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@Edeul Morralis

Just remove mention of a House in the Appearance section and then we're Gucci. I'mma go ahead and give it an Approved and you can move the character sheet into the character tab.

I currently have come down with the Flu, SO that being said hopefully this weekend we can get the RP started if I can get better soon.

Gave it another read, aside from grammatical errors and some nitpickiness of mine, it's good. Being betrothed to another would be less being betrothed to someone belonging to a House, as that is more a noble thing, and pertains to classes not castes, but more belonging simply to another family within the Ordinis. But I give it an Approved. Go ahead and move it to the character tab, I'll send an invite to the discord sometime later.

@Edeul Morralis

There's about one slot available but also a time-window to catch it. I'll be posting the intro on the IC probably on Wednesday or Thursday night.

A little hard to imagine a family within the Magus Ordinis caste going poor considering they make their money THROUGH their studies and politicking. Plus they have family estates that wouldn't quite be traded off.... Perhaps go a little bit more in-depth on how they started to go into poverty and you're good. Oh also if you could add some details in on what runic tattoos they have and such on the appearance, that'd be nice!

There's still slots available! Keep in mind that I may end up being pickier with these last two slots because we already have a particular dynamic it seems. Look at what others have and see what you come up with!

I still have a slot or two left!

Edit: I've got an OOC made. Once you get a CS made and approved here, you can move it to the character tab on the main thread.
Sanguinis Umbra

Quick OOC Info

Hey y'all, so for those of you that are just checking this out, I'd go ahead and check the original post of this here:

Otherwise, to those of you that have already applied and such, go ahead and put them character sheets in! I'll have an IC post in soon, just need to find some stable time to actually write it out completely and coherently. Another thing that I've come to decide in at finally posting this OOC is a 4 paragraph minimum please. Less than that and you're not giving people much to work with and react to. Plus it makes my job as a GM more difficult and doesn't quite allow as much character development!

Recent History of The World

Before The Plague -
The Continent was...mostly peaceful and filled with trade between two main nations. Vaeleon and Ziawroya. Vaeleon at the time was a magocracy, meaning those with magical potential were those in power, and usual kept the same families in power through an in-depth caste system. This caste system is what Vaeleoni society was centered upon. Everything was done in the thought of all and never the one. Within the Magus Ordinis, the highest caste and mainly comprised of mages, there was a council of a chosen few that made decisions for the nation.

Ziawroya, however, was a free nation and mainly comprised of merchants and various villages instead of large cities. Though, the one city they did build, was a military power on its own. Vaeleon and Ziawroya, having their different ideals, would clash at times but never in war. Those that attempted to leave Vaeleon in an attempt for a new life quickly disappeared. Whether they made it to Ziawroya or The Crimson Eye had gotten involved, was usually for one to guess. This peace would find itself tested in time.

The Black Blood -
As time went on, the merchants of Ziawroya began to start expeditions into the snowy peaks of the mountains to the north, in search of mines and perhaps hidden nations to begin trade with. While they created these colonies to the north, Vaeleon continued to stay insular and began a spiral into isolation as they began to further the bonds that their caste system created. These mining colonies would hit setback after setback, due to the inhospitable environment that they were sent into. Rockslides, starvation, and death of cold weather injuries were all common in each of these colonies. But after thirty years of expeditions, Ziawroya made a breakthrough with a single mining colony which had excavated a cavern that was hidden within one of the highest peaks. What they discovered within would change the world as they knew it. An ancient ruin was found inside the expansive caverns and with it, the discovery of a new resource; Onyx Aliotlite, a black crystal which grew in the cracks of the ruin walls and ceilings.

The crystal was taken to Ziawroya's brightest scholars who found that the resource had properties not found in any other—it could enhance the magic capabilities of those who could manipulate mana and even more, give the capabilities to those that had not a drop of mana in their blood. Taking advantage of this, they began to open a new avenue of trade with the Magocracy of Vaeleon. What soon began to result was an addiction to the crystal, starting small at first but over the span of a year, those who had utilized this crystal and the powder that came from it, found their blood to run ebony. When a common user ran dry, the first symptom was a loss of magic—including previous magi even before the Onyx.

