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27 days ago
Next two weeks off from work.... Relaxing Time!!!!!!!
2 mos ago
Much needed shopping trip with some gal pals... Working around just guys can get a little rough lol
2 mos ago
Futurama marathon!!!!
3 mos ago
Time to relax and chill out on my couch.
3 mos ago
So close to a four day weekend. Work has been nonstop busy!!!
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"You got to know how to love her, man, you'll be surprised, man
You've got to squeeze her, don't tease her, never leave
You've got to hold her and rub her softly
Try a little tenderness, ooh yeah yeah yeah"
~~~Otis Redding~~~

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"The color looks fine to me, don't be so hard on yourself...Miss?" he laughs holding up his mirror "Thanks Ally...if we do more arts and craft here, I can help you learn how." He looks over at the other girl as her music starts to play loudly and shurgs turning back to Ally "I like what you did with yours though, it suits you"


"I went elementary school and just put a bunch of glitter, I can draw at all.....I'm Willow" She holds up her name as she laughs and sets it down, she shifts in her seat and points towards the others "So far I've learned half the groups name, That's Kyle and his sister Ivy, that's Ally with the awesome fox tail.. that's my best friend Trent, and then the other guy is Lukas...not sure on the music girl yet"
Cherry takes her plate and smiles "Thanks sweetie" she leans over kissing his cheek before taking a bite.

Chris chuckles leaning close, "Because you're surrounded by half the football team....and I plan on keeping it that way so they can't and learn not to bother you"
Cherry pulls the sweater on before dropping the blanket down but stays bundled in her chair "Thank you"

Chris looks over and shakes his head "There more to it, but I'll just have to wait until she ready" he laughs with his friends and smirks seeing the girls who messed with her this morning opened mouth staring at Winter.
Cherry shivers as soon as he opened the tent, she groans not being one to like the cold, wrapping the sleeping bag around her she steps out and sits down. "I don't know...just say we are getting breakfast"

Chris holds Winter's waist walking out the door with her, some of his friends coming up to them laughing and joking as they head to the next class.
Cherry laughs pushing at his hands, moving around in his sleeping bag "Okay, okay... I give.. I'm very ticklish," she holds his arms still laughing as she catches bher breath

Chris smiles kissing her hand "Thanks baby,"
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Cherry pulls down her shirt as she thinks "Ummm, I rather it just be us for now....we can tell him to meet us at the airport" she thought of her parents but smiles knowing they be fine with whatever she chooses

Chris lifts up his head staring at his phone "Maybe, but even when we were little she would hide things from me when she was up to something"
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Cherry jumps from his puke and blushes "Oh, thank was my birthday present..... Nothing right now"

Chris shurgs twisting his head on the desk to look at her, "For once I don't have the slightest idea what my twin is up to"
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Cherry sits up and turns on her phone, unaware her shirt rode up above her stomach in her sleep revealing a red jewel sparkling in her belly button. She had worn her clear one yesterday, so no one could tell she had her belly button pierced because of school but had switched them when they got back to pack their bags. "I have over fifty messages from Chris and twenty phone calls....he's going to be pissed"

Chris thanks up his phone as it vibrates and sighs reading the text from his sister 'Oops, sorry phone was off' he drops his head to the desk muttering "She up to something"
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Cherry bites her bottom lip thinking if she should really go through with this crazy plan, she smiles kissing him again "I like that plan"

Chris groans squeezing her hand back "The problem iswhen she not texting me, it's means she planning or doing something I'd disagree with"
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Cherry tilts her cheek towards his hand, "It's a little odd not having to be sitting in class right now....I honestly don't know what to do with my day now"

Chris drums his fingers on his desk Getty irritated by the minute as he keeps sending a message every couple minutes to his sister.
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