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@Mr Savage Yes, but they have to be part of the Konoha Ninja Curriculum like Mitsuki was. (Like a a foreigner)

Any ninja from other villages can come later down the story. I'm willing to accommodate your request though for story purposes.

Samurai are allowed too.
@Icy Hot

Current Time - During the 2 year time skip, our story takes place within there.

Team 7 are training with their respective Sannin except for Sasuke whose with Shisui, so they aren't around in the village while other Teams are jam packed with missions.

I'm opening 2 Jounin spot.
I'd be focusing on the plotting while 2 members facilitates the Sensei.

@King Kindred
@Icy Hot
@Scribe of Thoth
@Icy Hot looks like a family member cares. (Assuming Sabi is Toya)


This is an alternate universe roleplay concept of the Naruto Universe set in the reign of the Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato.

Just what would have been if Minato survived his tragic fate in the original? Now this is a story that branches differently from the canonical timeline, the fact that the Fourth Hokage alive, it would also change the world. As many of us witnessed storylines of this aspect, especially shown in the anime and movies, this gives us a fresher take on the System without interfering Uzumaki Naruto's alternate story. By that decree, Uzumaki Naruto in this AU is known as Namikaze Naruto, a red-head mischievous and energetic brat who flexes his Adamantine Chain power; brilliant yet abusive of his privileges while Sasuke is still the overachiever, whose presence is intimidating and commanding with Sakura being his vassal. I don't wanna go further in depth on the alternate universe lives of the characters so I'm gonna tell you more about the world and save the rest for later!

With Minato alive, the players will start with experienced Genin worth of a year's insight. Since Konoha became indisputably the strongest nation due to Minato, the Shinobi world also followed through the rippling effect of Minato's contributions, it's only natural that the players will play competent Genin. That set in stone, peace relations are being established but that goes without saying that the corrupt thrives, such as Root and the recently elected Daimyo, Uchiha Madara (yes old man, Madara) and as the light shines, all the more the darkness rise.

The story thrives on the narratives of character driven and story driven, a promising series of ninja true to the classical Naruto roots. This will be an RP that deals with series of political conflict, sabotage, psychological and espionage warfare.
MHA cuz it gets faster interests
Btw do a Naruto one.

I'm willing to collab with you.
Well, Da-End is just Da-beginning.
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