As the resource's rarity increased, eventually the ruins were ran dry, and the only holder of the crystal—Ziawroya, began to grow possessive of its prize. Eventually, the nation went dark.

Onyx War and The Wall -
With there no longer being trade and contact from Ziawroya for months, not even messenger ravens, the nation of Vaeleon marched into their borders. What happened when they reached the first remote village within Ziawroya's lands started a war not on a nation but for humanity itself. A plague had ran through their population which had been deemed Sanguinis Umbra, not only decimating the population but transforming them into mutated monstrosities. The first scouting regiment was mostly wiped out, only a few surviving to tell the tale. As larger armies made their way through, they disrupted the hive and the fighting spilled over the borders and into Vaeleon. Black clouds dotted the sky and eventually blocked the sun, starting an eternal night, allowing these mutants to move freely as they had a fear of light. Torchlight and lamps were often used to keep them away from encampments, towns and cities.

As time went on, a wall was built around the capital city of Vaeleon, deeming it their Bastion. The only beacon of light that was left for what was left of humanity. All surviving humans outside of the wall would be sequestered inside, simultaneously testing them for Sanguinis Umbra to ensure that they were not allowing future mutants inside their safe haven. A war that raged for a long ten years soon became a losing fight for humanity, becoming just a hunt for the creatures that haunted even their dreams. Those who fell to them, soon became them, and anyone who showed signs of sickness were quickly rounded up by the Crimson Eye to be burned in piles en masse. The world stood on the precipice of destruction as an invasion was launched against Bastion by the hive, mutants crawling up the walls and dragging what was left of any guards. They managed to hold for a few hours until the creatures made it inside the city, rampaging anything they saw, shredding those alive without distinction.

The council within Magus Ordinis held an emergency meeting as their city and the last bastion of humanity was under attack. A decision was come to within their spire and citadel at the center of Bastion. As the city was being mercilessly ravaged, the Council of Seven moved to the spire's peak and began work on a ritual that they would give their lives to. A burst of magic radiated throughout the city as a beam of light shot out into the sky, turning the council into crystal statues as their life-force was sapped. Dark clouds parted away from Bastion, causing the sun to burn the mutated on sight, and forcing them to scramble out of the city. With the final act of sacrifice, Bastion became the last safe haven for humanity. The war was ended and they were safe behind their wall, for now.

Vaeleoni Culture and The Caste

Magus Ordinis
The highest caste within Vaeleoni society and what used to be comprised majority by mages, is now simply comprised of scholars. With the Manaburst that happened in the past, magic is no longer manifested, the mana having been ripped out of the population during the ritual in order to preserve humanity. This caste also happens to be comprised of a subrace of humans, called the Hasivani, the only ones that were previously capable of magic in times tribal. They distinguish themselves to this day with runic tattooing which runs on one half of their body, usually from scalp to toe. They strive to keep a balance to society and keep it safe from the Hive beyond the wall, at any cost. The wisest of the caste are usually handpicked by the Council to become one of the Seven's protégé, eventually taking their master's seat on the council.

The Crimson Eye
Those within The Crimson Eye are usually stronger and fitter than the rest of the caste, due to the training they start at such a young age. Raised for combat, enforcement, and inquisition, all they know in life is hardship. One that is different from those of the laborious caste of Proletarians, but still a hardship nonetheless. Those who are weak, usually die during the trials at a young age, but those who are strong make it to adulthood and usually serve their stations. The most illustrious of stations is the Red Guard, those who serve directly under the Council of Seven, and become the Council member's right hand—the most powerful position one could be in, as they are not only their guard, but also at times their advisor on matters of security for the state. Inherently, those in that position become commanders.

The Crimson Eye is also commonly feared due to disappearances amongst the other castes, typically those who speak out against the Council's actions and decisions—which the Council itself sees as the work for the greater good of humanity.

