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Swinger's Club ⇀ Seattle University
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The sun filtering in past the expensive silk drapes stirred the bodies curled up in various positions on the bed. The kiss of warmth along bared skin drew a rumbly half sleep “mmm” from the turning man. The expensive black silk sheets tangling around his legs, running the length of his body and hardly covering his nakedness as he slowly sat up. The unusually bright rays of the October sun danced along his skin, leaving the reminiscent of teasing kisses along his chest.

Eros slipped along the length of the luxurious circle shaped bed, tripping only slightly from the sheets that fought against his freedom. Neither of the women in his bed stirred awake, the sight brought a small smirk to the god’s face but he was past the point of letting the reality of his existence stroke his ego. Their were much higher feats to reach to reach the edges of his ego, and bringing pleasure to mortals was not one of those things.

Eros basked in the sun, standing on his balcony in all of his glorious nakedness, eyes closed and looking ethereal in the golden lightning. The heart he thought he had lost all those years ago thrummed in his ears, an excitement coursed through his veins, today was special. Not because of the conclave, or the bad news surely to be spilled in the university hall, but because of the reunion that was before him. A shimmering, golden memory replayed in his head, a frequent scene of his dreams, but it had not been a creation of his fantasies, though it very much could have been.

The Knuckles of his fingers pressed again the skin on his hands as he squeezed them around the stone railing. The taste of the sun lingered on his lips as it slid behind the persistent clouds, he was pulled away from his internal yearning by a precarious stroking lazily along him, “Were you pretending to sleep to get a show of my ass?”

“My favorite part was when you almost fell out of bed.”

“Still have the energy to be a brat? I suppose we should fix that.”

The god of desire was coaxed away from nostalgia through the sounds of giggles and the sensation of euphoria. The showy sun distracting him only momentarily before being swept up in pleasure again.

Sometimes the being the god of Desire was more of a pain in the ass than one could imagine. Especially when nerves affected his control on his power. A simple hug goodbye turned into a passionate display of departure in one instance. In an attempt to avoid another time setback he tried the drop-and-run tactic but a brush of hand against hand turned into a suspension test of his supercar.

Thirty minutes late and counting he was finally on his way to the conclave. The first Conclave he’d shown his face at in hundreds of years, and to face gods and goddesses he hadn’t seen in at least fifty. He’d prefer to stroll in pristine and without a hair out of place, but circumstance dictated his designer suit wrinkled from friction, his hair tousled unmistakably by lithe fingers, and if anyone had any guesses past that point the edge of a hiccup stuck out from under the collar of his shirt.

Thumbs beat against wrapped leather to the tune of Seattle’s own up and coming pop Princess. A tale of nervousness for Eros that he couldn’t quite curb, even after centuries of living. Psyche had always tried and failed to silence the drummer’s soul coming out of him, he was “far too pretty” to be on the back line of the band, no his spot was up and front… but he just didn’t have the voice for it.

“You can’t be good at everything.” Eros murmured as he pulled the car into the space. The usual ache in his chest drew a deep exhale out of his lungs. The stinging behind his eyes followed but it was all routine, the tears had long since ceased, he was supposed to be doing better, moving on, turning a new leaf and all that. But times like these when he needed a little more courage than what he owned that ache echoed a bit too loudly.

“And it turns out I am good at nothing, my love. You were the infallible one.” Eros turned his face towards the sky letting his eyes flutter close, just taking a moment for himself in the empty parking lot. The chilly breeze slipped through the sleeve of his expensive suit and when his eyes opened they landed on the fluttering wings of a butterfly moving ahead of him. Eros let out a small chuckle, taking in another deep breath and steeling himself for whatever shit show he was working on and thanking Psyche for always reminding him, “Forward, always.”

The hallway was empty leading to the hall, a foul smell wafting from the room. A man and dog entered before him, the door opening and shutting issues the war cry of a deranged banshee… haha jk it was the theatric of Hera. The name made him shiver, and almost turn around but he kept going, he had already rescheduled appointments to be here, no turning back now.

Eros exhaled another breath as he opened the door, the scene that unfolded as he did so burned a hot fire in his eyes. The man that had taken everything from him stood, pointing a gun in the direction of another.

