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God, talk about sad... can barely remember anything... erm... Logos crowning Elysium. That's it for me, tbh.

@Frettzo You think I'm kidding. I'm genuinely not. I'm actually going antiquities hunting and the older guy I'm going with actually has the whole nine-yards lined up. Porters for the dig and everything.

Are you a gun or a sword guy by any chance?
So, short version... what have I missed?
*a god of order turns over in his sleep*

Heading to egpyt in a few months... anyone care for a souivenier?
*sighs* Things are crazy on my end. Few days till Christmas, and work is dragging me ragged. After the holidays, Ill have a more sane post schedule. Feel free to proceed without me if you have too...

I'm in high security anyway, so....
I've yet to make my first post. Trying to figure out if I should do a co-op post with Narrator or not. Which is fine~ Just let me know and I'll get the word document started.
@The Narrator I think I'm in love with you. Btw, I have a ton of Pathfinder stuff if you're into RPGs.... most of its about Fae. =w= Want some free stuff?

I am the lord of the Broken Towers, the Misty Halls, Cold Comfort, Red Hill, and Joyous Guard, the master of Forlorn amongst my other lands and houses, men know me as Tam Lin, The Last Friend, Tirithon, a captain of Nuadha's host, Elcmar, Oisin, the Lord of Doors, Earl of Narrow Places and many other names. I invite you to my house.'

Subject Cu will reply the same as to every previous inquiry: The same age as his tongue and a bit older than his teeth.


Subject appears to posses a certain aura around himself; observers describe “a sense of feral danger to him, lurking beneath the neat, suited exterior. Even his walk across the beach was the cool, controlled stride of a predator, utterly at ease in its environment. Closer to his appearance was almost surreal. His skin was perfect, without a single blemish, and had a pearl-like sheen; the pupils of his eyes were almost too large, and his eyebrows ended in a curious flourish. He looked as if an artist had been told the principles of human beauty but lacked any understanding of humanity. But beneath this form lurked something else. His skin at times rippled like water, or a dream, and the man seemed to move before his body did.”

It is in this form that Subject Cu interacts with most humans. Knights who are the seventh natural born son of a seventh natural born son claim to see something else, though these accounts seem to wildly differ.

Special Containment Procedures:
Subject Cu is to be contained in a secure holding cell in Research Sector-██. Subject Cu is not to be removed from its cell unless approved by a Archbishop or higher clergy, before which Subject Cu must be heavily sedated. Even so, at such times Subject Cu is to be accompanied by two (2) armed Knights and guided by an iron collar, secured to two (2) iron poles 2 m in length, and held firmly by two (2) Knights or higher personnel while in transit. Knights should be seventh natural born sons whose father was a seventh born natural son. Any interrogations performed on Subject Cu are to be conducted inside of specifically prepared rooms (see document 015-I-N).

Subject Cu is to be guarded and researched by a rotating monthly shift. Those in charge of the design of the containment procedures are not allowed contact with the Subject; if at all possible this duty should be left to overseer level personnel. No one is to be allowed to view (on video or through a window) or be in the same room as Subject Cu for longer than five hours. Maintenance personnel are to alternate every day.

Evaluations are to be given at the end of the shift or whenever mental distress seems obvious. If psychological contamination is too great and poses a tangible danger, termination can be performed immediately by the on-site analyst. (The mental health offices are soundproofed for this purpose.) The doctor can terminate up to ten individuals at a time; any more requires the approval of the Archguardian. Vents in the ceiling require regular maintenance for this purpose.

Smoke detectors are not to be turned off for any reason; candles and incense lit in Subject Cu's cell are to be taken as an indication of a dangerous obsession. The leaving and offering of food, as Subject Cu does not require it, is to be viewed in the same light as well. All other signs of unnatural love and religious awe are to be reported along with these.

Subject Cu’s cell should be monitored at all times via a security camera. Should any abnormal behavior occur, Archguardian Cromwell is to be alerted at once.



~Shapeshifting : Subject Cu is capable of shifting his form into a wide arrange of forms and creatures, though such forms seem to be limited to living creatures. Likewise, Subject Cu’s physiological capabilities are far greater than that of an average humans, with his epidermal layer resistant to many forms of injury.

~Glamor: Subject Cu utilizes magic that can be used to make people see and think things he wants. Humans with weak wills can easily be pulled into mental trance that makes them highly susceptible to him.

