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Greetings. I'm just a girl looking to write a good story.

I'm online nearly every day for at least an hour.

I like many genres.

I like erotica.

I could say more, but for now this is good enough I think.

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(OOC: This post includes an image of a nude woman from behind. Since we see such images on normal television all the time and since it is not part of interactive sexual role play, it is my understanding that it is not considered inappropriate, per my PM conversations with a Co-Admin and 2 Moderators. If I am wrong about this, I would appreciate a heads up from one of these people and I will IMMEDIATELY delete it. If you don't want to see a woman's naked butt, don't open the link.)

They'd only covered about 6 miles by the time they stopped at the river. Tanna had spent most of her time in the front with her Bodyguard; some of the handpicked men rode out to and back from scouts checking the road and forest ahead while the others rode immediately ahead of and behind her.

Tanna had brought with her about half of a Company, as well as a portion of the supply wagons and civilians who serviced the Army, mostly when they struck camp. The rest of her Army and tag-alongs had gone north toward Westmoreland.

"Are we catching up with them?" she asked Trollo, her Bodyguard Commander, when he returned from scouting ahead.

"Tomorrow, m'lady," Trollo told her. "We left too late to join them today."

"I want you to send 20 men ahead on horse to reinforce the Company," she ordered. "They are escorting cargo we can't afford to lose."

The Commander did as order, and Tanna turned her horse toward the rear of the train. She came upon Kyrinn sitting on the edge of the road.
One glance to a member of her Bodyguard had him off his horse and beating the slave with a horse whip as he chastised, "Stand when in the presence or your Lady!"

As she watched Tyrinn rise to his feet, Tanna drank from a skin of spring water. She eyed the man, now dressed in a more substantial braies. She smiled, thinking What a shame that you are covered up.

"Drink," she said, tossing the skin to him. The eyes of the Bodyguard Officer opened wide at the thought of his Lady sharing her water with a lowly slave, but he said nothing when Tanna gave him a knowing glare. After Kyrinn had drunk his share, the Officer snatched the skin and returned it to her, asking quietly if she wanted him to have it purified first. She only gestured for it, then drank the last bit of water remaining. She nodded the Officer to give her some space, then looked to Kyrinn. "You did well last night. You were very ... entertaining. You are not the first slave to have been tested so, but you are are the first to have remained hard throughout the night. I'm impressed."

She gave the man a moment to respond, not sure whether or not he would since any response she didn't like might result in the Bodyguard punishing him. Then she said, "And I did hear you this morning when you asked why you and I had not played nice together."

She smiled again, and once again she turned her horse and rode away without answering the question. She found her Bodyguard Commander and ordered, "Get'em moving again!"

The train continued onward, following the river often, sometimes loosing sight of it only to again find it a bit later. They eventually came to a large open space of tall native grass and began to set up camp. There would be at least a hundred paces between the camp's perimeter and the forest, which provided them a sense of security they lacked without a wall or ditch.

Kyrinn's cage had been filled put in the back of a wagon and filled with camp goods, and now it was emptied and unloaded to once again make room for him. The Senior Lieutenant and Bodyguard Commander worked together to establish watches and security, and the civilians and soldiers assigned such tasks set about building fire pits, slaughtering goats, chickens, and rabbits, and getting the evening meal started.

Tanna' tent was set up again, though, this time not to its full size nor with all of her lavish features. There would be no celebration tonight, only a bath, a meal, and sleep.

The camp was barely complete and the security established when the rain that had been threatening for the last few hours began. Within minutes it was pouring hard and steady, with no signs of letting up. Tanna came to the entrance of her tent and looked out upon the cage sitting apart from the fires, tents, and canopies.

She couldn't help but feel for poor old Kyrinn, despite his status as the lowliest of members of the camp. She gestured a Watch Stander over, gave him orders, and then returned to her tent's interior. A minute later, a pair of guards tossed an oxen hide canopy over the cage and tied it down. Oh, it wouldn't keep Kyrinn entirely dry, particularly since the cage was sitting in a low spot that might likely fill with water. But it had to be better than nothing.


The next morning, the camp broke at dawn and was moving an hour later. Tanna had looked out upon the cage from near her tent as it was broken down, then ordered Krina to take food and water to her newest toy. "Express my hope that he got some sleep last night."

