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Akiva Hishamie

The color blue had always held a small and strange sway over Akiva. As he stood only a few feet away from the glass that separated him from the sea life in the aquarium Akiva thought that no place like the aquarium in Oceano Beach. Akiva already felt like his usually lazy demeanor was a little dangerous, and when he visited the aquarium he usually ended up putting down his guard completely. He couldn't help doing that to himself it was just a bad habit. Most jobs he worked on did not lead him to large bodies of water or to aquariums in general but he made it a point to try to avoid any aquarium based jobs if possible. Not that there was a lot of work options in that area, which Akiva appreciated. A small dolphin suddenly swam past the glass slowly, circling around the underwater tank it was in. As it swam closer to the glass the smaller children that were watching squeaked with glee and excitement. Akiva was surrounded by the munchkins, suddenly aware he was the only grown man watching this seriously. Akiva blushed slightly and chuckled softly, turning around and walking out of the group of children that had formed around him.

He stumbled out of the group awkwardly, trying not to kick any of the small children who had no idea what the definition of personal space was. As he was able to escape her stumbled, hopping on one foot for a second until he centered himself. He ignored the faces of the parents that were present, ignoring their stifled laughter. Walking away with what little pride he had, Akiva walked away from the dolphin exhibit with his hands in his pockets and an embarrassed smile on his face.

Akiva found an exit as he walked on that would lead him out of the aquarium and proceeded through it. As Akiva looked up into the daytime sky, he was extremely gladdened that he could be here and was not arrested in that gas station incident. Akiva looked down and pulled his hands out of his pockets. He opened them, and as quick as he could he made a pulse of energy underneath the palm of his hands. Akiva narrowed his brows and sighed out loud. Having powers meant that he could do so much more than the average man. But when he did the punishment for him was always twice as much. He would have been put to death if caught, or dissected, or used as a weapon. Akiva truly didn't know, people were always able to surprise him when it came to the depths of their cruelty.

Akiva shook his head, eager to be rid of such melancholy thoughts. No work meant not being allowed to think like an adult today. Akiva paused for a moment, thinking back on what he had done so far and what to do next. In the morning he had gotten into that little..situation but had been able to get away from the police. He was sure that he had entered and left hiding his face from any camera angle, and the unlucky cashier probably wouldn't be able to describe him very well. But to make sure, Akiva went to a store afterward to purchase new clothes. Akiva decided on a pair of slim fitting black jeans, a simple gray v neck, a hooded black long sleeve jacket, and a pair of black and white converse. As Akiva left the store and pulled his hood up on his jacket a thought struck him. He had made decent money from the last job and he probably should have given Chenoa some sort of...well reward. Akiva did not know what else to call it, besides a reward for her efforts. She may not have understood everything that happened but she had put in a lot of effort. Kinda. Akiva went through the numbers in his head and decided on his next course of action.

Akiva pulled out his wallet and thumber over the top of the bills he kept on him. He had about a grand in different types of bills in his wallet, which after buying clothes was very much lightened. Sighing, he knew what he had to do. Since he felt like he owed someone more, if he did it now he would not have to do it later. It took Akiva about an hour to walk back home, to which he boldly walked back inside expecting an extremely angry sister but instead found nothing. Akiva panicked for a moment when he could not hear anyone home, his sister not home, but calmed himself down. If she chose to leave that was her choice, but Akiva worried none the less. Her health was at risk whenever she went out and was especially more so when she went out alone. Akiva sighed but continued to his room, immediately going to his stash of money hidden away. He mainly had 100 dollar bills but Akiva figured she wouldn't mind. Akiva put the cash in a vanilla envelope, closed it, and put in underneath his arm on the inside of his jacket. Altogether he had about two hundred grand in cash, and even more in offshore accounts. While he and his sister had money, they preferred to spend very little on luxuries. The less flashy the better, and most of their money they put into accounts not easily accessed so whatever cash they have is cash they withdrew after completing a job and getting paid. So 5 grand did not seem like a poor gift.

Akiva traveled by taxi to the cafe that Chenoa worked at, but kept his hood on so he could hide most of his face. He left the vanilla envelope, as well as a note left inside the envelope, in the mail slot then got back into the taxi. He laughed to himself. He left her a note written in blue pen which had stated," For Dove ". He hoped Chenoa understood that it was meant for her since he had called her that as a nickname. With the debt repaid Akiva decided that since he had a little bit more spending money with him that he deserved a treat. He gave the driver instructions to go to the aquarium.

Which brought Akiva's train of thought to an abrupt stop as he finished remembering what he had done so far today. Kill a man, pay a girl, see a fish? Akiva laughed out loud at his own weirdness. He did not mind when a few people stopped and stared at his antics, but his laughter died out anyway. Akiva took out his phone and called another taxi service for a pickup, deciding on where to go next.

Akiva Hishamie

Ending and begining, solo style.

3 days ago

The long dull silence of the night crept around Akiv like a snake swallowing its prey. After all the events that had unfolded, he had been left drained both physically and mentally. Normally for Akiva, when he accepted a job, it was very cut and dry almost to the point where he could have written down the events that would transpire beforehand and end up being 100% accurate. Not that he was some sort of genius, it's just that in his line of work things tended to be that way. Anything unexpected meant trouble and could spell out almost certain death if you were unable to handle the situation. As Akiva sat in the bck seat of the Uber car he requested, being taken home, he looked out the window at the pale moonlight. He has heard before that on a night where the moon is full and when its glow shines out throughout the night, the supernatural can occur in your laugh at a random moments notice. Akiva laughed softly to himself as he thought of this, reminding himself that technically he was considered supernatural himself. With the window cracked slightly he could feel the slight breeze on his face, hear the sound of city hustle and bustle with what nightlife could be found.

People went on that night as they usually did with whatever they usually liked to do. Akiva watched, in his ride home, people walking down the sidewalk going about their business without a care for what was going on in the world they lived. "I killed a man today", Akiva thought to himself, "and the world still goes on. What kind of justice is that"?

Akiva did not think for a single moment that what he did could ever be considered a "Good" act, but if killing a man who hurt and killed others could not be considered good then what could be? Was doing nothing, avoiding this man, or trying to go to the police with no legal evidence a good thing? Akiva could not see it like that. If he could not take the law into his own hands when presented with an opportunity to rid the world of Filth like Houston Donovan, then what was the point of even being alive? Akiva thought how he had actual superpowers, even though at times he thought of it more like a curse than a gift, and that he could do.....not he DOES do a lot with them. Akiva sighed rather louder than he meant to. His powers were yet another reason why he could not understand how some people had such naive definitions of good and evil. He performed acts of both on an almost daily basis so what did that make him?

Scratching his head Akiva gave up mentally on the train of thought that pursued him. He never got anywhere when he tried to argue with himself on the topic of good and evil. He settled on gazing intently on the world outside of this drive home. No matter what he thought, Akiva was glad life was interesting.

His thoughts did though end up turning to Chenoa, The Dove. She...was definitely one of the weirder ones that Akiva had met during his line of work. He was glad that she was not able to uncover his true objective though. Akiva worked better as a solo rogue since others tended to slow him down or try to intervene in some way. It was good to meet another who was special like him, although her powers did seem a lot more useful and less hazardous than his powers were. The way she jumped at the chance to do something in his line of work did worry him a little but he ended up chalking that up to something he would not understand. Akiva has been involved in his line of work for so long that by now he figured that what he did would seem somewhat exciting to normal people, so long as any killing was kept out of sight. Akiva wasn't that ignorant. He wouldnt hate seeing her again, Akiva thought.

