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Current Batman: Your biggest mistake you gave up. If you would of hung longer I would of saved you.
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Batman who laughs: do you know how evil is truly born Bat's. It always start with revenge then it's a down hill spiral into the black that has no bottom bellow. The best thing I ever did was jump.


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Hm a bit in terms of what to do with them...Plus taking in consideration of what you suggested on how this goes.

I desire to show you my gaiaonline rp I will probably be soloing since people are boring on gaiaonline for the last eight years.
Aaron DC Multiverse
Hm I'll try to control those evil Cinders but this thing with Musa would provide interesting in this right now.

How about you try making a female character that have a mindless minion a mindless servent boy dude as hers, she brought her mindless servent boy through connections. I need to make a male character anyway as my main, since Zion is gone.
Goku and Vegeta stopped fighting after they spotted Cinder, Goku flew over. " Hey buddy I hope, or if not beware, I'm Goku and this Vegeta. Wait a second I seen your bodily anatomy before, you are from that Lolirock multiverse or that Winx Club side, either way your special." Goku said. Vegeta flew over. " Kakarot, he probably need help like how future Trunks did against Zamasu. What do you want boy! Make it quick, this blasted food I ate slowed me down." Vegeta demanded.
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That sounds VERY VERY OP. Like Rusalka said, you may as well say you're the ANTI-THANOS or whatever! You sound way too overpowered and it just sounds so, so cliche. I.. appreciate... your effort, but just no. No. I'm SORRY, but I can choose who I feel like fits. And, one question. WHAT THE HECK DOES STORIES HAVE TO DO WITH ROLEPLAYING?! I understand that yeah, okay, it includes literature, but they're way different! Trust me. Oh, and also? You swear in every like, 3rd sentence. I don't like that really.
Overall, you're just really OP and you're ultimately the anti-thanos. You can't save the world like that.

I don't really get why I curse but I am that person who like over powered objects and I think it shouldn't be ignored. As for mind control on the villians,if those punks don't like acting right than somebody else in fiction have no problem thinking for them using their bodies, rather than bring justice by having them rot away in prison going no where.
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Hm a bit in terms of what to do with them...Plus taking in consideration of what you suggested on how this goes.

Sorry bud about last OCC post, folks can get well.... 😬💩👻☠💀. My bad
To: Cinder.
From: Kiri.

Messed: Okay then. How about after school tomorrow we make accounts for that virtual reality mmo video game Battle World Online? It's a distant future video game with plasma swords, guns, super powered weapons, outer space battles, giant robots, traveling to planet's, killer monsters, player teams vs player team death matches, the nine yard. Dating old school style is so boring. Who need real world dating while you got virtual reality?
Professor Shon, smiled at Cinder. " Read your facial expressions sunny boy, you got a point well done. Ahem class! I am a fame seeking glory hound and showing off is always my thing, I'm the most happiest when I do. I actually spend loads of money so I can be cocky a show off. At least Stella agree. I'm also top jock of the teachers and adult body, thank you very much. If you act right I will be buying my students sports cars latest models, straight off the show room floor for your birthday. Back to class everyone! Professor Shon loging out". Back in reality shortly after Cinder removed his headset, a portal opened up under Cinder and he fell through.

Before long Cinder stood on a hologram pad in the air watching Goku from Dragon Ball Super, training with Vegeta on a grassy field as super Saiyan god blue. Suddenly Cinder's phone beeped then a hologram of professor Shon showed up. " It appear you surfaced in the Dragon Ball Super universe 7 multiverse. Well young lad get down there and figure something out before class is over get warped back. Professor Shon loging out." Shon said then was gone.

OCC: I work only 3 days a week plus I enjoy being a hermit. Don't think I'm watching the blogs like a hawk because I'm not, I'm usually here because I usually have a grand imagination coming up, that is why I'm always here.
<Snipped quote by Elite Gamer>

So what you're saying is in order for your character to create this utopian world, you would sacrifice everyone's free will and state of mind? Yeah...that's not totalitarian at all. I can see your point, but in retrospect, this is about comic books brah. There's no need to be dragging religious dogma into the fray. Secondly, this just sounds like the most OP and dare I say far-fetched idea for a character ever. You might as well say you're the Anti-Thanos or something, since you're planning on using the Infinity Gauntlet for more chaotic/good purposes than say lawful/evil. The Avengers aren't out to create a utopia or to turn everyone into mindless slaves in some happy community. They are the protectors of the Earth and her people, fighting threats from terrorist organizations to hostile aliens to otherworldly beings. Third, depending on the canon, the true Infinity Gauntlet was destroyed when...

There's no way the Avengers would have it in their possession, nor a copy of it. So in retrospect, though I commend your effort to create a character, the GM is just not into your idea.

