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I think his attention will be on Victor. He might initially be focused on Marcus and Yarrow, following that scream, but will primarily be concerned with Victor not being able to see the things that they can.
Well, I've got the ideas bouncing around, it's just getting myself to actually sit down and type them that's the hard part...
Uhhh, gonna try to preempt any possibility of me taking forever this time. Go ahead and post if you want, I'm having trouble convincing my brain to think about writing at the moment.
I once more draw breath!

I must be starting to sound like a broken record by this point, but I must apologize for vanishing again despite promising a post. I uh... I'm gonna try not to say anything for certain until I've already posted. However my intent is to try to sit down and get something done after the upcoming Marcus post. I guess at this point it goes without saying you probably shouldn't wait for me if I don't deliver on that...

In other news, I'm glad to see the rp's still going after a year. Surviving in spite of my seeming inability to post more than once or twice a month... Here's hoping it continues to soldier on into the next~!
I think I can take a shot at getting a post out soon.
To say Arcturus was lost would be an immense understatement.

At first he had merely been alarmed. Alarmed and impressed as what had before been a dying man suddenly sprang into action, rolling into the corner with a vigor even the most fit of persons would envy. Even after what he had seen during the previous fight, Arcturus had never expected that the blood would have such a swift, dramatic effect. The scarlet drenched man's many mysterious wounds were now nowhere to be seen, closed and healed as if they had never been inflicted. It was a baffling wonder to behold.

That would not be the last thing to baffle the young man, however. When the newest face, apparently a 'huntsman' named Draco, stepped into the doorway Arcturus had sprung to his feet and scrambled for his saber. As far as he figured it was most likely that a sudden new pitchfork wielding intruder would be associated with the party that had attacked them. Luckily, and somewhat confusingly, he was wrong. As the men around him continued to exchange words, the lone foreigner in the room became increasingly puzzled.

He got the impression that the very streets of Yharnam were unsafe, which made no sense to him, necessitating that armed men escort civilians to safety. Was the city under attack? What in heaven's name was a church giant? Why would the girl's identity as a 'saint' paint a target on their backs? All of this while that word, 'hunter', was thrown around with little explanation.

According to this man of the 'White Church', Victor, he was now one of those hunters. No explanation beyond that, but...
Something about the title felt right.
Although that might simply have been because he now knew what the odd smell was.

Whatever was going on it seemed to have to do with some ominous sounding 'Night of The Hunt.' An event that put people in danger and sounded like it necessitated the intervention of these 'hunters.' Arcturus had no idea what to make of all this information. However he wasn't about to reveal just how totally in the dark he was, and remained silent through it all. He could get the information he wanted later. In the meantime there were more important matters to focus on. Getting those civilians to safety, protecting that saint, getting himself some equipment beyond his sword, and most importantly staying alive.

One more thing, as well. Shifting the base of his weapon's blade to his left hand, so he could carry it more easily without brandishing the thing, he steadily approached the man called Draco. While he didn't fully trust this newest arrival, the pitchfork wielding man seemed to have good intentions. Although perhaps 'pitchfork' was a disservice to the tool held in the huntsman's hands. It seemed to be designed for more than just farm work and held his curious stare for at least a good couple seconds.

Strangely Draco had seemed quite apprehensive when he first approached them. Was it because they were 'hunters?' Otherwise he seemed solid. Perhaps a bit lacking in confidence, but definitely experienced. By that garish scar on his face it seemed the man was certainly no stranger to combat. Surely the mark of a nasty injury sustained from an enemy he had withstood.

"Those... 'madmen' you came across, did they say anything of note?" Arcturus asked quietly, the piercing blue of his eyes peering inquisitively into Draco's. While his words were spoken in a clear, even refined manner, they still bore his distinct foreign accent. Immediately giving away that he was not from Yharnam. "Who they were? What they were-"

Suddenly the most unusual of noises sounded out from behind him, causing Arcturus to trail off as his attention was pulled away. He turned to see the lamp now projecting an ephemeral blue glow, with Tor-... The other man who had awoken with them standing before it. At first he was set on edge by this new development. However as he regarded the lamp, observed the pale blue light within, he was gradually set at ease. It was a comforting color. Like a cozy fire, only blue and not nearly as warm.