The lowest caste and what makes the majority of the population. Proletarians are usually laborers and poorer men and women. They are a working class and tend to do a profession that has been in their family for generations. For example, if their father was a smith, they too will be a smith. They can only marry to another smith-bearing family. The caste is held to the whims and decisions of the Council of Seven within the Magus Ordinis, The Crimson Eye being their enforcers. Those within the Proletarians that are dissentful usually disappear during the night, not even a whisper being spoken of it due to the common occurrence and fear of being next.

Phoenix Order

Founded during the Onyx War and the last stand for humanity, the Phoenix Order took to the walls to defend Bastion from the oncoming horde of mutated creatures. Made up of the various castes, all working together under a common goal, they made a stand. Those that hailed from the Magus Ordinis lit the blades of their brothers afire and began the long battle against darkness. Due to their sacrifices made to be the Aegis for their people, they are forever remembered and revered as an organization. To this day they still exist, however in much smaller numbers. They alone have the power to save others from the Crimson Eye and their inquisitive sentences. They hold a writ to take anyone from their caste and make them a Phoenix. But because of this, there are also dark rumours around the Order and their methods, questioning whether or not they are really better than the darkness that used to snatch people during the night.

The Order is made up of two distinct sections within itself. First of these sections is the Aegis, those who stand atop the wall and keep their eternal watch. They live on the edge, between the unending night and the unending day. Fight on the wall, sleep on the wall, defend the wall. That's all they know. All members of the Order join the Aegis first, barely surviving the training regiment for the Order—one that is more rigorous than that of The Crimson Eye. Those who pass the trials, earn their shield and take place on the wall which wraps around the coastal city, staring out into the darkness and keeping a vigil with some think useless.

Next is the Rangers of the Order, easily identifiable by their dark cloaks. They are the elite select few of the Order, taken from the Aegis and subject to trials that are unknown to the rest, most dying quite early on. But those who survive are changed forever and join the ranges beyond the wall. For that is their place in life, to live in the eternal darkness on long scouting missions in which less return from every time. The older Rangers are distinguishable from the rest, their skin paled and eyes clouded, seeming to be uncomfortable with the light just as the mutants they fight and hunt. The sole mission of the Rangers is to find a way to restore the world to it's previous state. To forever destroy the darkness which taints the Continent.

Quick Info

So, this RP is set 25 years after the Onyx War, and your characters hail from various castes. Whether they are younger or older, they now found themselves in the Phoenix Order. How they joined the Order is of no import to them, either crime or bad luck, you're now a Phoenix. A brother amongst arms. After a few weeks of the trials to become an Aegis, a letter is left to your character within the barracks. They were chosen to become a Ranger, without having finished their Aegis training. A great endeavor draws near.

Note: You don't have to use the character sheet given, it's just to give a rough idea!

Last but not least, it's still not too late to apply! I got one to two more slots left. Also, if you already have an approved character, please put in in the character tab.
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@Altered Tundra
I like, I can see some conflict that can arise from this character amongst the current group—also someone Jak may get along with.


I'll also start working on an intro post tonight and such to start off the IC. Also going to open up an OOC with some extra details and such on the world to help y'all get a better grip. Lastly but not least, when the OOC is open, just move your character sheets there for reference. Oh and if y'all want I can throw together a CS of the character that I'll be GMing from. Other than that, excitement awaits.

Note: There is still time to get a character sheet in for those that are interested. I can handle maybe one or two more people.
Realistic life for a casteless and it isn't a pretty one. Nice.

That's a good read and I'm glad you took the bit of my input!

Both of you get an Approved.

Also note to others cause I think I might've missed the detail in some of the sheets and it's not TOO big of a detail but still an important one. There's no night or day within Bastion. The city is cloaked in eternal day to help keep the mutants out. Outside of the wall is eternal night. Otherwise, y'all are all good.
@Song Book

Also, thank you very much about the dividers! I admit, I found someone else using them and basically went "yoink".
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