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Sup, I'm 27 and have been RPing since middle school, though in recent years (since college) it's been more on hold - here's to hoping it starts up again.

I used to be part of the old site - lost a lot of info when it all got deleted, I was pretty sad about it. But oh well!

I'm originally from Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, but I currently live in Florida and have lived in the US since I was 6.

Nice to meet yall.

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RP Title: The Griffon Knights of Auglire

Hey there, I'm assuming you're still looking? :)

This seems like a fun character to play with. I'd like to go for a FxF pairing - would you require a CS?

I'd also love to add supernatural/fantasy themes in there to spice up the slice of life (though slice of life is always nice), but I don't have an immediate idea for how to incorporate it.

I also found your post-apocalyptic comment interesting!
I'll peruse! I saw some of your other ideas but this one was my fav. If your other person drops out, let me know and I can fill in.
Hey there,

I'm looking for a dedicated RP partner. I can match your requirements, but let me know if you want a sample. Could do the slide of life thing or something in the fairy tale/minor fantasy genre. What're you most craving right now?

I can play males easily, but have also been wanting to do a FxF for the longest and haven't found a good partner for it.

Any who, PM me if you'd like to keep chatting :)
I'm interested in this, still looking for someone?
Hi there, I'm interested in finding an RP partner. Have any ideas/interests in mind? Send me a PM and if we click, we can take it to discord.

Darn :-/
Hi all,

I had an epiphany yesterday to check the wayback machine to see if the old version of the site was there so I could collect all of my old saved things, character sheets, plots, etc. and I was happy to find it was indeed there!

Only problem is that it doesn't seem to allow me to log in. Can anyone remember their old password and see if they're able to log in? Alternatively, if any Mods for this site are able to access my old password so I could attempt to log in that would be fantastic.

Thank you!
Here's the archive of the old site:*/
Hi there :)

I'm interested in this!
Hey there, I'm kind of in the same situation, so interested! Send me a PM :)
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