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Current Batman: Your biggest mistake you gave up. If you would of hung longer I would of saved you.
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Batman who laughs: do you know how evil is truly born Bat's. It always start with revenge then it's a down hill spiral into the black that has no bottom bellow. The best thing I ever did was jump.


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Kiri Falls

Kiri sighed. " Can you change them? No! Can you edit them outside that conversion lipstick and glove? No! Got a problem we all do. We are supposed to be aristocratic upper class mannerisms, you need to forget your real self outside the house. If the adults see you acting up it's three weeks of detention of aristocratic upper class mannerisms. I your girlfriend been using my lady persona so much for so long I can't even remember my original self anymore." Kiri hugs Cinder. " Bye honey. Also Cinder, if you missed Zion, try having Musa turn IA back into Zion. Zion is going to be pissed once he's free from Musa." Kiri said

Kiri Falls

Kiri sighed kind of embarrassed at Cinder. Sure Shon is indeed a glory hound but talking back to the teacher is bad despite exciting. Kiri sweated, at any second Cinder having detention is high. Kiri joined Cinder in the hallway. " I have access to Zion's memories about writing other personalities, let's just say all individuals find their personalities amusing to themselves. You need to stop acting up, I dislike people acting up like you showed back there. Like Shon said you could of died back there, plus I wasn't sure how powerful Goku and Vegeta was back there, I think that Vegeta and Goku went way beyond ultra instincts before we arrived. " Kiri said
Goku frowned at Cinder. " Gash man chill off dude, not our fault the younger generation hate getting stronger.", Goku said. Kiri frowned at Cinder, try to improve Cinder Kiri will try later. All four caught evil fake Vegito and Gogeta until the fakes vanished. Goku smiled. " Nice form Cinder and Kiri, maybe someday I will come visit Red Fountain and Alfea and say hi. Cinder, your sword form needs work allot plus your aim suck at hitting fast moving objects." Goku said. Vegeta smiled. " For some humans you youngsters fight sufficient enough. Huh, well I guess your going home now." Vegita pointed to Cinder and Kiri. Kiri looked at her palms, she was glowing. " Good Vegeta and Goku, nice meeting you." Kiri bowed like a lady in a dress. Suddenly Kiri vanished.

Back in professor Shon"s virtual reality class room, Shon stood smiling. "Well done Kiri I'm impressed, you passed the test getting along with others you dislike. A+." Shon said. Shon glared at Cinder. " Young man your in trouble F-, if that was lord Beerus he would definitely report your ass for misconduct or just kill you. Goku and Vegeta have power levels that make nukes look like a circus comedy to them. If Vegeta wanted you would be dead by now Cinder!" Shon shouted. Shon dialed something on a virtual key board. " I am a drama king Cinder, I love the spot light all eyes on me. Back to topic. You are going back in Cinder, the bright multiverse the complete opposite of the dark multiverse where those evil Cinders came from. The universe you are going to is a almost perfect universe 99% holiness out off 100% pure good harmony clean universe. If you fell again I will personally make you my sidekick doing super hero work partners in crime the Batman and Robin story just you and I, together forever." Shon said.
Menace on the wall looked into a portal seeing Vegeta, Goku, Cinder, Kiri, Menace smirked. " I detect another conflict. I shall now create a fake evil Vegito, a fake evil Gogeta". Menace. Suddenly in the sky darkness came then evil Vegito and Gogeta appeared in the sky frowning. Kiri looked up not pleased at all. " You telling me Menace's reach for malace can extend way out here! Of course. I'm starting to think I should get lord Beerus to kill him." Kiri said. The fakes flew down. Goku frowned. " Menace, one of the most dangerous threats in the multiverses. Look Cinder,cut your problems lose and help Kiri beat Gogeta. Vegeta and I will handle Vegito." Goku said. The fakes readied to fight. Kiri sighed. " What else Menace can do is scary." Kiri drew her weapon.
walking through the dark and rainey city streets, you pass by an ally way where you hear soft whimpers and a pool of glistening crimson on the ground accompanied with a grown man ... Dead

i will be using my character Lacy, i would prefer 2 lines to a paragraph long, 1x1 but can have multiple partners

!feel free to pm me!

I can rp but a paragraph or two don't get pushy. I kind of want my own Thanos infinity gauntlet to

Did you quit or something bro?
Vegeta heard Cinder. " Well Kakarot, your weak sons should had been super Saiyan god blue by the start of Zeno's tournament of power. Gohan should had leveled at least two universes by himself, because of you Kakarot Gohan is an embarrassment to the Saiyan breed. As for Trunk's, his childhood form will always weaken him compared to Future Trunks"., Vegeta said. Goku sweated. " Oy Vegeta calm down. I knew I should of put Chi Chi in her place raising Gohan. Gohan is a super-powered waring body but acting like a full blood normal man in a career field. Oy, that boy should seriously get provoked not dying like Future Gohan, being weak." , Goku said. Vegeta frowned. " Evil people. I was evil because I swore no one would cross the Great Vegeta ever again. For though most villains usually share, the shit folks do then ignoring it, will only rage you even more next time until you kill. As Zeno and Lord Beerus, change is coming eventually once those Zeno's are weaker than us." Vegeta said.

Kiri Falls

Suddenly Kiri appeared in a beam of light then she came out. "Professor Shon oh swear, that guy doe better on tv not in class.", Kiri said. Kiri saw Cinder then came over to wrap her arms around his neck then she gave Cinder a big kiss. After Cinder was done Kiri let go. "I am Kiri Falls Goku and Vegeta, in my universe we know everything that's been happening over here.", Kiri said."Hi Kiri, okay then.", Goku said. Kiri bowed liked a lady. Suddenly Vegeta looked at Kiri in curiosity. "That Kiri girl is abnormal kakarot, she's held together by energy and fake matter, she's isn't real matter like us. Her biggest weakness is anything that can disrupt the energy current holding her together, a particular energy emp wave can make her malfunction." Vegeta said. Kiri backed up afraid."Created by energy magic not normal magic, darn. I will behave I promise. I don't want to get dismantled undergo new maintenance." Kiri said.
<Snipped quote by Elite Gamer>

Hm a bit in terms of what to do with them...Plus taking in consideration of what you suggested on how this goes.

New topic. Perfect time Cinder could deal with the evil Cinders again, maybe Cinder-ela
<Snipped quote by Elite Gamer>

Hm a bit in terms of what to do with them...Plus taking in consideration of what you suggested on how this goes.

I desire to show you my gaiaonline rp I will probably be soloing since people are boring on gaiaonline for the last eight years.
Aaron DC Multiverse
Hm I'll try to control those evil Cinders but this thing with Musa would provide interesting in this right now.

How about you try making a female character that have a mindless minion a mindless servent boy dude as hers, she brought her mindless servent boy through connections. I need to make a male character anyway as my main, since Zion is gone.
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