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My apologies for taking so long to get a character posted, I've been a bit distracted as of late-

I'll see about getting a sheet posted today. Suppose I should follow Leo's example, and make him eighteen?
Kinda reminds me of a show inspired by fairytales. Once Upon a Time or... something like that, where the main character was Snow White's daughter.

Aaanyways, I think I'm interested. Mind if assume the role of one of the warriors?
Dark purple (and capitalization) removed for all but the first mention of dark magic.
I've also increased the brightness, and made bold, that first mention in an effort to make it pop out more.

Probably should've anticipated that'd be a problem, sorry... ^^;

Sorry about my silence the past several days, figured I'd try to put a character form together before speaking up again.
Speaking of which, I hereby present my submission for a character~


Hmm... I haven't given a huge amount of thought to it yet, but...
From reading some of the previous OOC posts, you seem familiar with Fire Emblem right? You know how the dark spells are in that series? I've been imagining something along those lines. Fell miasma and weighty shadows, able to inflict nasty maladies and crippling curses.
Well, actually the "weighty shadows" remark is more of a Dark Souls reference, where dark magic is derived from the darker aspects of humanity.

Come to describe it, I think my character might be a bit reluctant to divulge that particular talent... xD

I suppose that just describes the combat aspect of it, but maybe the dark element could generally deal in occult-ish forces that can be manifested in or from darkness. In its most basic form, this could just mean simply darkening an area, no spooky strings attached.

Given how magic the likes of curses tends to be depicted too, I'd like to also propose that some dark magic is derived from emotion, so inspiration can be drawn from both Fire Emblem and Dark Souls. I'm just particularly drawn to that idea by part of a description of one of the dark spells from Dark Souls: "It appears to be an expression of envy, or perhaps love towards another, that will tenaciously pursue its target. Even if, like so many human desires, it amounts to nothing but misfortune."

Man, I just finished writing out the personality of an outgoing, curious young man who's supposed to be talented with this stuff.
Starting to debate whether I should revisit it to make him a little darker, or if I should just roll with the contrast...

Would perhaps the son of a baron work better? Not especially influential as far as nobles go, so needing to work his way up more by merit, but still having some weight to his family name.
Also I kinda like the idea of him being from a house with a hereditary affinity for some kind of magic (in this case dark magic.) Kinda going off the lore established in Noctis' sheet, with that particular affinity being limited to specific characters in the game.

Ah, I was afraid of that. Figured I'd pitch it anyways in the hope that there was enough difference.

Alllright, so a redesign is in order.
So what if I list some of the aspects I'd like my character to have? See which can be changed, which ought to be dropped altogether, then I'll go off and try to cook up something more unique?
(Also how do you make bulletin lists? I saw you doing that on some previous posts, seems useful for this sort of thing, but it's been forever since I've used the site and it doesn't seem to be in the formatting shorthand.)

---Gonna put a border here to mark where the listed aspects begin---

So to start with aspects I have in mind, generally I imagine a talented scion from a (possibly influential) noble house. I wanted him to be talented in something that's useful in combat, though to be honest I wouldn't mind changing the specifics to something distinct from other characters.

My first thought as to how he would interact with the heroine is to be initially aloof, being more absorbed in his own interests, unless she manages to catch his eye. Possible examples being good at something he's interested in (I imagined him as proud and competitive), discussing a subject of his interest, a chance encounter at a formal dance (he likes that ballroom aesthetic)...
The reason for the initial lack of interest is a mild touch of eccentricity, fixation on his own fancies.
I may have jumped the gun in describing him as a "star student" earlier. He would perform well when engaged in something that can hold his interest, but may have trouble keeping focus otherwise.
If you're wondering where all these remarks about 'pride' and 'eccentricity' were in my initial post, I cut them out to try and focus on the broad strokes. I'm trying to avoid just writing the whole character before the rough edges have been sanded.
Anyways, I don't know whether or not any of that overlaps with someone else, but I'm not especially married to most of it if you want me to change those concepts.

Rivalry with the heroine in the game was an idea that came about as a consequence of practicing swordsmanship and being competitive. Honestly not critical, can cut this out easily if need be.

Last but probably not least of the things I can think of at the moment, having the potential to fall for the villainess. If such a girl exists, anyways. I uh... I actually quite like this idea. So if it doesn't overlap with anyone else's character, I'd like to keep it.
As for the consequences of such a thing happening, I generally thought it ought to result in the becoming a problem for the heroine. My first instinct was for him to become a dangerous boss, but I can definitely see how that overlaps a lot, and honestly I'm thinking perhaps to leave it at something like "he has a chance to fall in love with the villainess."
Hello there~! If you don't mind my intrusion, would you happen to be receptive to a newcomer?
I mean I guess the "(Now Accepting)" and "Apply" indicators should tip me off, but it feels weird not to ask... ^^;

Figure I might as well pitch the character concept I've got bouncing around in my head while I'm at it. See if there's anything that needs to be ironed out (or changed completely) before I go building a whole character sheet for it.

So in terms of the character as he was in the game I was thinking he would have been one of the heroine's potential love interests. A prodigal noble heir endowed with a talent for swordsmanship, a hereditary talent for dark magic, and a particular fancy for many stereotypically elegant noble things (ballroom dancing, formal wear, etc). Regarded as a star student at the academy, he was initially aloof to the heroine, but had several flags that could cause him to develop interest. Rather competitive by nature, he might even develop a rivalry with the heroine if she pursued combat skills, that being a major catalyst towards at least one of his endings.

Notably on any path where conflict broke out in the story's second half, the character if recruited would be a powerful unit in the player's party/army, but also a rather dangerous one should the wrong combination of flags be tripped...

Now, uh, this is the part where I reach a bit more. It depends on whether or not there's a villainess in this game, and whether or not I'm overstepping with this idea.

Several rare combinations of event flags could be tripped, according to the heroine's actions, that could lead to the character falling in love with the game's villainess instead. A possibility made less likely, but still not impossible, by the heroine pursuing his route. Once this occurred it would set off a background story that, if not averted, could lead to an infamously difficult endgame boss fight against the character.

I've also toyed around with the idea that, instead of being playable in combat routes, the character would die early on unless he fell for the villainess. This would make him impossible (or very difficult) to romance in combat routes, as well as letting him be a scary secret boss without giving the player access to another strong character.

This would also put the character getting isekai'd into him in the ironic situation of being a powerful combat oriented character, but who has a very strong incentive to try to prevent a combat focused route from happening.

So uh, that's what I got so far, attempting to organize thoughts into words.
Assuming the rp is open for me to even propose a character, that is~
Well, RIP my punctuality again. Sorry about that.

Is it alright if I officially take a step back from this for the time being? I feel bad for repeatedly saying I'll post and then vanishing for a month.
Yes, indeed. I'm thinking I wanna make a post before.
Apologies once again for the week's delay, I'm planning to get that post up soon.
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