As Akiva walked up the stairs to the third floor of his apartment and as he walked inside it he made sure he was not injured or bleeding in any way he had not yet seen. If he was Camille would flip out again, something Akiva never looked forward to. He was greeted by his twin sister, Camille Hishamie, after he walked inside. They lived in a simple apartement, nothing very fancy but away from prying eyes, and he could see her standing in the kitchen from the front door. When her eyes darted from what she was doing over to the sound of the front door opening Camille dropped everything she was doing and ran to the front door as fast as she could. Camille jumped into Akiva as she hug tackled him.

"Akivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", Camille squeaked.

Akiva grunted and laughed, returning the hug after regaining his center of balance. Just as fast though Camille reached up as she hugged him and bopped him on the back of his head, causing a loud thumping sound to echo thoughout the room. Akiva laughed, not stunned at all. "I kow what its for but Ill ask anyways. What was that for Cam", Akiva asked teasingly.

Pushing Akiva away and regaining her composure Camille crossed her arms and walked back to the kitchen to continue what she was previously doing. "Oh, I don't know let's see. We can start with you taking a job without consulting me. You know you are terrible at picking decent jobs but noooo you try anyway."

Akiva walked over to the front of the kitchen and sat at the counter on a bar stool. "It was more like a personal favor to an a guy i know. Honestly, I probably won't talk to him for awhile he is such a dumbass". Akiva laid his head on the counter and closed his eyes.

Camille eyed Akiva as he spoke but released a heavy sigh after a few moments had passed. "Honestly...what am I going to do with you. Go get washed and changed, I will make dinner".

Akiva silently and slowly stood up and began to do as he was instructed. It was a general rule in the house that after a job Akiva was supposed to wash, change, and eat dinner. If it wasn't a rule, as it was not one for the entirety of them working together, Akiva would sometimes forget to take care of himself. Camille narrowed her eyes as he walked away, the bottom right corner of her mouth twisting to form a suspicious frown. "You idiot", Camille said softly to herself, "Such an annoyance". Camille gripped the hilt of the knife she picked up, to assist in cooking, quite tightly.

present day

As Akiva walked out the door he narrowly avoided getting hit by a hairbrush thrown by his sister. Camille was angry with him for passing up another job that would have in fact brought them a sizeable chunk of cash. So to avoid any more unpleasantness Akiva decided a day out would be needed. Akiva walked downstairs and immediately was hit with an overall pleasant wave of combined sunshine, fresh air, and the chance for a new adventure. That being said, as he looked around in youthful passion, he realized that more than likely today would be a nap day.

It was still fairly early in the day, so since he had no job to complete and could not return home Akiva decided to simply take a stroll. He walked to whatever destination came to mind, first stopping off at a store to pick up a drink. As he was choosing one of the many different types of carbonated beverages that was presented before him, an event began to occur. A man wearing a black ski mask walked in quickly and calmly, aiming for the main counter.

The man glanced around, saw that there were no police officers within eyesight, and pulled out a small revolver front his brown leather jacket. "This is a robbery", The man said underlining what he said with a serious and angry sounding voice. He pulled out a duffel bag that was folded up and held underneath his arm on the inside of his jacket and tossed it to the cashier. Alerted by the sound of a firearm being pulled out, a sound he knew well, Akiva did not rise up to standing up straight. He had been crouching to get a better look at his options but upon hearing the situation changing Akiva went from civilian to master criminal in 0.01 seconds. Akiva quietly crept around the aisles of the convenience store, avoiding being seen by the mirrors the store put up to make it easier to catch shoplifters. Akiva reached the aisle that directly lined up behind the robber and the cashier, although the catch being that if the robber wanted to see him all he needed to do would be to look behind him.

The thief impatiently looked down at his watch on his right wrist several times over the course of the minute it was taking for the robbery to take place. The cashier was incredibly nervous and distraught, unsure of what to do in this situation. It was true that underneath the single counter, the store kept a black box their where they deposited all of the store's money at the end of the day. The unclear fact was though there was a key to it, only the manager had one. The cashier did not make this clear to the robber, and after offering what little money the cashier station had in the register the employee pretended to fumble with the lock. Not much time would pass before the robber would try to do something drastic, that much was clear to Akiva.

With the seconds rolling by Akiva knew he had to do something, simply on pure instinct. Akiva truly did not care if the store was robbed. It was easy money and if you do it right you can get away with hundreds of dollars for no effort at all. There was no proof of what Akiva was feeling, nothing logical to it, but he had a gut feeling that this was gonna end badly. The man didn't seem patient enough, did not understand how the money keeping system worked, and if he was here to just rob the register that was just....really really dumb. There was no way that the gun the guy had wasn't going off today.

As Akiva raced in thought, planning his attack, the dumbest of things happened. When Akiva speaks he usually talks while moving his hands and or arms. As he planned his attack mentally, he subconsciously moved his arms a little but just enough to bump his elbow into the shelf next to him. Chips and items were knocked off the shelf, causing a rather obvious noise we all know too well. The robber, startled, jumped around to see Akiva trying to regain his balance. The man aimed his weapon at Akiva. As he tried to yell out a threat to Akiva, the rather unsuccessful robber activated the sensitive trigger to his weapon. Akiva was able to utilize his fight or flight capabilities to there absolute maximum, his years of experience baring its fangs as he was able to barely adjust himself to avoid the bullet's trajectory. As he was crouched, the gunner was aiming somewhat downwards. Since the man was inexperienced or rather unskilled, he aimed for the head. Akiva recognized the danger and used the advantage of the carpetless floor and the traction from his shoes to slightly slide enough that his body was able to twist towards to the ground.

Akiva landed on his back but was able to quickly recover. While the shooter was dazed from what he had accidentally done, Akiva reached behind him and felt the solid surface of another object. He pushed himself towards his forward, momentarily slighting out of the robber's sight. In the front of the next aisle over Akiva jumped off the ground and dashed to the farthest away aisle but with his body close to the ground. The robber, with his senses returned, felt like the only thing he could do not was not let this guy get away. He shot his gun, he wasn't gonna be able to get out of this easily, but of course, he had no idea the monster he just unleashed.

In Akivas mind his timeless struggle waged war inside his mind. Did this man deserve to die, or would that be tooThis guy tried to kill him, so wasn't it fair that he tried to kill the robber in return? If he didn't kill him, how far should he incapacitate the man? What was the right thing to do, overall wise? Akiva thought of this quickly in his mind, but he was a professional. His body moved as well, dashing around and down the aisle while his opponent ran around the aisles slowly looking for him in a panic. The clerk had ducked behind the counter for protection so Akiva did not have to worry about that. Akiva was able to find the robber, quite efficiently. The robber saw Akiva between the spaces between the shelves and fired two rounds in Akiva's general direction. He missed, which allowed Akiva to locate the robber's exact position. He dashed around to the aisle the robber was in, causing the robber to panic even more. It was not a very large store, a medium size convenience store, so the man knew that he could not get away from this guy in the store. Akiva was able to close the distance between the two of them with a bolt forward, Akiva's anger showing in his eyes. Akiva reached up as the man tried to aim at Akiva and grabbed the mans gun hand. Keeping the gun out of his direction he used his other hand to jab at the man's stomach, then when the man hunched over Akiva slammed his knee into the man's face. With a nose covered in blood and pain in his body, the robber fell to his knee. Akiva reached with his right hand and grabbed the mans face.

He wanted to do it. He wanted to kill the man. This man was the worst kind of criminal, someone with no skill, and how could he forgive someone who tried to shoot him?


Akiva tried to finish his sentence, to expel the power within himself and end this mans life. He wanted to do it, but for all of his effort, he found himself unable to. Akiva let go of the man's face while grabbing the gun out of the man's hand with his other hand. He was ok with killing to an extent but not like this. Not to someone who was so..helpless. As he turned around and began walking away, the robber jumped forward off the ground and tried to grab the gun from Akiva's hand. Akiva swung around, making the gun out of reach, and as he slammed his right hand into the side of the robbers bare head he muttered: "My Intentions" with a voice filled with venom. Akiva slammed the man's head to the ground as he sent a surge of yellow energy from his hand into the man.

