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I may have an rp fitting your wish
I actually have my own int check for it
Feel free to examine and ask questions if your interested

Funny bump XD
Hmm i may be interested in a pirates of the Caribbean one
Providing we go hunt mystical treasure with some fantasy events like in the movies
Have our own ship (which fits with the original character req as we have an entire original ship and crew, dont care about where we stand on the ship)
And possibke but not required, a meet with our good ol mate, jack sparrow (i mean who can resist getting some funny nuts time as we see in the movies ^^)

Maybe good to know
My lap is broken and i cant afford to fix it so i am working from my phone, so spelling and grammar can be somewhat messed up at times, i do my best but i type quickly so i end up missing flaws here and there
[b][h2]Welcome to the gate of Entherra[/b][/h2]

First of i must report that i am working from my phone as my laptop is broken en i dont have the money to fix it
Si i may have typos, grammar issues and may put things down in a chaotic manner
So i must apologise for this beforehand (abd with that the reason i feel that this rp will be a casual or free levelled one)

For an free fantasy adventure i am looking for a dedicated girl to play with in PM
I am a guy and while i dont mind playing a girl from time to time, for this rp i have a male character and seeing i am straight...

The story will play in the world Entherra, continent of Ancien which is huge but split into 2 by large mountains which are considered uncrossable unless your an animal
Ir will be a relaxed casual adventure story where the 2 main characters will travel, explore and get close
They wont know each other at the start, meeting once, followed by a timeskip when they parted before meeting again (with some development of course)

For the female character i have a few requests
-She can pretty much be any race however mostly humanlike, for example no orc unless she is a halveblood who is more humanlike then orc like (personally i have nothing with orcs so i just used this one as a example, anyway we can discuss this)
-if possible add something he wants to hide forwhat ever reason, both our characters would have something, a secret and would notice this about each other what would be a point in getting them closer

Beyond that everything is possible, like having a party yourself
The story wont be centered around mature content but i do expect events to happen that would make this 18+, such as when they are romantically close,they could get intimate and as such i am forced to say the female who wishes to do this 1on1 is of legal age (not that i can check so i just have to take your word for it, btw i am 28 in case you are wondering)

I request a post at least once a week though i prefer once a day

My own character will be someone from a hidden away tribe who have a unique power to chsnge into a animal, which is also their secret as in the past thete were those that hunted them due to their animal power, but there have been those exiled in the past so its not impossible to have someone like that either

So as i said it may be put down in a chaotic manner so if anyone is interested but confused
Feel free to ask anything ^^
uhm... nope
often why I make an rp the int check ends up with few people who in the ends never join the real thread and then in here comes a lot more people from nowhere
so I figured if the middleman has no use, then cut it XD

well may as well make one in case off in that case
"I play.... well if I have the free time, you can either find me tweaking the jeep or playing this game actually" Mech said as he just killed an other large group single handed, though slowly it was beginning to become a team fight which was fun.
One day, everything changed.
It started when the sky suddenly started to crack, this crack however continued to spread and the moment it should go behind buildings, it continues cracking past the buildings and you realize what it is, a tear in reality itself!
running would have no effect, the tear seems to follow you around as if reality around you is the only save spot and then it happens, like glass the world breaks apart and shatters into dust, all you can see is a white void.
Yet you realize your not alone, shadows are standing around you, they dont seem to act much but react more as you are, confused, trying to understand what is happening.
Then suddenly it seemed like the void itself pulsed from a single point, and then again but in this one pulse, inside the ripples the world started to appear and expend until it returned.
but it was not the world as you knew it, well part was but most of it was not and those shadows around you had taken on physical shapes, other hero's like yourself.

Upon exploration you would find that only the things that are important for your hero job still exist, all the other stuff was gone.
what happened, what caused this, how do you get back what is lost, how do you fix this mess and why were you hero's spared and supplied with all the stuff needed to do your job, it is time to find out
time to fix the worlds that have blended together!

Hello everyone, as you may have guessed this is a super hero type rp and also a multiverse backgrounded one at that.

so here is some stuff you need to know to get started
-NPC's dont know that their world is not as it should, as far as they know it has always been this way, only the hero's would know the truth
-there are NPC hero's and villains from canon worlds such as Spiderman and Zetman (Zetman is also due to his worlds lacking any real villains in general that could be transplanted but instead has a large unknown amount of monsters hidden in human shape that causes havok, this way there are generic monsters to kill)
-NPC hero's also dont know about the truth