“Ares.” The single name was issued with a flurry of emotions, disappointment, disdain, sadness, and his eyes showed all as he couldn’t look away from his father for a moment. When he did he noticed the full room, a trio of sleeping gods, a small group of pissed off egyptians, stragglers of small pantheons and then his “family”. They all shared faces of horror and anger and sadness, Eros had obviously missed the bomb the Morrigan dropped, but he didn't come here really to hear what she had to say. Really this was an excuse to show his face after a century of being gone.

Eros’ eyes finally locked onto the shining face of the man who would not exit his dreams. Even through the disgust and anger towards some gods in the room he was able to crack a seductive smirk and issued a wink before his face stoned over his thick arms crossing over his chest his gaze returning to his father, “All these years and you haven’t changed? Not even by a small measure? Pathetic.”

Sleepy Gods
Seattle University ⇀ Flower Field
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The room was quickly filling up with bodies. Kore felt embarrassed by how little she interacted outside of her normal sphere. Each god entering after her was a strange face, a pair of gods with palpable tension sat near the Morrigan and Korea Immediately felt bad for the goddess. Then came a face that brightened the spring goddess up, “Good morning, Ms. Parvati!” an enthusiastic wave echoed the warmth she exuded from her smile. The sleepy baritones of one of her dearest friends pulled her gaze away and she was quickly latching on to him.

“Hi Hypie” she cooed nuzzling her cheek against his shoulder, “I missed youuu~” She pulled back only slightly to check the image on his phone, the effect of his aura turning her bright smile into a cute sleepy grin, “Oh my gosh, they’re so precious! They look so happy and healthy, seee I told you! You have a green thumb, now what do you think about getting a hanging plant? I have the sweetest boy for sale that needs a good home and… I’ll give you a discount.” Kore caught herself in her rambling a slight hue tinting her cheeks as she clasped her hands around his.

Having another plant to care for outside of his poppies had Hypnos biting his lip, but the look on Kore’s face could break steel. Sliding his phone off, he let a hand rest against the table before he leaned forward again. His eyes looked up in contemplation, then fell back to Kore. ”I… I dunno, Kore,” he admitted, ”Well… well, maybe I could try it out. But! If it looks anywhere near distress you take it, okay? I’d be crushed if I killed one of your babies.”

Hypnos turned a look up at Kore while squeezing her hand. His lips pressed into a pout and his always hooded eyes lifted just slightly. A yawn took him as he spoke again, ”And no discount. I wanna pay in full ‘cause you’re my friend.”

Kore pursed her lips for a moment, pretending to contemplate his counteroffer but eventually, it crumbled away into an eager nod of her head, “Yeah, of course! The string of Pearls is really hard to kill like you’d have to try and you almost cried when you killed that spider on accident last week in my bathroom.” Kore teased playfully toward Hypnos’ growing pout and let her eyes linger around the room, which had gotten noticeably fuller since she had arrived. A wave caught her eye and a twinkle of affection appeared in her honey brown pools as she returned Artemis’ greeting with the same enthusiasm she afforded Parvati earlier.

“People are actually getting here one time…” The empty seat beside her caught a glance before it bounced to the door as another person entered, not who she wanted to see but the offer of pastries only made her sit back in her chair with a cute pout, “Well some people are anyways…”

A frown caught Hypnos lips while his eyes followed Kore’s own. ”Hey, spiders deserve to be mourned over,” he said, though his frown turned into a lazy grin at Kore’s exasperation, ”Do you want a danish or are you pouting for another reason, Sweet Kor-n?” He gave a light poke to her side.

“I’m not pout-“”You need a nap? Maybe to pass the time quicker for a certain someone?” Hypnos teased, though he took a quick look around in slight fear of another certain, more moody someone.

“Hey Kor Kor! Hey Hippo!”

Kore’s planned grumbling at Hypnos’ teasing turned into a surprised squeak as she jumped at the sudden greeting, “Oh lillies--Hermes!” her voice was a playful whine as she swatted a light hand at his shoulder, that slid easily along his biceps and lingered on his forearm not yet pulling away, “I thought you were going to be late again, but instead here you are scaring me half to death!” the whining was lightened by the cheeky grin she offered him.

