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Current People a headache. I'm a christian so I will start over. Is anyone seeking to rp? I looked at something apparently role playing is much different than solo.
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Just remember I love you all
let me alone! I told you! we are done! i'm reporting you!

Learn to stop running from the past you don't like. Do the birds look back when flying? No . So why should you recall past that no longer exists? You feud over nothing that no longer exist.
Then apply that to yourself. Your approach is not working.

It's for everyone. The same reason why society isnt a Utopian paradise by now is that they don't practice what I just talked.

Grow my students grow.
@Elite Gamer Can you please LEAVE ME ALONE!

All I want is to start over. Ask you something.

1. When a network is not working you start over problem solved
2. A human should be same.
let me alone! I told you! we are done! i'm reporting you!

Okay um bye. I just wanted us to start over. After all this time I still had hope for you and others.
Religion demanded? That's the best excuse you could come up with?

You do realize religion is also the foundation of making superior better-minded people right. Good and bad can spawn from religions.

Vampora, let go of your problem with me. I thought i was doing everything right. Let go of the past don't remember anything. The only reason I bother with people is that religion demand I so. I am not a diplomat.
By shutting up with the 'Repent of your ways' crap for one.

Why are you bring faith here? You and others should look inward to. Enough. I missed my role-playing buddy.

What preachings. Are you okay? An adult said START OVER.

So im starting over. How can I assist you and others.
Says the man who just accused me of not having a soul.

Your being un-reasonable seeing evil or some crap. How can I not.
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