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Current My head hasn't been in the right place the last few weeks. Going to be seeking some serious help. I'm very sorry to my partners.
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Been busy. Will work on replies Soon™.
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I hate everyone equally, regardless of whether or not there's a screen between me and them.
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@Kaga- Abridged. SAO Abridged is an absolute treasure.
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New episodes of Girls und Panzer Abridged and SAO Abridged on the same day? I'd say today is a good day.


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Halsey felt his body preparing itself as the elevator whirred to life. He wasn't nervous. "Eager" wasn't the right word, either. His pondering of the correct term came to a stop as the elevator doors opened. A small crew of technicians were ready to go. Drake didn't recognize any of them, save for one young woman. He smiled.

"First Cat-Three we've seen in a while, Rika," said Drake. "Think Sierra's up to it?"

Rika smiled back, nodding. "How should I know? I just get you plugged into your Drivesuit. I'm not in your head or in the con-pod." Halsey stepped up onto the platform, and the technicians began fastening the outer armor to the inner suit. "Just be careful, though. Category Three Kaiju are known to be smarter than Cat-Ones and Cat-Twos."

"Right. Gipsy Danger found that out the hard way." Halsey fastened his helmet in place and plugged R.E.I.'s chip into the socket at the base of the neck.

"Seems you'll have a spot of company for this outing," the AI informed him. "Keera Travic, piloting Azure Storm."

"Two of the new models in one place? Wonder if the brass have something in mind."
There are things you can't fight — acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you have to get out of the way. But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly you can fight the hurricane.

You can win.

The blaring alarm startled the young man awake. He turned his head to view the holoscreen terminal on the wall near his bed. The screen displayed information sent in from scans.





"Kind of a shame. Honolulu's such a beautiful place." A feminine voice came from the speaker beside the screen, before an avatar of a woman in a fox mask appeared on the holoscreen.

"It'll stay a nice vacation destination if we intercept this Kaiju early enough," Halsey said. He rolled out of bed and went to his closet, slipping out of his clothes and into the inner circuitry suit of his Drivesuit. Thanks to advances in technology since the Breach had been closed, the circuitry suit could be prepared without a team of technicians. "Besides, what does it matter to you, R.E.I.? You don't need vacations."

"Preservation of human life is one of the core concepts programmed into me," the AI replied dryly. "You, of all people, should know that."

"Yeah, I s'pose. Nobody else has been in my head more." Halsey felt a prickling sensation all over his body as the suit connected to his nervous system. "Well, you and that thing."

"Well, without 'that thing' Titan Sierra wouldn't be functional. Then you'd be stuck dealing with another human, and I know how much you love that." Drake retrieved the datachip from the computer as he started towards the elevator to the Drivesuit Room.

Name: Drake Halsey
Age: 25 (born 2005)
Appearance: A bit short for his age, it's not uncommon for others to think Halsey is younger than he actually is. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for with agility.
Information: A rookie fresh out of the Jaeger Acadmy, Halsey wasn't expected to actually become a Ranger. However, because of his strengths in knowing Kaiju biology and behavior, as well as his agility. However, his ability to Drift with others was hampered by past psychological trauma. Because of this Halsey was chosen to test the first single-pilot Jaeger.

Titan Sierra

Armament: Retractable wrist-mounted plasma blades (right arm), I28 Plasmacaster (left arm), Type-29 Anti-Kaiju Missile Launchers (shoulder-mounted)
Information: While most Jaegers designed for close-quarters combat with Kaiju are heavily armored, Titan Sierra is built for a combination of speed, agility, and quick, aggressive, close-quarters attacks. To assist with maintaining the Jaeger and helping its pilot in combat, Titan Sierra has been equipped with a next-generation AI named R.E.I. Curiously, "she" has been developing a personality of "her" own, prompting the PPDC to keep a close eye on both her and Titan Sierra.
The year is 2030. Five years ago, the Breach between our world and the Anteverse was closed by initiating the self-destruct function of the Jaeger Gipsy Danger. Despite this, Kaiju have continued to appear in different parts of the Pacific Ocean. Though none of them were ever higher than a two or three on the Serizawa Scale. Because of this, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) continued receiving funding, and continued developing and fielding Jaegers in order to combat them.

Currently, the head of the PPDC's operations is based at the Hawaii Shatterdome, where the first of the new Mark-6 Jaegers are housed and maintained.

Beep? Beep.
Been a little busy, but I have room for one or two more RPs!
Have room for one or two more partners.
As someone in the anime and manga community, I've heard a lot of discussion and arguing about the pros and cons of using AI in the creation of art. I'd kind of like to know how people feel about the use of AI for visuals in RPs. For example, creating a picture to set up a scene for a RP.
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