Akiva was silent. He slowly stood up straight but his eyes neve rleft the man. He felt no remorse, he tried to let the man go. Reaching for the weapon was a sign of pure stupidity. He had to die. Akiva had overloaded the mans brain by sending a surge of his own energy directly into the mans head. Similiar to when a computer gets overloaded, goes haywire, and shuts down with smoke rising. The robbers body shook for a few moments before going still.

Police sirens suddenly filled the store coming front the fornt of the store. Akiva snapped back to reality and dashed to the back of the store and to the exit. The police had responded to the sounds of gunfire but had not covered the back yet, more police were in route though. As Akiva exited the back of the store, activtaing all of the alarms that would follow, e chuckled to himself. It was gonna be that kind of day huh?

Akiva Hishamie and Chenoa "Charlie" Bearfoot

interacting with: @papayasnmangoes

Akiva blushes slightly and stepped back, then as he motioned for her to follow with a flick of his hand he turned around and began walking. “ here is the thing. The reason I’m kinda irritated about this job is all the last second details. So no we have no floor plans, I don’t know the combination to the safe, and we do need better clothes. Fortunately I already dropped a line for that. that your here I’ll need to update it.” Akiva pulled out his phone and sent a quick text. “We are going to pick up our suit and dress from a local dry cleaners, and then we will go from there.” Akiva hoped this wasn’t a mistake.

"If we don't have any gear to figure out the combo, I have good ears when I tune into my animal instincts." Chenoa hoped that that would be something good on their side, especial considering that time was not on their side. "Also, where is this dry cleaners? Is it far? And where is the party? I'm assuming that it might be in one of the richer districts."

“Welcome and good evening. Your invitations please.”

Akiva, dresses in an all black suit with a red tie and arm locked with Chenoa, pulled out two invitations in two separate white and gold envelopes from his left breast pocket and handed them to the front door attendant. Akiva and Chenoa had revived suits thanks to Akiva reaching out to someone he knows and even was able to get two forged invitations under an hour. It cost him a pretty penny but he tried not to show it. He had not expected such a beautiful dress for Chenoa but he was not displeased. Although at times he found her a bit distracting for this job. He was a professional though, he powered through. After they had received their formal wear Akiva day Chenoa down at the cleaners and had her explain what she could do. With this knowledge, he had a plan. When they got in they would mingle a bit with other guests and he would try to memorize the layout of where they went. When opportunity arose they would pretend to sneak off, as rich entitled couples do, but while they were missing from the party Chenoa would use your animal instincts to help him crack the safe. Chenoa would then take his dress jacket, after putting all that they could inside its inner coat pockets, and they would leave in a slight rush. What they would claim, Akiva didn’t think that far ahead.

Chenoa was surprised by how quickly Akiva was able to get everything sorted. With just a few calls, he was able to get them both perfectly fitted outfits for the party, he was even able to get invitations so easily! It was very satisfying to watch. He got her a beautiful sparkling form-fitting floor length red dress that just barely skimmed the floor while she wore a matching red shoe. She looked quite good, but Akiva looked very nice in his slim-fitting black suit and red tie so they matched. He looked very nice all dressed up with his hair combed back nicely. She never thought he could rock a suit so nicely. While they got ready and pretty for this party, He ran through his plan with her. She liked it, it was a good classic plan. There was no way that they could fail.
The valet in the foyer asked for their invitations and Akiva easily handed them over as Chenoa gazed over the beautiful architecture and decor of the house. The chandelier just outside the foyer made the whole floor look like it was glittering. There were plenty of guests that had already arrived, dressed in an array of different colors, and were socializing as servers passed through the crowds with trays of appetizers and glittering champagne. Akiva and Chen didn't stick out of the crowd too much, as there were lots of other couples as well dressed as them. But, they were easily one of the best-looking pairs in the room.
After the valet accepted our invites and let us into the house, the two of them grazed around, arm in arm, greeting the other guests as they kept a look-out for the different hallways and staircases that they had immediate access to, and all the possible emergency exits. "So," she began, just as they left the conversation of another group and made their way across the room, "you never told me just who is throwing this party and why. Is it an anniversary? A work party?"

Akiva greeted another party guest with a gleaming smile and a nod, then looked back at Chenoa. “ It’s a dinner party, for no reason other than they could host a dinner party, hosted by one Sir Houston. Lead singer of some indie rock band. By day he parties and rocks out, by night he performs, parties, and passes out. “ Akiva snatched a delectable looking tart that a waiter was serving on a tray and ate it quickly. “ Apparently Houston and J got into it a few days ago and Houston made away with some valuables that belonged to J. So that punk, instead of doing something sane, hires me to track down these probably stolen goods and bring them back.” Akiva sighed slightly. “ Before you ask, it’s because he pays really really well.”

Chenoa shrugged and smiled. "Well, it'll be his mess when Houston realizes it was him and sends some guys to do worse things to him." She waved at another couple that smiled over at them and took a champagne glass from a waiter. She took a sip and continued. "And you'll be the one with the cash when he's at home with several bruises and a missing pinkie," she said lightheartedly. She giggled a bit thinking of the house he lived in. "If it's much of a home anyway."

Akiva laughed. “Hey James bond, let’s try to not cut off fingers for now. Honestly, if we can get out of here without.l anyone remembering us it will be a miracle.” It’s one of the reasons he hated these kinds of jobs. Akiva glances around and found what he was looking for. Then he looked back at Chenoa as the music started playing and the dance floor opened. He held an open hand out for Chenoa. “ We should um You know to - to - blend in. “ Akiva mentally smacked himself. It wasn’t bad logic but the proposal was off. Honestly, he hadn’t danced with anyone since he danced with Camille at their high school prom. “

Chenoa smiled as the music started to play and the lights dimmed. Akiva's nervous stutter was cute and made her feel a little less self-conscious about dancing. She never went to any high school dances but used to dance with her dad at family functions. "Sure, good idea," she said softly and took his hand and let him lead her to the mostly open dance floor beside a few other couples dancing.

Akiva and Chenoa danced together, flowing somewhat swiftly with the rest of the dancers. Akiva had some experience and kept the tripping over feet to a minimum. As some time passed and the music became slower, with people beginning to either leave the dance floor or continue at a slow pace, Akiva snapped backed to the reality that was his job. He leaned in his head next to Chenoa’s and try to keep them from coming to close to others for the moment. “ Ok so here is the plan. It’s late, and the hired guards are not gonna have worse visibility than while the slow dance music is on and the lights are dimmed. So slight change of plans. We need to find ourselves off the dance floor, and you need to get the attention of the security guard over by the north stairwell to the left of the front door.” Akiva was glad that even though this was an old factory area, the rich could afford to have the nicest houses that you could disappear and no one would notice.

“Make Something up, some kind of excuse, and get him to take you upstairs to any room to have a private moment.”