At the mention of gummy worms, she raised an eyebrow, “Hmm... I suppose this can go towards your pardon…” Kore leaned close to him, and then even closer, but instead of the kiss it looked like she was going for she slipped a sour gummy between her plump lips and sat back happily savoring the candy, “Mm I actually quite enjoy these! How was the party last night?”

All the while Hypnos quietly slid a few gummies into his own hand. He stared at the two for a second, head still laid upon the table. He’d nearly choked on the gummy he slid into his mouth at Kore’s tease and promptly turned to cough away. ”Y-yeah, Herm, how was that party?” he looked back, eyes slightly teary.

The gaze of the trickster god had been darting across Kore's delicate features, a small, barely perceptible frown pulling at the edges of his lips when she moved her body away from his own. “Mm, the what?” Distracted by thoughts of gummy worms and lips, Hermes was slow to acknowledge the question posed to him. “Oh, it was great! Well, what I can remember of it. You guys should be super jealous though...I got an up-close showing of Hercs bare ass this morning.”

Laughing at the memory, he mimicked Kores actions from earlier, moving to lessen the gap between them. Perhaps he should be more aware of the others but his attention was easily diverted, barely noticing when a certain underdressed someone stole several of his gummies. “Would’ve been more fun if you’d been there though.” A mischievous smile lit up his face, whilst a hand reached up to playfully poke her nose.

Kore’s nose wrinkled at Hermes’ touch and she was able to imagine a million and one circumstances that had Herc baring his glutes (fortunately not one that put his extra appendage near foul waters). “Yeah, yeah, I bet you say that to all the ladies in your life.” Kore teased her voice not reflecting the spark of envy that flashed in her. Her wandering gaze did little to hide what was currently on her mind as her sparkling eyes kept stealing glances at his softly parted lips.

”Only the ones I really like.” Hermes quipped back, before momentarily managing to tear his gaze away from hers. “You too sleeping beauty.” He shifted his body slightly so he could see the primordial god as he spoke, offering him a small wink. Hermes knew full well that Hypnos tried to avoid their shenanigans but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to try to persuade him otherwise.

”You know these gummy worms are REALLY tasty, huh?” Hypnos could not be blamed for anything that occurred between the two, but he sure as hell knew Demeter would still have his ass for it. And therefore the sleepy god ignored Hermes’ coy wink and proceeded to grab his chair by the bottom and insert himself between the two. He yawned loud, mouth gaping as he planted himself in the middle, half of his body already splayed against the table.

”So, like, what would you two say to a… nap?” he gave a lazy smile to both Kore and then Hermes when he asked.

“Hypnos, The Morrigan is going to be extra mean to you since you messed up her seating chart.” Kore grumbled a frown tugging at the corners of her lips. Even though she issued the “threat” she knew it would fall flat and instead resorted to declaring, “A danish sounds better than a nap” and stood up to go snag one.

”Nothing’s better than a good nap,” Hypnos pouted back.

“Dude…” It was Hermes’ turn to pout as he reached to move the bag of gummy worms away from his friend, his eyes widening in the infamous look that usually got him his way. “I don’t wanna sleep. I’m not tired.” He stubbornly retorted as he watched Kore stand up, his blue eyes lingering on her form whilst she walked away.

Having a complete inability to sulk for longer than a few seconds, a broad smile suddenly spread across his face. It was one that was usually accompanied by either a dangerously stupid or a stupidly dangerous idea. “You look so comfy there Hyp…” Standing up, he edged over to Hypnos, before planting himself firmly in his lap. “Let’s share!” He shifted about a little until he was comfy, happily smiling down at his new chair companion.

While the implication of someone sitting on his lap unnerved Hypnos at first, a sleepy smirk replaced his pout near instantly. ”I’ve been told that many times, Hermy Worm,” Hypnos replied, wrapping his arms around the trickster god’s midriff. He placed his head against Hermes’ side and stared up at him. ”So, what was your plan again?” Hypnos yawned, letting his own powers take hold of himself, ”Still don’t wanna nap with me?” he wiggled in his seat, squirming and pressing closer to Hermes, ”Just a few minutes, pleeeease?” Perhaps Hypnos’ softness beguiled a more sinister nature? Though, if Hypnos thought long and hard he’d just conclude that he really liked his sleep and saving his own ass from potentially raging parents and long lost spouses.