Again, the train was paralleling the river southward. They stopped a bit earlier this day to again water the animals; they also distributed some of the leftover food from the previous night, and even Kyrinn was giving the remains of a rabbit carcass by Madley, per Tanna's instructions.

An hour or so before dark, they caught up with the slave train that had preceded them by half a day. They were already gathered at a cleared piece of land where a village had once stood. Once upon a time, hundreds of acres of wheat, rye, and other grains had been grown here, feeding hundreds of head of livestock and the men, women, and children who cared for them. Today, there was nothing but charred ruins and wild grasses.

Tanna's partial tent was again set up, and Kyrinn once again was stuffed into his cage, just a couple of dozen paces beyond his Lady's door. And just like the night before, rain came with the darkness, only harder and colder. As the winds rose and a storm presented itself, a pair of Guards unlocked Kyrinn's cage and ordered him out. For no apparent reason, one of them slammed him in the face with great force before leaning in and saying, "I was told to remind you what would happen if you don't play nice. I don't know what that means, but..."

And then he slammed his hand into Kyrinn's face again before the pair of them almost dragged him through the dark to and through the opening of Tanna's tent. He was manhandled over into familiar corner, shoved to the ground, and shackled by the ankle chains to an already deeply placed stake. And yes, once again, the mean Guard punched Kyrinn in the face, reminding him with a growl, "Play nice."

Tanna had her back to Kyrinn as she lay in a wooden bathtub, being washed by Krina and Madley. She said to the latter, "Get our guest food and drink. Hot root tea, to ward off the chills of the night."

Madley did as told, and as she did, Tanna stood naked from the tub, her backside fully displayed to the man chained to the ground just a couple of yards away. Tanna directed Krina to rinse her, and after the second slave had dumped several pitchers of warm, clear water over her, the beautiful redhead stepped out of the tub to be wrapped in a silk gown. She only then turned to face Kyrinn; the remnants of moisture on her body caused her bosom, pert nipples, hips, and thighs to cling to the cloth, showing them off as well as if she wasn't dressed at all.

"Krina, would you get our guest some bedding and pillows, please," she asked as casually as if she was asking the slave to do so for herself. "Madley, when you are done there, please find a towel and dry ... Kyrinn, correct?"

She giggled a bit, pointing out, "You look like a drowned rat. Remove your braies, and I will have a clean one brought to you in the morning."

As the two female slaves hurried about completing their Lady's orders, Tanna turned toward her own bed. She drank from the bottle of wine -- stronger stuff, this time -- and ate a few morsels from a platter on a small three legged table. Then, shedding her gown and again revealing her naked body -- this time in profile -- she lowered into her bed, looked to Kyrinn, and explained, "Please forgive my rudeness, but I need to sleep. We'll speak more in the morning."

If nothing more was said to her, Tanna had every intention of simply closing her eyes and going to sleep.


HETEROSEXUAL (presumed; she has the hots for Sebastian, but she's a virgin, so what does she know, right?)


  • 22 years of age (youngest of the crew of New Hope)
  • 5'1", 101 pounds, 31A-22-33
  • Dark black, arrow straight hair (typically Japanese)
  • Deep brown eyes

PERSONALITY (including applicable notes about sexuality if any):

  • Genetically enhance intelligence, analytical ability, and intuition.
  • Super confident.
  • A real team player.
  • Quiet, but not shy; reserved, maybe.
  • Sexually, she is eager to lose her virginity.
  • Potentially secretive; the nature of a hacker.

BACKGROUND (prior to launch):

  • GenTech Baby: pre-conception gene alterations aimed at improving mathematical and analysis capabilities.

