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Current Update: sleep was achieved. Hooray!
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I really need to get some sleep. *guzzles soda* I'm so tired. *munches down sugary snacks* Don't know why I can't sleep. *does literally anything but bed*
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Can't I get paid to roleplay instead?
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We have ways of making you talk... *brings in a corgi* Tell us your secrets and you may pet the puppy.
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Digimon RP is more fun than Pokemon RP, because you can actually hold conversation.


Not much to say here, really! I enjoy RP, and I enjoy writing, so I'm on here as much as I can be. It's a lot of fun! I'm an experienced RPer whose even DM'd a few campaigns before! I watch a lot of anime and play a lot of video games, so you know I have the shut-in life on lock! XD

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Apologies! I was planning to show those when your characters went to check the boards, but here works too! I'll try to have an answer post up tonight or tomorrow listing all the jobs for each rank.
Alright, folks! The rails are gone; you're all free to journey as you please!
Although most of the guild members were greeted with little more than a glare and a glance from Sylveon, Clay received a bit of a custom greeting. "Clay. I assume that whatever that loud crash was, you're going to fix it. Correct?" It was voiced like a question, but there was no question to it. Regardless, once everyone had assembled, she cleared her throat. "Everyone! The Guildmaster will now deliver the morning announcements!"

Silence. Normally, at this point in the morning, Alakazam would emerge from his office to greet them all, but today there was only... silence. Sylveon glanced back at the doors, frowning a bit, then cleared her throat once more. "The Guildmaster will now deliver the morning announcements!" she repeated, this time a bit louder. Still there was silence. She turned toward the doors with evident confusion. "...Guildmaster? Are you there?"

Finally, the silence was broken by a single, telling sound: a soft snoring coming from the other side of the door. Sylveon's eyes went wide, before a paw came to cover her face. "I swear, some days..." Turning back about, she lifted her hind legs... and delivered a kick most fierce to the door! "GUILDMASTER!!!" she shouted.

"WAGH! WHA- WHO- Sylveon! Yes! Er-hem! I wasn't sleeping!" came a somewhat frantic voice from the other side.

Sylveon shook her head and let out a long sigh, grumbling something to herself. "Guildmaster, it's time for the morning announcements."

"Mm? Ah! Yes! Why so it is! Yes. Thank you, Sylveon!" A moment later, the doors opened at last, revealing the familiar and friendly face of Alakazam himself! "Good morning, everyone! Here's to another adventurous day, hm? Yes!" Despite Sylveon's clear annoyance, she stood diligent post by the Guildmaster's side. Sylveon was a stickler for schedules, which is why she was so insistent on waking everyone up at the same time every morning, and even this few-second deviation was certainly going to bother her for the rest of the day.

Alakazam himself, however, seemed anything but bothered. "Er-hem. Right then! Announcements! We've quite a many today! Let's see... Ah yes! First, let us all formally welcome Yoku and Clay, our newest explorers! A big round of applause for them!" Alakazam began to clap for the pair of them, stopping only as Sylveon's ribbon tapped him on the shoulder.

"Guildmaster, I'm sure you'll recall that Clay has been with our guild for a year now." Sylveon looked very pointedly up at him. "Surely you haven't forgotten?"

"Poppycock!" Alakazam declared. "I've never forgotten anything, Sylveon!" He turned to the rest of the guild with an amused twinkle in his eye. "I simply remember things out of order. Ho ho ho ho! Yes, however! I have not forgotten your diligence, my boy!" he said to Clay directly. "However, today we welcome you not as a new member, but as a new explorer! May your first adventure be both joyous and exciting, hm? Yes!"

"And to you, young Yoku!" He now addressed the Makuhita before him. "I look forward to hearing tales of your exploits in the coming days! I'm sure you'll do us proud, yes. Luck be with you both for your first big day!"

He then leaned back to address the guild as a whole. "Now then! A bit more seriousness to our announcements. I'm sure you've heard tell of the 'Shadow' Pokémon that our humble lands have been afflicted by. I wish to remind you all once again that these are not monsters, nor are they criminals. They are victims, yes. Victims of some terrible as-yet-unknown force. I ask that you keep that firmly in mind should you ever be forced to fight one. They are dangerous, yes, but when the fighting is done, they will - by all previous accounts - awaken with no memory of what's happened. Let us see they do not also wake with too many injuries, hm?

Additionally, it seems a storm will be approaching this evening. If you've anything kept outside, I do highly recommend bringing it inside until the storm's passing. Additionally, our guild will, as ever, be tending to the good townsfolk who allow us to continue to dwell in lovely Nockwood tomorrow morning, aiding them in repairing any damages the storm may have caused. Do keep that in mind, yes.

And finally!" He gave a wide grin to them all, the ends of his mustache lifting gleefully. "Remember always that ours is not a cause of fame and fortune! We are explorers, yes! Our riches are those of knowledge! Within our hearts burns a fire, and it is up to each of us to see that flame become a roaring inferno! Let your adventures this day bring you ever closer to your goals, your ideals, and your futures. Grab hold of your dreams by your own power, and never let go! Only then will you stand atop the world, looking back at your life with a smile, and looking ahead to your future with eager anticipation. Go forth, my friends and fellows! Yes! Let today be a day to remember!"

