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Current Batman: Your biggest mistake you gave up. If you would of hung longer I would of saved you.
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Batman who laughs: do you know how evil is truly born Bat's. It always start with revenge then it's a down hill spiral into the black that has no bottom bellow. The best thing I ever did was jump.


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Zion Vi Celestial

In the desert area of planet magix a giant demon lizard monster busted out the ground took a golden knight into it's mouth swallowed him. "Cage!" Zion, yelled. Suddenly a flying tank came forward. "What now?" The computer in the tank said. "Going after Cage, don't kill it."Zion, said. Zion ran towards the monster then dived head first into the mouth with his red plasma sword. Very soon the monster started screaming in pain. A hole opened on the monster then soon enough Zion came out pulling Cage the golden knight out. "Shoot the monster!" Zion, shouted. The tank shot the monster down dead. The golden night looked up. "Thank man." Cage, said. Suddenly more giant monster appeared out the ground. Cage and Zion stood up plasma swords turned on. Cage, sighed. "One of these things have Ms.Griselda, in it's belly." Cage replied. Zion, frowned. "Pick a monster and start killing" Zion, replied. Both knights and the tank started to attack

Where: In the desert on planet Magix with giant monsters, trying to rescue Ms. Griselda.
With: Cage and the military tank
Next Day: Thursday
Weather: Windy cloudy
<Snipped quote by Elite Gamer>

Hmm...Musa Bi? Never really been touched upon in my experiences. But it is something I can go along and try.

I'm having writters block I might stay away for two days.

Ia she remember Musa, looking like a dyke in that Winx Club show season 1 for to long. Ia will remember that get Musa's, bisexual gay girl on. Coming from beyond the forth wall IA, she have some advantages making changes to this reality, fuck certain free will depend on what your doing. In that strange portal IA, she already over ride Musa's free will changed her sexuality other stuff. Over at Alfea outside, the Winx girls saw Ia come. Seeing Ia, Musa came over. "Hi honey welcome back." Musa said, giving IA a big romantic smooch. Ia, smiled after smooching back. "Thanks honey bun I missed you to Musa." Ia said. Suddenly Tecna, Layla, Bloom, they got between Musa glaring at Ia. "You know what Zion, what ever you did to Musa undo it now." Bloom, demanded. Ia frowned. "Are you freaking kidding me? Most of last year she been running around looking like a dyke. Be glad I made her bisexual instead of lesbian. If you other girl's start looking like a dyke long enough the rest of you will join her." Ia, responded. Suddenly Layla, frowned. "Are you a villain?!" Layla asked. Ia started chuckling. "Me a villain? Yeah right um no. I been exposed to, purity, pure good, positive over whelming emotions that you can feel only in the third heaven somehow still alive down here, pure good holiness feelings. Why would I betray all that for something lesser in ways?" Ia, responded. Suddenly Tecna, looked spooked. "How could you notice Musa, looking like a dyke last year? You wasn't here last year there is no possible explanation your brain would know that. What are you who are you? How?" Tecna, asked. Ia, backed up. "Like I told Ms. Faragonda, it's a far fetch tell for your physical laws of science. Only a certain group of people would believe. You will believe this! It's very possible other physical laws of science can exist else where out there in the cosmos beyond yours. I honestly am not from your literal universe your reality, somehow I left my side came here. Also I seriously think you girls should accept me considering my ability to change people's reality's good enough nearly do the impossible" Ia, said. Bloom, blinked. "What do you think Musa?" Bloom, said. Musa smiled to accepting. "I don't mind I want my darling Ia Zion." Musa, replied. Layla glared. "You did something to Musa's mind Zion, she to accepting of you." Layla, replied. Ia, blinked. "All I did was cut out unnecessary drama from Musa, I plan to be great to her have her love even more."Ia said.

With: The Winx girls.
Where: Outside Alfea
<Snipped quote by Elite Gamer>

I can but sometimes I'll be busy. Had a bit of a health scare as of recent along with family emergency so I was away with that but I'll do more than once a day.

I'm thinking about making Musa somewhat bisexual, only for Zion/ IA. Cool with it?
I see that your Star Wars rp is coming along nicely. I'm very jealous.