Their bodies being so close, Hermes couldn’t help but cup his hand to his mouth to stifle a yawn, his eyelids beginning to droop sleepily. The warmth coming off his fellow god was comforting, like being wrapped in a duvet at the end of a busy day. He found himself snuggling closer to his chest, for a moment wanting to let it take him. Maybe just a minute or two would be okay... “You’re such a naughty hippopotamus…” He mumbled almost imperceptibly, his body ready to collapse into sleep.

Hypnos wiggled his eyebrow for the coup de grace, ”Would you really say no to a nap ‘n cuddle with me and Kore? Hmmm?”

“With Kor Kor? Maybe just for a little bit then…” About to give in, his attention was suddenly diverted by the presence of a very familiar figure walking through the doors. Tlaz’s appearance revealed all and Hermes couldn’t help but let out a small, sleepy giggle. Bringing two fingers to his mouth, he attempted (and only half succeeded) to do a wolf-whistle, the playful giddiness for a moment breaking through the drowsiness. “Looking goo-…” Mid-tease, Hermes suddenly fell dead asleep, unable to resist the pull any longer. His head flopped to rest against Hyps shoulder, his sentiments towards his friend having to be saved for another moment.

“Guys these danishes are so del- heeey~!” Kore returned to a sight that immediately melted her soul and before Hermes woke up or Hypnos caught on to what she was doing she brandished her phone and stole a couple of pictures. Hermes and Hypnos all cuddled up was obviously top tier in the “home screen pic” game… maybe she could sell the pictures to the shippers?

“Hypie how can I be mad at you when you’re so dang cute?” Kore stuck her tongue out playfully and ruffled his hair with affection. The short touch drew a small yawn out of her as she slipped down onto the seat and leaned forward with her head resting on her arms on the table, “I’m sorry I said danishes are better than naps… that danish was really yummy but naps are better, especially naps with my favorites flowers, little poppy prince and the dashing daisy…” Kore’s voice trailed off into a quiet mumble as her eyes fluttered shut and she fell into a field of flowers.

Courthouse ⇀ Seattle University
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“The motion to reduce the bail for Mr. Andre Lawerence has been rejected, we will convene back here to continue this case bright and early on Monday. This is day five, Mr. Isam, let’s not drag this on much longer, alright?” The judge didn’t await an answer, in fact he didn’t expect one, at least not one he’d get the chance of hearing. His position in the world afforded him a certain immunity to tongue lashing that'd otherwise be directed at him.

Instead, the wood of the table splintered under the pressure of the fingertips that pressed into its surface. That jaw clenched so tight not even the boiling of rage bubbles past Mr. Islam’s lips. Those dark, enigmatic eyes of his stoned cold like the pieces of the Sphinx. His back held higher than the pyramids of his home despite the weight of life that hung from his shoulders.

For a time he stood there, remaining behind as the room cleared out. The density of sin trickled out as a tune of feet burdened by heavy hearts shuffling along the immaculate carpet. The thought made Anubis smirk, but only that was brief and his straight back slacked under the weight of what felt like the world. What faced him in the next room over was a creation of a cycle the god of the dead had vehemently come to hate. A single fist of his was enough to break through many doors, drywall, crack into some stones, but alone it was not strong enough yet to break through the foundations of the system that dared to run him ragged. Ragged was acceptable if victory followed, no... when victory followed.

Anubis exited the room and entered another. He’d be exiting and entering a lot of those today, but rarely by choice of his own. Duty often trumped his desires… desires, Anubis didn't have time to fantasize, even in his mind, he couldn’t make proper time for her.

“I just had a baby man. My girl needs me! I can’t afford that bail and I sure as hell can't afford to get locked up for something I didn’t do! I’m not a killer dog, I might have had a hand in selling some stuff when I was in a tight spot but I’ve been doing good, we been doing good. You believe me right?”