"On it, Captain," she said with a wink and broke off with him to find a waiter with a drink tray. She got two drinks and slid across the large room toward the guard at the North stairwell door. She asked him if he wanted a drink, but he shook his head. "My, I wonder what they're paying you. It must be a lot to make up for having to stay still while almost everyone around you is drinking and having fun." He smiled but said nothing. Chenoa got a little closer, half so that he could still hear her over the music, half so that she could lay on some heavy body language. "So, don't you have a girlfriend or wife that you could have brought here?" He didn't say anything, which probably meant he didn't. She inched a bit closer to him so that she was still only a few inches away from him, and the hems of her dress just spilled over his shoes. "That's some interesting news–for me. My other half isn't paying any attention to me. Too busy oggling over other girls." She put on a falsely disappointed pout and inched a bit closer. The guard shook his head. "He isn't a real man then." he said. Chenoa grazed her foot on the guard's leg. "Then maybe you take me somewhere more private? Show me what a real man can do?" "That wouldn't be very appropriate, Miss." he said, almost hesitantly. She got close enough so that if she weren't leaning back a bit, her chest would be touching him. She delicately placed her leg between his. "Aw, come on. There are plenty of other guards watching the party. What's so bad about being gone for an hour?" she paused to lick her lips. "Or two?" He looked around to see that the rest of security were still in their stations. "Why not take me upstairs for a while? Everything will be fine while you're gone." He swiftly led her up the stairs to take her to a room. Chenoa made eye contact with Akiva and gave him a wink as she followed the guard.

Akiva inwardly sighed again. He had not heard what Chenoa had said but from the body language probably nothing pleasant. “ Having a little much fun aren’t you?“, Akiva said to himself softly. He moved from his position with much more ease of movement than when he had been dancing. Akiva followed Chenoa and the guard slowly as they began moving upstairs, blending in with the crowd so as to not be seen specifically. When Akiva got to the top of the stair case he quickly glanced down the entire hallway. At the top of the stair case there was a hallway that expanded forwards quite far. Akiva quickly snuck next to a wooden display case that showed shelves of trophies. Akiva heard the chatter of Chenoa and the guard and followed them down the hallway. When they reached the end of the hall is when Akiva made his move.

Akiva dashed forward, alerting the guard ahead. But before the guard could react Akiva reaches forward with his right hand and tapped the mans forehead, as he muttered “ ill intentions “. After a moment the guard suddenly collapsed to the ground, appearing unconscious.

"You're quick at that." Chenoa said, in awe at how he was able to get a guard almost twice his weight on the ground by touching his forehead. "We should probably hide him somewhere for now. What did you do to him?" she asked, looking back up at Akiva.

Akiva raised his right hand as it began to vibrate the color yellow. “ I sent a surge of energy directly into the nerve in the brain that controls motor functions. “ Akiva leaned down towards the guard and placed a hand on his head. Another surge of yellow light vibrates from his hand, and then the light disappeared. Akiva sighed then stood up straight. As turned to face Chenoa he spoke. “ Long story short, my body is basically an energy generator. Using this generated energy I can heal, stun, and generally be a support character “, Akiva joked.

Akiva quickly cocked his head slightly, as alarmed. Then he looked back at Chenoa. “ New plan. I am gonna take care of this body, hide it, and generally make sure we are not noticed to be missing.” Akiva motioned towards the door behind Chenoa. “ luckily we managed to find a security guy who really enjoyed finer things. He led us to the houses office we need to get to. The Safe should be behind a picture frame.” Akiva took off his suit jacket and offered it to Chaneo. “ The inside pockets are deeper than usual pockets so filll them with whatever you find in the safe. I’ll meet you near the front entrance ok? “

Akiva suddenly blushed and coughed once into his hand. “ I am sorry, can you handle this? I don’t mean to be rude it’s just if you haven’t done this before it can be weird and confusing. “

"Do what you need to do," Chen said, "I've never been on a heist or broken into a safe, but it can't be too much different than getting into a school after hours and breaking into a few lockers, right?" she joked as she took Akiva's jacket and quietly slipped into the office. It was bigger than she expected, which she should have expected. There was a Large desk between two large windows giving view to a beautiful courtyard. Behind the desk between the windows was a large painting. She shifted the skin of her hands into a paw-pad texture, so that her prints couldn't be traced, and moved around the desk to look behind the painting, but there was only wall. There was another picture she saw on the right wall out of the corner of her eye. It was of a group of guys that were obviously a band. Someone had written something illegible in sharpie in the bottom corner. She took it off the wall, and sure enough, there was the safe. She put down the painting on a table nearby and put her ear against the metal door and listened carefully to the quiet clicks of the lock as she turned the dial. After a minute she had it open, and opened the door slowly, anticipating an alarm. But there wasn't. She saw a few stacks of cash, some jewellery, and a few baggies of white powder. She could fit it into Akiva's jacket, so she couldn't see why not take all of it. She stuffed it all in the inner pockets of the jacket and put it over her shoulders before she closed the door of the safe and covered it again with the picture. She shifted her hands back to normal as she left the room, and went downstairs to find Akiva. She had only been gone 10 or 15 minutes.

Akiva watched with a smile as his enthusiastic tag along ventured forward with her task. As soon as the she was out of sight Akivas face contorted into a face devoid of emotion. He looked down at the security guard and cocked his head slightly. He guessed he needed to hide the body, if he didn’t and she heard she might get suspicious. Akiva dragged the body into the closet unlocked room and left the man slumped against the wall. Then Akiva walked out of the room as he took out that folded piece of paper J had handed him at he start of this job. He unfolded it and read what was written on it out loud. “ Kill Houston “. Akiva Hated receiving jobs in this method but he understood the reason. Akiva was contacted through the dark web by J for a job, but what only Akiva knew was that J was pushed into his situation with Houston by others so that problems would arise and J would contact Akiva for help. When J did this he unwittingly passed along another secret message that would be decrypted online by Akiva. They did this so that it would impossible to not remain anonymous and hidden from any preying eyes. They had another job for Akiva, something much darker. They requested Akiva to silence Sir Houston. Permanently.

Akiva knew this from the start and kept this hidden from J and Chenoa. He did do everything he said he did, but every time he sent a message or made a call he would would go through contacts that understood him when he spoke in double entendres. Everything was set up for this moment.

Akiva walked along the hallway, leaving a hand on the railing. He scanned the crowd of people enjoying the party, finding the host rather easily telling a story rather loudly over on the opposite side of the room. Akiva walked downstairs, past all of the other party guests, and to Sir Houston’s group. “ Hello everyone “, Akiva said to the small group with as much charisma as he could muster, “ I don’t know if all of you recognize me but this man right here - “, Akiva said as he reached over and put his hand on Houston’s shoulder, “ is the life of the party. “ When Akiva spoke this everyone lost their tension and laughed, realizing that Akiva Meant no disrespect and he was rather.......different. Not necessarily in a good way in their minds though. Akiva looked at Houston, once again asking himself the same questions he always asked when confronted by people like Houston. Houston is a very popular indie music star, and he did a lot publicly to help several different charities. He was regarded as a very passionate and charitable man. But he had a very dark side. He was involved with several different groups that were involved with racketeering, extortion, and worse. Houston would use most of the money he made on drugs he did in his private time, which made he quite violent and has often made female guests never be able to leave again.

This type of man is why Akiva was so torn on the idea of Justice. What is it? How can someone be good when they do some much evil and how could someone be labeled a villain when they truly strived for a greater cause? Akiva shook his head softly, realizing five minutes had gone by since he last saw Chenoa. He was moving cats but he needed to end his now. Akiva pretended to stumble accidentally from trying to take a step forward. He reached out quickly and grabbed Houston’s hand, sure that while it was embarrassing no one would be he wiser. As soon as his hand touches Houston’s, Akiva sent a small and slow but sharp surge of energy into Houston as he gave the mental command “ ill intentions “.