Ia, she blinked."I should leave, unfortunately this girl form is allot more powerful as a fairy. I will be spending allot more time at Alfea as this Ia girl." Ia, she replied. Riven chuckled. " I take it that girl form made your junk in the crotch area disappear. How does it feel wearing a vagina and her breasts." Riven, said. Ia, she pulled her bangs from over her eyes. "A few times at first it's weird but after a while I got use to it. The skirts, her underwear, other stuff is like normal to this Ia girl, mainly because I feel completely cut off from all masculine pride as her, replaced by feminine pride. As long as I'm not stuck as her I have no problem transforming into her again." Ia, responded. "What about sexuality." Riven, responded. Ia, she frowned at Riven. "Ia is a lesbian and Zion is a straight man." Ia, responded seriously. Ia turned around walked towards Alfea. Suddenly Ia, had an idea. Came from beyond the fourth wall Zion IA were, should be able to create the ideal girlfriend through creationism, manipulate this reality somehow despite not having complete power to alter reality. Still within the Specialist eyesight Ia, she pointed her palm in the air as if touching something invisible. Suddenly the air made ripple effects like how a rock enter the water as small waves rush through water. Ia, looked surprised it actually worked. Ia, made another ripple effect then placed her torso upwards into the ripple before she vanished completely inside it. The Specialist would attempt to cause the exact ripple IA performed, unable. Momments later the ripple in the air appeared again then Ia stepped out glowing radiant white all around her while smiling. Looking curious Sky, he came over. "What happened? You stepped through what ever that is then seconds later you came back smiling glowing to." Sky, asked. Ia, blinked. " I been around holiness for seven years in there, I laid eyes on beauty purification, it was like gazing at enlightenment times infinity over and over again a conversion up in there for starters." Ia, responed.

Where: Red Fountain outside.
With: The specialist and Cinder

OCC: Sorry for the short story. Can't rush imagination
" I doubt the reality I originally came from would believe their being monitored by the third heaven unless your of faith. I can't blame you for not believing since every where is very realistic. The bottom line this Menace guy he sounds like no joke. As for the Winx I better join them, she been keeping up with them." Zion said. Suddenly Zion, he transformed into that IA girl, white very long air, pink skirt, blouse, pink boots, 5.3 feet tall very short now looking up at everyone. IA, she sighed. " I don't behave as you guys while I'm wearing this female form, it's so to avoid identify crisis. Train your skills plus I'm sure the man in the white hat murdered folks before he call, the killing joke." IA, said.
Zion, he looked outside the secret library at Alfea viewing the letter Menace made. Does this fool consider himself Joker or the Batman who laughs? Zion, he stood up leaving the library. Reality on his earth was really fucked up, but now that the magical dimension is Zion's new reality, the biggest creeps in fiction is now real. Shit. At this rate turning into that female fairy might come allot sooner. Zion, he left Alfea then returned to Red Fountain outside. " We need to prepare for battle I saw that freak show in the white hat. We must defend your our parallel universe from that psychopath. " He told Cinder and the Specialist. " Strange, Sky, Brandon, Timmy, Riven, don't have their elemental weapons of super powers yet. I must break character. I am from outside the magical dimension. I come from a reality where you all where just fictional characters on a television somewhere. I know about your sexuality, your family, your ways, your secrets, Brandon is actually Sky the blond one, the brown haired one is actually Brandon. Also Diasbro something is a bitch." Zion, said.

Menace, he appeared standing in the sky with his white tuxedo and cane sword looking at, Red Fountain, Cloud Tower, Alfea. A freakish smile appeared on his face. Suddenly three pink letters appeared writing everything Menace said. "What is fun what is deadly? Nothing like the killing joke to begin your misery the seeds of undoing reaped against you.Riddle me this! What is physical and it hurts with your name on it? No clue? Oh how boring you are such a party popper. It's the bullet that counts. Truly seeing me in regards is a hater him herself. I look forward to causing the three schools great hell this year. As for dark magic I will let you know ahead of time, I am very hellish to deal with. Sincerely, the man in the white hat". Menace said. The three letters flew to the three schools outside, then stood in mid air as the letters grew about 40 feet tall so everyone can read it.

In the air Menaced smiled a huge insane freakish smirk. "Attention planet magix. I shall make my grand evil debut after the schools welcome ceremony party! Until then I bid you uh-do." Menace, smirked then vanished in thin air.

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