~Nature Manipulation: Is able to exert a certain degree of control over his natural surroundings, though the extent of this power degrades the further he is from his source. Such things such as animal empathy and minor elemental control remain accessible to him in his current state, growing in magnitudes of power the closer he is to his Source.

~Immortality : Or at least exceptionally long lived; if Subject Cu is to be believed, he was present for the arrival of the Milletians in Ireland. Regardless, he has remained in the Order custody for the past two-hundred and thirteen years.

~Contract Magic: Subject Cu is able to unconsciously grant a person a power, an object of power or change nearly any event within their power to something as trivial as transporting them to a location or as simple as knowledge on something. He seems only capable of using this power subconsciously and only if a “bargain” is struck between him and the other party. Knights should be warned, however, that brokering such agreements are a Class 13 Heretical Sin and will result in immediate termination.

-Subject Cu finds himself physically unable to cross the threshold of a home, even if threatened with the destruction of his Source, unless he is invited. Addenudum: If an iron horseshoe is placed above the door, Subject Cu cannot approach within thirty feet of the building.

-Subject Cu finds himself physically unable to touch any creature so long as is wearing some form of red thread, even if threatened with the destruction of his Source. Synthetics such as nylon and other polymers have no protection, nor does this protection safeguard against other forms of assault, such as humans under Subject Cu’s glamour.

-Subject Cu finds himself unable to perform glamours or manipulate nature in the presence of rowan wood. The amount of such wood present effects the overall radius of this barrier. A block measuring a single cubic foot of such wood extends a defense of three feet, a three foot cubic block would extend nine feet.

-Upon contact with treated and untreated iron, Subject Cu’s highly resistant epidermal suffers injury akin to that of a third degree burn. According to the subject, the mere presence of iron is enough to induce feeling of nausea and illness and subject will make every attempt to avoid at all costs.

-Subject Cu finds himself physically unable to cross a line of salt, even if threatened with the destruction of his Source. While he is perfectly capable of going around such a barrier if permitted, the act of stepping over seems entirely beyond him. The distant he maintains from such defenses varies depends on the amount used.

-Subject Cu is incapable of lying. The subject has only ever been determined to tell the truth, however, the extent of "what the truth is" varies wildly. Oftentimes, when interrogated, the Subject will talk in circles with their riddles, cryptic meanings, or sometimes just nonsense. While snippets of factual information has been gleamed from careful analysis of these conversations, all interrogators thus far admit that such efforts are exhausting. The subject bends the truth so hard, it almost threatens to break...


The Crown of Thorns: In times of severe need, the Order is permitted to grant Cu access to his Crown of Thorns, a blasphemous artifact of the First World similar in name to the holy object of christ. This crown of briars is everblooming and everdying in all manner of forest flowers. The crown serves to amplify Subject Cu's already considerable power, to roughly 50% of that the Subject's prior to the removal of his Source. Only a trio of Archbishops, the Archguardian, or the Holy See itself can grant use of particular artifact.

~ Would be considered the Order's greatest source of knowledge on ritual and sacrificial heretical magic... if they could ever get him to speak plainly about it.
~ Field tests and demonstrations have shown to Subject Cu to be especially skilled in a wide variety of fighting styles, though specialization was focused on pre-Iron Age weaponry.
~ Is a shameless womaniser, and appears to radiate some degree of subconscious seduction to fairer sex. Ensure only male Knights secure him.
~ Keep all manner of instruments away from the Subject. Subject appears to have an above average degree of musical talent, and may incorporate such objects in attempts to glamour others.
~ Barring the event of a Judas Level Containment Event, Subject Cu is deemed a non-expendable resource. The subject's knowledge on faerie methodology and anatomy has proven invaluable over the centuries.


Can I just NOT be at the meeting? I was wondering if Cu could meet his new boss in his cell. Cu seems like the kind of character who would be very civil and courteous but CONSTANTLY pushing the boundries of the Knight's tolerance. Maybe a Co-op written post?
Hey, sorry for the lull! I'll have a post up later today.

@The Narrator Depends on the story, really. Sometimes, if a fae had one's name, they could screw with you that much more. But if you had a Fae's name, you could either summon them by name, or undo their magic, or bind them. Accounts WILDLY vary. I'm gonna keep it ambigous, and annoy your character by giving you a new name. ^_^
I feel like an idiot... but did the HEAD of the unit focused on maintaining these gaggle of monsters did his REAL NAME to a fae? =w=

Fine times ahead....
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