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Thundering saw the skeleton emerge, of course, but for whatever reason, it didn't immediately dawn on her. Didn't hit her as fast as it should have.

Because one moment, she was staring off into the trees, and then in the next, the cursed thing stepped out from the dimness past the treeline and almost locked eyes with her.

Had it been a person, she doubted she would have noticed, but from this distance, she could clearly see the two black holes in the skull as it peered directly at her. She was stunned for a few moments, never having seen this specific thing before in her time as a guard.

She wasn't completely frozen, however, and she managed to start walking towards the alarm bell on the wall, more an instinctual reaction her training had given her than a conscious decision. Then, the skeleton raised its weapon, and suddenly, she was back.

It was a threat.

She made it to her section's alarm and rang the bell just as the skeleton started to bang on the tree with its weapon. She gave it a few more rings, just to be sure everyone heard it, and then returned to the wall's battlements, crouching down to access a long crate set against the wall's interior.

By the time she'd clutched one of the crossbows stored inside, loaded it, and looked back up, the skeletons were running from the trees and towards the wall. Cloud tried to ignore the chaos around her as her compatriots responded, instead taking aim for the lead skeleton. She didn't fire immediately, taking a moment to steady herself and brace the crossbow on the wall before loosing a bolt at her target.

Whatever the result of her attack, she did not stick around to look, instead crouching back down to grab another bolt from the ammo reserves.

Heigo spent the ride over to the warehouse in quiet contemplation. In a way, he was steeling himself for what was going to happen. He stared up at the lights in the BearCat's passenger compartment before looking back down to his feet.

He had a gut feeling that tonight was going to be messy. He didn't want to say it out loud, but at the station, a few of his team members had expressed an almost lax attitude towards the mission. Overconfident, in a sense.

Fortunately, Heigo intended to walk out of that warehouse without a casualty over his shoulder.

When the truck arrived, Heigo slipped a magazine of slugs into his gun, checking the safety before they started walking. The crowd of civilians was an unexpected touch, but it was nothing he wasn't used to. He found it rather amusing that one of the team members peeled off to start reminding people to stay away from the warehouse while it was being stormed by SWAT officers. These people might seem curious, but Heigo was confident that once the bullets started flying inside, the civs would all clear out.

"Ready to get started, Ma'am," Heigo said, giving Jessica a smile from under his balaclava when she said it was time to breach.
Then I would like to suggest Heigo as the first man in behind the pointman, just for the sheer fact that while Andrew also sports a semi-auto shotgun at the same gauge as Heigo's, The USAS-12 holds ten shots while Andrew's Benelli M1 can hold a max of seven. Heigo's USAS-12 also has a shortened stock and barrel for more maneuverability in tight spaces.

@IrredeemableIs Andrew using slugs or buckshot for this sortie?
@BCTheEntity as per this gentleperson's suggestion:

I have a USAS-12 with 12-Gauge slugs loaded. Do we want the person with the most damaging shotgun in first?
@Irredeemable Yes Heigo's got a semi-auto shotty so he can probably be the first assaulter in after the pointman.
I don't know if I should post or not. I didn't see if anyone brought a battering ram or something for the door so I'm not entirely sure how to proceed. If not then Heigo will do his job as the assault breacher and shotgun it open, but that's at least the reason why I have held off for the moment.

I feel like we should actually plan this out or set up a posting order based on the team (Guy who will open the door, then the guy who goes in first, and then so on and so forth.) If we plan it out like an actual SWAT team I think posting would go more smoothly.
Thundering Cloud

Cloud's eyes remained on the snowy horizon, not allowing herself to be distracted by the climate and general sounds of merriment coming from the town behind her. Unlike a few of her fellow guards, Cloud relished in her position, and found a sort of solace in pacing the walls, making sure that all of those behind her were safe and free to go about their day.

Her quiet observation was interrupted, however, when the speakers on the wall crackled to life and a gentle, mechanical voice called out.

"Guard Shift 2 will commence wall duty. Sections 3 and 5 will report to castle walls for patrol duty."

Cloud shouldered her spear, and then heard a groan from her left. One of her fellow guards, a maroon unicorn who held his spear to his side with magic, had a rather sour expression. He turned to her, frown turning slightly upwards.

"Is that us, Cloud?"

Of course, Cloud already knew what section she was on, but she smirked, making it a point to motion towards a sign on the guard's side of the wall with her spear. The sign hidden from outside view by the crenellations on the wall, and displayed the number "5" in neat, black paint.

"You already know, Battlement. Off to the castle we go."

The unicorn groaned again, although he did it as he got moving. Of course, Thundering Cloud knew Towering Battlements well. His groaning and moaning was more for humor than actual complaining.

And so, they, along with several other guards, a mix of reformed humans and ponies, a group with a drastic slant towards the equine persuasion.

Secretly, Cloud enjoyed patrolling the castle walls the most. Sure, the Reform School was behind her, but to her, the school held mostly positive memories. She hadn't been one of those problem children, and she never quite understood the desire to run away from the safety of the castle walls.

Whether this was a testament to her prospects as a city guard or to the Equestrian mind-clearing spells, she'd never know.

Another half hour passed, and she was happily looking over the town from the castle's high walls. From here, she could see the whole town and the forests past it, gaze into the ocean that Bellbrooke was nestled against. She sighed, leaning against her spear slightly, eyes captivated by the constant rhythm of the waves.

Someone tapped her in the side with a spear, and she jumped slightly.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," came the voice of Battlements, smirking like a bandit.

"Stuff it, you know it's beautiful out here."

The gates at the castle walls opened to receive someone, and immediately she snapped back into attention. She did her best to look "guardly", hoping the helmet would hide her flustering for being caught at ease like this. Curiously, she looked to see who had entered, and when it was a brown unicorn, she looked back out. He was an adventurous looking type. The kind of individual she'd seen enter the Reform school before.

For the life of her, she couldn't understand why the headmaster was so keen on bringing those kinds of people into the school.

And so she remained on watch.

You would be right about your notion that Dengi would be more easily convinced to sign up. A trip to a legendary island is 110% the opportunity he's waiting for :P


The runes on his golden teeth are exactly what they say on the tin. Runes to keep gold (which is a notoriously soft metal) in shape and as hard as steel so they can actually be used in day to day life without the metal deforming. The gently glowing rune on the side of his head isn't described as doing anything because it doesn't. It's just a tattoo that glows because his people were into that kind of thing.

In regards to intro order, I'm not exactly opposed to Dengi having a rushed/short intro. In a way I designed him to slide as effortlessly into this thing as possible. People who have characters who would be more complicated to bring on board should have priority.
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