Akiva let go after a few seconds of pretending to needing to center himself, then straightens himself out. Akiva laughed and apologized, with everything laughing again at Akivas strangeness. Akiva began walking away, but as he did he glanced back with a steel like like in his eyes. “ I win “, Akiva said softly to himself. The energy Akiva sent using his ability ill intentions was a special kind of energy he generated special for this moment. Right now the small surge of foreign energy was slowly traveling through Houston’s body. In about 10 minutes, Akiva predicted just about, the energy would sizzle out and then send foreign electrical energy through our Houston’s body, if not killing him outright then permanent crippling him by more than likely shutting down an organ or more. Akiva walked towards the entrance and realized that more time had passed then he though. By the door Chenoa was waiting for him. Akiva sighed once, looked down, closed his eyes, and opened them for them to appear black and red momentarily before returning back to normal. Akiva thought to himself, “ This is all so gray “. Akiva walked up to Chenoa and greeted her with a smile and walked with her, arm in arm, outside.

"Did you have fun socializing?" Chenoa asked sarcastically as they made their way out of the party. She snagged one last pecan butter tart before the got outside and was nibbling it as they strode down the walkway going further and further from the house. "Do you want to get a car or something? I'm getting a bit tired carrying all this heavy gold in my pockets." she said, smiling widely to Akiva, proud of the both of them that they were able to finish the heist successfully. "We should celebrate." she said, squeezing his arm and conciously stopping herself from leaning her head on his shoulder.

Akiva almost shushed Chenoa, but second guessed himself. She was happy, this was something not every one did all the time. He laughed, then let go of Chenoa so that he could gently take his jacket back and put it back on. " One problem solved. Ha. Sure , if you want, we could call a taxi. Do you want to go back to the cleaners, drop off these clothes, and get our old clothes back? "

"That would be a good idea," Chenoa said, nodding. "Besides, my aunt is probably wondering where I am by now. I normally stay out pretty late without texting her, but never this late. And I left my phone where I hid the rest of my stuff when I shifted to stalk you earlier today." She laughed a bit as she remembered her bag of stuff still in that bush in the park.

Akiva laughed. “ That’s sweet I think. My sister can be similar at times when I’m not out of town on a job, but that’s just because she can be a little protective. Can’t same I’m not the same way. “

Akiva walked the short distance with Chenoa to the cleaners they got their clothes from while chatting about whatever came to mind. Akiva was glad he was able to make this whole adventure fun, although working with a partner wasn’t as much fun as he had hoped. Mainly because of all the secrecy involved but Akiva shoved that to the side of his mind. When the duo arrived at the cleaners, Akiva and Chenoa were able to get back and put on their clothes, and Akiva was even able to get a small backpack from the nice owner of the cleaners, after asking for something to carry stuff in. Akiva was now dressed in a black V neck T shirt, with a black short collared jacket and dark blue jeans.

After the cleaners gave the their clothes back, Chenoa was back into Akiva's sweatpants and longsleeve shirt. The owner noticed that Chen didn't have any shoes and gave her a pair of sneakers that someone had neglected to pick up. They were about a size too big, but they worked just fine. They would probabaly fit her aunt anyway. She was very greatful that the owner was so nice, and even cleaned their clothes for them. As the two made their way out of the cleaners, Chenoa asked, "So, you mentioned your sister a bit, but what's she like?"

As Akiva pulled out his phone to order and Uber, Akiva spoke to Chenoa. “ My sister? Her name is Camille, and she is my twin sister. From birth, she has always had a really weak immune system so she has to be constantly careful about where she goes, what she touches, and what she eats. But she is really smart, really good with computers, and she never complains about her condition. “

Chenoa smiled, and put her hands in her pockets as they waited for their car. "She sounds strong." she said, looking out at the lights that lined the dark main street, not really focusing on anything in particular, just picturing what Camille might look like. "You guys must be really close."

“I mean, yea we are close but you would be surprised. Things can get really tense, especially when she disagrees with something. We live together and we both have a hand in this line of work “, Akiva said while waving his hand as if to gesture what they currently did,” she runs the computer and I do most of the foot work. “

"That's pretty true," Chenoa said, laughing a bit. "Living with family can get pretty tense. I remember when I first moved in with my aunt and cousins. They used to all have separate rooms, but they had no guest room. So the boys had to start sharing a room so that I could have my own. They get along pretty well so it wasn't too bad for them, but they were pretty tense with me for the first month for taking up their space.. And I had my own room and they didn't, so that was unfair." She huffed remembering how not nice they were. They weren't mean, but they didn't show her a lot of kindness either. After all, she was the cousin that they had never met and suddenly they had to make room for her, a stranger. "They loosened up a bit after few weeks. Isaac and I get along pretty well now, and Andre and I are already relly close. We both like to joke around." Chenoa paused. "I'm assuming Camilla knows about your ability? I mean, my aunt and the boys know about mine, but they're just relatives, she's your sister. And she's your twin, I bet she probably has some sort of ability too.."

Akivas mood slightly turned for the worse after hearing that. Of course she knew, he was the reason she is like how she is. “ Uh yea she knows, and no she isn’t like me in that way. She’s the normal. She never judges me for being able to do stuff like - ", Akiva said as he raised his right hand. His hand vibrates a sharp yellow for a few seconds then faded to normal,” - this. She has gone through a lot because of the fact I can do that “. Akiva suddenly smiled and put his hands behind his head. "But it’s fine, she only uses the fact that I have powers and she doesn’t to always get what she wants. It’s why I haven’t eaten a cookie in weeks hehe".

"Aw,you don't get cookies? I'll remember that if I ever see you at Josie's, I'll keep you from buying any." She laughed and elbowed him lightheartedly a bit. She tucked a chunk of light purple hair behind her ear. "So what do you normally do for fun when you're not doing your odd jobs?"

Akiva shrugged. “ Mainly we just work. We are a little weird when we do have any free time though. If we are feeling lazy we will binge TV and movies. If we are feeling energetic we love to sight see, to go out randomly and find a nice patch of grass to lay on in an area we haven’t been before. “ Akiva spottey a bench and motioned for Chenoa to follow him and sit with him. When Akiva sat down he layed his head back and looked up at sky. “ Camille can’t stand for as long as others because she becomes fatigue quickly so my solution was for us to go places and lay down. End up falling asleep a lot. “

Chenoa followed him to the bench and sat with him and looked up at the starry sky. Because of all the lights, she couldn't see too many stars or constellations besides the Dippers and Orion's Belt, but it still looked pretty. "That sounds really relaxing." she said softly. She was growing tired already. The two of them had had a big day.

Akiva was about to speak when his phone buzzed, alerting him to the Uber approaching. Akiva looked at Chenoa and chuckled. She looked extremely tired. “ Our Uber is here. “

Chenoa yawned and started speaking just before she finished a deep breath out. "Do you think I could nap in the car?" she giggled as she got up to look down the street for the car. She stood tall as she could for her height and held her arms up, stretching as she noticed a clean silver vintage-looking car pull up and stop nearby.

Akiva stood up and walked over to the car, speaking as he did. “Sure, be my guest." Akiva and Chenoa got into the silver Impala that was their Uber and took off.

"Thanks for letting me tag along on this job, I realize that you're probably not used to pairing up." Chenoa slouched back in the back seat of the Impala as she made herself comfortable. She watched the scenery pass by as they made their way back Downtown. Today was a weird day for her and she loved the action. She was starting to think that she might like staying in Esperanza for a few years, despite her parents wanting her to come home after a few months here. College could wait another year or two. As she thought about this, she realized that the scenery was getting more familiar as the Downtown area. The drive was a shorter trip than she had expected.

Akiva smiled and nodded at Chenoa. "Well it wasnt exactly what I pictured but I think we did ok. Thank you Dove I appreciate it." A little more time passed before finally arriving in front of Chenoas home. Akiva helped her out of the car and to her door, recieving an akward hug before saying their final goodbyes. Akiva then walked back into the car, finally going home.

