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I have a dog named Rigzy, who is the Small Guy to my Big Guy. When I say that, I mean like... you know how in movies and cartoons, there's always the duo of the short guy and the tall guy? Rocky and Bullwinkle, Pinky and the Brain, Mario and Luigi... etc. He's my bro.
I once shivered twice.
Are you interested in doing the "I'll Protect You" thing?
I am interested, albeit not in being one of the Harvey or Shane fellers.
Tell me more about this Sylvan character.
Howdy! Is this still going on? I'm interested with a vengeance!
@ChuuyaWell, I really like writing about heroic characters, and generally very upbeat guys. I enjoy filling my himbo nature in most of my writing, if I'm not playing a villain or a some more braniac fella like a stock broker or a senator. If I'm being honest, I kinda fell out of DnD a lot because I find it hard to find people to run a campaign with, especially one that lasts. I find it especially hard because I end up getting the party to turn on me when I kill the other melee tank characters (Barbarian or Paladin) in order for there to be one... because, like in the Highlander,


I ESPECIALLY love the medieval period when it comes to writing, if not for the sole reason that it satiates my baby fever, even if only for a little while, by propagating a dynasty and such. I've gotten to take over whole kingdoms on accident just because I wanted to find suitable matches for my kids. I also enjoy it because I enjoy having courtiers riding my coattails looking for a way to ingratiate themselves with my regime and also because I like being like Bobby B.

I do like some apocalyptic stuff because I like the idea of buff men roving around righting wrongs and looting beef jerky. Reminds me of when I used to watch Mad Max and Fist of the North Star as a kid.
Hi there. What kinda RPs do you do on discord? I just started joining some but they're more aciton-ey in nature.

I am a jack of all trades. Done a little bit of spaghetti westerns, a little bit of scifi, used to do some Game of Thrones themed ones, fantasy, a star wars one, some Fallout-themed ones and an apocalypse themed one where I was Chad Chaddington, Savior of Texas, Scourge of Canada, and all-around Drifter.

Currently I'm doing a Roman roleplay where I'm the token Germanic/Barbarian character and I've been thrown in prison for not knowing Latin.
I'm also doing a roleplay taking place during the fall of Rome where I created Switzerland as the King of the Lombards.
@VampiretwilightHowdy! :D
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