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We are the porg, our existence is futile.
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R.I.P Stefán Karl Stefánsson, A.K.A. Robbie Rotten. You were an icon.
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I used to write well, then I took an arrow to the knee
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You know your summer will be great when you're watching Troom Troom makeup hacks, but you're a 25 year old male who doesn't know what pigment is. #thuglife


My name's Erklings25, but you can call me Erk, or Richie. I've been RPing since I was 9 and I'm still not any good at it. You saw nothing. I'm a massive film/literature/theatre buff, so feel free to drop me a PM if you want to chat about that kind of stuff. Because I have nothing interesting to say, here's a quote I'll leave you with that always inspires me:


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Hey there, folks! I was a thing a while back, but I stopped using this site like a year ago (I can't even remember why). But I'm back now, because lockdown is killing me, and I'm very happy to be here again!
Dating robots would be a new experience for me. Willing to try it out?
@Altered Tundra That is actually really sweet. Thanks. I'ok try my best not to drop off the map, but I've got a very busy year ahead.
@Altered Tundra Yeah, I kept procrastinating. I really suck at long-term RP commitment. I am incredibly sorry for ghosting, but after a while I felt so bad I just had to write something.
Johnny Baxter

The universe did not seem to get the memo about Johnny not going to parties. A while ago he was confident that he wouldn't be going to any kind of social gathering, especially homecoming and prom, for the rest of his natural life. But now that seemed like a distant memory. Being forced to go was bad enough, having your date chosen for you was worse, (maybe there was someone else that he was going to ask!), but having that date be Xixi Garcia was the icing on the cake. It was almost as if some malevolent diety had planned it, knowing how much he hated her.

His parents fussed over him to no end: he was going out with a real celebrity, he needed to look handsome. With the help of their friends in Harris, they managed to get a nice suit together: a teal tweed suit and waistcoat, a white shirt, and a brown and green paisley bow tie. A ridiculously expensive corsage was organised for his jacket, as well as a bouquet of flowers. His parents wanted to make sure that he made a good impression after what was dubbed as 'The New Girl Incident' at the start of the year.

As he came downstairs in his suit, his father immediately started taking pictures. Johnny smiled a little, striking an over the top pose on the stairs. As soon as sufficient pictures were taken, it was time for his mother's pep-talk: "Johnny, your dad and I known how much you hate going out to parties. But for one night, try not to be a drag and enjoy yourself. It's only one night, you'll never have to do it again. And for the love of God, don't humiliate yourself. Not again."

Johnny smiled wryly. "I love you too, mum." His mother smiled, seemingly well aware that something terrible would happen tonight. Johnny had plans: pick up the girl, try and be civil, witch her as soon as he arrives, and let her harass whichever poor soul she wants to hang tonight. He father put a hand on his shoulder, muttering some pointless phrase like 'make me proud'.

Johnny left the house, and hopped into his mustang, his parents yelling words of encouragement from the front door. He briefly checked over his appearance in his rear view mirror, before setting off, gritting his teeth in determination. He had to make it through the night. The only thing to get him through the drive was his motivational music, which, truth be told, wasn't that motivational.

He pulled up outside his date-from-hell's house, a bouquet of flowers his parents made him bring in hand. He muttered a small bit of encouragement to himself, before knocking on her front door. He was not surprised when he was met by a butler. Johnny smiled stiffly. "Hello. I'm here for Miss Garcia. I'm her unsuspecting date, maybe you've heard her complain about me." The joke was not met with a chuckle, as he expected, but a cold silence. Johnny stiffened, awkwardly clearing his throat. He followed the man into some kind of livong room, told to wait there. He sat down, waiting for his 'date'. Or worse, her parents.
@Byrd Man I was thinking maybe a hit man whose been on the police's radar for a while, after being a suspect in the Tupac Shakur case. With all the new killings, he's once again on police radar. So he has to still make a living in the criminal underworld, but if he starts to become too flashy there'll probably be consequences. That's just one idea, anyway.
I'm here.
Is it thanksgiving? Happy thanksgiving, American people!
@Dirty Pretty Lies We will never speak of that typo again. Always be aware of auto-correct.

Not really making the moves so much as 'trying-to-string-a-sentance-together-that-becomes-flirting-maybe-on-purpose.' Duh!

Johnny Baxter

Parties. Never again would Johnny attend a party, or talk to anyone who has been to a party within the last 48 hours. Sure, he hadn't screwed up his social life, but pretty much everyone around him had. It was Bea's big damn miss that really stressed him out. He talked to her a little, but didn't feel the need to bring it up. But honestly, he was mostly worried about what this meant for the rest of the year. After all, it was garbage like this that split apart friends. On the upside, it was garbage like this that sparked good ideas.

Johnny had spent the rest of the weekend at his laptop, typing until 4:00 A.M., Monday morning. His eyes went red and his finger looked bruised, but his face bore the kind of satisfied smile that only a writer has, knowing that their writing their Magnum Opus. This certainly was a magnum opus: a screenplay, feature-length, about a party. No frills, just a party. He liked that, a long movie with a small scope. It would probably have minimal dialogue, maybe Enter the Void style visuals. The very thought of it made him giddy with excitement.

Class was nary but a swirl of ideas. He tried to concentrate, but it was fun to watch the electric tension in the room. From what he gathered, everyone had kissed everyone, blows were traded, and he watched his classmates glare at each other with pleasure. He didn't judge them- well, he did, but didn't think of it as such. It was just helpful critique, that's all.

It was at lunch that he decided he'd had enough. He was sat on the hood of his car, tearing into a packet of crisps when it happened. Marisol Castillo walked across the car park with a baseball bat. Oh, damn. He sat up a little, anticipation swirling inside him. When she raised her baseball bag at Victoire Bailey's car, however, he began to feel the anticipation turn to dread. He quickly pulled out his camera, hoping to get a good couple of shots of the incoming carnage. Truly, it was a spectacle. As soon as the baseball bat swung down, he clicked his camera. The cat-fight that ensued was enough to make him put down his camera. The teachers wouldn't appreciate it. He watched from his vantage point, but as the situation unfolded his attention was stolen away. "Poor bloke!" He mumbled as he watched Archer Diedrikson slip out of the crowd, hurrying towards the teachers.
Archer was the nicest misfit there was. It upset Johnny that he happened to have such terrible friends. Johnny had always thought he was a nice guy, but there was something else there. Archer put him on edge, he felt like his words ran all over the place whenever they talked. It was weird, but kind of nice.

The poor guy was probably a bit stressed out by all of this car-wrecking business. He shook his head, deciding that he would maybe talk to the guy later. It was when he saw Archer leave the building that he decided he would seize his chance. "Hey, Diedrikson!" He called, jogging over. "Listen dude, I, uh, I guess I wanted to 'check in' on you. Not very manly, I know, but, uh, I'm kinda worried about you, kid." He put a hand on Archer's shoulder, unsure if it was weird or not. "It's just that, I wouldn't be doing so well being friends with someone who is clearly undergoing a mental collapse, so I guess its not fun for you either. I don't know what I'm talking about, ignore me." He put his hands in his pockets, awkwardly laughing. "Just, if you want to, I don't know, chat about it or anything, we can hang out. Weird request, I know. But if you want to, say, grab lunch or whatever, I'm cool with that. Right now, if you like." He smiled, trying to figure out if he was being nice, or asking the guy out.
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