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@Enzayne What genre of music are you looking for exactly? I may be able to help.
@Khyron Shadowfang I'm so ready for this rp to start. It has an amazing concept, and love everyone's characters for it as well.

Name: Moggoroth Morralis
Nicknames/Titles/Alias': Edeul Morralis/Horseman/The Living Sin
Age: 800
Gender: Male (can change genders when tempting or toying with mortals)
Height: 6'
Build: Muscular
Appearance: Moggoroth keeps the appearance of a dark elf most of the time with two distinct rings on his right hand with two ancient symbols on them. The ring he has on his index finger bears the symbol of horseman, and the one on his ring finger bears the symbol of sin. He keeps his elven form all the time unless he is in battle or tormenting the mind of a mortal. It is said that he was the one that current pictures of devils and demons are based off of.

Personality: Moggoroth denies that devils were once angels. He argues he has memories of when he was mortal, but doesn't have any concrete proof that says its true. He states that all devils are complete opposites of the celestial race, and that they had to have been born into this world by devils or created once a soul is too heavily corrupted to be pardoned of the sins they have committed. Moggoroth is highly intelligent, philosopher, manipulative, cunning, and can spin lies that have caused wars not just in the mortal realm but amongst his own kind. When confronted by hostility Moggoroth is able to turn it towards another person or devil with his cunning and serpent like tongue..

Specialty: Magic, Subterfuge, Mendacious, and Diplomacy/Politics. Moggoroth has the ability to bring forth calamity in the form of war, pestilence, famine, and death to the world. Let it be by spinning lies or manipulating high authority figures to cause most of the damage for him. Moggoroth has the ability to enter a persons mind and control them by the desires for the cardinal sins or by spinning a web of lies that's near impossible to see through. He makes it his goal to seek out high authority figures or holy men, and cause them to fall from grace and spin webs a deceit amongst their followers. Moggoroth has learned over the years many magic spells and incantations, but mostly specialized in fire, shadow manipulation, and lightning. Due to his age and how long he spends in his study. He has many more powers in the magical arts.
Dominating Trait/Sin: Wrath/Vindictive

Background: Moggoroth has been the cause of multiple wars and massacres in both mortal and devil realms. Every time he is confronted about causing one amongst devils. He bends the truth so well that it causes conflict among other houses, and removes all the tension focused on his house. After the first war broke out among his house and the devil house of Gramour. Moggoroth spent a large amount of time experimenting on his most loyal subjects to create the ultimate soldiers. Then 10 devils with a trait given by the sin they specialized in. These 10 soldiers became known as the 10 commandments and Moggoroths Generals. He spends most of his days in his castle's study trying new magic formulas, and experimenting on all the races of the world to create stronger soldiers in not only his army but Devil Lord Morelion's army as well.

It was many years ago that Moggoroth started following Morelion. He was drawn to the power and the way he saw the world around him. He has been the most loyal General and oldest adviser in his court. Moggoroth has proven to Morelion and his advisers time and time again that he is more than capable at any task sent his way, and executing his lords will as wished before given an order.
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Seems interesting. I would like to know more.
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