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<Snipped quote by Drake Baku>

Sorry, got no idea where you're from or how you got here. Nor how to get you back.

Well that sucks, figured if i got back i could see if that first portal may have been that prototype, could have used it myself

*I sat down on the ground, Reapeath leaning on my shoulder, considering my options*
<Snipped quote by Drake Baku>

*scratches my head*
Uhm. I don’t know where that is.

*Sigh* well that sucks, and you? *directing my question to the other supposed jumper*

<Snipped quote by Drake Baku>

I can try, though I do not know where you live.

<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

Do you?

Like I said, Andreemea galaxy, planet Junkyard
*dancing like a chicken*
<Snipped quote by Drake Baku>

Zava is Caldizar. Spirit is around here somewhere, and the new account is now zapped. =P

Then i should wait on igni

As for thr new account, I feel kinda bad for him, he really seems to have no idea what he is doing
Posted a ooc for a free rp in casual (no int check either)
It lacks pretty much all info to speaks to a players mind to get an idea what the rp is about
It's about how kids, preteens , and teenagers use their powers.

The concept you have given is pretty vague and may not attract a lot of people
Just knowing what it is about in such a rough and vague concept does not let people understand what the goal and focus of the story is
Unless thr title alone is a reference to something and you are hoping to find people who know it this way?

Otherwise i would suggest writing out more of what the story is about and what you expect players to do/ create
The general feel and wish and all with the general story idea so people know what they are getting into

Lot of folks also add in all sort of fun little features to make the rp seem more interesting by adding in some lore or anything even

Also, while it is true there are enough players who find an rp just looking in the rp sections themself
There are also a lot who first check the *interest checks* so it might be a good idea to post your rp idea there as well (adding in a link from there to here so people can join quicker)
Keep in mind that posting a short and vague interest check like that there will not result in many people showing up (again unless its a reference to something but you never know how many people here would know it so extending the information you give so people have a much better idea on what the story is about and how it all plays out (are those teens natural born with powers or is there something that happened?), that would allow those who dont know the reference yet to become interested as well)

Edit; also i see you used the free tag, which means the rp is a free level/ section, but you posted this in the casual section

I for sure dont get it hahahaha
Everybody going at it like crazy

Suddenly a brand new account enters the IC just to say hello hahaha

Sorry i kinda found it funny
wonder where Zava and ign and spirit went off to
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

I has been very effective. I do not change anything in these dimension I now control, and merely watch over them. I have also built up a powerful being in each that can protect the dimension if deemed necessary. I am aiming for autonomy in each dimension. None should be truly controlled by an outside force.

<Snipped quote by Drake Baku>

My apologies, I misunderstood what you meant by losing another ring. I did have a prototype that blasted my finger off and has possibly went to your dimension.
*wiggles all of my fingers*
I am fine now though, if it's any concern.

It was not, well i now know enough, can one of you send me to my own world by chance?
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