Your half wrong and half right. Humanity will always want more time to improve but never will reach it on free will enough of a percent. Some civilizations free will of the delinquency to worst offenders must be stripped, while others remain un-touched. The one thing life taught me, humanity must have free will while the vile and corrupt must lose control of their minds and their free will, failure to comply with this wisdom your civilizations will never truly get better despite your pointless hope for the future. Search your heart you know I'm right, now give into that feeling for control to save humanity from maybe a grim fate should hell fire truly be real. I had a dream of God and if that was really Good the criminals eternal souls are fucked.

I want your characters to deal with mine, my character is allot worthy of the infinity gauntlet than fucking Thanos. You should know very well when power is lost there is always a way to undo it, or something extra no one knew about back then. Ask you something. Do you actually believe the infinity stones were the only power instruments of that magnitude out there some where?
That reminds me about mind control brainwashing items I made in fiction, go to my page, click on my Winx Club Rp, on pg 1 look for " woman's conversion lipstick and the man's conversion glove",read the whole details, those two items is the best revenge the heroes can use to channel their hate on the villians better than death , than can perfectly explain why heroes don't kill.
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...I don't do that kind of stuff. Look, I'm looking for specific people.

What you looking for? I can write stories okay. The character I have in mind, is a type if there is a way to change reality for the better by force than waiting on that invisible slow ass God to come down and fix everything, my character will surely plot to do God's job instead, by being the better rational half. For God really isn't rational his setup for the fucked up reality everyone was forced to live. Picture this the infinity gauntlet exists! Why in the world would you desire to live in a shitty half-ass fucked up world while you have plans for a superior beautiful future for everyone instead? If anything the Avengers are the villains keeping the gauntlet from a character like mine. My character at this point he overcame the world, now he plot to plunge all of reality and minds into a utopian paradise world, as rational he can make it or whatever.
<Snipped quote by Elite Gamer>

Hey, uh so I was just thinking of doing a 1x1 with Rusalka. Is that okay? I don't really like your story thing, no offence, but please go find something else.

Rude much, I can draw your characters for a price maybe
Superior Shon

In virtual reality inside a classroom inside a computer in a fake reality, Cinder, the Winx girls, Ia, Kiri, the Specialist, was seated in a high-tech room over the clouds. A man in a flying robotic suit flew down on jet boots smiling at everyone. "Welcome everyone to paralel universe multiverse class." The man said. Suddenly the girls started cheering. "That's Shon Future of Future Enterprise, the entire magical dimension is obsessed with him. Everything popular nowadays with technology plus normal inventions, mostly Future Enterprise invented it." , one girl said. "Now now ladies you have enough time to fame time over me later, I will even sign autographs as usual on the red carpet." professor Shon said then his teeth sparkled. Riven in the back snarled, "Show off, calling himself Superior Shon." Professor Shon looked around. "Does anyone know about the fictional myth called the multiverse or parallel universes? Of course, Cinder does, he was attacked by four evil universes of himself just yesterday going after him. No time to explain everyone you learn most superior on the field. No annoying boring textbooks I never studied never will, you get no homework, all you need is gaining experience and a quiz every week. As for studying in class? Forget that too, take out cell phones, videogames, popcorn and watch a movie when back here. One more thing, up in here in virtual reality all the food tastes real. Who made this virtual reality full dive technology? Me of course. Now please remove your glasses in the real world, then a portal to multiple parallel universes will open up under your feet without warning taking you there."Professor Shon said while posing for the cameras. "One more thing students, I got my own personal theme song.", Professor Shon said. Suddenly some music came on as Shon posed heroicly for the cameras "One more thing class, I'm a trillionaire yes, the president and CEO of Future Enterprise himself thank you very much, my company gadgets vastly build your worlds as well, plus I am a superhero saved the magical dimension dozens of times too for truth and justice."

Suddenly a hologram appeared before Cinder, showing professor Shon in comic book form about himself speaking words on the page.

Villian: Stop telling me what to do, you stupid so-called hero, you are not my parents.

Superior Shon: "I fell to understand you, evildoers. Why be a crook being the scorn of the earth with the gnashing of teeth as everybody else always frowning glaring you down? While you can be a hero a champion being praised, thrown money at, kick ass while looking good too, and above all fame time plus the spotlight with the cameras rolling everything. Plus the heroics is ultra addicting the biggest fix of it all, the best addiction ever. I don't know about you but every time I sleep, I feel like I went to sleep in the third heaven where the holy angels reside, then woke up back here in creation feeling like infinity bucks. Oh man, talk about enlightenment.

Villian: Shut up you the stupid hero!

Superior Shon: And they call me insane.

Where: Virtual reality professor Shon's class.
With: Ia, Winx Girls, Specialist, Alfea girls, Red Fountain boys, Cinder, Kiri.
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