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If you are reading this...I just want to say *clears throat* That you lost the game.
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Friends are all sleeping..guess I'll play a game
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Next two weeks off from work.... Relaxing Time!!!!!!!
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Futurama marathon!!!!
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Time to relax and chill out on my couch.


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****Rosemarie/Lady Evadne****

She sinks down into the closest chair staring at John as he strings together several curse words in a rather unique way, groaning she drops her head to her hands trying to think clearly "There's no logical reasoning behind what is happening to us though...I mean, we play magic all the time but did any of us even remotely think it could be real?!" Looking up around the room, studying everyone and their new appearances flinching as a few seem to be worst off than others. She stares down at the table searching out the book that Alex and Jacob seem to be asking about and John had creatively questioned about "What book?", jumping at Jacob's large form destroying a chair causing him to crash to the tavern's floor. She pauses on John's hand still resting against the table, reaching out and touching the table around his hand "John? What is your character's skill set again?"

She stands up again moving closer to inspect the table, her curiosity of the unknown outweighing the confusion and freakishness of whats happening to them; pushing his hand out of the way she runs her fingers over the section of the table that's now a darker, scorched color, almost as if John had burnt it "I wonder if this means..." taking a deep breath she thinks about how she wrote up her character to change sizes. She lets out her breath closing her eyes, thinking small and slowly opens them after a few moments and gives a tiny squeal seeing herself now floating above the burnt spot on the table sparkling dust towards it; sucking in her breath she attempts to fly higher but crashes to the tavern's floor having returned to her normal size "Oww" rubbing at her hip.
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How are you doing?
Im still around....Just shoot out a message if you are going to bring this RP back to life.
Rosemarie glances around the room trying to pinpoint which figurines had been added to the room, always amazed that so much can be fit in this room. She looks up as others start to fill into the room too, "That's a good point, Theresa..but we do have some fun doing the same thing" chuckling softly. She also glad that she not the only one to be showing up late and smiles watching one of the new guys, John, set down a platter of sushi "Awesome." She loves sushi and considering all the junk food they have around the table she wont have to feel as guilty about what she eats today; she smiles at John as he gives her a nod while grabbing one of her brownies, her smile widening at the bag being pushed towards her and peeking inside she blows him a kiss as a thank you. John has started to become a good friend to her and she finds him attractive too, so that's a plus, but she enjoys their conversations verse some of the others.

"Hey Jacob," besides her, he probably one of the only others who been apart of this group for so long. She glances around the table at the slowly arriving new people to the group and hopes most will be hanging around for the long run, catching pieces of the various conversations from around the table. She eyes the stack of growing notebooks next to Craig, again wondering what he is planning for them today knowing several times he seems to just make things up as he goes; looking up as she hears him starting to go through the notebooks finally and groans hearing him attempting to joke.

"Craig! Gross man," getting her notebook back she glares down at the orange fingerprints and attempts using a napkin to clean them off, as she helps to slide other people's notebooks around the table toward them. She sighs thinking that she is going to have to rewrite everything on another notebook tonight, regretting that she forgot to make his own page for review since she knows how he is. She grabs up a carrot, munching on it as she watches Craig move around the room attempting to be dramatic as he closes off the curtains and sets his music to play. She chuckles always finding his dramatic efforts amusing, its one of the reason she been with the group for so long.

She blinks feeling the rumble and attempts to shrug it off but as the second on hits, she frowns starting to worry about whats happening and the fact that he locked all the doors doesn't seem all the safe to her. She covers the back of her head as a bookcase behind her drops to the floor, all its figurines shattering as they hit the ground, peeking around the table she sees the other furniture around the room starting to crash and jerks her attention up to the chandelier worrying about it falling on someone. She jumps up, her chair crashing to the ground with everything else, taking a step back from the table not sure what to be thinking at the moment about whats happening. She looks towards the light starting to shine brighter by the second and quickly turns her back on it, closing her eyes not wanting to be blinded on top of everything else happening.

Rosemarie blinks at the sudden silence in the room and slowly opens her eyes staring around, logically the room should be a disaster but instead it seems to be less crowded of items and a very simple feel to it. Slowly turning around to stare around the room taking note of everything that is different, she takes a deep breath holding it for a few seconds before slowly releasing it trying to process what just happened and thinking maybe she got hit on the head by the bookcase and now she unconscious "Someone pinch me." She looks towards John, her hands covering her mouth as she takes in the details of his character he had submitted from the black hair and eyes to the scrawny build; looking down at herself she screams stepping back from the table seeing herself barely clothed now. "CRAIG!! What the hell did you do?" staring around the room wondering where the hell he went off to
Me either... keep hoping others will come back
Rosemarie parks her car staring up at the house for a second before sliding out holding her coffee and a bag containing her homemade fudge brownies. She smiles leaning in grabbing up her notebook before heading inside the house, not bothering to knock since she been here to many times to count "Craig! Sorry I'm late, you would not believe the line the coffee shop had this morning"

She makes her way into the dining room and smiles at the two guys sitting around the table, she had thrown on black sweatpants and dark purple tank top for today wanting to be super comfortable. "Hello, how everyone doing?" setting down her cup and looking around the table searching for a spot to place the brownies. She shifts bowls around some creating a spot for them and smiles sitting down herself finally able to take a sip from her coffee, she drinks it black not into adding sugar or creamer which most people find beyond weird when she tells them.

Opening up her notebook to her character she had worked on last night and pushes it over towards Craig for approval "Dont get your dirty fingers on my notebook" smirking as she glances at him and leans back in her chair studying the room noting that more figurines have been add to the room. Rosemarie looks up as Soumer talks about a feeling of deja vu and shrugs sipping on her coffee letting out a happy little sigh "Nothing feels different to me" turning away she reaches over grabbing up a sandwich and taking a bite, purring at how wonderful it tastes, she had missed breakfast because she had to get her workout in this morning knowing she going to spend all day here, eating nothing but delicious junk food.
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Cherry smiles relaxing into him "Thank you....I guess you could remember for next time but then we wouldn't have an excuse to do this"

Chris smiles finishing chewing on his sandwich " Thanks....Made them the last to i went home with her baked goods OMG"
Sad that if they get bored they at least can't say something
Yea I haven't seen some of the people on in a while though s
Cherry rings out the extra water from her hair and looks for a spot in the sun for them, noticing they didn't bring a towel with them. She bites on her lower lip thinking for a second before stepping close to him grabbing the food "Can we sit together while we eat? I'm cold now"

Chris kisses her softly before sliding off the bed and pulls on his sweats to make her a bowl of ice cream, adding in crumbled homemade brownie pieces. He makes a sandwich for himself and grabs his dortios carrying everything back to the bed "Here my love"
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