Akiva Hishamie and Chenoa "Charlie" Bearfoot

interacting with: @papayasnmangoes

Akiva enjoyed all aspects about what he did for a living and while on a job he took pride on being able to get the job done as best as he could. His current job was actually something that he needed to think about, especially with his client wanting to move up the meet and greet so suddenly. Now normally he would not stand a rude customer but this guy really wasn't someone you wanted to get on the bad side of at the moment. Akiva was going to meet a man named Jacob bells, or J as he preferred to be called that. Akiva was going to meet with J as soon as possible at the location given to Akiva.

But he could not concentrate on the bus ride to his destination in Mission hills. It was a short bus ride, rather than taking hours by walking, but long enough for Akiva to get lost in thought. Akiva usually liked to wander, eat, or nap right before he had to go out on a job and sometimes he would end up in weird situations because of his weird habits. Or meeting new people. Chenoa was someone he was definitely lucky to meet, but had no illusions that he would see her again. Not with what he did, not with his duties to his sister. If he did have a chance to sit and talk with Chenoa, Akiva decided it would be the worst thing in the world.

Chenoa was doing her best to not get ahead of the bus with all of it's frequent stops. She had never taken the bus before, and didn't know the route. Her cousins have taken the bus a few times before, they said that is was about a half hour or less to get into Mission Hills. But Chenoa hardly noticed how long it had taken. The time flew by (don't mind the pun) as she followed the bus from above, her mind racing through all of the different things that Akiva could be rushing to do. Any regular job wouldn't be this important, so it had to be something more exciting than mowing lawns or pet-sitting. Maybe he was going to meet some dangerous people? Maybe he was hired muscle? Before she knew it, she and the bus were passing by the "Welcome to Mission Hills!" sign.

As The bus drove past the Mission Hill sign, Akiva sighed softly to himself. This was already a weird to start. After another ten minutes the bus came to a halt, stopping at one of its regular bus stops. As Akiva walked off the bus he recalled the address he was given. He knew the area where he was suppose to go to well enough and he had been hired by the same client enough times Akiva could walk from his home to J's and back. From the bus stop it was only a short jaunt to his destination, where his client was sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch of his house, smoking a cigeratte and playing on his phone. When Akiva came into view and was noticed by J, Akiva could do nothing but mentally sigh as hard as he could as J jumped up with his theatrics and greeted him. J spoke quickly, with a less than educated style. Akiva sighed outloud softly, then walked inside with the man.

From above, Chenoa watched the bus until she finally saw Akiva get off. Still several feet behind him, She lowered down in the sky until she was about 10 feet above the ground and shifted into a blonde cat, and landed on her feet. Because her natural hair colour is lighter, her fur was always lighter when she shifted to an animal with fur. The only thing she could change was hair length. And when her fur was ling, sometimes a bit of purple would show up at the ends of her fur in patches, normally at the end of her tail or anywhere where her fur was particularly long. In this case, to follow Akiva, she was a shorthair tabby. She followed him quite easily, walking behind him on the sidewalk and weaving into gardens when she thought that he would turn around to see her. Eventually he stopped at a grungy old house. He barely made it to the front stairs before a man dressed like a wannabe gangster from the 2010's stepped out and greeted him openly with a smile and brought him inside. She thought about shifting into a mouse to get into the house, but didn't want to shift again if she didn't have to. Luckily, she noticed a basement window that she could jump into, leading to an unfinished basement with a few other cats in it that must have sneaked in for shelter if they didn't belong to the man who lived here. They looked at her weirdly as she came in, knowing that she was a stranger to this town, but didn't stop her from coming in. She meowed a quick greeting but didn't stick around for introductions. She easily found her way to the stairs and found where Akiva and the weirdly dressed dude were.

She sat off to the side so not to get attention in case the man didn’t own any cats. She didn’t want to get swatted away. So she found a shelf to climb onto to the top of to sit and listen quietly.

Akiva walked inside and sat down at the table in the living with the man in white. “ So..what was so important you had to interrupt my personal time and rush me ”, Akiva asked the man impatiently.

The man tried to awkwardly laugh away the tension, to no avail. He stood up and began pacing as he spoke.

“ Ok man listen so like I need you to break into a guys house. Nothing too serious, but the guys safe is gonna be emptied and all it’s contents are gonna be put into an actual bank safety deposit box. Which will suck major d**k for you brotha. You know Yo boi J got you tho ”, J said trying to recover and calm down Akiva.

Akiva drummed his fingers on the table impatiently. Then J nervously smacked his leg as if he just remembered something. “ Oh yea ”, J said, “ I almost forgot to you need to steal the safes contents tonight.......while his fancy dinner party is going on. ” Akiva curled his fingers into a fist. This is why Camille hated him taking jobs from people like this. Akiva stood up and started to walk towards the door. Seeing this, J jumped forward and ran In front of the door. “Hey brotha ok listen, you do this for me I will pay you doub - no wait triple” , J said desperately. Akiva sighed loudly and crossed his arms. He waited a few moments, and while he was thinking he noticed that there was a cat wandering around. Akiva didn’t think J had a cat. Then he turned and looked at J. “ I’ll do the job for the normal rate, but you owe. Big. And don’t ask for me for awhile. I’m sick of seeing your face. ” Akiva held out his hand impatiently. J looked stunned for a moment, then scrambled to pull a piece of folded paper out of his pocket and into Akivas hand. “ Y-yea dawg no sweat. That’s the details right there, all of them I swear. ”

Akiva said nothing, he simple turned away and walked out of the house after pocketing the paper.

'Breaking and entering?' Chenoa thought as she watched the two men converse, 'Why didn't he tell me about that? That's so exciting!' Then she realized that he probably didn't tell her because that's illegal and they had just met and he didn't know how she would react if he told her. She also was wondering why he was taking a job from such an unorganized douchebag. But there he was, taking the info anyway. She hopped down from the shelf and followed Akiva at his heels this time. She thought that maybe she could reveal herself as a person with these abilities and get in on this super exciting job. By the time Akiva got to the door, she relized that she had no idea how to do that while in the form of an animal if she couldn't speak to him. There was no way that she was shifting back to her human form because she still had no clothes. She thought for a second that maybe she could turn into a parrot or something and tell him. Bet then again, she had no idea how he would react to a cat just turning into a bird right in front of him and telling him it's the girl he had just met almost an hour ago. And suddenly they were both at the sidewalk and she had to do something. There was no turning back now. So thinking quickly and nervously, she just meowed loudly at him.

Akiva stopped at the sound of a cat, making a cat noise rather loudly. He chuckled to himself and thought about how off he was, to let a dumb cat make him jump. He turned towards the direction of the cat and spotted it immediately. He looked around and saw no one else was around, so he knelt down and offered the cat an open hand. “Um....hi kitty. You lost? Or are you an outdoor cat?” Akiva suddenly lit up, figuratively, and let his back pack slide down and off his arm. He went through it and pulled out a blueberry muffin stashed in a ziplock bag. Akiva tore off a tiny chunk and offered to the cat.

Chenoa was normally a better at thinking on her feet, but the last time she revealed herpowers was to her parents at age 10. And they were spritual people who easily accepted it. She didn't really know how Akiva would react. He held out the chunk of blueberry muffin to her in his hand and she froze for a second. Then, she made her fur grow out in a way that she looked like she just poofed out into a longhair cat. She hoped that maybe seeing a strange blue-eyed yellow cat with purple on the tip of her tail and the front of her chest, the same colour as her hair in her human form, would make something click in his head and realize who she was.

Akiva tilted his head when the cat began.....changing. It seemed somewhat familiar, like he had recently seen this cat. Akiva snapped his fingers. “ Your J’s cat right? I saw you in the house a minute ago right? ” Akiva scratched his head and sighed. Then he stood up and motioned for the cat to follow. “ You seem smart. Wanna come with me for a bit? J is crap human being you don’t wanna stay with him. ” Akiva went to go pick up his bag, which was on the ground and open. Inside his bag was his food supplies and an extra pair of clothes, some sweat pants and long sleeve shirt.

