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Futurama marathon!!!!
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Time to relax and chill out on my couch.
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So close to a four day weekend. Work has been nonstop busy!!!
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One more day and then the weekend. YAY!!!
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"You got to know how to love her, man, you'll be surprised, man
You've got to squeeze her, don't tease her, never leave
You've got to hold her and rub her softly
Try a little tenderness, ooh yeah yeah yeah"
~~~Otis Redding~~~

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Willow follows after Ally feeling her heart beating faster, a million thoughts about what if with her powers crossing her mind. As they arrive at the campfire she searches the face for Trent but doesn't see him yet; stepping closer to Ally as she watches a young girl bouncing around to everyone introducing herself, she chuckles finding bthe girl cute.

Trent spots the campfire having took the wrong trail back to it, he notes that he might be one of the last people to show up; he scans the group spotting Willow and Ally hiding in the back shaking bhisbhead he moves around the fire towards them and laughs "You two look like deer got in the headlights.... Stop worrying everyone here has a power and need help. No one is going to judge" he drapes his arms across their shoulders standing in between them finding himself amused about the young girl's energy
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Cherry moves around the counter turning her brother around attempting to push him out the door, "No, we are not doing this" she hides her hand behind her back when he looks back at her about to say something.

Chris smirks "Well.." he cut off as his sister tries to push him; he spots Winter out the window and curses under his breath "You lucked out... I'm late to be continued," he rubs his sister's bhead knowing it would make her mad and runs outside "Sorry I got caught up with my sis, Come on you can hang in the lounge while I get ready," he wlaks off leading the way "You look nice"
Chris grabs up his bag moving off towards the boys dorms, which passes the coffee shop. He stops in to let his sister know he won't be around for dinner "Hey Cherry, I'm going out for dinner", he nods at Luke in greetings.

Cherry almost drops another cup as her brother walks in and frowns "Aren't you suppose to be at practice soon?" Rolling her eyes as he talks about it being cancelled, "Umm, you should text Mom then... Umm I'm going out to" their parents live out in town and it's easier for them to stay in the dorms but they still head home once in a while to eat with their parents. She sighs as he talks about if she going to eat alone then she should join him and his friend "Ummm....well...'s....Luke here..."

Chris holds up his hand turning to Luke at his name "Asked her out?"
Cherry blushes and smiles trying to think what places are around town that they could go to "Okay." She probably going to have to ask her brother and then he going to have questions, sighing at the thought. She looks up at the bell "Hey Cathy" turning towards Luke "I'm about off, I should finish cleaning"

Chris laughs "I'm always hungry...Let's change out of our uniforms And we can get some pizza... unless you want something else to eat"
Interested, be fun to create something as a group
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"No it's not...I just...I'm sorry, I don't get asked out by cute guys" Cherry looks down at the ground flinching in pain as he helps with her hand, "I'd like to go to dinner with you, that is if you still want to go with someone clumsy" blushing.

Chris nods checking his phone when it dinged at him "Hey look at that Coach cancelled practice today, I get to be lucky and hangout with you some more"
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Cherry drops the cup she was holding surprised at him asking her to dinner "Shit," kneeling down she attempts to clean it up and manages somehow to cut herself "Oww" holding her hand with a towel knowing her face is red with embarrassment. "Sorry"

Chris smiles pulling her into another hug, "You do now," he grabs her wrist pulling her towards the track "Come on, let's walk around it will help your head"

Willow glances around the cabin "Pretty much like yours, though I think the beds might be in different spots," looking out the door as she hears a bell, crossing her arms she lets out a sigh weakly giving a smile to Ally not sure if she ready yet to work on her power "I guess it's time to meet others, ready?"

Trent yawns opening his eyes, rolling out of bed and stretching as he wonders how often that bell gonna go off. He shurgs moving out the cabin and back towards the fire, his thoughts on Willow and their new friend wondering how they are feeling.
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Cherry blushes looking around the cafe, speaking softly as she fidgets with her apron "that be nice" She clears her throat standing up moving back behind the counter changing the topic "Gotta clean up for the next shift"

Chris tilts his head studying her not liking what she said, he frowns trying bto think of something better to say. "Then stop just surviving" he sits up grabbing her shoulders so she has to look at him "Im honest always, but I'm also someone you can cry on....You need to decide if you want them to affect your life forever or if you want to say 'Fuck Them'"
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