Was this what the message had meant? 'The lantern's pale gleam?' Remembering the words that Marcus had read aloud, Arcturus averted his gaze from the lantern, instead curiously watching the man next to it. Watching to see if anything else happened. It made him feel somewhat silly. Just what exactly was he expecting?
Internal screaming.

Death became me. Dragged me from the face of this world. It gives me conniptions...
I have returned however! Sorry about the sudden disappearance (I've lost track of how many times it's happened at this point), seems I need to build the habit of being more vocal when I fall off. In any case, I'll be looking to cook up a new post pretty soon here.

Also speaking of people returning from the dead, I've noticed that Ashgan has been seen within the last week in case you wanna try pinging them.
Got my post up! Thought I'd include the suggestion of Marcus muttering the words, if you're alright with that.
Would've colored it too, but I couldn't figure out how to get the particular color you use...
Arcturus frowned at the condition of the finely garbed body. Nothing about the wounds made sense. They didn't line up at all with the damage to the attire, and they didn't look like any he'd seen before. Hundreds of small lesions in the skin, slowly mending alike to the injuries of the sleeping patients in the previous room. Stranger still, it looked as though they were all exit wounds. It was as if something within the man's own body had attempted to rip him inside out.

It seemed to Arcturus a miracle that this man had survived such injuries, though perhaps it had something to do with the pool of blood surrounding him. The viscous, scarlet liquid that their unnamed reinforcement was steadily lapping from the floor. A sight which the youthful foreigner found distinctly revolting. Though it did not dissuade him from carefully extracting the mysterious vial from within the man's pouch, examining it for a moment between his slender fingers. The substance within bore that same pleasant hue as that which was strewn across the room.

Indeed though the sight of an incapacitated man drinking his own blood was a disturbing one, it made a twisted kind of sense. Arcturus did not take long to decide on what he would do with that vial. Heavy as it felt in his hand. Oddly tempting though it seemed. Carefully he removed its transparent top cap, revealing the thin needle beneath, before gently pushing it into the other man's thigh. Where he knew an artery was located.

He could hear the words of Marcus behind him as he carried this out, nodding in confirmation while his piercing gaze fixed curiously on the vial. Watching to see if it would have any effect. Those eyes quickly shifted past it to the other body, however, as Arcturus assumed the blood would take time to work. If it did anything at all.

"I'll secure the bell, too." He called back, rising to his feet and taking the couple steps towards the object in question. Lying next to the bisected corpse of the absurdly tall figure dressed in black. It was certainly different from the towering beast they had faced earlier, yet he got the impression it was something other than human. His gaze did not linger long upon it, though. Arcturus felt apprehension nag at the back of his thoughts as he knelt down next to the bell, inspecting it while taking care not to touch the thing.

Working out an idea to pick it up without any unwanted ringing, the young man tore a piece of cloth from the robe of the corpse next to him, glancing hesitantly at the ethereal little man before finally reaching his hands out towards the bell it was investigating. As if seeking encouragement from the equally anxious looking being. With a focused care Arcturus slowly stuffed the sinister object with the cloth, hopefully ensuring that the clapper would not be able to strike the inner surface of the bell.

“Glance calmly upon the lantern's pale gleam,
and find safe haven within the Hunter's Dream.”

The sound of muttering drew his attention back to Marcus, the spectral scroll, and the unusual lamp sticking up from the ground. Hunter's Dream. There it was again, that mention of hunters. Everything that had happened so far seemed to revolve around that title. The strange attack, the astounding physical feats, and now seemingly these odd little things and their lamp. Arcturus couldn't even begin to work out the how or why of it all. As his thoughts raced he remained silent, tucking the bell away in his coat's left pocket.
So I have to ask since I'm never sure... Should I wait for others within the same scene to post, or should I go on replying with Arcturus until he does something that involves other characters?
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