-in general only 1 hero is allowed BUT if you provide a reason or ask first (depending on how much already have done this) it is possible to get a second.
--there are 2 groups, if you have 2 characters then even if they come from the same world, I request strongly to split them unless there is a FIRM undeniable reason to keep them together, this way you can be active in both groups, they are allowed to switch between groups when the groups are together however.
-each hero has all the important stuff to be a hero in this world but all personal live stuff and such is gone, it is required to have some stuff the hero is missing
-power settings are split in 2 groups, genetic and Tech, in general I would like it if as much hero's are Tech based.
--Generic hero's must always have gotten their power by matters outside their own control and must either have gotten it from an older age up (16 is the lowest allowed age), or born with someone else having created the power based effect but it has to be awakened during a later age (16 again) (see Zetman: having been created as a super human from nothing to combat his worlds monsters, but was kidnapped by his creator who wanted him to grow up normally as a human)
--Tech can be from wishing and having some sidekicks that created the hero's tech or having been able to create it him/herself, but most likely the sidekick/ someone made it for the hero (not everyone can be tony stark)
--mixes are fine as well and genetic modification by tech can be accepted in a tech based world but still count as genetic
-it is allowed to use a canon character or an alternate version of an canon character (such as your own altered version of spiderman)
--if the canon char you wish to use is listed in the NPC list, then say so and I will remove it form the NPC list.


-for each hero you make, you have to add 2 to 6 villains that belong to that hero's world (they dont know about the worlds blended, you are free to play with them when they show up)
--they can be groups single individuals or both at the same time
-the villains can in basic idea all be genetic power users IF it fits with the world they came from, but I ask to consider some tech based ones as well
-your free to play with the villains you submitted but they do have to be relevant to the current mission/ plot or requested before hand otherwise. (if were already up against spiderman's sinister six, then it would be a bit much of everyone decides to add their own villain to the mix

other settings

-when making a hero, he must have stuff he is missing from his personal live that he wants back
-people can join midstory, their characters will just magically appear and the places that are important for their world, such as enemy bases, personal base and such will appear, replacing something else that serves no known purpose, NPC's will know that this suddenly happened.
-A player can get one of the missing matters back, once at the end of a mission a tear in space can be found.
however only one character can interact with it and pull something out of the void, I will use a randomizer to determine who and what (I'll even post screen shots so you know I am playing fair)
-suggestions, plot ideas and missions are always welcome.
-rules are the standard you can find everywhere and what has already been explained
-age setting could be PG-18 or something, so if your char gets hit, his/her cloths will be damaged correspondingly, so a female may end up bare chested, but nothing graphic is allowed due to the sites rules, going past this into the adult, fade to black or take it to PM.
-rules may get added if I get forced to, which I hope wont happen.
-if the amount of members and characters go past 22, then a new group will be made, I can either make a 3e leader char my self or choose someone who is interested and can handle it in both time and ability to create a new leader

questions, feel free to ask

CS will come later
Mech was actually surprised that the robot did not know about Halo, then again when he thought about it, the guy is a robot, a sentient one as far as he could tell, wherever he is from he was either sheltered or build after the games came out.
"Dude, the Halo games are possibly the best shooter games you could find, come I'll teach you all you need to know"
With that Mech guided his new "best friend" to the living room and started up the game, giving David a remote and teaching him the game
(OMG David has an identity crisis XD he is now called Jones XD)

As the group moved out of the sewers they were in luck that the street was still abandoned, making moving to the jeep with the unconscious girl without having to hide themself real easy.
Mech instantly got behind the dashboard, transforming his arm once more and plugging it into the place the steering wheel is supposed to be, kicking the engine to live while the rest were getting on, Drake taking the backseat, holding the unconscious Aqua tightly yet gentle.
They took places in a manner that both Janet and David could get in as well and once everyone was in, Mech kicked the thing into overdrive.

Outside the city area they drove on a road with a cliff to their left yet suddenly Mech turned the jeep straight to the cliff wall, only to suddenly enter a hidden path entering an open clearing between the cliff walls.
This hidden path was not even hidden by vegetation, it was just the way the cliff was shaped that the path was hidden due to the patterns and turns, only someone who would walk past this road may find it by accident but no one ever does due to the complete lack of safe areas to walk on and those driving a car would never notice it.

Yet Mech did not stop the Jeep, he only started to brake just the moment they would hit the wall, yet they never did, the moment the jeep stopped they had already driven straight though the wall which as it stands was just a perfect hologram.

Drake did not wast any time, getting off the Jeep and bringing Aqua to the Medic center.
Janet, not knowing what else to do followed him.

Symbiot also started to walk inside, letting Mech and David behind.
"Well, love to chat but I am going to play some halo, just make yourself at home, but dont wander off to far or security will get ya" Mech said laughing as if it was a joke and began walking towards the staircase up, in order to get to the living room, kind of expecting David to follow him, though he would not even once check
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