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If your still looking for partners feel free to Pm me. I see a lot of pairings on your list that seem perfect for me.

Hello I saw you were looking for a DMC type Rp. I would not object to having you play Dante/Virgil (would prefer Dante tbh) Hit me up if your still looking.

Im interested in Anthro/Furry, Brothel worker x guard captain, Rich woman x anthro mechanic, Male Wrestler/Female Manager, Anthro Jungle King/Explorer
I would be interested in a mafia or sugar daddy story if you are looking for a partner.

Nina looked back him and nodded. "Right. We should get to homeroom. Would you happen to know around where that is?" She asked looking down the halls for any sort of clue of where they should go.

Nina was a bit confused but didn't want to pry too much into it on the first day they met. That would seem too creepy. "Well hopefully whatever reason it may be will be revealed to you. Maybe I..." She said coughing and trailing off. "Sorry forget that last thing I said."


Danica, Rico, and Damien soon found their way to homeroom. They had already moved into their room earlier that morning before they went to the school. They tried to find two desks near each other the best they could towards the back of the classroom. Rico curled up underneath Danica's desk.

Total shock but I do appreciate it :) and I will try to get a post up soon. Like right now.
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