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11 days ago
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. The female nurse is going to stick a big meter up my .... I'm a straight man by the way. 😫 Can someone else take my place? Please
14 days ago
Where are we really? Are we in a room in a very complex simulation we mistaken as reality? Or are we just being tested by God because he wants to make a point good and horrible it doesn't matter
20 days ago
Anyone up for a Ouran Host Club rp? This time maids are the host club. Visit the rp by finding it on my rp posts
1 mo ago
Do anyone actually make good rps now days? Message me, maybe a Sword Art Online series rp
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1 mo ago
A rainbow directly over my house, many days after I forged a covenant with God.


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Aaron looked away. "The wipe tears away is God's job the almighty ones. My job as mate is to stand by you persevere. I will not be your patty shoulder to cry on. I will pat your head tell you to get stronger start over. Down here the strength is what matters.", Aaron said.
Aaron sigh. "As someone from heaven, I must say your personality must change behaving like that. You will not zap my joy away. My duty isn't supppose to entertain you. Given enough reason, I can convince heaven to revoke your wish your contract. Unless you want her to take what's yours eventually maybe.", Aaron said.
Aaron blink. Darkness? Dawn is human she 100% seen darkness by now. Aaron smile. "Well, whatever I wish you luck, miss Valentine.", Aaron said.

Aaron heard Anna. "I think you are mistaken this Dawn girl. If my memories are right she is using the all-mighty one's behavior in heaven. She keeps on thinking about the all-mighty one in her heart, her beauty will not fade nor her fame, or the obsession over her. Truly this girl is surely an ace of cards. I saw her mother on the divine records. Dawn's mother is 60 years old but mommy look 22 years old in all feminine glory. If the daughter continues to follow in mommy's footsteps she will stay as a giant in wonders over creation. With behavior like your's Anna, your looks and gig will fade eons before hers literally. ", Aaron said.

Aaron heard the television. "This Dawn Orchestra, it sounds like she is using angelic words of the heavens. There is hypnotism somewhat, superstar, rig reality in her favor, as she speaks her voice is supernatural Anna. Maybe you could learn from her shadow her. Words plus behavior like that nonstop that Dawn will never end.", Aaron said.

Dawn Orchestra, smile. "I have, haters, frowning faces, that dare say my time will end being famous plus the obsession over me. I tell them, "Having a smiley face, best of self always, always positive, my gig will never end. I have been a superstar since five years old, my fame plus admirers are in overdrive nonstopping, I am stronger than ever. Almost two decades later this girl is going strong better than ever. See world, make yourself the best mentally your world never stops. More importantly, everyone, it is you I care about the most. Aww hugs.", Dawn cheered.

The song Naturally by Selena Gomez starts playing.

Aaron look confuse. "Honey remember! You made your wish yesterday. I will be your future husband live happily ever after. Anything that separates us the divine fate will stop it. I am yours remember.", Aaron said.

Dawn Orchestra, she appears before the town on a stage surrounded by her vast audience outside. "Good morning Japan. I missed you all. My next modeling debut is on Girl World Magazine. Also, I have my commercials on every television channel across Japan. This world is a beautiful place plus seeing your smiles every day sends giggles up my spine." Dawn cheered. The audience cheer. "I love you Dawn, I have all your songs plus what every. Marry me.", Massive amounts of dudes and some ladies said. "Aww shucks everyone I love you too. One more thing everyone! Thank you allots for having me as number one as best, model, best ballet dancer, best singer, for nine months straight once again across all Japan and America. A lot of love!", Dawn said. The audience cheer. Many girls frown. Millions of dudes plus thousands of women spend their money on Dawn by a massive amount in the billions of dollars every month instead of on other ladies. They always be giving Dawn their time, attention, affection, resources over to Dawn the most over other ladies.

Aaron awoke. "Good morning darling. I receive an allowance from the all-mighty one since I will rather be a stay at home man.", Aaron said. "You look nervous. What is wrong baby?", Aaron ask.

The next day Aaron laid sleeping on Anna's bed hugging her waist very close to her panties.
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