Akiva stopped midway reaching down and realized something. “ Wait......did you just grow your fur? Your kind a special huh? Well........ ” Akiva looked around again, and when he felt like he was sure no one was around he looked back at the cat then closed his eyes. When he opened them the whites of his eyes were pure black and his eye color was bright red. He held up a hand and yellow energy misted out of his palm for a second then disappeared. He eyes changed back too. “ I’m special too. Don’t tell anyone kitty. ”

" Oh fuck," she said in surprise, but of course it only came out as an awkward meow. Chenoa had no idea what Akiva did with his eyes or what else he could do, but she felt a whole lot more comfortable outing her abilities to him now. She shifted into golden lab and snatched his clothes from his bag in her jaw. She had no idea how to quickly converse with him without stealing his clothes. She ran to the nearest hiding spot, which happened to be a skinny shadowed alley into someone's backyard. She shifted and got changed as quickly as possible just in case he came after her. She emerged barefoot and in Akiva's clothes, which were several sizes to big on her. "So, good thing you have abilities too, that makes this a whole lot easier." She had to hold up the sweatpants as she walked towards him, and found a drawstring to tie tighter on her waist.

Akiva watched with anticipation as the cat changed forms. Ok nothing that.......ok so yea that’s weird, Akiva thought, but he can heal injuries with his hands almost instantly so maybe it’s a mutant animal. Then when it took his clothes and ran away, Akiva became very confused. What the shit? He would have been ok, honest, if Chenoa hadn’t come out from the direction the animal went with his clothes. She was wearing his clothes. After she spoke he tried to recover his confidence but he was very surprised. “Dove? You can do stuff like that............No *** **.......” too be honest Akiva has not had many interactions with other powered folks. A few times he has had to contest a job with another power user but outside of work he had never met another powered person.

“ Wait. Did you follow me? All the way from downtown? ”

"I shapeshift. I turnied into a bird to follow your bus. It was easy. Also, I really wanted to know where it was you were going. It seemed mysterious and exciting." She instictively grazed her hands over her hips looking for pockets. She found them and slipped her hands in. "Sorry for stalking you by the way.." she added in sheepishly.

She piped up againquite quickly when she remembered her idea. "Also! I'd like to help you with this job you just picked up. I think that I could be a really great asset, and I don't want anything in return. I can also wash your clothes, I kinda can't help slobbering a bit when I'm a dog..."

Akiva simply stood there, listening and trying to think of the best response. It wasn’t the worst idea to have a shape shifter on his side, especially when his job tonight........his job! Akiva realized something important. “So if you were that cat in the house then you heard that in a few hours I have to infiltrate a dinner party. It would be a lot easier to maintain a cover if....”, Akiva extends his hand out with the palm up. Gesturing as if he was holding out his hand for Chenoa, “You go with me tonight as my date. If you agree to that, and agree to follow my orders you can help.”

"Sure!" Chenoa was already super excited. She was already bursting with questions about the plan. "Do you have the floor plans of the place? If it's a dinner party, it sounds like it'll be fancy. We're going to need nice clothes to crash the party. Is it a combination safe?" Her hands were already out of her pockets, shaking around and making patterns and things in the air as she spoke and walked closer, thinking that if the party was that night, they needed to get a move on.

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The galaxy is under the tyrannical rule of the merciless android, Android 99. A long time ago on a planet called Earth there was a rather nasty organization called the "Human Evolutionary Front". They were obsessed with forcing the perfect human evolution and were extremely xenophobic towards any non human. They ended up experimenting with artificial human life, to test out what the human body can stand and do without hurting any actual humans, and created multiple androids in the process. Among these creations was a subject dubbed Android 99, and she was there greatest success. She was originally pure human, but after undergoing numerous altercations and experimentations she was reborn as never fatiguing android. She grew in power rapidly, able to easily absorb those stronger than her. By the time the Front realized what they had created and what that they needed to destroy their creation for fear of her exterminating them all if she was in the mood, Android 99 demolished her creators base and left no survivors. She conquered earth and used what she left of the Human Evolutionary Front as her own personal army to keep earthlings in line. Android 99 then went on to conquer most of the known northern galaxy.

Akiva Hishamie and Chenoa "Charlie" Bearfoot


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Akiva took the offered napkin, wetted it slightly, and began wiping the blood off his face. As he did he sat down next on the offered spot on the bench.

"Thanks I appreciate it. It was nothing serious some kids were playing around and kicked a ball into my face, so nothing serious."

Chenoa raised her eyebrows a bit. "I hope that they weren't aiming for your face in the first place," she joked, taking another bite of her sandwich. She crossed her legs to face him better.

Akiva set his backpack down next to his right leg and sat up straight on the park bench. As he spoke he brushed his blue long sleeve jacket off. " I'm sure they weren't, but you never know. Maybe small kids are trying to take out all the adults finally ", Akiva said jokingly, " Either way I heal quick so no worries."

Akiva folded the now red, used napkin. and placed it on his right leg. He chuckled softly. " Do you...want your napkin back."

Chenoa giggled lightly. "No, that's fine. I think that I can managae without it." She frowned at the birds who were now hopping closer to her and begging for more food like an ill-trained dog. She tossed them some more seeds and peanuts and turned back to the man. "So, uh, what is it that you're doing in a park getting bullied by kids?" she paused. "Also, sorry, I don't think I caught your name."

"My name is Akiva. Not your average name but my parents name were huge cartoon nerds" As Akiva outstretched his hand for a handshake he noticed how the birds were acting almost aggressive like. Why was she feeding birds who were acting like this?

"Whats your story stranger?"

She gave the birds one last handfull and they were distracted with their food for another while. "I'm Chenoa. It's a bit of an odd name too, ot's from my father's language. It means 'Dove'." She put her bag of seed away again. "And I just got off work." She pointed down the street in the direction of the cafe. "If you've ever been past on into Josie's Place, That's where I work."

Josie’s place...Josies place...that place over there? That’s that little cafe place right? I’ve think I’ve been there once. My sister loves going there.” Akiva tried to think of his and his sisters experience at the cafe but to no avail. Akiva laughed nervously. Then he reached down and pulled out a sand which from his bag. He instinctively reached for his food when he became nervous, a slightly bad habit at times. Akiva tore off a chunk of his bread off from his sandwich and threw it to the ground next to the birds. Akiva realized that was probably over feeding the birds and mentally smacked his head. Then he looked Chenoa. “ How long have you worked at Josies?

"Only about half a year now. I came over in the summer," she said, tucking some purple hair behind her ear. "If you can't tell from the accent, I'm from Canada. But I decided to stay here with my aunt for a year or so before I decide what to do with my life. My aunt owns the restaurant. She's Josie." Chenoa smiled a bit. She was very proud of her aunt. "But yeah, I live above the restaurant with her and my two cousins for the time being. I'm still not sure yet if I want to go back home, there's so much excitement here!"

That’s pretty neat. Do you normally spend your time off just hanging out at parks or was I just lucky enough to meet you by chance?” Akiva again mentally smacked himself. Trying to nurse a broken bone to health was easier sometimes than talking to people.

Chenoa smiled. "I know it's pretty lame, but normally after I get off work, I like to come to the park for an hour or so. The crows have started to expect me here now, too, and they come sit on my windowsill if I don't come by now. Crows are smart, you know, they're very good at recognizing patterns and faces." She realized that she was getting off topic, and Akiva probably didn't care very much about birds anyway. "So, I like to sit here for a while before I go do other things. And I don't have a lot of friends in this city yet so these guys keep me company." She leaned down to pet one of the crows battling with a shelled peanut at her feet and it stopped to let her for a moment before it went back to it's pecking again.

