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Jaxon Noah Chaucer

Location: Hogwarts Express Compartment
Interacting With: No one this time!

It was definitely an interesting train ride, one that Jaxon felt for sure would be remembered even after he graduated the magical school. It turned boring near the end but what long time travel didn’t at some point. When the conversations filtered to a stand still, Jax actually felt a bit more comfortable. He enjoyed companionable silence, and got a lot of work done in such environments.

With such a quiet company, Jax figured he might as well get in some of the last bits on his extra credit Charms assignment that he took on during the summer. It was simple in theory, a ten parchment thesis on a particular Charm, how it’s useful, its weaknesses, and potential additions that could be used to make it better. Jax had chosen the explosion charm, Bombarda and wrote on its bits and pieces while also applying a flashing charm instead of a bang and a caterwauling charm as well. The theory was that the loud bang and flashing light would disorient.

With his attention fully on his ‘homework’ Jaxon lost any space left in whatever conversations did go on. He didn’t buy any sweets either, his quill just scritch scratching when he was asked. It was a common Jaxon move, to completely zone out when he was focused on a particular thing. Multi-tasking was a skill he had, but not when he put his entire being into one subject or task.

He finished the assignment with about three hours to spare and excused himself from his compartment friends to change into his school robes. After finished the simple change he wrapped a blue and black scarf around his neck, adjusting it to a more stylish look and then making his way back to the compartment.

For the rest of the trip, Jaxon just read from his copy of ‘dueling through the age’s, a compleat history of the wizarding worlds finest.’ Sandstorm was still curled up beside the sleeping Damien and Jaxon had to resist messing with his sleeping friend. It didn’t take long for the train to reach hogsmeade and as the locomotive pulled into the station Jax had stood and stretched for a few while everyone filed out of the compartment. He didn’t like to fight big crowds so he as patient and woke Damien up while putting Sandstorm back in her cage. A short trip to his luggage with his pet and he was ready to disembark himself.

As one of the last people onto the hogsmeade station it also meant he had to get one of the last carriages filled with some second years and third. He made no motion of acknowledging the thestrals. He knew it wasn’t their fault but looking at them reminded him of just ‘how’ he was able to see them and some things weren’t worth thinking about. Instead he simply let his mind wander to the feast, the sorting, and the start of classes. He was quite looking forward to getting back into the school time routine, though still in the back of his mind was the ‘please have fun this year son’ from his parents. It would be interesting for sure.

As the carriage stopped outside the front entrance, Jaxon was more than ready for the ride to be over. He entered the great hall while his stomach protested how hungry it was and the 5th year tried to console it with thoughts of how amazing the feast was going to be. Again, being one of the last to enter, he was stuck near the end of the table. He wouldn’t get to welcome any of the first years right away, but that was fine with him. He briefly scanned around the room, a smile coming to his face at all the familiar faces. He was truly looking forward for this year to begin.
I'm good to go! I was going to sneak one more post in, but honestly it's not needed at all. I can reference what he did in the skip post.

Jaxon Noah Chaucer

Location: Hogwarts Express Compartment
Interacting With: @Cole Damien, @Cio Piper, @Hitman Halle, @josephb Elliot

Jax was struggling, at first he had been proud of himself for handling the conversation as it was and actually being a contributing member to it. But as more and more people showed up, especially a certain Gryffindor, Jax was getting overwhelmed. He tried to keep up, he really did but he just fell farther and farther behind. He envied Halle who just went on and on with her chatting as if she felt so comfortable talking to relative strangers. He supposed she and Piper were good friends but Jax felt his stomach clench at the idea of going that wild in a compartment full of other ‘strangers’.

He sent a pleading glance to Piper, his go-to ‘social help button’ and then over to Dame who was petting Sandstorm. He couldn’t help but smile softly at his cats antics, the furball pressing her head into Dame’s hand and flopping into a more comfortable position. Halle continued to go on, but did apologize for it and Jax just gave a quick chuckle. ”As they said, nothing to apologize for. I-” he stopped as Piper let out a loud yelp of pain and his head instantly pivoted over to the Slytherin who was admonishing her owl.

HIs face was a mixture of amusement and concern as he watched his friend suck the prick of blood and then give the owl the attention it so desperately wanted. WIth a flick of his wrist Jax had his wand out of its dueling holster and was going to prepare a quick healing charm but then reconsidered, it was just a small prick after all. He shrugged to himself and replaced the wand after polishing some of the white grain wood finish.

He briefly considered the worries of his classmates about their grades and was slightly embarrassed since he never really had to be concerned. He was a picture perfect student, and the classes/tests came extremely easy to the Ravenclaw. Between that, his photographic memory, and talent at using magic he breezed through everything. His main competition for top spot coming from a certain Slytherin whom Jax respected quite a bit. He was curious on where Elspeth ended up on the train and figured he'd see her in class or the first dueling club meeting.

"If anyone needs help with a subject, feel free to ask by the way. I um... Well, I do a lot of tutoring anyway, so you can always jump in!" He tried to spin as a nonchalant thing and also actively tried to reign in his arrogance. It was one thing to be confident and arrogant in ones dueling, chess, or Quidditch. But grades were another thing entirely, and very important for someone's future.