    • By age 4, she could read from and understand text books her Professor father used to educate his Masters Program students at MIT.
    • By age 8, she was creating software programs for multiple computer languages.
    • By age 12, she'd hacked into hundreds of Private Industry, Government, and Military databases, domestic and foreign.
  • During her hacking:

    • Missy left calling cards.
    • They identified her as TeenyWeenyNottaMeeny.
    • It was meant to allude to her youth (and small size) and to the fact that her hacking was not nearly as malicious as it could have been.
  • She was ultimately caught:

    • She was arrested and held without bond for several days.
    • Then, in the middle of the night, unidentified Men in Black with a Federal Warrant took her into custody.
    • She was given a choice: life in prison or a job with a super secret black ops computer agency.
    • She took the job, which she worked for nearly a year.
    • She infiltrated dozens of computer systems of foreign agencies and militaries as well as some domestic private industries that were suspected of performing illegal activities.
  • Missy hated her job, however, and decided to get out:

    • She hacked her own organization's data bases and planted an electronic bomb.
    • If she didn't send a specific code to it once a month, the entire data base would be sent to the Press and wiped out locally.
    • She was, obviously, released from her duties there and her criminal record was expunged.
  • She wanted to join the International Space Exploration Force and become a member of the crew of the New Hope.

    • She did what she did best: she hacked.
    • Missy established fake credentials for herself.
    • She faked a work history with multiple space related companies and agencies.
    • Slipped her face into multiple databases, even using deep fake tech to add herself to official and social media photos for events she had never attended.
    • She arranged and held meetings with other ISEF personnel -- sometimes digitally, sometimes in person!
    • She had people throughout the program talking amongst themselves about the cute little Comp Tech.
    • Then she fabricated purchase and work orders to have an office waiting for her at ISEF Headquarters the day she first walked onto the campus.
  • Missy worked at ISEF for 2 years before being found out:

    • She had become New Hope's Artificial Intelligence Programming Chief.
    • People finally realized that she was not only never hired but never interviewed for the post.
    • By that point, though, it was too late to look for a proper AI Tech.
    • The New Hope crew was about to be sent to Earth Station III for 3 years of training.
    • Not only that, Missy had proved herself:

      • She'd reprogrammed the Artificial Intelligence in a multitude of ways to make it more intuitive to and interactive with its human crew.
      • She'd found and corrected hundreds of minor to major flaws in dozens of general computer systems.
      • She'd possibly saved the mission and the crew from disaster as some of the fixed flaws could have been mission critical.
    • She was just 19 years of age when she made the flight to ES-III.


  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist (AI Tech, most call her).
  • General Computer Software and Hardware Technician.
  • Basically, she's in charge of New Hope's computer systems.

RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER CHARACTERS (Friends, intimate, rivals, enemies, etc.):

  • She is friendly with everyone.
  • She is in lust with Sebastian.
  • She was determined to surrender her virginity to him back at Earth Station III upon mission completion.
  • Now with the mission a bust, she isn't waiting for a return to Earth.

OTHER NOTES YOU WISH TO INCLUDE (including expansion of things written above):

  • Although she is very skilled in her intuitiveness toward artificial objects -- computers, machines, etc. -- she isn't very intuitive regarding people.
  • She is rather inexperienced in social situations, often saying or doing things that most people would consider inappropriate.

(OOC: The image below is of the character in her underwear. Do not open this link if you are in a public place and about to embarrass yourself.)

"Greetings Missy," the Artificial Intelligence -- now again working -- spoke to Misako Hashimoto as she was finishing her reanimation from hibernation. The ship's brain used the young crew member's nickname, just as Missy had programmed it to do. Artie followed up with, "How do you feel?"

Missy grimaced and groaned from the extended stasis period, very much as those who'd come before her had: she was the fourth to be brought back to life after -- in order -- Doc Maggie, Mission Commander Helen Davis, and Sebastian Muatoya, the ship's Chief Engineer.

Shifting her hands from where they laid at her sides to touch her body, Missy was reminded of how scantily she was dressed. Like Maggie, Missy had brought a set -- a few sets, actually -- of sexy undergarments with her on the deep space voyage. Unlike the Doc, the AI Tech hadn't waited for the thaw to wear hers, telling the Cryogenic Specialists back at Earth Station III about getting into the stasis bed, "I'm getting in there dressed in these or dressed in nothing, your choice."

She smiled now, recalling the the smiles and laughs amongst the others when they'd spent a couple of minutes arguing the merits of risking their jobs by letting her do the latter. Missy responded to Artie, "I don't recall it being so painful last time."

The AI pointed out, "The cryogenic stasis training session in which you participated had lasted only 6 months, Missy. You have been in cryogenic stasis for 122 years. Let me explain--"

"Don't!" a female voice called out from nearby. A moment later, Maggie was standing over Missy's stasis bed, asking her how she felt, just as Artie had. But the younger, much more petite woman only wanted to know what the AI had meant. "Let's get you out of here first and into a hot bath first. I'll explain then."

