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It all happened in an instant. Out of nowhere, the car had been sent flying, leaving Saber only a brief window for reaction after being taken surprised by such a sudden attack. Quickly sacrificing his cup of coffee, he placed an arm in front of his Master in order to protect him from the brunt of the impact, but even then it would do little to cushion the landing. Still, Saber needed to insure that his Master's life was safe; it would not be glorious to be the first pair to die in this war, now would it?

As soon as the last impact was made, Saber looked out the windows in order to find just who or what had attacked them. Surely it wasn't the enemy Servant they were trailing. Even if they had some sort of method to detect their presence, he still would have a larger window to react in the event his opponent decided to turn and attack. Either this was an ambush, or...

No. This isn't right. As Saber's eyes met with the monstrous thing that seemed to have made the attack, a primal fear stirred within him. While it wasn't enough to leave the warrior shaken, it still startled him as if his basic instincts told him to escape. Saber was quick to reach for the guitar case in the back seat. Quickly opening the case, Saber, in one smooth motion, armed himself with the blade contained within the case: a wide blade with faintly glowing glyphs engraved on the flat end as if threatening to overpower the strong seals that contained its power, the sword itself could best be described as one fit for a hero.

"Brace yourself, Master!" Saber called out to Rocco as he produced four runestones in his other, empty hand. Throwing those stones towards his Master as he reloaded his weapon, the engraved symbols on each of them began to glow before a shimmering rectangular field had began to manifest surrounding Rocco. It was a barrier strong enough to protect against even the strongest of attacks, and one that only a great Noble Phantasm could pierce.

After confirming that Rocco was confined safely within rune barrier, Saber turned towards the monster once again, baring his teeth with a fierce look on his face. Clenching his blade tightly within his hands, the crimson-eyed youth quickly made his attack in the blink of an eye. With a dozen seemingly wild slashes in all directions, Saber began to cut through the car, both as a means of creating an escape for his Master while also hopefully cutting through their assailant.
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Once the contract was made and their partnership was official, Saber quickly began to get to work, collecting many smooth stones from the shore they stood upon. After inquiring to his Master about potentially fishing in this location some time during a lull in the war, Saber had followed his Master to his makeshift Workshop. While it surely was anything less than special, it did serve as a suitable spot for Saber to practice his own particular brand of magecraft; the use of runes.

First, Saber had began with the stones he had gathered earlier, carving archaic symbols into each individual stone. By the time he was done, he had made enough to fill almost two belt pouches full of them. What came next was Saber's own equipment, as he had continue to inscribe more intricate rune chains into his weapons, armor, and shield. The efficiency and speed of which Saber worked on his runes would possibly cause one to almost mistaken him for a Caster, a class he would surely qualify for.

"I'm not a fan of using it honestly, but my teacher insisted that I learned magecraft along with martial arts. I'm fine with showing some to you if you'd like, Master!"

After the first night of prep, Saber chose to stick with his Master whenever he was out scouting the city. It pleased Saber that his Master wasn't the cowardly type who stays in his workshop for most of the Holy Grail War. If anything, this proactive approach was one that Saber had approved of. The times Saber spent with Rocco were also used to gauge what sort of man he is. While he kept an air of caution around the seedier elements his Master was associating with, Saber didn't see it as much of an issue overall. In the end, Saber kept himself in sync with the quiet professionalism that Rocco conducted himself with, even going so far as to adopt his Master's smoking habit. While Saber was scouting alone, he used much of the time scouting out the highest places in the city, using his Clairvoyance runes in order to scout out as much of Boston as possible, taking note of the best places to have an "ultimate showdown" at, but also the high-profile places his Master had marked on his map in order to see if any of them are occupied..

"Ah, thanks Master! It's nice how convenient it is to get food in this age..." Saber had remarked, taking the cup of coffee and drinking it slowly. While food wasn't one of the first things on his mind, he had grown accustomed to eating and drinking whatever Rocco had chosen... well, almost anything, at least. The only food he could not dare tolerate were the sausages wrapped in buns served by the occasional street vendor. The mere thought of people enjoying such a dish in the modern age made Saber a bit uncomfortable, although he wasn't one to really complain.

After lighting his own cigarette, Saber had kept an eye outside the window, trying to keep the same sort of anonymity his Master normally adopts, adorned in more modern clothes. In the backseat of the car was a guitar case, and within the case was a beautifully crafted sword, its blade wrapped with talisman paper and suppressing whatever latent power it possessed. While carrying such a thing seemed clunkier than just astralizing the sword, the guitar case was also inscribed with various runes of destruction, allowing it to be utilized as a makeshift explosive weapon of sorts.

"If it's a fight we're looking for, then you already know I am prepared, Master! If you need me to, I could also do some scouting in spiritual form if you'd like. I'm much faster on foot, after al-"

Saber paused, his keen eyes picking up a strange group of men, clearly standing out because of how heavily clothed they were. Their movements were strange... something Saber recognized as possibly some sort of interference.

"On second thought, I think we might have found that new 'gang' you mentioned.. want me to say hello, or are we just trailing them for now?"
He's more of a prototype now since I changed him up a bit, buuuuuut here's False Assassin!

I'm currently balancing between concepts right now. Most likely will be filling as the team's skill-monkey though, it seems~
Ah, I'm sorry for being blind ;w;

And yeah, I plan to start out as an Oracle. I am kinda curious what this new class is, though~
I've been looking for somewhere to do Pathfinder recently! I think I may attempt to go the path of the Rage Prophet, so some sot of Barbarian into Oracle as we progress. What level do we plan on starting?

June 20, 2021
Rock Island Cove Salt Marsh


As tempestuous winds began to fill the surrounding area blasting dirt and rock in all directions, a bright silhouette stood within the center of the magic circle. The figure was shining brightly, brighter than the hottest star in the sky. Like a torch held up against the approaching darkness, that radiant being surely stood out. Heroic Sprits were shining examples of humanity, and this one was certainly no exception. A hero of the Heavens, whose status is above that of Man; to Rocco, it's as if he was witnessing one sun rise just as another had continued to set.

"... So I'm a Saber, then? Hmph."

As the dust began settle and the ritual began to reach its conclusion, the light produced from this spirit had began to dim. It was than that the appearance of the Servant had been made more clear: an azure-haired youth with striking scarlet eyes. The plates of armor that he wore along with his blue outfit gleamed brilliantly, complimented by the inherent radiance that seemed to emanate from the young man's very being. The Heroic Spirit who stood within the dimming circle had quite the notable appearance, providing a quaint contrast to the forgetful visage that his summoner sported. Resting his arms behind his head and closing his eyes, the Servant had let out a sigh.

"It would have been better if I had been summoned with my spear, y'know..." the youth quipped, before opening an eye and grinning slyly, " but this sword of mine will do just as well, Master."

The Saber-class Servant had made his way towards Rocco, extending an arm towards the man, a confident smile painted on his face.

"Cu Chulainn, Saber... I'm not one for formalities so if you are my Master, let us make this contract official here and get to moving. We've got a war to prepare for, after all."
I wonder who our Assassin might be~~
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