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Current 2D boys >>>>>
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F4 inspired rp? 🤔
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Are harems ethical? 🤔
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Is this quarantine content in its peak form?
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college is scam, I'm tired of looking at country case studies 😩


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I’m going to sit this one out, awesome concept though! I wish you all luck and great writing adventures!

𝔢𝔡𝔢𝔫 𝔞𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔦 \\ 𝔣 \\ fc9483


“It’s an inescapable fate.. and definitely the last thing I want to deal with.” Cassian groaned quietly letting his eyes roll with emphasized dramatics as he leaned into his friend. The two of them were an unlikely pair, butting heads on their first few interactions but Cassian had grown quite a liking to the ever moody and slightly narcissistic flair Bastien had going for him. Nothing like having a solid mate to shatter your confidence with his snark and insults.

“Well more trouble than what you already put the whole junior year in” Cue the eye roll again, but perhaps less exaggerated, he had some part to play in this whole ordeal but wasn’t exactly up to taking up the blame Lola and Theo should shoulder on their own.

The next words that came flying out of Bastiens pretty mouth had Cas shoving him away and scoffing in disbelief, “When have Blake and I ever seen eye to eye on women? That dumbass was content with sacrificing all parts of himself to appease some brat. Speaking of, I could do with a few months of not seeing or hearing from that fucking piece of work.”

Cassian let out an angry huff but it was followed by a humorless chuckle as he ran his fingers through his hair, ”Lola sent the video of the fight between me and your brother to faculty. Even worse, she sent it directly to my coach. Shit, put me on academic probation because I wouldn’t sleep with you, sure whatever, but getting coach involved? That makes her a murder accomplice, doesn’t it?“

Cassian wasn’t worried about Bas apologizing for his brother, nor was he really interested in hearing Theo was reprimanded or whatever white people did to their problem children. Really the only thing he was stressing about was figuring out how he could increase his buoyancy before 6PM that day. Well, that and-

“You’re probably not the right person to ask for advice on this, but Junie is being a traitor and the rest of my friends are DDR-obsessed virgins or only have the capacity to think about football plays. But say I was interested in a girl, like to date or whatever, and I’ve been being me… which is not conducive to letting her know I might… hypothetically be interested in her…” Cassian couldn’t help but wince painfully at his own words but sighed in relief at the sound of his text tone.

The distraction was appreciated and Dana’s string of nonsense made him actually chuckle out loud, “Almost like she knew I mentioned her.” his tone was distracted as he typed a response back with nimble thumbs, cracking a half smirk as he slid his phone in his pocket.

To: Virgin-Chan

Not that I’m opposed to “the foul evil bitch” being slayed but I’m not sure academic probation is going to impede on your ability to play DDR for 16 hours a day. Your stamina is crazy you should put it to better use ;P

Uh I did do something. Let’s get ramen with the boys if I make it out alive after practice today and I’ll let you know.

Don’t bring any weapons with you.

“Actually, I think I have things figured out… hopefully enough to not make more of an ass out of myself. Where did you disappear to at the bash last night? Being antisocial again?”

What nation do y'all wanna citizenship in?

I'd say I'm leaning towards Deneb or Velonta, but Erid could be just as entertaining.

Do you have any particular ideas for how characters would know each other out-of-game?

Maybe they're public figures in the gaming scene? Pro players, streamers, game designers, announcers, and so on.

I loved Grimgar and I'm digging ID, so I'd be hella down.
In the current time line are we playing as classmates of team 7?
@Icy Hot looks like a family member cares. (Assuming Sabi is Toya)


Would be extra spicy if he was 😌
I’m dooooown
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