Missy was just as shocked as Maggie had been before her. She asked about the rest of the crew, relieved to find the others were healthy. "The ship is still together? We're not decompressed anywhere important?"

"Not sure," Maggie answered. "The Commander and the Chief are checking it out. Yes, we have some decompressions, and we have an engine that has malfunctioned. Sebastian is checking it all while Helen reviews the Comms to figure out our mission status."

Missy blushed at the mention of Sebastian Muatoya's name. She and Bass couldn't have been any different from one another. And yet by the end of their first day of training back on ES-III, Missy had known that the moment the mission was over and New Hope had returned to Earth, she was going to strip the man's clothing off and maul his body for hours, maybe even days.

As she soaked in the revitalizing bath, Missy began quizzing Artie about his functionality. There were a couple of glitches detectable just from her verbal inquiries; what would she learn once she was sitting at the AI's control panels? Maggie excused herself to begin the reanimation of the next crew member, timing it to coincide with Missy's emergence from the sole Chem Tub.

"Are we gonna die, Doc?" Missy suddenly asked the tall, voluptuous blonde, who'd reluctantly changed into her standard issue coveralls before waking the Mission Commander. When Maggie turned back to her, the AI Tech said, "I don't really wanna die. Not out here, all alone in the Void."

"You're not alone, Misako," Maggie reassured her. "And you're not gonna die. They'll figure this out, the Commander and the Chief. Trust me."

Missy laid back in the back, lowering herself until her jawline met the water and all lower than that was soaking. She contemplated what she would be missing in her life if she was to die out here, particularly at her extraordinarily youthful age. At just barely past 22 real years of age, she was the youngest member of New Hope's crew. In fact, she wasn't even old enough per Mission Standards to be part of the crew at all.

Missy had become New Hope's Artificial Intelligence Specialist by hacking her way into the job.

Just like Maggie and most of the ship's crew, Missy was a GenTech Baby. Her pre-conception gene alterations had been aimed at improving her mathematical and analysis capabilities. The result was that by age 4, she could read from and understand any of the text books -- paper or digital -- that her Professor father used to educate his Masters Program students at MIT; she was creating software programs for multiple computer languages by age 8; and by age 12, she'd hacked into hundreds of Private Industry, Government, and Military databases -- domestic and foreign -- and left calling cards that, in the end, had resulted in her being arrested and later hired by the United States' newest black ops computer agency.

Missy didn't like what she was doing there, in the shadows, as she called it. She wanted to go into space, and when she heard that the International Space Exploration Force was finally sending humans to New Terra after having spent far more years than she'd been alive sending only unmanned probes there, she knew that she had to be part of the crew of the first Deep Space Settlement Transport.

So she did what she did best: she hacked.

Missy established fake credentials for herself; she faked a work history with multiple space related companies and agencies; she slipped her face into multiple databases, even using deep fake tech to add herself to official and social media photos for events she had never attended; she arranged and held meetings with other ISEF personnel -- sometimes digitally, sometimes in person! -- until she had people throughout the program talking amongst themselves about the cute little Comp Tech; and then she even fabricated purchase and work orders to have an office waiting for her at ISEF Headquarters the day she first walked onto the campus.

Missy was working at the New Hope's Artificial Intelligence Programming Chief for almost two years before anyone ever figured out that not only was she not supposed to be there; not only had she never been interviewed by Personnel, let alone never hired; but that when it was time for the ship's crew to lift off to Earth Station III for the 3 year long final mission training, Misako Hashimoto was still only 19 years of age!

By that point, though, it was already too late to begin looking for a proper AI Tech. Not only that, Missy had proved herself to be not only capable of doing the job but the best person for it by far. She'd reprogrammed the Artificial Intelligence in a multitude of ways to make it more intuitive to and interactive with its human crew, and she'd found and corrected hundreds of minor to major flaws in dozens of general computer systems that had passed inspection when they shouldn't have, potentially saving New Hope from disaster and its crew from certain death.

