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...but are you trying to tell me I've narrated something that didn't make sense in my reply?
No, not at all. rambling, I guess.

@Kelewen When I wrote the bit about Billy throwing a one two at the cowboy, I wrote Left cross and right upper cut. I spent seven years training in Krav Maga. I am right handed. I would have thrown a left jab and a right cross or a cross and a hook. I just kind of got into the moment there and wrote it that way not knowing where anyone was sitting; except Finney. I do love your map by the way. That helps out a lot.
@EvilEdd1984 I am roleplaying both Phineas Eugene O’Connell (Nickname: Finney) and William “Billy” Kingsley. A link to my character sheets is here if you would like to read them. Whether Finney is a book worm or not, may be known by EvilEdd1984, but is not known by Sergio Westwood yet. If you read the CS you will see Finney spent a week on the trail before arriving at the Saloon. I hadn’t written anything about shaving, so we can assume he has at least a week’s growth and is still dusty and dirty from the trail. So far, Sergio has seen him play cards. He isn’t writing or reading a book during the card game. This little bit of metagaming is something Sergio will learn after a conversation. No one truly knows much about the others yet; only what was said in conversation during the game.

After a week on the road, Finney made it to Sweetwater, having adjusted to life on the road. The sacrifice of being dirty, he committed to himself in New England was nothing compared to the sacrifice of food he endured at the beginning of his journey. Fortunately at the saloon, he was able to purchase a meal and a beer. Phineas was a happy man.

So what is the 1984 reference in your user ID?
Phineas was too frightened by the tomahawk and approach of Logan’s muscle to notice the pool player. Besides, he was now on the other side of the poker table from the cowboy with the pool cue. He did not know what was going on, but did notice the four men from the other table, approach his former card playing compatriots. They looked rough and Finney just wasn’t sure about a fight. He knew this was good stuff for his book, but didn’t know if he needed to risk his own life in the process.

Out of the corner of his eye, he detected movement from the second floor. A corpulent little man in a brilliant white suit took eager interest in the action below. He pulled the curtain wide enough to see it transpire below. Finney wondered who the fat man was. Maybe he owned the place and was about to watch his saloon get wrecked. Finney placed the corner of the bar between him and the emerging row in the middle of the saloon.

Billy caught the four men approach from the other table. He backed off Mr. Logan when Mistihkoman jumped on the table. He felt threatened by their presence and knew he needed to make an impact soon. The approaching stranger closest to him caught a left cross to the jaw and then a right upper cut right behind the cross. He readied himself for a fight after throwing the first two punches.
SERGIO WESTWOOD! Ha! Sergio Leone + Clint! I Love it!
I should be able to post this evening. (EST)
I do not regret being a Battlefield Airman...

What was your job? My father was an Air Policeman in the USAF. I had a cousin who was a pilot. He was killed when his T-5 trainer struck a mountain near Holliman AFB, NM.

Assuming the prone position is good enough for Friedrich. we don't have a Pioneer battalion (Engineers) which have entrenching tools; i.e.: picks and shovels. I'll try to get a post up later today or no later than Monday attesting to this opinion.
The story hook (coming up shortly) is that the characters will be hired to transport something.

I recall reading this earlier. It was the motivation for Billy to mention to Mr. Logan about hiring for some job.

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