As the conversation swapped back to Quidditch, Jax was at least able to follow along without looking like an imbecile and just chuckled as the two talked about how good their teams were going to be this year. He thought about his own team, and looked over at Dame just as the Keeper was going to speak and then the train whistle. A spark of excitement fluttered through Jax and his smile grew as the train began to slowly move forward. It was time for another year of Hogwarts and if there was -anything- he had learned at the castle over the years, it was that you never knew exactly what was going to happen.

He kept shooting random but quick glances over to Elliot as well, wondering how the Gryffindor was doing with the large assortment of personalities assembled within the compartment. He also briefly wondered on how -he- a social outcast was in such a compartment as well and figured he was getting a headstart on his parents wishes for him to ‘act his age’, ‘make some friends’, and ‘enjoy breaks’. He wasn’t to sure exactly how they expected him to enjoy breaks with the OWLs coming up however and a humorous thought, that he was the only kid that was told to take it easy in their fifth year, crossed his mind.
Sandstorm would kill someone before being thrown up with the luggage. :D
Yea, I think that's pretty fair lol.

Jaxon Noah Chaucer

Location: Hogwarts Express Compartment
Interacting With: @Cole Damien, @Cio Piper, @Hitman Halle, @josephb Elliot

Jaxon gave another glance over of the train corridor and could easily imagine it being a battlefield with tons of hazards. He wasn’t even sure if he could -fly- through the crowd it was so thick. Luckily he didn’t have to wait to long outside of the compartment. He felt a tug on his arm and then was pulled into the compartment itself, just in time as well as a trunk was dropped on the space his foot had just previously occupied. That was a close one, he thought even as Sandstorm gave another low hiss at being cathandled so roughly. Jax just chuckled and opened her cage to let her out, the cat then rewarding his nice action by jumping up to his shoulder, causing the Ravenclaw to wince as claws sunk in to steady. The cat was quite large as well and it forced Jaxon to lean to his left.

”I don't know what I was thinking earlier, trying to sit with a bunch of Gryffindors. At least you Ravenclaws don't have it out for me.” Jax sat down with his cat and pulled her down to his lap, letting his fingers start fluffing the hair on her head. He nodded along as Dame spoke up about the stupid House rivalries and thought that if every House was like Ravenclaw then everything would be better off. Then again, he may be a little biased… At the comment on Quidditch however Jax got a playful smirk to his face, lips even tipping slightly in his arrogant manner. ”I think I got some ideas on how to outmaneuver those deadly bludgers in out games though, so we’ll see.” He shrugged then as Sandstorm started biting his hand to let him know that was quite enough petting. He stopped and stretched his arms out.

He looked over at the two in the compartment, two of people in Hogwarts that knew him the best. Dame had been his dorm mate since first year and the two had gotten really close. Jax considered him so much of a friend he had ‘almost’ came out to him, but chickened out. It was hard to figure out what to say to someone that you considered a friend when you’ve kept something integral to yourself out. That, and the whole ‘crushed on you in second year’ thing… He sighed mentally and figured he’d just get himself sad if he kept up thinking that way. Instead he remembered all the good times, trading sweets and notes for homework while cutting up and just being kids.

Then of course Piper was someone he considered his ‘secret’ friend. It wasn’t like he was ashamed of being friends with the Slytherin, it was just that he already didn’t talk to many people so no one paid attention to the more friendly greetings to the Slytherin girl after he found her practicing spells. ”And will this be finally the year you convince me to join the Duelling Club?” Jax grinned more, and gave another half shrug at her.

”You’re only hurting yourself if you don’t. You already spar with some of the best fighters there, if you put the time into it you could be one of those as well. And you can’t even use my excuse of ‘people are scary’ because you’re awesome with new people.” It was true, Piper may be a Slytherin but she was as easy going and social as his twin, and that was saying something!

Speaking of new people… ”Piper! Is there room back here?” Jax tilted his head in curiosity before a trunk came flying into the compartment, followed unceremoniously by other living necessities. A bewildered look came over both Jax and Sandstorm who had paused mid lick of her paw and stared towards the door where Halle appeared. As the Hufflepuff introduced herself, Jax suddenly remembered, she was Keeper that blocked his last shot the last year. It was a good shot to, and the respect for the Puff had been high.

”Uh, yea. My summer was pretty good, we spent the break in Australia with my dads family. The beaches were really cool.” It was also the reason for the bronzed tan he was currently sporting underneath his shirt and pants. He usually had a simple Olive complexion but the Australian sun had done a relatively good job on the teen. ”How was yours?” He gave a polite smile to let the girl he was truly interested and then his breath stopped when he heard another familiar voice and spotted a truly familiar face coming into the compartment next. Elliot freaking Forrester, of course he would find them, and of course the one spot open was the one that Sandstorm had previously been taking, right beside of him. The universe could be cruel sometimes and when Elliot sat down and nudged him, Jax had to ensure that he was still breathing. He gave a half cough and gave a wonky grin as he glanced over and mumbled a little. [color=#4BF6FF]”Oh hey Elliot. I’m amazing, err.. Good? Yea, good. How are you?” His eyes bugged out slightly as the Gryffindor stretched out and knew this was going to be a long train ride.

Sandstorm seemed to sense the inner turmoil and abandoned ship, going instead to jump over towards Damian, curling up in between him and the window. It was a common thing, the cat seemed to acknowledge that Dame was her humans good friend and room sharer. Jax just glared after his cat and decided he’d find the floor very interesting for the moment.
Oh god, saaaaaaame.
Finalllllly home.
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