Of course, did any of that matter now? As she soaked in the bath, Missy couldn't help but wonder whether she should just keep lowering her head into the hot, revitalizing water and peacefully end it all here, now. No, not yet! she told herself, lowering her mouth into the water and playfully blowing bubbles before her face. No, I still have something to accomplish before I die.

She emerged from the bath, dried, redonned her sexy undergarments, then slipped into the standard coverall that she had had to have specially made to fit her tiny body. Just as Sebastian had had his ISEF uniforms specially made to fit his impressively large, God-like physique, Missy had had the same done to suit her 5'1", 101 pound, 31A-22-33 inch body.

She headed off to inspect her shared quarters, then headed out to find the other reanimated crew. She chatted with Mission Commander Helen Davis a few minutes, then resumed her search for the crew member upon whom she desperately wanted to lay eyes. She found Chief Engineer Sebastian Muatoya in one of the Engineroom Compartments working hard. Without him knowing she was there, she just spent a couple of minutes observing the way he moved, the way his muscles flexed and bulged as he strained or used his tools.

No, I'm not ready to die quite yet, Missy told herself again. Not until I have given my virginity away to that man ... to Bass. Not until after then.

Sebastian finally caught sight of her, and Missy smiled shyly and gave him a friendly but somewhat meek wave. He had no idea that she wanted him in the way she did, though, it wouldn't have surprised Missy to learn that he assumed all women wanted to get naked with him at some point in their knowledge of him.

Who wouldn't? she asked herself as she made gestured to Sebastian that she needed to go take care of something. She turned and hurried away, fearful that if she remained she might just rip her and his clothes off right there in the Engineroom and get'r done, as some ancient comedian used to say.

Missy headed to AI Central, dropped into her chair with snacks and drinks surrounding her, and spoke out loud, "Okay, Artie, let's see what's what."
I'm interested in this, still looking for someone?

Oh, shoot, no, sorry. I meant to change the title to reflect that the roles had been filled. I will do so now.

I have other role plays open if you are interested. I think you can look at my profile and see them, can't you? (I'm kind of new here, and I'm still learning to maneuver the site.)

Thanks for showing your interest, though. I appreciate it.
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I exchanged some PMs with Hank, who is a Co-Admin, regarding my first 2 posts in "The Enslaved". He said it was close to the edge but fine. Perhaps you would take a look at them and give me your opinion, too. I do not explicitly describe the actions of sex; I only speak of sex occurring.

I would hope that having been told this by an Admin, that the Moderators such as yourself would be okay with it, too. I don't know if you are able to access my PM string with Hank, but here is the link to it:

And thank you for your good work, btw.
Tanna wasn't happy with how long it was taking to break down the camp and get the Companies back on the roads. The reasons were two fold:

First, because there had been significantly fewer deaths amongst the injured during the night, there were far more of them now to be carted back to Westmoreland. It was an irony that the higher survival rate was actually bad for the immediate future of the army.

Cavalry had been sent out in all directions to buy, borrow, or steal wagons, carts, and sledges, as well as the horses, mules, donkeys, and oxen to pull them. While the former had been found in sufficient numbers, the latter hadn't. In the end, civilians were conscripted to help the less senior soldiers in pulling many of the vehicles filled with the injured as if beasts of burden.

The second reason was the unexpected information coming from scouts. Many of the surviving enemy troops from yesterday's battle were gathering in the forests in all directions, possibly threatening guerrilla actions against the Westmoreland forces. Tanna had planned on leaving Squads or Platoons of soldiers in all of the Towns and Cities now belonging to her Father, but now it appeared that she would have to send men into the woods to root out the enemy.

"I'll be heading south with the slaves," she told her General, surprising him. She had planned on returning to Westmoreland in the north. She explained, "I need to be present for the auction of the slaves, not just those taken in yesterday's fight but those still in holding in Praul. We stand less a chance of being cheated if I am there to personally oversee the sale."

Her personal Bodyguard of 12 was expanded with the addition of 12 more experienced Soldiers. As she was bidding farewell to her General, he nodded his head toward the cage in which Kyrinn was still housed, asking, "And what of him? The other slaves hare already half a day south."

"He'll fetch more coin than any other 20 laborers combined," she said, giving reason for keeping him close. "The mine owners would love to have him, but ... I think I could get more for him as a Gladiator."

