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First post in two months is up~
I need to go imbibe a sedative...
Everything happened so quickly.

Arcturus could feel his heart pounding in his chest, excitement coursing through his veins as he stared down the much larger creature. Whatever it was. He could hear the voice of the man by the door calling for a weapon, could see the movement out of the corner of his eye. The knowledge that one of their number was lacking a weapon made him anxious, and so he followed its distracted gaze, laying eyes on the darker skinned man who was holding a rifle. A rifle? Even without ammunition or an affixed bayonet, the experienced officer considered that a perfectly suitable armament. He had seen many a man struck dead by the stock of a rifle.

Before he could say anything, however, the man standing beside him took the initiative and struck true with his spear. An excellent strike by Arcturus' estimation. This seemingly did nothing to stop the shadowy being, however, as it almost instantly reacted by swatting the spear wielding man aside. Were adrenaline not keeping his mind sharp he surely would've been dumbstruck by the sight. As the horrifying thing seethed before him, its wounds glowing with impossible light, Arcturus let out a slow breath as he once more met its chilling gaze. Only now those nightmarish eyes had shifted to a blood curdling red. A color that he might find pleasant were it not filled with such malice.

It was reflex that drove the young man's response to the creature's vengeful attack. He almost moved before it did, anticipating that it would be too swift to react to, fearful uncertainty pushing him into an instinctive retreat. The movement he had intended to make was a leap backwards, filling the space he gave up with a powerful downwards strike from his saber. There was no way he would be able to back up quicker than it could advance, after all, so he sought to answer its reckless lunge with a punishing blow to the head as it pursued him. His intent did not survive contact with the enemy, however.

As he willed his body to move Arcturus felt something rush through his body. It was a sensation similar to the unnatural rage that lurked just beneath his thoughts, similar to the sensation he'd felt when he had driven a spear through the grotesque hand of that filthy beast. It was an exhilarating sensation, and as he followed through on his movement he was surprised to find that he had moved much further than expected. When his boots touched ground again, his sword hand already raised and ready to strike, he was unexpectedly out of the creature's reach.

The stock of his comrade's rifle had claimed their quarry's knee, shattering it in an unnerving manner.
His heart was pounding in his chest, his mind was racing as it processed what had just happened, and beneath all that he felt an unfamiliar urge.
It was crippled.
Victory felt one step closer.
Arcturus didn't take the time to dwell on his situation. Instead he dashed forward again, his saber flashing in a vicious flourish as he closed the distance. This time when his boot touched the ground it was with an aggressive stomp, planting his feet as he spun his sword out of its flourish into a powerful downwards slash. An attack meant to forcefully strike the inky nightmare in the head while it was prone.
Ah, sorry about my absence. I had lost motivation to do things over the past couple weeks... I'll see about getting a post up soon.
I am alive. Alive and thirsting for The Hunt.
Once upon a time (yesterday) I glanced at the recent visitors section of my profile, and my eye was caught by a certain profile picture. A certain princess from a certain game. Out of curiosity I looked at that person's posts in the hopes of finding an rp inspired by said certain game, and while I didn't find anything of the sort I did spot something else interesting...

So uh... To cut a long story short, this rp has tempted me. Would you still happen to be accepting new characters?
Oh, huh. Probably should've looked that up before I started rambling. Show's that I haven't really used it that much though. Just played with it a little on my most recent run before using the holy blade.
Hmm...It would be nicer to have a hammer that was pointed on one end, then drive a big hole into something with that. Although I imagine even the torso of the cleric beast would suffer a few broken ribs if taking a direct hit from a giant stone mallet. Although I always got the impression it was made out of some kind of metal, partially because of how it looks and partially because it gets the righteous damage modifier. The latter part making me think silver to be a likely candidate for at least part of the hammer's head.

Maybe I should just stick to my swords and not stick my nose into the business of hammers~
I would actually disagree on the Kirkhammer, given the context on why it's designed the way it is. The Church made weapons like the Kirkhammer specifically in response to colossal enemies like the cleric beasts, against which conventional weapons look like more of a painful annoyance than a lethal threat. Sure using a big mallet like the Kirkhammer would be terribly ineffective against smaller targets compared to a normal warhammer, but normal sized warhammers are designed to kill human sized opponents. Sure it can more effectively damage whatever it hits, but that's not going to mean a whole lot when that damage is inflicted to a small part of a creature that's two stories tall. For example if you hit the knee of a cleric beast with a warhammer: Sure it'll hurt, you probably shattered a decent portion of its bone, but it's probably still standing. You just chipped off half of the kneecap and made it mad, maybe caused it to stumble a bit. Meanwhile with the Kirkhammer you're basically swinging a boulder around. It's a lot heavier, and because of that when it hits it's not going to stop as easily as the warhammer would have. I can't imagine any outcome other than the probably lighter knee giving way to such a massive weight being slammed into it, practically snapping the joint in half and forcing the beast to kneel.
Err... I guess I kinda jumped the gun by posting before asking this, but should we stick to a particular post order?
I was wondering if I should go for a post to try to keep things moving or wait for the others in the room to maintain the posting turns...
Arcturus slowly rose to his feet as the shadows coalesced before his very eyes. Up from the inky darkness he had narrowly avoided came a creature that surely could only exist in nightmare, towering over the handful of men and piercing his ears with a blood curdling screech. The final toll of the bell had proven even more dreadful than he could have imagined.

As he stared up into those horrid, glowing eyes, the young man found himself wondering more and more if he had simply woken up to a vivid dream. Such a creature could not truly exist in reality, could it? Arcturus did not feel as if he were dreaming. Everything was too detailed, too consistent, yet he could not help but doubt his senses. It was impossible to tell when one was dreaming after all.

It mattered little, however. Dream or otherwise, the horror staring them down surely seemed real enough, and Arcturus could not risk assuming that his mind was merely deceiving him. Terror was driving his feet slowly backwards, his polished boots taking small, unconscious steps to back away from the threat that stood before them. That wouldn't do.

Planting his heels, Arcturus shifted the hilt of his sword back into his hand, his piercing blue eyes glancing momentarily in the direction of the door. They couldn't maintain their defense with this thing behind their lines. Sucking in a deep breath, he forced himself to meet the inky monster's hateful gaze, his piercing blue eyes hardening as that unnatural feeling of lustful rage once again bubbled up within him.

"Look alive!" The officer's voice suddenly boomed forth from his lungs, his commanding tone and foreign accent shouting in defiant response to the horror's scream. Where mere moments before he had been backing away, now Arcturus stepped forward, raising the point of his saber towards the being's chest. "We must kill it as quickly as possible! There is no other recourse!" He continued, although he himself did not attack. Instead he sought to occupy the enemy's attention by placing himself front and center. A direct answer to the nightmarish creature's challenge.
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