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Two weeks. Two weeks of being bled dry. This was the price she paid for having her ‘Followers’. Ah, but she was a diligent girl if nothing else. Idols required fanclubs, and Demon Lord's armies. This was just the nature of things, and so Lancer did her duty as a responsible bureaucrat. Call it a privilege afforded to the nobility, but Lancer was definitely relaxing on a ‘Throne’ in the rather dreary room. It was not completely out of touch with the room, being made out of bones. It was also sentient, certainly a plus. There was no need to even stand up, since it could move around at her will.

...Of course, the fact it couldn’t fit through any of these buildings doors made it difficult, but that was beside the point. It was also exceedingly uncomfortable, too. Actually, why was she still even using this thing? As a chair, it was probably closer to a torture device in the first place. This would have to change certainly. After all, it wouldn’t stand if the Dark Heroine of this war got sores from sitting on a uncomfortable chair for two more weeks. Lancer would have to take it up with her master sometime later. Speaking of, he was proving to be quite the prospective manager. Of course, the fact he had luckily summoned the special A++ tier Servant, [Elizabeth Bathory], was implicitly helpful. Anyone had to be amazing if they called upon a [Demon Lord] on their first try, afterall.

“Ehhh? We can use those old things to torture someone later I guess?” What a weird piggy. Regardless, it was time to move out. Without any hesitation, the young girl stood up.

“The stage is calling on me. Lets go, Piggy.” It seemed she wouldn’t accept any other response than ‘yes’. Perhaps if he performed well, she’d watch that movie with him tonight. Lancer didn’t get more than a few feet toward the door until she stepped on something exceedingly warm and rather slippery and slimy. With a displeased look, she kicked at the ‘Thing’ that would probably make a normal man mad. Astoundingly, it survived her rather annoyed attack, scurrying and slithering off. Given how it was shifting its body to enter a crack in the wall, it was likely rejoining its brethren. Acceptable.

They would be heading toward a nearby baseball field. It was important to scout out locations like that. There were very few good places to give performances in the pigpens they were based in now. As they started to leave the building, a small cadre of ‘Men’ that had an aura of unnaturalness followed them. They were covered in clothing, to the point of being excessive even for the cold season. No matter the angle, it was difficult to get a good glance at whatever face was being hidden away.

“And anyways we can just make that movie real, can’t we?”

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Get this Irish Heracles outta here.

I would be fine giving up my Master slot. In truth I'm not really a fan of making them, even if I understand the appeal.
This is a lot of people going for Masters. Huh.


I have a Servant concept that will require a special kind of Master, if anyone is interested. If you are, open up a conversation over PMs or tell me here. I should be free this arvo.
By hiding a Servants true name, did you mean exclusively that, or the entire sheet?
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