With this, Alakazam gave the members one last wave, then returned to his office. Though the doors closed behind him, members of the guild were still allowed to visit him if ever they had the need. He never locked the doors, and Sylveon had been very specifically instructed not to add "Bouncer" to her list of duties. She did, however, remain to address the group. "Good luck today, everyone. And please keep tonight's storm in mind! Being out overnight is not advised today." She was a harsh taskmaster, true, but she still cared about the members. In her own loud, easily angered way.

The bulletin boards listed many a request, and the town below was opening its shops and services. The guild members were now free to go where they pleased!
Also question, how does dialogue between players work?

Two options! One: talk regularly in IC with shorter posts. Two: write up the conversation together in PMs or on a Google doc and copy/paste the final product into one big post!
Decided to have Clay join the fray with a bang! Literally.

Twas a spectacular entrance! I just hope Clay is ready to face the wrath of Sylveon for damaging the guild hall...

*thunderclouds loom*
Time for adventure!! :D ...Well, first, time for morning announcements. And then adventure!!
The first hints of dawn emerged in the starry sky, preluding the rising of the sun for another day. In humble Nockwood Town, the Pokémon who called the land home were just beginning to stir, waking from restful slumber to greet a new day. The few but faithful merchants were preparing for another day of shoppers and service-seekers, while the townspeople sleepily turned their thoughts to their own day's plans. And as the first light of the sun peeked over the eastern horizon, more than one pair of eyes turned to the grand estate at the very edge of town. This estate was the Alakazam Explorers' Guild.

Founded in his "youth", such as it was, the building eschewed the odd but endearing tradition of being modeled after the founder. Depending on who one asked, Alakazam's choice to keep the design simple and functional was either "very responsible" or "terribly boring". Even so, the three-story manor more than served the needs of its inhabitants. And displayed proudly out front, on a banner that hung bright and bold and a flag that even now fluttered in the morning breeze, was the guild's own emblem: a stark white globe beneath a path of undefined brown footprints, all splayed on a background as orange as the sunrise itself. And it was in this very manor that certain events were about to take shape. Events that would forever change the world...

"WAKE UP, YOU LOT!" came the impatient shout. In the door of each room, one after the other, stood a lone Sylveon. "IT'S TIME FOR MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS! UP AND AT 'EM! NOW!" Sylveon, as the Guildmaster's assistant, took it upon herself each morning to ensure all members of the guild (except those out on adventures) were up and ready for morning announcements, whether they wanted to be or not. Though her voice could doubtless be heard across the entire manor, she made a point to visit every single room, just as she did each and every morning. First-time members were often surprised that one who took so much care in maintaining her graceful, delicate appearance could reach a volume to match a Hyper Voice attack.

She began, as always, on the first floor of the manor, wherein those fresh faces ranked Beginner took bunk. The few extra minutes of sleep that those on the second and third floor were afforded were a precious and invaluable prize that only the upper ranks would enjoy. Yet one more reason for the newbies to ascend. In the halls opposite the bunkroom, there was an impressive kitchen and dining room, one which "Taskmaster" Sylveon made sure was always clean. Many a meal had been shared here by the members of the guild, and with good fortune and wisdom, many more would come.

The second floor, in continuing fashion, housed the second rank: the Elites. Unlike the floor below, where all Beginners shared a single grand bunkroom, the Elites were granted their own rooms - another perk of their advanced service and risk-taking. Though the rooms were small, they were furnished with comfortable straw nestbeds and had space remaining for small furnishings and decor, both left up to the whims of the current occupant. Of course, the only downside was that Elites suffered the dread of hearing multiple doors kicked open by Sylveon's unforgiving hinds.

Across from the hall of the Elites' rooms were two doors marked with signs. On the one, "Apricoatl's Swap Shop" was displayed, the sign of the Pachirisu's own make and design. The other door read "Storage Area". Legends said that the mess and clutter within that room was so terrible and thick that former guild members had once entered the room to look for items and were never seen again. It was a silly legend with no basis in truth... but by Arceus, that room was a mess.

Finally, the third floor. At the very top of this grand guild hall were the suites reserved exclusively for the guild's Aces. Though there was currently only one, none in the guild could claim that Lady Rosalinda had not earned her place there. The suites were few in number, but each was easily the size of two Elite rooms put together. And out of respect for her contributions, Lady Rosalinda was awoken not by kicks and shouts, but by a polite yet firm knocking.

And of course, opposite the suites stood the grandest and most important room in the guild: Alakazam's office. It was an office, a library, a map room, and a bed chamber all at once, covered wall to wall in the Guildmaster's "organized mess". Even the walls themselves were covered in maps and posters of various events and Pokémon. And it was there, behind the double oak doors, that Alakazam himself sat, awaiting the coming of a new day and all that it would bring with it.

After making her morning rounds, Sylveon took post by the Guildmaster's office and awaited the arrival of the guild's members. If they valued their hides, they would not be late.
I agree. Exposition first, then interaction times! It gives us something to do while you're gone, and you don't have to worry about us while you're off having fun!
Two more days til I put up the first post! :D
@King Cosmos Looking forward to our characters interacting too! :D Also, poor Pulsemon. He just wants a friend. ;-;
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