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18 hrs ago
Current Can't I get paid to roleplay instead?
11 days ago
We have ways of making you talk... *brings in a corgi* Tell us your secrets and you may pet the puppy.
13 days ago
Digimon RP is more fun than Pokemon RP, because you can actually hold conversation.
16 days ago
Ever done an RP about construction workers? There's a lot of build up.
24 days ago
God bless whoever had the idea to put autosave on this site.


Not much to say here, really! I enjoy RP, and I enjoy writing, so I'm on here as much as I can be. It's a lot of fun! I'm an experienced RPer whose even DM'd a few campaigns before! I watch a lot of anime and play a lot of video games, so you know I have the shut-in life on lock! XD

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I agree. Exposition first, then interaction times! It gives us something to do while you're gone, and you don't have to worry about us while you're off having fun!
Two more days til I put up the first post! :D
@King Cosmos Looking forward to our characters interacting too! :D Also, poor Pulsemon. He just wants a friend. ;-;
I've modified the middle of Rose's history (basically the bit where she learns about her fatther's fate) mainly to fill in the pile of plot holes it had. same structure, just a bit more detailed/logical

Very nice! And it actually plays quite well into a plot line or two I was considering... So do look forward to that! >:D
You wouldn't, I wouldn't, but Impmon most definitely would. And will! XD
Every time I think about this RP, my first thought isn't about the potential story or character growth, but rather "Hmm... How can Impmon prank <name> in the funniest way?" XD
She just has to knock a few heads til the residents learn not to mess with her! XD
Good news, everyone! I've written up a list of dungeons for you all in the IC tab! It's under Post 0 so you'll always have access to it. Feel free to give it a look! And know that more dungeons may be discovered later~
I'm personally voting for "Stocky Punchy Bois". XDDD
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