Hearts

- Dragon Age

- Game of Thrones

- Star Wars (though I don't tend to go for sci-fi, I love me some Star Wars)

- Star Trek (Yeah, apparently I don't like sci-fi)

- The Walking Dead (though I am rusty with the world)

- Naruto

- Bleach

- Attack on Titan

- Black Butler (though miss me with that Ciel ship)

- Steins Gate

(will update list for more)
@Cessendra22 bach yn fawr!

And yes some of the others are here too. Hizumi @Aka and @DarkRecon from the old forums. ^_^

And people. She's a fab writer, not at all casual I would say!

I don't remember who anyone is D: My old lady brain isn't as good at braining as it used to be. But thank you for having faith in me ^_^ <3
@Angel Vicky Omg small world! o_o Thank you!! XD And yes, I am well known as mother of fuzzy childrens.
Thank you! ^_^
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