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“And you knows ugly when you sees ugly, don't ya, sweet thang.” Jenks (Hollows Series)

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Cherry glances at the girls then him, "Something will happen I just dont know what it will be, there might be a rumor or they might try something later on today." Turning off the burner and putting away the supplies, "I really dont have a clue right now, but thank you for trying." She slides from her chair, grabbing her bag as she glances at the teacher with his back turned, "Since I don't know what they could be planning, I'm skipping gym... What do you have next?"

Chris closes his notebook glancing at the clock, "Probably about 30 mins, the bell should be ringing in about 10 minutes." He puts the book back and gathers up his things, "How is your head feeling?"
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Cherry pauses in her reading a glances at him, "CEO, that a really boring job." She glances at Lisa and frowns as the girl glares at her, its not her fault if Luke felt like defending her. This isn't going to be the last of it, she taps her pencil wondering how they are going to get their revenge.

Lisa tosses her hair over her shoulder, "As if, she will forever be below my radar".

Chris finishes up his math and moves on to his English, he stands up browsing the reference books before locating what he needed and sat back down to write the paper. He has very neat writing and prefers to write on paper instead of typing away on a computer.
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Cherry nods thinking about those classes herself, they were really easy especially if you learned the teacher secret for the tests and assignments. As the bell rings their teacher start writing on the board their class assignment, she hears giggles she scans the room finding the popular girls, thinking *who even says they are*, she locks eyes with Lisa who seems to be glaring at her, *Now what did I do this time...Maybe it was Chris*, getting lost in her thoughts about what been happening a few weeks, it pops into her head as the girls giggle again with Lisa

Lisa "Hey Luke, you must be looking for that easy A pairing up with this freak", she giggles with her friends as she smirks at Cherry.

Cherry sighs and pulls her science book closer tuning out the giggles, she likes the friendship that forming between Luke and her but glancing at him from the corner of her eyes *Then again he is rich and popular and Im just the smart girl*

Chris smiles pulling off his hoodie and handing it over to her, "Here use it as a pillow." He pulls out his math book and notebook beginning on his homework letting the quiet soothe her head.
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Sounds good.

Still open
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Cherry looks up glancing at him, "I forget that for others this stuff is hard, all his questions come from the book. He is to lazy to come up with his own questions. Next time study the side notes on the pages and the extra credit question comes from the back," pushing her notebook to the side she grabs the beakers from under the table, setting them by the burner.

Chris holds out his hand to help her up before moving down the hallway, "It'll be a good spot for you, its dim too so it should help your head feel better," he holds open the library door before leading the way again pass all the reference books, computers, and tables. He turns down the music aisle and holds out his arm at a lone desk tucked into the corner, he didn't mention how the table got there but it involved his sister and him. "Now dont give away our secret"
@sassy1085 I have a post up if we want to kick off this rp and see if the others who expressed interest start rolling in.
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Cherry glances up and nods as she checks over her notes "How was your lunch?" looking up she glances at the board and sighs as it says test has been cancelled. Tapping her pencil on the table muttering "what a waste of my time." There was a million other things she could have been doing last night instead of studying.

Chris shakes his head, "Nope, I get this period off. I usually get all my homework done for the week so I dont have to worry about it", he glances for his locker and pops it open to grab his books, "Want to hit the library with me? there a spot Cherry and me hit up, that the others avoid *leans closer whispering* its to far from all the tables so they cant gossip"
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Cherry tucks away her phone and putting her books away in her backpack before pushing at her brother, "Bells going to ring," she waves bye as he opens his eyes giving her his usual smirk when he is up to something. Shaking her head she heads off towards the library and returning some books before heading off downstairs towards the science lab. She takes the table in the back, its honestly the best part in the lab since if any of the other students spill something or catch each other on fire, then she is nowhere near them.

Chris watches his sister leave before he gets up himself stretching, he spots the girl from gym class gossiping and pointing towards him. Shaking his head he moves down the hall wondering what kind of story is going to get spread around this time, balling up his hands as he stops in the hallway thinking about all the spoiled rich kids here. He turns around and lets out a long, slow breath " Hey Winter, you been here all lunch?"
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