Akiva was surprised to see how easily the bird was petted. “ Wow. Birds must like you a lot huh? “ Akiva stretched his arms out then stood up. He turned to face Chenoa and spoke as he picked up his bag. “ I actually have some time before I have to work so would you like to hang out for a bit and walk? “

Akiva took a bite out of his Sam which and smiled.

Watching Akiva get up, Chenoa smiled. "Yeah, sure. I don't have anywhere to be yet either." She grabbed her messenger bag with her things like seeds and her phone and pulled it over her head as she got up. "And yeah, I've always gotten along with most animals. My dad says that it's a gift," she said as she gestured to Akiva to lead the way.

Akiva started walking forward, no destination in mind at all. He walked them along the sidewalk path of the park. “ So have you heard the news lately? I have always like it here, but it seems like this place is getting more dangerous.

"You mean with all the missing people?" she asked, "It's crazy, I mean, I'm used to people going missing, There's been a string of missing Native women in Canada, but this time it's normal people. Sorry if that sounds weird, but it's just that it isn't people with a specific background, no patterns, just regualr people." She paused as she walked beside Akiva. "And there's this regular at the cafe, he hasn't shown up in a while. He always looked like he was a mess, he was so afraid of everything. But he hasn't shown up to Josie's in almost a week." She moved her hands around as she spoke. She had a habit of speaking with her hands when she was really into something. She took her last bite of her sandwich once she finished her short bit.

Akiva thought about how people going missing in his line of work almost always that means that person is dead. “ I am sorry to hear that. I hope they find the guy. Have you told the police yet?”

Akiva reached out towards a passing bird that was perched on a metal stand, and as he walked and reached out the bird chirped, pecked at his finger, and flew away.

Chenoa started to mention that it probably wasn't her place to call the police for someone she barely knew, when Akiva reached toward a bird that pecked at him in return. "Oh, damn! Are you alright?" She reached for his hand to see if it was bleeding. The bird didn't mean any harm, it was just scared.

Akiva chuckled and let Chenoa reach for his finger. There was a slight stream of blood slowly dripping off where the bird had pecked but it was by all means nothing to Akiva. “ Yea I’m fine. Not gonna lie I’m a little jealous birds like you. I guess I tried to pet it cause you did.” Akiva wanted to heal the little peck quickly, he wouldn’t even need a full hand, but showing his power was dangerous. “I-I I’m fine, promise. I mean birds don’t transfer diseases and stuff right? I’m right right?” Akiva pretended to dramatically become worried

It didn't look like anything that bad, but Chenoa never got a good look at what kind of bird it was. "I don't think you'll have anything to worry about unless it was a pidgeon. I didn't even notice the bird." She let go of Akiva's hand, But was still a bit worried. "You'd better keep an eye on that. You won't get rabies or anything, but you could still get an infection."

Akiva put his hand in his pocket where the bloody napkin he put was. He wrapped his finger around it then willed a tiny amount of energy towards his finger. Within a second the tiny peck wound had stopped bleeding and closed but Akiva kept his hand in his pocket. “ That would suck. Well I will watch out for that. I seem to be a bit accident prone today.”

Akiva looked ahead and continued to walk with Chenoa. “ Anyways, apart from that all you said your from Canada? I’ve wanted to go there but never had the time?”

"Oh yeah, it's a pretty place," she said, smiling, "depending on where you go though. In my opinion, you want to avoid every city except Vancouver, and visit everywhere in British Columbia. BC is huge, and full of beautiful forests and lakes. And depending where you go, you can find all sorts of different cultures all over the country." Again, she was talking with her hands, and she was looking out ahead of her at nothing at all, just picturing the lakes in Saskatchewan. She looked over to him and said, "You definetly should go there for a bit if you ever get the chance." She paused. "And what about you? Are you from here, or were you raised somewhere else?"

Born and raised here, but I’ve been out and about a bit. I do whatever odd jobs come my way and sometimes work will take me out of state.” Akiva rubbed the back of his neck, remembering the nice part of his work. Whenever he had to leave the city he loved to take an hour or so and just admire the sights. Didn’t matter where he went or for what job it was just a thing he like to do. “ Although I try not to leave here too much. Family and all that. “

"Family is great," Chenoa said, nodding and smiling. "What odd jobs do you do?" she asked. She put on a silly face and shook a finger at him like a mother scoldng her son for stealing cookies. "Have you been drug trafficking?" She laughed and looked forward again, and burried her hands in her pockets.

Akiva slipped a step and hopped in front of Chenoa. He walked backwards as he spoke to her. “ Nah. Drugs are bad. More like whatever people need done, I do. Last job I was hired was for pest control. This guy had a rat problem I helped with. Tomorrow’s job is just an mail job." Akiva took his hand out of his pockets and put them over his head. “ I like experiencing new things, so accepting odd jobs is the best thing to do for a guy like me."

Chenoa laughed and said, "So, what? You don't have a day job? You just do all sorts of odd jobs all day? I've never heard of anyone doing that before." She adjusted her shoulder bag and put her hands back in her pockets. "Do people just send you requests somehow or do you find the jobs yourself? Oh! What's the weirdest job you've ever done?" She laughed and smiled wide as she asked the silly question.

Akiva was about to answer with something he was sure going to be funnier in his head when his phone began ringing. Akiva pulled out his phone and looked at Chenoa. “ Sorry I gotta take this. Uno mo memento por favor.” Akiva smiled, then stopped walking and turned around. When he spoke he spoke softly into the phone. “ I’m not.....and I told you....look stop stop stop cutting me off. Fine I’ll head there now I’ll be there in two hours.” Akiva hung up and pocketed his phone. Then he turned back around to Chenoa.

Chenoa could see that whatever seemed to be going on was serious. Whoever was on the phone seemed anxious; at least from what she could tell from one side of the phone call. "That seemed important.." she said awkwardly, wondering what was going on. "Is everything alright?"

Akiva laughed awkwardly, trying to downplay it. “ Of course not everything is fine. My employer just wants to meet a litter sooner that’s all so I actually have to cut this short. It was nice to meet you Dove and thank you for the napkin.” Akiva held out his hand, accidentally the one that was suppose to have had the pecking bruise but he healed.

"Oh, look at that, the bleeding stopped!" CHenoa was happy that her new friend was okay, but his hand looked as if nothing had ever happened. She shook it off, maybe she needed glasses or something. But she was still curious. She shook it, hoping she didn't look to suspicious of Akiva. "Would you like me to walk with you to meet your employer? I don't have much to do today anyway." She was wondering what odd job it was that he was doing today. His source of income was interesting to her.

Akiva began slowly walking away, hands up apologetically. “ No no it’s fine. Thanks again.” Akiva turned around and began walking away, walking at a fast pace. He needed to catch the next bus at the bus stop right next to the park, and luckily a bus had pulled up moments ago.

Akiva had pulled away so quickly, anxious to get to wherever it was that he was going. Chenoa was a bit confused at how quickly he had left. She thought that they were getting along so well; this must have been important. Of course, Chenoa, being the nuisance that she was, had to follow him. She let him get ahead of her as she feigned a good-bye, then matched his pace from several feet behind as he traced his steps back to the park. He just caught a bus going up to Mission Hills. There was no way that she was getting on that bus without him noticing. SHe ran to the nearest bush that was large enough to hide her whole body in and stripped down. She planned on shifting into a bird to follow, but that meant that she was going to have to keep following in the form of an animal if she didn't want anyone seeing her in the nude. She stuffed her clothes into her bag and shifted into a pigeon. The bus had already left by the time she got out of the bush, but it wasn't too far ahead and she easily caught up to it while flying above it.
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