Anubis could see into the hearts of man, and die to their simple nature he rarely needed to look. Hearts blackened and rotting with sin were common among mortals. When he looked into Andre for the third time, despite not needing to, he saw an imperfect man but not one with a black heart. The deep pools of obsidian looked up to the chocolate brown that peered back at him, Anubis knew that look, someone trying and failing to decipher him. Many arose to the challenge but none had become a victor, if being impassive was an Olympic sport Egypt would have a monopoly on those gold medals.

“I wouldn’t represent you if I doubted your innocence. I am charitable but I am not a saint, Andre. Going forward things will be harder, but I need you to stay diligent. You may not be able to return home yet but the sun will rise again on the day you get to kiss your partner and child.”

” You might talk weird but I know you got my back. Honestly, I’m glad it’s a dude that looks like me defending me in there, I guess I’ll see you Monday then.”

“Monday it is, try to take care Andre.”

With a new found fire fueling his footfalls the click-clack of confidence carried him from the courthouse to the conclave.

There were many other places Anubis would have rather found himself than at a private university and among strangers and foes. Only a few in attendance he’d dare call a friend and even then only two remained in his heart as pillars he could lean on in a time of need. Another dazzled in his mind, like the sun reflecting off the Nile, maybe it was her certain attendance today, or the frustration he felt for the judge, but no willing was strong enough to quell his yearning this time.

Anubis tried to swallow it down as he entered the halls of the prestigious school, but his attempt only carried his feet faster through the tiled halls. Even if for a moment he could sit in the warmth of her embrace and see the world through her golden eyes, maybe he’d be braver yet to take on the systems of oppression by himself. Often he believed in the kind of man he saw in her eyes, even if he was reminded of the one he wasn’t, the one he couldn’t be for her, he’d pledge to make the necessary sacrifices a millennium ago… and only in the twilight of fevered skin, swollen lips, and shouts of ecstasy did he ever regret that promise.

The smell of something deeply unpleasant pulled him from his train of thoughts. Anubis couldn’t contain his face and allowed his lip to curl in disgust as he hid his nose from the offense, of course, it was the Greeks. There was disdain in his obsidian pools, switching from the unfamiliar face of the “upchucker” and the familiar one of the “King of Fools”.

"Perhaps seeking cleaning tools is a better solution than inquiring about the authenticity of material goods?” Anubis’ deep tone was laced with annoyance and he turned on his heel to do just as he suggested.

When he returned with a janitor in tow, the room had grown more occupied, and yet his eyes gaze was saved for a sole person. Poised yet relax, regal yet approachable, she was a dream he couldn’t escape and a wish he could not obtain, and though a wise man would have strayed away from her, he found himself taking up the role of the fool.

“Good morning Hathor…” Anubis’ tone was pleasant enough, his eyes meeting with the goddess for a moment before he took a seat next to Bastet,Malikati, good morning to you as well, it’s been quite some time since we last saw each other. I hope you have been well.”

Anubis paid no mind to the Grecian standing in front of his fellow Egyptians, his body turned away from him and towards Bastet who his eyes gently settled on.

ᴄᴀsᴀ ᴅᴇ ᴡʜᴀᴛᴇᴠᴇʀ↠sᴜ ᴄᴀᴍᴘᴜs
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Bentley never had dreams. When those monolids closed shut and she finally hit that REM, what was usually followed was nothingness. A passage of time, from dusk to dawn... or more frequently dawn to midday. But today, REM introduced her to herself.

Everything was dark, save for the gentle moonlight that illuminated a reflection of her face staring back at her. There was no wetness where her feet should have been submerged, no chill of a breeze that always surrounded bodies of water like this, and not a single thing sent ripples across her pristine face. Ben knew she was dreaming, and the recognition did little to empower her movement. Frozen in place, she was made an audience to the shifting of her reflection; it was a timeline of all the Benzatien’s she had presented to the world, starting at the beginning of the colossus.

A thousand and ten lives morphed before her eyes, an empress, a slave, a scholar, a handmaid, a traitor. She had been a war hero, a tyrant, a person glorified in history, and another erased from the books.

The final face was brief, perhaps a glimpse into the future or a passing desire of the heart, and when it quickly withered away Benten had already forgotten what it looked like.

The clouds parted, and she was back to being “Bentley Stark” and getting her daily reminder that being friends with a god of sun wasn’t always as cool as it sounded, especially if you enjoyed your late mornings.

