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Towards the end of the day,around 3:00 the intercom clicked on and the principals dr several announcements.

Attention teachers and students please forgive this interruption as I have several announcements to make.
This Friday after school at 4:00 is the boys basketball tryouts and cheer and dance line tryouts.
Danceline and cheer will both be at the football field,and of course boys basketball will be in the gym.Then Saturday at 1:00 is girls basketball tryouts.Also the Signups sheet is up for boys and girls cross country at the coaches building.
Homecoming voting will be next friday.
Thank you.

Tyrone had heard the announcements.
He had stayed after all his classes were over and was lifting in the weight room.
When he got done he texted Bluebell.

Hey,you wanna go out tonight?
If so you wanna meet up at Wendy's?
Bluebell got bored and sent a text to Tyrone. It said Hey, Calculus is so boring, we are basically reviewing what we did last year, what about you?

Tyrone got her text and responded.

Guessin this is Bluebell :p fin. Math is just teaching us hoe to set up a savings account RN.

Just then an announcement came over the intercom.

"Attention students,in three weeks is homecoming,so be thinking about the game and dance that night,as well as who'd you'd like to vote for this years court.

The intercom clicked off and the teacher continued with the lesson.
Tyrone texted her again.

Hey I'll ttyl.
You forgot your classes
'Hey, I am Bluebell Ayra. The one or 2 friends I have call me the sporty geek as I am known to be smart and I do Tennis, Cheer, Dance line, Basketball, Cross Country and Track and Field, I am usually socially awkward.' She smiled shyly and had said that really quietly. She bit her lip. 'It is nice to meet you,' Her eyes focused on a ground.

Tyrone grinned crookedly and spoke,"Well I gotta get to math class,but I'm glad to meet you too,look here,hold up."
He took out a piece of notebook paper and pen and scribbled away at it,then folded it and handed it to her.
"There my number,text sometime,later."
He gave her a soft pat on the shoulder then headed for class.
Bluebell skipped off the bus. Her hair was in its usual braids with beads. She had a red backpack on her back as she walked towards Calculus which was her first lesson. She was also carrying a small bag which had her sports stuff in it for after school. She pulled a book out of her bag and read it while walking to class but bumped into someone by accident. 'I am so sorry,' she gasped before backing up.

Tyrone was surprised at first,but then once he saw her he spoke.
"It's all good.I shoulda' been paying attention myself.My fault."
He looked for a minute then spoke,"My names Tyrone Mercer,I'm on the basketball team,national prospect,my friends call me "Hops".Whats your name?"
He asked her.
Alright IC is up.
AUGUST 17,2015

The streets of Manhattan were buzzing.
Car horns and alarms could be heard,hundreds of voices,the cooing of pigeons,police sirens,the horns of boats and ships offshore.
The city was alive this bright sunny August day.

A large yellow school bus pulled up to Yancy High School.
The doors squeaked open and just over a dozen kids came out,mostly freshmen,a few sophomores,and last to step out was Tyrone Mercer.He was tall,lean,and stood up straight.
He wore a And1 jersey type shirt,some jeans,and some green worn down Jordan Team Strong Brand Shoes.
He had his black backpack on both shoulders.
He headed inside Yancy High School.
As he headed down the hall he received several greetings from high fives to handshakes to hugs.
Classmates,teammates,a few younger kids who knew him.
As he headed to Math class Principal Curry stepped out of his office.
When he saw Tryone his face lit up,he shook Mercers hand and spoke.
"Good to see you again Ty.Have a good summer?"
Mercer replied with a chuckle,"Yes sir.It was a little busy,but I enjoyed it."
"Good.Ready for your senior year season?"Curry asked.
"Oh yes sir you know it."Mercer said with a grin.
Curry nodded,"Good.I've got high expectations of you this year son.Mow get on on to class."
Mercer nodded then hurried down the hall to Financial Math.
Alright beginning work on the IC.
Mine is completed too ^.^

Alright nice.
Heads up erbody after about one more character ill start the IC.
Ooh! Can I join too?! Kinda got an idea for a guy who tries to be badass but fails miserably XD
If so I'll make it tomorrow when I get home.

Of course you can join!
And alright sweet!
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