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Current If we win here we will win everywhere. The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it.
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There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.


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Not a problem. I can wait.
West of Rehberg, West Germany
5 April 1985

TF Payne

“Did you catch that spot report from Saber Six Niner, over?” Major Payne was calling the Net Control Station.

“Roger, Saber Zero Six, over.” Staff Sergeant Moulton responded.

“Have you been able to raise Saber Six Niner, over?” Major Payne asked SSG Moulton.

“Negative contact with Saber Six Niner, over.”

“Roger, out.” Neville Payne had that bad feeling in his stomach. He knew something bad happened and something even worse was about to happen. He lost contact with his forward scout element. They were officially blind now. All he knew was the size of the Russian force to his front was larger than his own. The next few hours would be chaotic. He heard the call for fire mission from Saber Six Niner. He contemplated letting the rounds fall where they may but changed his mind. He called the Fire Direction Center (FDC) and canceled those fire missions knowing it was unobserved fire.

He didn’t know the NCO who lead 3rd Scout Section, but had respect for the soldier. Staff Sergeant Ronaldo Cortez was from the west coast—LA he thought. But SSG Cortez was from the 1st Battalion, 48th Infantry, not from the 1st of the 33rd Armor. He would certainly be missed. He was positive his platoon leader knew he was gone. Although there was the off chance some of the soldiers got away on foot. He distinctly heard the explosion from rounds impacting with their M113s and then the explosion of the vehicles blowing up.

“Everyone remain alert. The enemy is just over that hill in front of us. They will be upon us any minute now.
Now, I am tasked by the Colonel to commence this attack on the enemy's northern flank. I do not know how I will accomplish this beachhead but I will try my best. It is God's will that I will lay my blood on this Earth to fulfill the motherland's wishes.

North? eh? mmmm. OK. ;)

Удачи, товарищ

@Gunther forgot to mention turn 4 has happened. We are looking at turn 5.

Also note, that smoke on the hill will have dissipated going into Turn 5. Not sure if Gunther told you that.
Somewhere near Rehberg, West Germany
5 April 1985

TF Payne

“Saber Zero Six, this is Saber Six Niner, over,” the radio crackled in his headset.

Major Payne only needed to key the mic to respond. “Saber Six Niner, this is Saber Zero Six, go ahead over.”

“Saber Zero Six, Saber Six Niner, I have two BRDMs moving west along primary road. They will be on my position in minutes. Request smoke on my hill over.”

“Saber Six Niner, Roger that.” Major Payne then called to the Fire Direction Center for his own mortar platoon. “Saber Seven Two, this is Saber Zero Six, fire Tango Romeo Papa Zero Zero Fife, India Sierra, follow a three hundred fifty-degree impact pattern, over.”

“Saber Zero Six, this is Saber Seven Two, fire Tango Romeo Papa Zero Zero Fife, India Sierra, three hundred fifty-degree impact pattern, out.”

With the Incendiary Smoke falling along the hill to his front, he knew the scout sections deployed would need this to conceal their position. Once the thought left his mind, the radio crackled again. “Saber Zero Six, this is Saber Six Niner, over.”

“Saber Six Niner, this is Saber Zero Six, go ahead, over.” The Major knew the game was about to begin. These were the opening moves of an overly dramatic chess match.

“Saber Zero Six, this is Saber Six Niner, “Two BRDMs moving north along primary road heading into Schollbrunn, over.” Staff Sergeant Ronaldo Cortez clicked off the handset and called to his driver over the intercom system, “fire up this beast. Ivan is going to be here any minute. I don’t want to get caught with my dick hanging out!” Staff Sergeant Cortez was from East Los Angeles, California. He lead a hard life on the streets of LA and didn’t care much for school. He seemed to squeak by enough credits to graduate. Since college wasn’t in his future and any other opportunity evaded him, he opted to join the Army. He found life in the Army ideal for him. After eight years in the military, SSG Cortez was serving as a Section Sergeant in a mechanized infantry battalion’s scout platoon. He was on track to make Sergeant First Class in another year. Sooner depending on the outcome of this Field Exercise.

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When I was in the Army I wrote letters to my mother often, always in cursive. The internet did not exist then.
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