And perhaps Prof. Mori knew best that Ben liked late mornings if sneaking in his Organic Chemistry Lab every Tuesday and Thursday halfway through the class was any indication.

Bentley fought against the warm sunlight pooling overhead, feeling the clutches of sleep slowly receding, but she dug in, rolling over to bury her in her pillows that smelled faintly like raspberries and vanilla. Well, at least she tried to, instead of falling back to sleep, she was rolling out of the daybed and right onto the hard surface of the ground. A groan signaled her displeasure and a dainty middle finger directed at the sun hidden again by the clouds was a symbol of her defeat.

Ben remained on the ground, wallowing in despair and wondering how else she could go on for precisely 1 minute and 9 seconds before the sounds of people leaving Case de… Apocalypse... Uh- whatever Broacles and Sunny D called it… encouraged her to move around too.

Apparently everyone had made like an egg and cracked—that wasn’t right.. but regardless the house was empty. The emptiness beckoned to her, to do something great for the vlog and to gift Apollo and Heracles with torment because how dare they leave her behind. But a pesky little reminder held her at bay, she didn’t have time to prank her bros and make it on time for a dramatic entrance to wow her princess. Professor Byrne was the winner of today’s inner turmoil of choice-making, if only to win over her heart and put her “yes mistress” to practical use.

Benzaiten’s imagining of grandeur and kinky roleplay carried her all the way home from Casa de Acropolis.

Home for Bentley happened to be the Sigma Chi house, which usually was not open to prolonged stays from women but... Well, it’s a long story, best saved for a “story-time” video on her channel.

Expertly, she avoided her fellow “brothers”, not like many of them were up this early anyway and locked herself in the bathroom. Benten never took long getting ready, in this life, it wasn’t necessary and she preferred to make people comfortable around her rather than impress them.

When she squeaky clean of any sins from the night before and clothed in the first thing she grabbed she was bursting out of her room. Slapping a few man asses and offering short greetings— ”good morning sunshine” on the way to the front door and saluting her groggy looking “Big” as she slipped past it. Bentley practically skipped across campus, stretching her legs out to cover as much ground as possible with her short stature.

Running would have gotten her to the meeting room much quicker but she couldn’t afford to look a sweating mess-- at least not when the Morrigan didn’t have a hand in making her so--and ruin her entrance.

Okay so looks mattered a little bit, can’t blame a girl for trying to impress her senpai.

“You must wait no longer, my fair lady~!” Bentley smoothly slides into the room and towards the front, her dark eyes landing straight away on the god of the hour, the gather of immortals, slayer of GPAs, and conqueror of her heart, “Did you get my email about next semester?” Bentley asks as her lips graze the back of Profesor Byrne’s hand, ignoring the gods around her, “Not that I mind seeing everyone still alive and kicking, but you don’t need to throw these little meetings to see me, I’d come wherever you asked me to.”

★彡 ᴄᴀsᴛ ʟɪsᴛ 彡★

ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴇᴏɴʏ

Choi Seo-jun

ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀᴄʜɪᴅ

Nang Ki-woo

ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪʟʏ

Min "CJ"

ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜ ʙʟᴏssᴏᴍ

Tak Jin-kyu

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓼
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜʀʏsᴀɴᴛʜᴇᴍᴜᴍ

Baek Ji-Min

ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴏᴛᴜs

Go Yi-hwa

ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀᴍᴇʟʟɪᴀ

Choi Eun-jung

ᴛʜᴇ ᴋᴏʀᴇᴀɴ ʀᴏsᴇ

Noh Yeong-Jin

I want to thank everyone for applying for this roleplay, I enjoyed reading over everyone's submitted sheets. Ultimately it came down to character synergy and even then was really hard to decide because you're all amazing. For those that are accepted please post your sheets in the character tab and look out for a discord link dropping in the next couple of days!

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Hey, sorry I haven't returned. I had claimed Poseidon with Mark Whalberg as the FC. I know there was a huge response to the rp so is it still open to players?

The deadline for new players has already passed. Once the first chapter has closed we'll reevaluate and maybe open up applications again! So keep a look out, but like Ghost said Poseidon was snagged by someone else.
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