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This week and next will be incredibly busy for me. At the earliest I can post this weekend
My handwriting should earn me a med school scholarship
I'll chime in by pointing out we all have roughly a battalion sized unit, with some manner of supporting elements. Gunther's bat is a consolidation of the remains of his brigade's three battalion into one, mine is a bottom-up gathering of militias. If you want to have two battalions, I'm not going to stop you, but in order not to overextend I'd suggest having Sokol group around the strength of a (reinforced) battalion, with nine to twelve infantry platoons.
I was finishing up something but then I realized I should have asked this before: traditional foot infantry is not allowed I take it, but what about motorized?

Oh they're both allowed as far as I'm concerned, but going in without vehicles is something you don't want to do to yourself :p Choose whichever vehicles you like, I'd say. My reasoning is that there are a lot of BTRs, BMPs, and everything being pulled out of storage in this scenario so you can have however many you want. But if you want to go with trucks or even requisitioned civilian vehicles, be my guest
<Snipped quote by Gunther>

I'm still somewhat undecided on which two options I am leaning more towards, what time frame to start are we looking at?

Don't worry about the time frame too much. If you want to go thematic, you could Berkut/other MVD troops banded together and riding on BTRs and still keep a distinct identity through that. Red berets and telnyashkas, maybe a fitting nom de guerre for a commander or the unit as a whole. Go crazy :p
Fair enough, I'm not in a hurry either way. But I'm not opposed to downsizing slightly
I say we leave one battalion in reserve and start this off. If someone wants to join in after we've started, they're welcome to
Or we can be a downsized regiment, or that battalion is in reserve.
Or use whatever tanks you can scrape together. I might actually diversify the few I have for a laugh and logistical nightmares.
The more, the merrier! An Armoured Battalion would work, but you could alternatively be shuffling around the orange forces if POOHEAD can't make it.

What sayeth Gunther?
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