They went their separate ways, with Tanna having Kyrinn taken from his cage. Atop her horse, she looked down to him as her soldiers exchanged his ankle shackles for a pair that would still inhibit running but would make walking at a steady pace possible.

"Run, and I will have one of your feet cut off," she told him with a serious tone. "Raise a hand to my men, and you will lose it."

She smirked, adding, "Play nice, like you did last night, and you will live through this day."

She turned her horse as the Company with which she would ride began marching for the south road. Tanna looked back as Kyrinn fell in behind her wagon of tent items, then spurred her horse forward and rode ahead to check in with the Senior Officer leading the trek south.

CHARACTER NAME: Maggie Greer, Medical Doctor

Image (undergarments; open in private)

GENDER and SEXUAL ORIENTATION (if declared): Female; lesbian (but not entirely exclusively; more below)

  • 26 years of age.
  • 5'8", 124#, 36C-24-36.
  • Dirty blonde hair, permanently lightened (by genetic process).
  • Hazel-green eyes.
  • Hairless groin, permanent (by laser process).

PERSONALITY (including applicable notes about sexuality if any):
  • Intelligent, ingenious, creative.
  • Well educated: 3 BSs, 2 Masters, and a PhD in a variety of Medical Fields (which I'll list later).
  • She is generally a very happy, very optimistic person.
  • At the time I posted this profile (after learning of the "failed" mission), she was a bit disappointed and distraught.

  • She is a GenTech baby:
    • Her DNA was artificially altered prior to conception, a common process in this era.
    • She was geared toward higher intelligence.
  • Her education was, of course, accelerated:
    • Age 14: Graduated High school.
    • Age 16: Completed her first BS.
    • Age 17: Completed her 2nd BS.
    • Age 19: Completed her 1st Masters.
    • Age 20: Completed her 3rd BS (a requirement for ISEF).
    • Age 21: Completed her 2nd Masters.
    • Age 23: Completed her PhD.
  • Her beauty, however, was entirely Mother Nature's work.
    • She was sought after as a model by many agencies.
    • ISEF, the International Space Exploration Force, was thrilled to let her model initially.
    • It served as a valuable recruiting tool for girls and boys both.
    • However, they demanded she ceased modeling after this image exploded across social media.
    • Ironically, recruitment of males into ISEF shot up 135% within a month of the photo's release.
  • She was selected from more than 2,000 applicants to be New Hope's Medical Doctor.
  • She was the last one into cryo before the ship launched and the first one out.

  • Medical Doctor.
  • Assistant Researcher (to ???; character yet to be identified).
  • 4th in Command aboard New Hope (after the Commander, the Executive Officer, and the Chief Engineer).

  • She is lesbian (with some previous heterosexual experience), so she will undoubtedly become intimate with one (or more?) of the female characters and, less likely, one (or more?) of the male characters.
  • She is very friendly and well liked, so she is already friends with all of the crew.

OTHER NOTES YOU WISH TO INCLUDE (including expansion of things written above):
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

NOTES ABOUT NEW HOPE: (Link coming when page is created)

NOTES ABOUT THE ORIGINAL MISSION: (Link coming when page is created)

NOTES ABOUT NEW TERRA: (Link coming when page is created)

"FACTS" ABOUT THE SCIENCE, SPACE, etc., OF OUR STORY: (Link coming when page is created)
Character Profile Sheet (CPS)

  • Helen Davis: Mission Commander. (Written by Cutie2000.)
  • (Unnamed as of yet; gender not selected): Executive Officer.
  • (Unnamed as of yet): Chief Engineer. (Written by CaptainManBeard.)
  • Maggie Greer: Medical Doctor. (Written by Cutie2000.)
  • (Unnamed as of yet): Xenobotanist. (Written by Ryona Zako.)
  • Misako "Missy" Hashimoto: Artificial Intelligence Specialist. (Written by Cutie2000.)

OTHER NAMED CHARACTERS: These are friends, family, coworkers, etc. back "home".
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  • OTHER:

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PERSONALITY (including applicable notes about sexuality if any):

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BACKGROUND (prior to launch, including childhood, education, military/civilian/space service):

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RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER CHARACTERS (Friends, intimate, rivals, enemies, etc.):

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OTHER NOTES YOU WISH TO INCLUDE (including expansion of things written above):

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